April 8th, 2013 | 200 Entries

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200 Entries for “trench”

  1. Trapped in the narrow confines of where I am bound to die. I can’t see my enemy from where I am buried knee deep in human excrement and horrors I had never imagined from my warm bed at home – but I would happily swim in this muck forever than meet my true fate, a bullet in my skull.

    By Ruby Allen URL on 04.08.2013

  2. The place where I feel safe, is where many have gone to die. It is dark yet light during the height of the day, the warmth from years gone by in the solid ground surrounding me with hope. I hide here where many have come to thrive.

    By Jenn URL on 04.08.2013

  3. I sit in the trench trembling. I have watched waves and waves of men go over the top. My fellow soldiers cut down. They are, or were, my friends, I couldn’t do it. What’s the point of dying in this stupid war? What’s my death going to achieve? NOTHING.
    But we have no choice. Die at the hands of the Germans, or die by firing squad. At least this way i’d die with dignity. But is there any dignity in a war like this? Just machines. That’s all the world is these days. Men on top of the hierarchy, using humans as machines to slaughter each other.

    I hear the whistle. It’s my time. I say a prayer and climb the ladder. I see the corpses of the men i had joked with a few minutes ago. I stumble forward and then pain. black. mud. pain. pain. and then nothingness.

    By liliarle on 04.08.2013

  4. i really like trench to wear in a special moment in a fantastic week. I’ve ever seen

    By me on 04.08.2013

  5. The war. A ditch. Something you don’t want to be in. Something scary.

    By Lynea on 04.08.2013

  6. french, train, trendy, rent,

    By ANA on 04.08.2013

  7. shout

    By Rebeka Juhasz on 04.08.2013

  8. trench is a great help for people in war because it is help them to hid

    By asom URL on 04.08.2013

  9. The trench stank. Blood, sweat, piss and shit. Corporal Glass breathed deep and stretched his back. Another day in the trenches. Maybe he’d get lucky and die.

    By Zac Katz-Stein URL on 04.08.2013

  10. brand

    By Bet0 URL on 04.08.2013

  11. high winds which carry great clouds of dust in the desert

    By shjahan URL on 04.08.2013

  12. I hated the trenches the most
    when you said you’d
    come to my rescue,
    but stayed far behind,
    waiting for the war inside
    to end.

    but it never did.
    and you never came.

    By Camille Jones URL on 04.08.2013

  13. Wiping the sweat from my forehead with a mud-caked wrist, I turn to look at the trench I’ve plowed. It winds like a drunken ourobouros. Why did I ever start this garden?

    By Chuck on 04.08.2013

  14. It meandered from one end of the garden to the other, through the raspberries and shriveled lettuce leaves. Trucks lay on their side painted with mud.

    By VikingBee URL on 04.08.2013

  15. I was digging. I had no set goal, I was just digging. Not for the exercise, nor for the pleasure; to calm me down. A safe action to channel my anger into. A rhythm for my beating heart and pumping blood. A rhythm to calm the curses flying around my brain like trapped birds. Push shovel in, throw sand out. Push shovel in, throw sand out. Push shovel in, throw sand out. To dig a grave. Or maybe just a trench, to separate me from the object of my anger.

    By Aca on 04.08.2013

  16. The trench was deep
    There was no way out, it seemed
    I have dug a hole
    That only I could have fallen into
    That only I can get myself out of
    Panic set in
    As the darkness became darker
    I can hear me breathing
    But is there another breath?
    Someone above has come to the rescue?

    By Silvercchile URL on 04.08.2013

  17. He leaped down into the 5 foot trench and realized the world seemed smaller– less complicated underground. The bullets whizzing overhead were no different than mosquitoes buzzing in the summertime.

    By Laura J on 04.08.2013

  18. World War I was known for trench warfare.
    On Christmas, opposing troops declared a truce and sang carols together,
    So really, what was the point of the battle?

    By Robin on 04.08.2013

  19. now even my weeks are weakening to the yearn of my years for your star to burn.

    By drew URL on 04.08.2013

  20. first you
    dig a trench
    not too shallow
    deep enough to give shelter
    from warm spring’s baking heat
    but not so deep that the sprouts get lost

    By Nia Ceridwyn URL on 04.08.2013

  21. i don’t know whate dose it mean but i can look later for the right meaning to know

    By shokry on 04.08.2013

  22. I have the sexiest jacket. It goes to my knees. It’s made out of navy twill, with big black buttons. It has a tie that accentuates the waist and breasts all in one simple knot.

    By Deb on 04.08.2013

  23. The trench was filled with the blood of his friends. Tears streamed down his face but still he kept firing, praying to God that he would be able to get through this nightmare.

    By Sash on 04.08.2013

  24. I live a trench with my bloody family.
    I’m scared that the next bomb will kill us all.
    Yet I’m not because I feel fearless against them all.

    By Katurah on 04.08.2013

  25. You could hear the blast from a two miles out, but you weren’t two miles out.You were a hundred feet from the grenade blast. You hear stories, but they never tell you about the pieces of earth hurled at you. Sure, the shrapnel cuts you, but it’s the stone that bludgeons you, the wayward rock that concusses you. And ultimately, when you’re in that trench, you either hope that that rock knocks you out cold before the enemy storms your keep, or better yet, knocks you dead to spare you the long, painful agony, because when you’re out there, the only certainty is death.

    By MFIII URL on 04.08.2013

  26. fashion, buckle, buttons, wind, cold, coat, belt, women, windowshop

    By silvina on 04.08.2013

  27. He trudged forward on his elbows; reminiscent of a snail squelching along, through the trench. Bombs whistled through his ears, but he knew nothing had touched ground yet; PTSD already had its clutches around him, and each and every second of movement brought forth yet another barrage of warfare, ringing in his ears.

    By dertoetenprinzessen URL on 04.08.2013

  28. it`s a coat and you can dress with it. it is very popular among fashionistas . his color is comonly peachy like, i dont really know what it`s called-the color.

    By Ana on 04.08.2013

  29. The trench protected us from death. The funny thing is that we still see death staring us right in the face as we take the steps that those who got away from the trench.

    By vicky URL on 04.08.2013

  30. Hiding in sludgy water, thick and heavy with the blood of my friends and enemies alike, it was hard to think and even harder to breath. Or maybe that was because of the wound beneath my breast, which had been bleeding off and on for the last two days. Not that it mattered to me.
    Kneeling in the muddy, nearly overflowing trench, I was already half convinced that death could be no worse than this. Surely, if nothing else, there would be less mud, less blood. Maybe I wasn’t heaven material but I firmly believed that hell had nothing on the war front.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.08.2013

  31. At times one finds himself in a trench with no bayonet and half naked under crossfire feeling unexpectedly at ease and full of hope to trench upon a new life. Scary? Unrealistic? Out of place? No.

    By Negorro URL on 04.08.2013

  32. Down in the trench, Sergeant Banks was writing a letter to her grandmother. The insignia had lost its glitter against her collar long ago, and dirt had buried its way so deep under her fingernails that she could barely feel her cuticles. It was cold, and the ink was thin. She tried to draw a heart. It came out as a circle.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.08.2013

  33. is this something that has to do with water? or maybe hopping over some kind a bridge with a trench under neath it? maybe something trolls live in, im not really sure what this is.

    By jay on 04.08.2013

  34. There was no way out. The enemy was just over the rise, and even in the depths of the hole he had found himself in, he could feel the tromp of their boots, the trembling of earth that accompanied the tanks. The oncoming assault was everywhere, and he had nowhere to go.

    By Courka URL on 04.08.2013

  35. the man in the trench coat knelt
    over his wife’s blood-drenched form.
    she was limp, pale, and cold.
    he put his head to her chest as he felt the last beats of her heart dying out.
    she was his.
    but now
    she was gone.

    By Blue. Like the sky. URL on 04.08.2013

  36. Our men are out there in the trenches. Fighting a fight for people who no longer care about the outcome. In generations before us, men and women marched in the streets or collected supplies or became riveters for their boys in uniform. Where did we become aloof along the way?

    By anabelle on 04.08.2013

  37. something you dig
    second word in Marianas trench
    a six letter word

    By Olivia on 04.08.2013

  38. A trench is something we dig and get stuck in and it can be murder to escape and murder if we do, but once stuck the mind, the soul, the yearning to excape trumps the risk and so we do. We escape the trench and then whoops! We dig another and escape and repeat.

    By JessMarie URL on 04.08.2013

  39. A trench. A muddy hole in the ground. A place where I hide with my gun. Cold. Dark. Scary. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Hope a bomb doesn’t explode. Hoping a bullet doesn’t shatter my face. Funny, how scared I am to die, since death seems like a better option than this all encompassing anxiety of war. Can’t we just get it over with? Instead I have to wait for death, wondering when it will come.

    By Megan URL on 04.08.2013

  40. How do you dig a trench when the battle you are fighting is one of the heart? What shovel can you use to create a place to hide? Music, poetry, positive thoughts, perhaps a sympathetic ear to confide in? No matter the result of this encounter, win or lose; how long does one fight before the war is finally over?

    By JDwrites URL on 04.08.2013