April 8th, 2013 | 200 Entries

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200 Entries for “trench”

  1. The constant chirping of the crickets were louder than any other night. Normally I didn’t ride my bike after the sun went down, but I had to find him. The air was heavy on my body. I felt a little relaxed after going in a continuous pattern of pedaling until I felt an abrupt bump. My bike fell forward and so did I. I felt the cool, damp soil rub against my feet. Before even thinking, I screamed; a ghostly scream that even made my own blood curl.

    By OneJen URL on 04.09.2013

  2. I have bought a new trench.

    By Ahmed on 04.09.2013

  3. We were hiding in the trench below the army base. I could feel arms digging through my vest into my guts and my ribs.

    Above the catacomb we rested in, I could hear airplanes and bombs and screams and silence.

    The silence in the trench, leave the shallow voices of our discordant breaths is what terrified me the most.

    By paridhirustogi URL on 04.09.2013

  4. Purta un trench bej. Ploua şi bătea vântul, iar pălăria îi zburase de pe cap. Arăta ca un personaj de roman interbelic. Frumos, înalt, al meu. Trenchul purta mirosul său, ploaia purta mirosul său, eu purtam mirosul lui…

    By Claudia on 04.09.2013

  5. Let me give you my old trench that my mother gave me last year.

    By Ahmed.g URL on 04.09.2013

  6. The tears left deep trenches in her make up. what a waste. all that facepowder. i often wondered if it really did make her feel better about being a prostitute.

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu URL on 04.09.2013

  7. She ran through the bloody barbs, head bent against the threat on incoming fire and sweating dirt across browned features contorted by the will to live. How long had she been trapped in these trenches?

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.09.2013

  8. At the war, there are many trenchs, where the soldiers try to be hidden of the enemy. it is a place dig on the ground, to be protect of the bullet.

    By Jesus M. on 04.09.2013

  9. in a trench of brown and grey, of mud and dust, the boy wanders.
    he has no armour beyond the key in his hands, and the purity in his heart.
    the cyclones approach him in their swirls of purple and turquoise lightning bolts, swallowing him and presenting him with the condensed breed of darkness and shadows.
    he fears not for he fights the struggle of the just with the light of those who went before him.

    By berenique URL on 04.09.2013

  10. her trench is a tan burberry one her ex husband gave her for christmas, that was when things were still good. before despair smashed in to her in waves every morning, every night. it lay on her knee now, she had to tie it around jessa’s ankle to stop the blood gushing out.

    By saratu on 04.09.2013

  11. The trench between the two houses was the lastest in the war that had erupted between the two neighbors. It all started because Mr. Johnson cut back the branches the Mr. Winston’s orange tree to prevent oranges from dropping in his yard.

    By thegrandincrediblet URL on 04.09.2013

  12. Trenchcoats, Humphrey Bogart and War

    All lie beyond my experience, outside of my life

    somewhere deep in the dark, where it is wet and muddy

    I dug one once for an oil line with long thin spade

    and another to fill with sand, for growing carrots….

    By raggedpoet URL on 04.09.2013

  13. Trenchcoats, Humphrey Bogart, War

    All lie beyond my experience, outside of my life

    somewhere deep in the dark, where it is wet and muddy

    I once dug a trench for an oil line with a long thin spade

    and another to fill with sand, for growing carrots….

    By raggedpoet URL on 04.09.2013

  14. Wow! when it rains, it rains, and did I got trench that day on my way to work. My daughter had told me to take along my umbrella, but I did not listen to her. Well you know the story.

    By victor URL on 04.09.2013

  15. It was cold, and wet, and stunk of death itself. Even the rats seemed to hate it. Time was meaningless. Just another form of terror. Nothing seemed like it would get out of there alive.

    By Dave Rogers URL on 04.09.2013

  16. The sun, it looks so warm, welcoming.
    I lay there letting my body relax, I close my eyes as I listen to my mates yelling and running around, I am covered from head to toe in mud.
    My leg is gone, missing. My body is relaxed. My mind is clear.
    The sun, so welcoming.

    By Alexandra on 04.09.2013

  17. Her eyes gazed into mine as she came closer and closer. I could feel her breath on my lips. Oh, how I wanted to kiss her. I leaned forward, till our noses touched.

    By Silvia URL on 04.09.2013

  18. As I walked along the city trench there came to me a muzzle of bees. Didn’t seek it, it’s what happened randomly as I’d been listening to something else entirely. I thought the device locked, impervious to influence or change. Imagine my surprise to discover otherwise. For whatever it is worth, I gave the interloper equal attention as to that which had been deliberately channeled before. And discovered that despite the contrary, it was complimentary.

    By Gradient URL on 04.09.2013

  19. I already wrote something about this word. Yeah, it sucked. Can I get another word please?

    By Silvia Meda URL on 04.09.2013

  20. A trench, somewhere I can bury the bullshit that’s held me back in my life. Dump it all in there, fill the trench in and pat it down neatly. Take off my shoes and dance on it.

    By Howard on 04.09.2013

  21. ” It’s a trench right?”

    ” No, it’s called a peacoat. Trench coats are mid-knee length, can’t you tell the difference, you ninny nincompoop!”

    Well, I was a GUY. How am I supposed to know all this fashion crap?! Why am I even here in a fashion workshop confuses me even more…

    By dramarie URL on 04.09.2013

  22. The trench was long, an old drainage ditch, really, and full of stale water, swamp grass, litter blown over across the road. And the kids lept in and raced through it , eager for glory, for the prize of winning what? T-shirts, skate trucks, knickknacks, the fear of Hep C and any other number of horrific filthy water diseases the furthest thing from their minds.

    By Ara URL on 04.09.2013

  23. The deep, steep, relentless trench seemed to stretch relentlessly into the depths of the dark, murky waters.

    If I stopped swimming, I might just sink slowly into the bottom, and be crushed emotionally and physically by both pressure and the lack of light. My heart rate quickened and I swam back rapidly into the shallower waters.

    Who knew how many dead bodies of seamen that trench concealed.

    By dramarie URL on 04.09.2013

  24. my love fell deep down in the trench. i reached down to grab it by my arms weren’t long enough and my will not strong enough. i gave up quickly. blamed it on fate, circumstance, coincidence and all those other things we credit for mishaps.

    By Safon URL on 04.09.2013

  25. The man fell down into the trench. His mind was aghast with the vast destruction around him. Coping was out of the question, for both his soul and body were disheveled amongst the mass destruction and danger around him.

    The trench was dank and disgusting, with the smell of rotting flesh and decaying bodies ruminating in the air.

    By Bo on 04.09.2013

  26. we were in the trenches, huddled together. the noise above was loud. the screaming was intolerable. how did i get here? i’m a mid-western boy who loves to hike and examine fauna in the woods. i am no killer. get me out of here!

    By l on 04.09.2013

  27. I lifted up my rifle and took aim, I saw a line of soldiers swarming towards our trench. Our entire company only had 20 rounds left in total so the sergeant told us to conserve our ammo, only use it when necessary. I understood, I attached my bayonet to my rifle and began my final charge.

    By ErasmusC URL on 04.09.2013

  28. like a thousand miles beneath me, you are on the other side. distance makes things clearer, diverges importance. i have one thing to say to you, i should not waste my words. but dear, i never really loved you.

    By clowder URL on 04.09.2013

  29. Trench coat! That’s the only thing coming in my mind. It’s raining here in Paris today. Will stay at Home though… fixing stuff…

    By Cihiro on 04.09.2013

  30. Trench means a deep excavation- yess deep. I believe every person is a trench and people should try to swim into its depth in order to know them more and very well. It is defined as being deeper than its width. So this word hits every person who is misunderstood- which is basically everyone.

    By Kathryn bianca Acance URL on 04.09.2013

  31. Trench, is deep hole dug for different purposes. It can be dug to protect from enemy’s army

    By Sana URL on 04.09.2013

  32. The girl in de red trenchcoat was following us again. We had to watch our backs and decide if we could or even should tell someone. But first we had to find out who we could trust and who was siding with the secret trenchcoat girl.

    By Yessica on 04.09.2013

  33. She dived down into the trench, and it’s dirt walls dulled the sound of bullets firing past her. Pain flared in her ankle, having twisted when she landed, and she collapsed to the ground in relief and pain. Both flowed through her. She had gotten there safe.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.09.2013

  34. Tell me where do I find someone like you girl

    By Mr.Kyaw Zeya on 04.09.2013

  35. she wore a long trench coat that her mother gave her before incecedent the easy doing what she was doing but it was the life path she choose and if that her family could not see that she was correct then let god help them. lets just hope she is right

    By isabella URL on 04.09.2013

  36. Trenches o ear
    And sinking bodiess
    Sweet pungent odors odeath
    Rise like the tide
    That comes in at night
    Strething over the sand
    And penetrating its layers
    Of earth.
    Laid below are the
    Many layers of

    By Lauren on 04.09.2013

  37. I went to the TEO office. But I can’t do anything to finish my work.
    I took an NRC number from my cute girl. I love her, but she can’t love me just now.

    By Mr.Kyaw Zeya URL on 04.09.2013

  38. Hiding is not my favorite game – just something I have to do from time to time. I want to get out, to brave the fire flying overhead and see who else is out there, above ground, wandering around, looking. I want to get out of the cold dark nest. I will try again and again, and I know you will be there when I finally stick my head out. Is it worth it? I must know.

    By Megan on 04.09.2013

  39. In high school, I was forced to take history classes, and I learned, among many other things, about the World Wars. One of the only facts I still retain in vivid memory is that many soldiers in one of them (2?) had to fight from trenches, and thus ended up with trench foot because their feet were wet from too long. Whenever my shoes get soaked in the rain, I joke about getting trench foot, but it’s actually pretty gruesome.

    By Amanda G. URL on 04.09.2013

  40. Warfare in the deepest places on earth, men cower beneath the dirt. Waiting for the rain to fall, to wash away the grim.

    By Jareen URL on 04.09.2013