February 17th, 2014 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “trifle”

  1. Then the war began. They threw apples and slices of pizza and the food fight got worse and worse and went on for nearly 20 minutes. That’s an eternity for a poor staff that is trying to calm down 100 or so kids. But no one touched the trifle. It was like a tiny little God on a perfect pedestal while war waged between people under 5ft tall.

    By whitney on 02.17.2014

  2. life is beautiful, I hope it was easier and more tolerable, love family, friends and relatives

    By Al URL on 02.17.2014

  3. Sometimes I might think that a rock is trifle, but to my daughter it’s of the utmost importance. She loves to play with them and examine them and throw them down to see what they do whereas I usually ignore them and walk right over them. The little things we take for granted are amazing to children. Everything is new to them. We just need to take a closer look at the small things and imagine them through the eyes of a child.

    By Candace S. URL on 02.17.2014

  4. It was only a trifle of a matter. Really, it was. But why did it bother her so much?
    “Going to be late again. Going to be late.” She repeated the message she had read on the crumpled piece of paper in her hand. “Going. To. Be. Late.”

    By Alice on 02.17.2014

  5. “This is a trifle unrealistic,” Kim says when she sees Joe and Sahay trying to squeeze Cat into his new little booties. “You do realize that it isn’t actually necessary to take cats for walks, right?”

    “Fuck that,” Sahay slurs. “Cats deserve to be free. We all just deserve to be free.”

    By Lauren on 02.17.2014

  6. We don’t need to get in such a trifle… over these type of things.
    You love him but he’s with her. What can you do? Nothing.
    Maybe one day he will realise you two are meant to be.
    You can’t be sure, but you can hope, just like I do with you and me.

    By IsaPinaud URL on 02.17.2014

  7. Pfft! Time… Space… Life even… They were mere trifles in His eye. The whole Universe came around and jumped to life when he breathed the air of life into it.

    By Charlie URL on 02.17.2014

  8. She was a terrible mess. After barging in late at night, pushing the door open with declared calamity, I could tell she was too much of a trifle to deal with. I didn’t know how to tell her she was in the wrong apartment. So, I turned off my television and gaming system, left a pillow and blanket for her to sleep on the couch, then went upstairs to masturbate.

    By blahblahchoi URL on 02.17.2014

  9. The trifle sat out on the kitchen counter for most of the day. By the time it came to desert after the delicious dinner the party had had, the trifle had fallen and gone bad. In doing so, it meant the host had

    By Daniel Smith on 02.17.2014

  10. The pig was snuffling through the much and tree bits and fallen leaves.

    “What are we looking for again? Mushrooms?”

    Sandra tightened her grip on the leash and turned to shake her finger at him. “Don’t trifle with the truffles!”

    By Yona URL on 02.17.2014

  11. Tremendously troubled was the trifled trifle. Tossed, tattered and battered. Though could the trouble be only a slight trifle? Could terrible be made terrific? Terrifying to tasty? Perhaps Terry, with tricks that tripled the skills of most cooks – not to be trifled with – could rescue the trouser trifle.

    By Jose on 02.17.2014

  12. “Do not trifle with me, Henri de Bergerac; I am no unlearned gutter snipe who’ll bow and scrape in an effort to fulfill your every demand and desire. I am Jean Reinette Francoise of House d’Argent, crowned princess of Navarre, and you will show me the deference I am due,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 02.17.2014

  13. The boys argued almost daily. It didn’t matter what about. Sometimes it was the amount of time the other spent in the bathroom, and sometimes it was over the new girl at school. The one with the blond hair. But. Other times, they were perfect. The loved each others because thye were both all alone.

    By Courtney on 02.17.2014

  14. I triffled into the darkness but, i do not know what triffle means or how it is used in a sentence so i just winged it.

    By edinabrownie URL on 02.17.2014

  15. Triffle is a fun word that I have no idea what means.

    By edinabrownie URL on 02.17.2014

  16. the matter was a trifle, really. the merchant had nothing to worry about beyond keeping that babe fed. And if there was some way to do that sitting in the corner of the tavern, well so be it. she was not going to involve herself with the odd woman, no matter how pitiable that boy’s wide eyes were, staring out from his ma’s arms. Besides, her Pa would have her head on their best platter if he heard she was giving away free meals. Nina hefted the heavy tray onto one shoulder, squeezing through the crowd of sailors. perhaps the merchant was waiting for someone. the babe’s father? No, she hadn’t seen hide or hair of anyone else with the red-haired mask merchant other than her tiny son. as Nina passed the merchant’s table she heard the woman coo quietly to her son, murmuring in growls and words that Nina had never heard before. She prided herself on picking up the many languages and dialects that passed through Shore’s End, but if this woman knew one more, where was the harm in learning it?
    This is how Chimera becomes known in the tiny village.

    By Mae on 02.17.2014

  17. The trifle of life is happyness and failure and we should all be able to conquer it with the love we give to our peers.

    By edinabrownie URL on 02.17.2014

  18. a trifle is I think some kind of pie or yummy pastry, and it makes me think of England. Then I think of the word triflin’, which could refer to someone or something that is bothersome. And it reminds me of one of my favorite Destiny’s child songs

    By Cody on 02.17.2014

  19. Julie snarled. She just COULD NOT believe the nerve of this guy! Why the hell anyone would think it was okay to yell at some poor innocent girl walking along the street about her breasts was something she would never understand. Not a big deal, nothing more than a trifle they said. Well, there was no way this so innocent.

    By Mary on 02.17.2014

  20. I can never find what I’m looking for. Papers papers papers everywhere. I trifle through them at least once a week desperately looking for whatever it is I need at the moment. When will I get a handle on this? I always do find what I’m looking for, but it takes so long to dig through the piles.

    By thisisme URL on 02.17.2014

  21. the biggest trifle in live is family

    By Justin URL on 02.17.2014

  22. Trifling. Kids laugh when I say that word. Nat & Carly laughed when I said, “Boys are triflin’!”, but then they agreed with me! They laughed because I think they did not think that a woman my age should/could be saying that word, that it was somehow a teenage word only.

    By Kim Gibson on 02.17.2014

  23. custard and fruit, and not very much. really doesnt matter. cream and sponge and layers of pretty food…a matter of not much importance at all.
    I like a special version with chocolate and kiwis and lime cream and fruit soaked in rum, with raspberries and ammeretto biscuits and chocolate hazlenut cream

    By Sophie on 02.17.2014

  24. It is a mere
    Trifle, the birds and the pathos
    of the sky
    As we, as I, wheel the bicycle home
    To mourn the end of this sacred concatenation

    By Ariel Ray on 02.17.2014

  25. I thought I could actually get a different word after I finished my 60 seconds. Well guess what nope. It’s still there and I still have no idea what should I write. I feel like screaming. What am I supposed to do. I’m not a native speaker and translator isn’t really helping me either. Even though now I have an idea what this means I still have no idea what should I write and like that my 60 seconds ran out as well.

    By Miko on 02.17.2014

  26. It’s not important. Throw that shit away. Why do you have it? Stop acting like a baby. No one really keeps things like that.

    I push the voices out of my mind, reaching under the bed for the shoebox. Not the most original hiding spot, but, hey, it works.

    By Beth A URL on 02.17.2014

  27. The house was immaculate. Nothing was out of place. A trifle too perfect for my taste. I like a bit of clutter in my life. Too much planning and organization takes all the fun out of life. The anticipation ruins the event before it even happens

    By just a girl URL on 02.17.2014

  28. “How trifle,” she says absently, picking at the laces of his sneakers. He finds it so strange to see someone as haggard and worn as this girl handling something so gently. He watches as she runs her fingertips along the length of the laces gingerly, reveling in the softness of an object, though so base and average to him, was a luxury she’d never seen nor felt.

    By Charlotte Keynes URL on 02.17.2014

  29. Oh, it’s just so silly, a trifle really,
    this fact of yours- no friends, you say?
    It’s just so small, so unimportant,
    I don’t see why anyone should care
    You’ve been drifting away, running away
    Perchance away is not your place?

    “But see, I hadn’t any greatness there either!”
    Well then, my babe, my broken down darling,
    Perchance you’re looking in the wrong place?

    By Saudade URL on 02.17.2014

  30. a trifle seems to me to be a small but nagging worry that lodges itself firmly in the back of the mind, and causes doubt – will they ever visit? will they ever call? what if, what if…

    By candi URL on 02.17.2014

  31. One word has helped to organize my thinking! It causes me to stop, look, listen, think before I talk’

    By Jayne on 02.17.2014

  32. How can I have even a trifle of respect for you when you practically killed my grandmother? I loved her so much and you ripped her out of my hands and took her away from me. I couldn’t see her the last two years of her life because you decided she needed to die alone, afraid, and hurt. It pains me to think about how she spent the last of her days and i know that when I see you at her memorial tomorrow, I’ll have a hard time looking at you without hatred and anger clouding my vision. You admitted that there was abuse and neglect going on, yet you did nothing about it. You let her slowly get killed by her daughter-in-law, and now you’re running back to us like nothing ever happened.

    By Alexandria on 02.17.2014

  33. A force to be reckoned with. Don’t trifle with the Winchesters. Hah! That was a joke and a half. Ezekiel and Malachi had other plans, but then again… They were Winchesters themselves. They had an upper hand in that department and they were going to go through with their devious plans. A war was coming… A war unlike any other in history.

    By Fido URL on 02.17.2014

  34. What is trifle? I do not know. Some say the definition is a type of desert. But, what is the other definitions? I wish I knew, I would like this word as a part of my Vocabulary.

    By Amanda URL on 02.17.2014

  35. The teacup skittered off the counter and crashed to the floor.

    It was a tiny incident, a trifle, really. But as she stood there, staring at the broken porcelain, everything seemed much, much worse.

    By cat URL on 02.17.2014

  36. Trifle is like a minut self worth. it doens’t mean much. It’s something of little importance but that at the same time it causes something huge.

    By Gunner on 02.17.2014

  37. Whenever I think of the word trifle, I think of Guli aunty. Why? Because when I was 16, she visited us in Sydney and that’s all she would talk about. Her trifle puddings were phenomenal. Sponge base, laced with jelly, chopped fruits, custard, and topped off with dried fruits. And when you’d bite into it, all you’d taste was a combination of cold jelly, warm custard, and wine-soaked sponge cake, layered with deliciously candied fruit. Thank goodness I got the recipe.

    By Gayu on 02.17.2014

  38. When one is in a trifle, it is a curios of sorts. One feels a little confused in a trifle, or perplexed. There are many ways to have a trifling situation. One would be to have confusing intentions regarding adventures of the mind and body among locations.

    By Christopher Halpin URL on 02.17.2014

  39. sweet and seductive,
    I love your layers
    at least, at first glance that’s
    what I could see.

    deliciously fitting that you might
    trifle with my time

    By Jem Page URL on 02.17.2014

  40. when do you decide how important things really are in your life. Do they warrant the time and energy you spend on them or are they just things that should not be given a second thought?

    By Quiet_Intensity URL on 02.17.2014