August 31st, 2010 | 364 Entries

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364 Entries for “trees”

  1. As we ran through the trees, I glanced up at him. The sun hit his auburn hair and lit his face most attractively. He was smiling even as we were running from out impending doom.

    By muggs URL on 08.31.2010

  2. Trees are amazing. Green, lush, verdant. I found myself on the branches of an old oak in the Hundred-Acre-Wood, spotting sight of Winnie-the-Pooh trying to fish with Pglet and all the rest. Eeyore is off in the distance on a little hill looking up to the sky where a faint bit of rainbow is still blushing through the clouds.

    By Elizabeth on 08.31.2010

  3. The trees are my home. They surround me in lush greenery, and deep brown bark. They comfort and shelter me. I feed off their nourishment. I am a tree-fairy. You may call me Dreanna.

    By Christopher Greye URL on 08.31.2010

  4. One by one, the trees were felled in the name of another subdivision. Oaks, maples, sycamores.

    When they built the suburb, they named it Forest Glen. There was no forest. The streets were named for the “collateral damage”: oak, maple, sycamore….

    By mimimanderly URL on 08.31.2010

  5. …and the trees swayed and my hair blew against the autumn wind that brought no consolation, just desperate grim memories of hate and sorrow. It brought nothing but cold.

    By annnnonymous on 08.31.2010

  6. trees are amazing things. I really love what kinds of things they represent and how they support all of the life on earth. I wish I could be a tree sometimes and do so much for the world, and to stand so strong…

    By Deige on 08.31.2010

  7. Trees. Trees are where I spend my life. I mean, the part of my life that matters. Sure, I go to school, sleep in my bed, ride the bus, cut the lawn, all that normal day-to-day stuff. But the only time is really come alive is these hours in the evening when I can just leave civilization behind, and go sit in and among my beloved trees.

    By Heather on 08.31.2010

  8. I love to walk beneath the trees, in all kinds of weather and seasons, this season is winter and the trees are still beautiful, the wattles are now in bloom and they smell like candy. The lemon scented gum trees are just beautiful with their greyish bark so smooth to the touch.

    By kkitten URL on 08.31.2010

  9. How I love trees. Do they have souls? I used to talk to them when I was little. I miss them. I believe trees think. They do. I love them. Don´t you?

    By Valentina Zenkl on 08.31.2010

  10. volim. u parku. pored prozora. za pisanje. zapisavanje. retko i pentranje. ljubljenje…

    By Alex Sovic on 08.31.2010

  11. trees grow. chlorophyll. they’ve got leaves. they absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide and release oxygen as a byproduct of synthesizing energy

    By Stephanie on 08.31.2010

  12. I’ve already written about trees. They absorb energy from the sun.

    By Stephanie URL on 08.31.2010

  13. trees are like giant mushrooms. they sprout from the ground using the nutrients surrounding them, and sprout into mushroom-like shapes. they are more beautiful, in my humble opinion. the branches are like their own mushrooms, sprouted from the greater trunk-mushroom. I think this growth-on-growth is truly marvelous and wonderful. fuck mushrooms, go trees.

    By fernando garcia on 08.31.2010

  14. Trees surrounded the open ground like giants watching from above. The two in the clearing watched each other, circling like angry pit bulls. Daggers glinted in the dappled sunlight, throwing random beams of light through the gaps in the trees. The two moved quickly together–the daggers came out and struck in a clash of metal. One man fell, the other kept standing.

    By sporadicgirl URL on 08.31.2010

  15. beautiful. free air. green and wood but so much more. leaves, actually. not green. that was dumb. oh well.

    By natasha on 08.31.2010

  16. Open mind, just write and as the trees sway outside the window they keep the time, the seasons change they mark but so much more you wonder what life has been like for them always there.

    By BrittR URL on 08.31.2010

  17. Trees are helpful yet amazing. Not only trees help us breath but there are trees that can give you a bad injury but also has the remedy… The world is amazingu

    By Daniel Preciado URL on 08.31.2010

  18. Trees are so amazing. Helping us, killing us, helping and killing us… 60 secs aint enough!!!

    By Daniel Preciado URL on 08.31.2010

  19. Three trees that day on the hill.
    Two became empty, and then time stood still.

    By Terri Miller URL on 08.31.2010

  20. Trees are the soul of the earth, always there, loving us. We should help them!

    By Daniel URL on 08.31.2010

  21. Trees. Green and lush, covering every inch of the earth in my fantisies. I’d like a house with so many trees surrounding it that I could have my own little forest. I would climb them and hug them and swing from them. Trees have and always will be the first thing on God’s green earth that I wished would never leave my sight.

    By Mackenzie URL on 08.31.2010

  22. Trees. And more trees. I love them. They’re not too cuddly. They’re like an iguana for a pet. They’re cool and all, but you can’t snuggle up close and fluff one’s hair. Worst. Post. Ever. Hey, they can’t all be winners, right?

    By Fallon URL on 08.31.2010

  23. trees of death are blackened by the blood of many past battles. their roots dont drink water but the blood of armies spilled on the battlefield.

    By Guy on 08.31.2010

  24. Tress are all around us. They give out the oxygen we breath and use the carbon dioxide humans have no use for. It is a perfect example of a symbiotic relationship. If one species, either trees or humans, were to die off entirely, it would certainly have an effect on the other, though trees would less so as there are other sources of carbon dioxide.

    By Katie F. URL on 08.31.2010

  25. Trees have always been my home away from home. When I was a child, I used to climb the huge oak in my backyard and stay up there all day with a good book and a bottle of water. As I got older, this got to be less and less often. My back got back, preventing me from climbing after my childish dreams. Now, as I watch my grandchildren play in the treehouse their grandfather build for them, I can recapture some of those memories.

    By Katie F. URL on 08.31.2010

  26. the trees went by in a blur. i tried to focus on them, so they’d stick in my mind when i got to where i didnt want to go, i really wanted to remember them. but we were going too fast. i hate my grandmother’s insane driving. i hate her house. i hate the trees there. i hate my life. i wish i was a tree. i’d never have to be uprooted. id be sturdy, long lasting, and no one could make me do anything i didnt want to do. until they cut me down.

    By garbs on 08.31.2010

  27. There were so many, so many many tall trunks reaching up toward the sky. Their branches fanned out overhead, the leaves blocking any sunlight from seeping through between them. Slowly she made her way deeper into the forest, a sense of foreboding growing with every step.

    By Courka URL on 08.31.2010

  28. The trees were wreathed in golden hues as the sun faded behind the sleepy hills. Not far from here was the place where Dan McGrady had come to rest for eternity.

    By Nick S URL on 08.31.2010

  29. I often admire the beauty of trees. To be able to stand tall and be able to withstand any storm is something I envy.

    By Kryssie URL on 08.31.2010

  30. Trees are cool, we need the to like survive and stuff,

    some are very big some are very small, but yeah. O and some animals live in trees and stuff, and like build nests and stuff so yeah trees. xD

    By jesse on 08.31.2010

  31. the trees have bees who can see their knees and have to pay fees

    By weirdo with a beardo on 08.31.2010

  32. Trees symbolize so many different things, but to me they show best the interconnectedness of the world. They give us all life, shelter, expression. Trees are the essence of family.

    By Lissa URL on 08.31.2010

  33. Trees..trees have so many different meanings. Trees are what make places unique, so many different types. Such natural shape.

    By Mylie URL on 08.31.2010

  34. Lovely to look at, bending in the breeze, with sunlight filtering through on a sunny day

    By kettlekids on 08.31.2010

  35. The setting sun bathed us in a dreamy glow that day as the tall grass fanned and waved- an ocean of golden wheat. Tiny white flowers, daisies really, plucked loose from the arms of trees reaching endlessly for the heavens, were caught up in the August wind, cascading and parading and falling all around us like snow. Summer snow. I could feel the sun on my shoulders, the breeze in my hair, that feeling of perfect bliss that comes with being completely and undeniably innocent.
    Childhood comes and goes so quickly, especially in the realm of memory. It’s a sin, almost, the speed with which time is lost, elapsed, grazed over. It’s inescapable, unavoidable. But that’s life, I suppose. A daisy chain of unfortunate events and mishaps. Of lost chances and misguided plans.

    By olivia URL on 08.31.2010

  36. Trees are beautiful with their wide branches reaching up to the sky and the leaves that litter them all over providing shade and colour and beauty like little jewels all over the structure of the branches.

    By Inez on 08.31.2010

  37. trees in the field with the sun resting on their long branches…i watch them sway carefully in the breeze, dancing with each other, laughing in the summer day oh lovely lovely trees how you amaze me

    By Samantha on 08.31.2010

  38. I love the way trees whisper in the wind. I love that they are huge, yet they don’t insist on their own way, except by quiet resistance to forces that try to kill them, and their own inexorable growth.

    By Kathy on 08.31.2010

  39. i never liked trees. big ones, rather. they frightened me. too tall, i guess. standing directly under one made me nervous. i’d realize how small i truly was and i didn’t like to think about that.

    By Ashley Thomas URL on 08.31.2010

  40. trees are green/unseen sometimes/rhymes in the middle of the day/i love trees because they breathe/they breathe for us in a chorus/

    By Christopher D. Sims URL on 08.31.2010