February 17th, 2014 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “trifle”

  1. I don’t like the word trifle, it suggests that something is not valued. Trifle also makes me think of a truffle, which is a wonderful chocolate treat! I definatley would not trifle with a truffle, I would eat it and enjoy it the whole time! Trifle also rhymes with rifle, that

    By melaie on 02.17.2014

  2. A petty trifle stood out amongst the collection of valuables. A casual mind would think it didn’t belong. It was just a tiny, unassuming roll of silk among a veritable treasure horde of belongings. Medals, rings, bracelets, jewelery, silver and gold wonders drowned the roll.

    By Nicholas on 02.17.2014

  3. they ask how the barrel of a rifle could be so trifle , it’ll be like the world in denial of being called a side show , a fight though is what might be needed so they decide to grow and not just be seeded . time.

    By OnlyMy2Cents on 02.17.2014

  4. She walked down the cobblestone road, making her way carefully over the large stones. She swore under her breath as she almost tripped over her own feet and knocked herself into a pole. A young gentleman caught her by the hand before her head came into contact with the light fixture. “Thank you.” She said “It’s but a trifle.” He replied with a smile.

    By Rosheen on 02.17.2014

  5. “There was a woman,” I thought to myself. She was not one to be trifled with. She had a very stern way about her. Very thin lips, and frown lines on her forehead. She meant business. The thought of my encounter with her frightened and intrigued me at the same time.

    By Becky on 02.17.2014

  6. again trifle means a word that means to convey very little. like in fancy language i could say i want a trifle of truffle, haha rhymes and also makes sense. it even rhymes with rifle and whatnot

    By trisha on 02.17.2014

  7. I wish this whole, you-being-gone-for-four-month things were more than just a trifle to you.

    I miss you like hell.

    By Erin on 02.17.2014

  8. It is a trifle thinks my ex? he said I thought he was a gold digger, but he still wants to see me. It is not s trifle to be distrusted and misunderstood, it is a passion killer. But I will try to be positive and go forward and act as I should, go on trusting that good actions will show I am a good person. And if that does not work out, I will seek a more trustworthy companion.

    I like trifle with custard. For a sweet tooth.

    By Anthea URL on 02.17.2014

  9. It was a triffle. Sot after by those who would uproot it. Cut it into small pieces. Heat it to ungodly tempratures and then, consume it. It was no trifle matter for it to stay hidden in the forest floor.

    By jlyvers743 on 02.18.2014

  10. This bet, this month… ah, it’s quite a trifle. If I happened to look beyond this gamble, perhaps I could see what’s truly important.

    No matter.

    The games must go on, but I must persist.

    By Iceman on 02.18.2014

  11. The boy hadn’t done any thing wrong, I was just in a shitty mood. “What the hell are yu starin’ at!” I yelled. He looked startled then said “Your ugly face, I’m merely trying how you’re the bastard of that pretty whore I bedded last night.” He was High Born I could hear it in the way he talked, the words he used and such. “I’m sorry m’lord I meant no disrespect.” He chuckled “‘M’lord'” He scoffed “It’s been a while since anyone called me that.” He took a big swing of ale.

    By Ryan on 02.18.2014

  12. Trifling with other people’s business is a messy thing. Alana learnt this the hard way.
    She was a young girl when she first became involved in the secret world she stumbled across. They were inside a warehouse, men and women of different ages and completely different in everyday. Guns lined the walls and tables were home to many.
    A little girl wasn’t much use to them at first. But they slowly learnt that nobody expects the killer to be a little 8 year old girl.

    By D on 02.18.2014

  13. I am a trifle.
    I got no idea what it means.
    I am a trifle.
    Is that a triple E?

    By Willem on 02.18.2014

  14. A trifle more was all she needed. A smidge. A touch…

    He moved into place against her. Breathed across her neck. Almost…

    Her finger grazed his jaw, just enough to turn his face to hers. He opened his eyes.

    And saw.

    By RS Bohn URL on 02.18.2014

  15. Benny kicked the door in. 13 children leveled their firearms at his chest.
    “I’m not a clown!” Benny cried as the childen held out unblown balloons for him to twist into animal shapes. “The trifles kids go for these days,” Benny thought to himself.

    By Rover on 02.18.2014

  16. This is a fun little exercise. It’s a trifle of writing. Of course, the word trifle will always remind me of our former friend Jenny, who was from England. She explained that a trifle is a British dessert that is rather elaborate, but ironically called a trifle. Those were the days my friend. I loved those great big parfaits that she would make.

    By michaelbuzz on 02.18.2014

  17. i like trifle, who does not like trifle?

    By Janete URL on 02.18.2014

  18. don’t worry about it. do not sweat the small stuff ’cause its all small stuff, except that is, your pending eviction notice. i mean how long did you think you could hold off? you knew the time would come when you had to get out of there.

    By Lee on 02.18.2014

  19. Thomas sat upright on the porch swing. “Do you think there’ll be rice pudding for dessert today? Maybe we should ask.”
    Joe looked up at his best friend, the sun bouncing off his fiery red hair. “Really, Tom? We shouldn’t bother the headmaster with such irrelevant things. He’ll say something like, ‘you boys have better things to worry about, like whether your grades are on the up and up!'”
    Thomas snorted at the spot on impression. “You’re right, Joe…then again, he’s not a man to be trifled with.”
    Joe smirked. “Agreed.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.18.2014

  20. “I don’t have to deal with your shit any more! I really don’t. I can’t walk out right now,” she screamed in his face.

    He balled his fists and scowled. “Don’t bother. I’m leaving.”

    By Soft URL on 02.18.2014

  21. My mother always made a trifle for the family when we met up and now I tend to do the same for mine. Is that an older woman thing!

    By Alexandra on 02.18.2014

  22. He would stand at his mother’s side and watch a she mixed the ingredients. She was doing nothing out of the ordinary, but to his childish eyes, the process of turning the contents of those four packets in the box into a delicious, colourful trifle was nothing short of magical.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.18.2014

  23. something that is senseless. Trivial. Unimportant. “Don’t trifle about” or “What a trifle”. I can compare it to something like Miley Cyrus’s public image’s importance. It is a trifle in comparison to everything else.

    By Hae on 02.18.2014

  24. richly gilded
    goddess of golden
    by a trifling

    By katiekieran URL on 02.18.2014

  25. “Don’t trifle in matters you don’t understand,” she snarled. Already a bruise was forming a sickening purple ring around her eye.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.18.2014

  26. my toe bit an ant and she was born in black wings. so it hurt but not as much as i would have assumed and it is so stubborn of the ant to laugh at me, back at me, laugh at me. i was born in bosnia and i was raised in bosnia but i’m not bosian, i don’t feel, what does that say? HAHA will she say who eats pizza with a spoon.

    By juliar on 02.18.2014

  27. The one girl thought it was such a trifle to do her homework. Why should she have to do something she doesn’t want to do? She was already at school for 8 hours a day, why should she have more homework that exquals up to 10 hours a day. She thought it was ridculous. And uncessarry. She hated it.

    By Bob on 02.18.2014

  28. such a moment, she whispered and I fell gracefully at her feet. “Trifle”, she muttered…. I don’t know what she means. Her curls bounce as she laughs from her belly. Perfection.

    By Tatiana on 02.18.2014

  29. DOn’t think just write. Trifle, I don’t know why everyone uses that word now. Girl you triflin’, HAHA what a phrase. THere’s never enough time in the day to fix mistakes. It sounds like rifle. Sometimes it feels like there’s not enough time to take enough steps forward that you’ve been set back.

    By amangelindiore on 02.18.2014


    He spoke in some language that I was only somewhat familiar with. This discrepancy was never overlooked, as the man at the other end would find constant opportunity to remind me that my rural existence was in some other universe.

    By asavas on 02.18.2014

  31. kids hide behind trees. mocking parents, and throwing stones. breaking glass and chasing dogs and cats. devious, and innocent.

    By kendall on 02.18.2014

  32. it is without a doubt that this word can mean anything to anyone, but it certainly can be a negative word to most.

    By Laurentino on 02.18.2014