February 18th, 2014 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “talon”

  1. Shouldn’t that be plural? talons? Like in Napolian Dynomite??

    By just a girl on 02.18.2014

  2. The talon of the bird is hurting its prey. It is thinking that it will die soon. The prey was so scared of the bird. It knows that it will die. A food for its young. Soon enough the prey died.

    The mother bird was happy. The youngsters ate. It’s survival of the fittest. The food chain.
    Talons are strong and as prey is weak. Then it will start over again. The beast and the prey.

    By roze_princess on 02.18.2014

  3. She couldn’t think of anything else he would like. She was sorry, she said. He loved it though. That’s what he said. It was a great bookend. For his mahogany shelf. That’s what she thought too when she got it in Istanbul. It was a talon, hardened and varnished. Heavy and real.

    By DMM URL on 02.18.2014

  4. He felt a talon rip into his flesh, and turned to see only darkness. He knew he was not alone in the room, for many demons had been seen here on previous nights. He lifted his torch, but the bare floor was sharing none of the room’s secrets with him.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.18.2014

  5. His talons ripped into the flesh of the poor human. Bloody chunks of skin and meat and hair flying everywhere. It was a wonder what could have angered the mighty phoenix, he was usually a peaceful creature.

    By MacM. on 02.18.2014

  6. Talons. Sharp, pointed, gleaming. Belonging to a steel-hearted raptor, clutching a wriggling, and soon crushed rodent, blood oozing down the cracked skin and soon to be oozing down the predator’s beak.

    By Nicholas on 02.18.2014

  7. A talon, my talons are sharp and beautiful they are one of the best talons out there but these talons of mine weren’t always so sharp I had to work to get them the way they are to make them as scary and fierce as they are now. My talons were dull to begin with, but they learned to grow as I learned to grow.

    By Dee on 02.18.2014

  8. bird of prey, protection against others that can try to hurt you.Violence or just survival skills?

    By Quiet_Intensity on 02.18.2014

  9. Is a nail, a name a claw – my cats have talons – okay, maybe just the parrot, really, but hey. They sure look nasty. That owl the other day that passed through the pine trees – now there were some talons if ever I saw them. My daughter has talons – of course, those are verbal as opposed to real.

    By Kelly on 02.18.2014

  10. “It’s a small bird, the peregrine falcon. But it’s talons, they carry the deadly force. It’s speedy…” He drawls on about the bird, but I’ve stopped listening. What good is knowledge without at least a little experience to back it up? I’m busy focusing on the bird, the way its head moves in a split second.

    By Beth A on 02.18.2014

  11. grandma lies in bed. The room is dark and smells like cotton. Her grandson stands in the door way, unsure of whether he should come in. She points a knotted, talon-like finger at him and says “come in.”

    By Emma on 02.18.2014

  12. it curved out of the sky
    Like a clipped fingernail
    Or the crescent moon
    Slipping though the clouds
    And piercing the beating
    Flesh heart
    With a pop

    By Bobbi B on 02.18.2014

  13. The talon drew a thin red line in the wrinkled flesh above her eyelid. “That was close,” she confided, smiling a mischievous, gap-toothed grin that did not suit the gravity of the situation. “I could’ve lost an eye!”

    By WearyWater URL on 02.18.2014

  14. The grass poked up from the soil like talons, grasping for life. In the dead of winter, they were the only color that I could see.

    By pecatrix on 02.18.2014

  15. your claws rip through their flesh
    leaving them with scars
    and night terrors

    you are the thing
    they never wanted to see
    but they’ll never forget

    don’t let them take your claws away

    By Cas URL on 02.19.2014

  16. Bite and scratch and chew
    Take your talons and press them deep
    You will not back down, come Hell or high water
    And you’ll make sure that everyone knows that

    By Cas URL on 02.19.2014

  17. claws rend the already tattered jacket, making their way through to what should be soft flesh. unfortunately for the creature, it’s talons are instead met with cold steel; things are rarely as they should be, after all. such a grotesque creature should know, and yet as it strikes it is still shocked to feel metal rather than bone.

    the talons aren’t nearly sharp or strong enough to destroy the steel and the next the beast knows is nothingness.

    By pheonix on 02.19.2014

  18. Funny how I read this word in my native language.

    It may also just be the Universe’s answer to the millions of questions that have been boggling my mind these past few days. Weeks even.

    It could be a reminder that I shouldn’t worry too much. That I should pay less or no attention at all to what other people think or say. That I should focus on what makes me happy, what motivates me, what inspires me. That I am way stronger than my fears and doubts combined.

    That I should just jump.


    By Eiram on 02.19.2014

  19. years of discipline. the power of focus. everything on this planet has evolved for killing. it took aeons, and it has come to this. death brings more life. and vice versa, and so on. it is what is most important. the things of the air, and the things that walk on the ground: both have need of their most important feature: their feet.

    By saiga on 02.19.2014

  20. The talon of wine was the best ever. Our guest were satisfied beyond measure and vowed to return to our home on they next visit.

    By victor URL on 02.19.2014

  21. ta;on is a shep of an animal especially bird of a prey, such as a egel

    By omkar apte on 02.19.2014

  22. The children wanted to go to see a kestrel after reading a book about one. They were most surprised to see the size of their talons

    By Alexandra on 02.19.2014

  23. These talons scratch my dreams;
    make them bleed deep inside my mind.

    I don’t even try
    to open my pale eyes:
    I know you’re hiding behind your fears and doubts
    – and I can not do anything for you.

    I can’t save you, darling;
    but I’m right here
    – only for you;
    instead of harm yourself and your soul
    punch my feelings and tear apart my lungs.

    I’ll sunk into your pain,
    if you would asked me so.

    By gargouillis on 02.19.2014

  24. Hazel: I was driving with Gus and it was crazy
    Mom: Why do you say it was crazy?
    Hazel: His false foot made it feel as if he had a talon on the gas pedal. We were always

    By daniel on 02.19.2014

  25. The owl sprawled across the weary terrain with hopes of devouring a delicious meal. But in the far outstretched distance, the photographer just wanted to capture the beauty the existed in the everyday occurrence of this solemn creature. The simple nature of this event encompassed so much of what life has felt like for the past couple of years. Seeking, desiring, uncertain if the capture would occur but the quest continued even in the midst of uncertainty.

    By el on 02.19.2014

  26. There are only 2 things I can name whose memories shake me to my bone and leave harsh images running through my head. The first is of a large vulture, using his talons to hack at and rip the skin off my brother’s corpse. The second was the day you decided it was my fault, words tearing through me just the same way.

    By Shak URL on 02.19.2014

  27. I ran. And ran and ran and ran and ran and ran andranranranranran–

    But I couldn’t get away.

    The darkness was suffocating, pressing down on me from all sides. And the only sounds in the night were my laboured panting– and the flap of his wings.

    The only light was the flickering moonlight. The flash of his claws.

    The only sensation was the cool wind of the night.

    And the piercing cold of his talon.

    By Alaxxis Sade on 02.19.2014

  28. The strong talons of the falcon clasped down on the small mouse. He squirmed to get away and the bird took flight over the never ending sea.

    By Renee Halusla on 02.19.2014

  29. the eagle, or was it a vulture, or, then again, it wasn’t that big, and it was kinda brown, so maybe it was a hawk of some sort because you do see them sitting on fence posts now and then, anyway, this big, well kinda big, raptor sorta swooped down and put out his whatchmacallits and then I think he missed the field mouse or rabbit or some other little furry thing out in the field, or was it somebody’s backyard?

    By Lee on 02.19.2014

  30. The bird flew across the endless ocean his strong talons brushing against the water.

    By Renee Halusla on 02.19.2014

  31. talon is…
    i dont have any idea about a talon. In filipino languafge however, talon is a tagalog word for jump. That’s all i could think about this word.

    By Micahella URL on 02.19.2014

  32. Broken through the translucent skin stretched tight across her face I saw the milky white tip of a dislocated canine tooth, reaching like a talon into the stale air of the hospital.

    By Johny URL on 02.19.2014

  33. claw. blade. dagger or weapon. persons finger

    By Paul on 02.19.2014

  34. The long talon of her judgement sunk deep into his joy, piercing his sense of accomplishment and slicing his dreams.

    By Soft URL on 02.19.2014

  35. A talon, then three–the harpy had landed. Her feathers rustled like dry paper. We shivered.

    The shingles on the roof began to fall. Another talon, a feather drops, black as oil.

    She sings.

    I shut the window slowly, quietly.

    A lock of hair drips down. A face, homely, eyes two different colors. The harpy cocks her head.

    “I see you.”

    By RS Bohn URL on 02.19.2014

  36. Raptor; Shadow King of Avion,
    Sought the chair of God Amon.
    Lord of Skies,
    A Feast for Flies,
    Fell the Blackest Swan.

    (birds have talons!)

    By kyren on 02.19.2014

  37. She fingered scars across her back,
    Sitting bolt upright in the nest
    That had become her home all those years ago.
    That one fateful night she had thought she would die,
    Should die,
    Should never have received kindness from the giant who plucked her out of her self-centred world and taught her the true meaning of solitude and loneliness,
    All she would have to do is jump,
    The mountain was high,
    But she lacked the courage,
    And so lorded over her kingdom of isolation.

    By Siege URL on 02.19.2014

  38. Didn’t I see your talons before, inserting yourself into my flesh? Be gone, talon, be gone. It’s time for your manicure and I’m your manicurist against talons that sink into unwitting flesh. Snip, snip and your power is gone. C’est fini pour toi!! Au revoir!

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 02.19.2014

  39. The bird sat alone on a branch, tweeting to nothing. The leaves were recently fallen and so I could see the red bird clearly from my window, my mug of tea warming my hands. I blew the steam toward the window and wondered what the bird was saying. No one could hear him. So why was he talking? What did he have to say, that was so important it didn’t matter if no one heard?

    By Beka URL on 02.19.2014

  40. It was standing right there, staring intently at her with those terrifying eyes. The crushing wind ruffled its feathers, but its talons had a firm grip on the ground. Nothing was going to make it move, it seemed. Nevertheless, as she kept climbing, she wondered how easy it would have been for that creature to claw her out of her hold on that tiny, shy stone and keep watching as she fell. She moved on, with her noble spectator never losing sight of her ascent.

    By Psamathes on 02.19.2014