April 8th, 2013 | 200 Entries

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200 Entries for “trench”

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    By jalen bell on 04.08.2013

  2. Thighs of milk
    a mile long
    he dug in
    took a drink
    nestled deep
    in the hollow
    and whistled
    his daughter’s name

    By penny dreadful URL on 04.08.2013

  3. sometimes i’m living in a trench. sometimes im crawling out of one. sometimes i’m looking over one. sometimes i’m so far away from one i can’t see it anymore. everytime i have had a moment of clarity that makes me moves forward.

    By Heather Gibson URL on 04.08.2013

  4. The trench took us by surprise, it wasn’t on the map and we sure didn’t have the supplies to scale down it. But we were hunting, and the animal had gone this way. Unless it had wings or some sort of dark magic, there was no way it could’ve crossed the ditch.

    By Kristina URL on 04.08.2013

  5. This war in my mind is exhausting; what I feel against what I know
    It’s time I learned the difference between giving up and letting go.

    By Carly URL on 04.08.2013

  6. i wore my trench coat the day of my husband’s funeral. I wore it because it made me feel powerful and it was a good day contrary to all the crying, He wasn’t the best husband in the world. He was abusive and demeaning

    By Karlene on 04.08.2013

  7. The rain pounded on me, like big golfballs as I stormed through the trench. I clinched with every hit I took, as it would carefully splatter down onto me, meticulously exploding, but I would never know the delight of how it looked. I just wanted to get out. The exit seemed nonexistent. But I pursued.

    By Caroline on 04.08.2013

  8. deja vu i feel as if i have gotten this word before but i have not
    the mother and trench coats
    in the stores i forget
    searching for ones for aunt number three
    we pass by chocolates and such things

    world war one
    deathly both ways

    By Katherine on 04.08.2013

  9. I feel like I’m in a trench with only one path to take. Get me out of here. I want to live an exciting life filled with adventures and true like a never-ending honeymoon. So please, grab me by my hands and pull me out to explore the world above with you.

    By Chris URL on 04.08.2013

  10. Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She lived deep at the bottom of a trench with her mother, brother, and sister. Her father, rest his soul, had left them months ago to search for food, but hand’t returned. His last words were “don’t leave the trench”. Of course, the little girl wouldn’t listen. What little girl does?

    By Karma on 04.08.2013

  11. The trench was deep, surprisingly so. Maria slid down the slide into it, landing easily on her feet. What had it been like to be a soldier here? Hiding, as the artillery roared above? Expecting a shell to drop down at any moment?

    She shuddered. Her fingers reached out to touch t

    By Linda Adams URL on 04.08.2013

  12. There’s a trench dug between them that wasn’t there before the whole mess with the Game. They’ve never been the best of friends, but neither has Joshua been this distant since he first became Composer- since Sanae still couldn’t help wincing at the thought of how that came to be.

    By Li URL on 04.08.2013

  13. the soldiers cowered into the trench, incredibly tired but so proud of surviving. It seemed something so small, but it meant so much. Surviving the family mandates, the burden of sordid ideals which meant risking their lives, the fury of the generals upon them, the cries of desperation, the horrors of war, the faces of terrible pain, and they…. they had SURVIVED.

    By Antonella on 04.08.2013

  14. I feel like I’m stuck in a trench right now. And it’s so much of a struggle to get out.

    By Jason URL on 04.08.2013

  15. The trench was low and long. He’d spent all afternoon digging. The vile Brothers had tried to thwart him but they couldn’t. He’d dug and dug and dug. He stood, admiring his work, when a huge wave crashed down, and washed more sand into the hole he worked so hard on digging. He sighed and turned to his mother.

    By Jennifer URL on 04.08.2013

  16. stop short soaking wet
    the/ she/ it prayed again
    wanted to be here with you
    hiding from the world around
    cold, fraught with consequence
    meaningless, really
    if we thought hard enough
    this trench is maddening
    because we’ll never make it over.

    By Matty M. on 04.08.2013

  17. my hope isn’t in me, because I’m not the way out.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 04.08.2013

  18. Three to five years. That’s what they’re asking for. A full ride education with pay and a guaranteed job, it doesn’t sound so terrible. But there’s always that fear that, whether through ignorance or just bad luck, there are too many counsellors and not enough soldiers and I wind up stuck in a trench in Afghanistan.

    By aura.rayne URL on 04.08.2013

  19. I came out of that pothole with no ends heading toward the German lines with explosions all around me. First Tommy, then Randy. Am I next? BOOOOM!!! Where Am I? Who are you? Am I….?

    By Jon Caylor on 04.08.2013

  20. The trench was a troublesome place. Looking around, all the soldiers saw was dirt and dust blowing above their heads. It became a very lonely place. A place that turn some minds to dust.

    By Kristin on 04.08.2013

  21. It was hardcore trench warfare now: no rules, no one to regulate you or what you did.
    It was all free. The fighting, the unplanned attacks, the weapons.
    It was all open now.

    By Neta Shikoba URL on 04.08.2013

  22. a trench on my face with your teeth on it.

    By evilyn l on 04.08.2013

  23. i held my rifle close as the artillery and mortars dropped sending clods of dirt and iron over our heads. i looked at the guy next to me he was shaking and crying like a chil;d i could see horrible fear in his eyes, i looked to officer standing 3 men away and asked him how much more time till we go up. he said 10 seconds so i waited counting each second, these 10 seconds seemed like forever as i counted each second of my life. the howling of the whistles sunded and we climbed up the flimsy ladders to see a wasteland of bloody murky water, reddish mud, and mutalated bodies. as i ran into the horrrific seen i tripped over a body and fell into the mud and quickly scrambled back up as bullets and shells went off all around. i ducked into a small trench where there were 3 other soldiers one of them was an officer he looked so worn out and scared so i left them and continued into the lead hailstorm. as i ran people around me dropped dead as bullets whistled by i finally made it to a ditch right outside a german machine gun nest. i quickly throw a grenade in and when it exsploded to bodies flipped over the side, i qickly dashed up taking a shot at another germa soldir trying to run away. my comrads started to get over into the enemy trench until we had it cecure. then out of no where one of the officers come rushing out of a room and yells GAS!! then white clouds of chlorine gas shot out of the ground into our faces the last thing i saw before it went black was soldier in a black coat, with a german helmet on, and a black rubber gasmask. this is my story if any one finds this please send it to my family in london they’re the conways this is brendan saying my words before we go over top once more in the Somme

    By Brendan Hallstrom on 04.08.2013

  24. “A deep bottomless pit in my heart,” she said, “and everything that enters fails to make me happy. Sadly that is where you ended up; in my deep, depressive, dark heart trench.”

    By Jane URL on 04.08.2013

  25. The darkness devoured him. He was lost. Falling, fading, disappearing. There was no where left to go but down. Down into the trench—the abyss. It was all over for him.

    By Tes on 04.08.2013

  26. She yelped and waved her arms by her sides to catch her balance. Gravity won and she started plummeting down into the cold earth that seemed so far away. Her clothes were waving behind her as the wind rushed past her.

    By Fluffingbunnies URL on 04.08.2013

  27. Sitting down here, I admire life from a new kind of paradigm, way down in my trench. Watch out though because before you know it, you’ll be here too.

    By Andrew URL on 04.08.2013

  28. deep sea and fish getting lost and dying., fish bones and Finding Nemo, also WWI with the trenches on the battlefield and the mustard gas and blood and

    By Eleanor on 04.08.2013

  29. “Duck! Hurry!” I heard someone scream. I looked around, confused, and saw men everywhere jumping into trenches that they built around the battlefield. Before I could even move towards one, I saw a blinding light, and a cloud of smoke and dust swallow the grass beneath it, getting closer and closer to my panicked body. I started running. I knew I couldn’t outrun it for long, but I tried. I put one foot in front of the other, as fast as my legs would allow, but I could feel the scorching heat at my ankles. In a moment I was enveloped with choking gas, and I could feel my lungs screaming for help…

    By A. Rose on 04.08.2013

  30. Trench.
    an ugly word.
    an ugly word for an ugly thing.
    an ugly act.
    an ugly act from humanity.
    dig more trenches.
    bury more men.
    end more lives
    spend and spend

    By whitney on 04.08.2013

  31. I was struck in a trench. Well, I wasn’t really stuck. I just pretended like I was. In actuality, I was hiding. I was scared of what was out there; scared of death. I could hear shots being fired and see bodies flying. I was literally shaking and frozen in place. I wasn’t cut out for war–for fighting, period. I guess I’m not a man, after all.

    By Rachel URL on 04.08.2013

  32. Fighting towards the trench,
    Deep holes
    Trenches of lakes
    the deep trenches of the sea
    whales live in threnches

    By CeliaAyala on 04.08.2013

  33. Blood spattered, guts torn. Life thrown away, and none to be born. The iron is thrown from side to side, as men valiantly sacrifice their lives. All for their higher cause, their goal – what a loss.

    By Archori URL on 04.08.2013

  34. and he takes me in honesty
    (and that is all there is to say on the matter)

    By robyn URL on 04.08.2013

  35. The soldiers kneel in the deep, dark, and muddy trench, waiting the signal. The gun shots ring in there ears, the rain drenches there clothing. When the time comes they will all be ready, ready to move swiftly and stealthily. Silence falls, then a canon, the man start and then draw there weapons, they charge. The men fall all around, the mud turns red, and tears rain as they see there friends die around them. At the end of the days trials the men return to the trench is there blood stained left to fight another day.

    By Emmabee on 04.08.2013

  36. Trench, is it the coat on my body is or is it the place where my body is found, or maybe its the trenches on my face that my tears leave in its wake. trench, such a small, deep word.

    By SCP on 04.08.2013

  37. I was stuck in the middle of the forest. No one was around me. All alone. My legs were deep into the trench and i knew it would be a while before anyone would go off the trail and find me. I began to find items i could use to help me and eventually found a knife than may be of helpful use.

    By Kat on 04.08.2013

  38. Deep, always digging a never ending trench. A trench of sorrow and fears putting me deeper and deeper into its dark vat. Some may laugh, saying its not true, but it is. Darkness surrounds me in the deep cold trench

    By Rachel V on 04.08.2013

  39. i was stuck in something deep. it was dark all around me. It seemed as if there was no way out. My friend and I lost all hope and assumed no one would be able to help us. So we sat there laying in the trench waiting for an adventurer, explorer, even a little kid to run and find help for us.

    By Kat on 04.08.2013

  40. Down in the trench hiding from the enemy, scarily breathing thinking about a live only half lived. Hmm. Sometimes we prefer to exist uncomfortably in the trench just waiting passively to die instead of leaping forth and at least risk living.

    By Tracey URL on 04.08.2013