August 20th, 2011 | 663 Entries

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663 Entries for “transport”

  1. going somewhere
    ex: teleporter

    By Taren on 08.20.2011

  2. Transportation is something that causes us as humans to move, to experience and to have adventures. It connects us and divides us, something we hate and love!

    By James URL on 08.20.2011

  3. trains transport people threw the city. the street lights flicker and cast a glow over the world as it turns. allowing the lights to shimmer over the imperfections, highlighting beauty in the darkness.

    By allie on 08.20.2011

  4. it was cold, typical weather for january. Ella climbed on to the city bus and shuffled her way to the back.

    By persephone on 08.20.2011

  5. i like cars. and i’ve been in several taxis. I think that ticket prices can be too high. I’m not an adult yet. I have a car at home. My dad used to have a jeep. I had a chat with a bus driver yesterday. I like driving.

    By Jessica Healy on 08.20.2011

  6. His smile.

    By bethany URL on 08.20.2011

  7. Kaylee wished she hadn’t come. She was way out of her comfort zone here. It was like she’d been transported to another world. The party was loud and dark. The front room was a tangle of bodies dancing offbeat to the music. Broken furniture and antiques were scattered among them.

    She was ready to flee from Terry’s house to spend a nice quite evening in her dorm room. She rushed back through the demolished living room and made a beeline for the front door.

    She would have made it if all the air hadn’t been sucked from her lungs.

    “Hey, Kaylee.” He stood there, in dark blue jeans and a plain white T-shirt, like nothing had ever happened. Like he have never left.

    She didn’t think. She didn’t breath. For a second she stood there, shell-shocked.

    The she ran into Nate’s arms and was in her own world for one perfect moment.

    By Lena on 08.20.2011

  8. transport items
    the important one
    with care and caution
    i’m not just anyone
    the heart
    the soul
    and the mind
    of your lover
    carefully tucked in
    and under your covers
    use passion
    and power
    but please do be gentle
    the world is our oyster
    we can love it together

    © LL

    By lauren URL on 08.20.2011

  9. Who doesn’t like transporting from place to place from Hong Kong to Vancouver in a second. And then from home to school and everywhere else so i won’t be late. And if i want food from KFC i can teleport there. TOO GOOD. Transport is also a summoner skill in LoL. Yeeeeee.

    By Jeremy on 08.20.2011

  10. “Transport the team to the Red-13 zone. The infection here is the worst, I’m surprised there are still survivors.”
    “Perhaps there are few who are immune to it, Captain? Much like prostitutes and the HIV AIDS virus fifty years ago. We may find a vaccine for this bugger. It’s happened before.”
    “Yes, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Whoever set off this viral attack purposely planned it to take out the government’s top virologists and pathologists. They want to terrorize this country while crushing the hope of a comeback.”
    “Ah, it is clever – and vile to do such a deed. Yes, it will take time to gather new scientists and research for this outbreak but we do still have Ludivo Deriat.”

    “What? He wasn’t in the city? Odd, Deriat never leaves that building.”

    “He was in London-3. He departed just yesterday.”

    “Just yesterday? That’s suspicious. Do you think…”

    “No. I heard that it was an order directly from the prime minister to meet at the annual GVCE conference. Three guards had to drag him out and put him on the airship.”

    “That sounds like Deriat. Why wouldn’t the terrorist attack the conference? The world’s top virologists are there.”

    “I believe that the terrorist knew Deriat’s habit and priorities. It’s top secret but Deriat has been doing…questionable research for the government that’s not exactly…following the ethics of the GVCE research regulations.”

    “It still doesn’t provide a reason why he wouldn’t attack the conference. It’s a viral attack. He didn’t blow up the place.”

    “Captain, you’ve been informed of half the situation. Yes, it was a viral attack that killed many but that was only the first step for the terrorist.”

    “What do you mean? Are you saying there’ll be a second attack? Why haven’t the authorities told me this information?!”

    “No, you do not understand. The second attack has already happened but it was an attack on something else…something that could lead to a very bloody, hot, and violent protest and even…revolution.”

    “The BetaDINE?”

    “It has been wiped clean.”

    “No! That would mean – ”

    “Yes, I know what it means. The general public is in too much of a panic about the viral outbreak and does not know.”



    “Did they copy the files and then destroy it?”

    “We do not know. All we know is that this nation is on the verge of collapse with no hope of salvation. Even worse, if the secrets of our government were stolen and spread to other countries…we would be under attack.”

    “By who?”


    “Are you meaning to tell me the governments has skeletons of that level…horrible secrets…we would be caught amidst a -”


    “Can we survive it?”

    “A few may survive – but this country as we know it will seize to exist. It will be a wasteland.”

    By Lauren URL on 08.20.2011

  11. a spaceship, flying at the speed of light, dangaling from time, when sudenly. the rid eup and ends. who would have thought that my mind could go so far,and my ride could end.

    By Lacy URL on 08.20.2011

  12. transportation sets you free. allows u to see the world and all its beauty. watch as the street light flickers across the world. reflecting off imperfections and illuminating the beauty found in the darkness.

    By Allison URL on 08.20.2011

  13. hello. i like going on planes but they really should bring food to other places besides the U.S.A. we have enough, trust me. I really wish that all the pollution would stop. I’m afraid to grow up in a world like this.

    By Karalyn on 08.20.2011

  14. I can transport myself into a daydream, saving myself from the worst nightmares of my life. I can transport myself into a fairy tale where I am a princess and for once I am honored by all.
    I can transport myself into a time of happiness, where there was joy in my life.
    I can transport myself into a jungle, working for survival like I have been my whole life.
    I can transport myself into a world where things weren’t so cruel and people weren’t judged.
    I can transport myself.

    By emma URL on 08.20.2011

  15. If I could transport to anywhere in the world, it’d be Australia. I could start new and get away from all the bullshit in my life: the shitty friends, the unhappiness in school, the feeling of failure. I could start fresh and be the perfect person that I want to be – that I envision. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    A new page?

    By Karissa URL on 08.20.2011

  16. i need a new word that’s not a good word. that makes me want to write about cliche things, like transporting from a certain environment, or traveling. like flying in an airplane and stupid shit like that.

    By jenn on 08.20.2011

  17. deportation.

    By Karalyn on 08.20.2011

  18. transporting goods. that’s how civilizations are built. transporting people. that’s how civilizations are furthered. boats do this. hurrah for boats.

    By Ammi URL on 08.20.2011

  19. i transport on unicorns because they are colorful. i don’t like buses because they are putridity. i don like to transport myself by walking because im too lazy.transport make me happy because they smell like poo.i dont transport myself a lot.

    By nicolle URL on 08.20.2011

  20. To transport myself in a far away land. Let me forget all my worries and lay down at the beach. The soft sand, the waves going back and forth on the edge, the tropical drinks served with little umbrellas on the rims of the glass. That would definitely be paradise. Will someone transport me there…please?

    By Nika URL on 08.20.2011

  21. College move-in day. The day everyone transports all of their clothes and belongings into a tiny dorm room. Somehow everything that was transported ends up in the right spot and looking fabulous.

    By Lilly on 08.20.2011

  22. I begin my journey with ease. The transportation only took seconds to go years behind. I was standing in a doorway, listening to my mother talk. Like the old times. Before the accident…She was laughing at something my father said when the phone rang. She stopped what she was saying in aw.

    By Caroline Peterson URL on 08.20.2011

  23. too often I allow myself to escape by transporting into my imagination. my made up realities are more enticing that living in the real world sometimes and I know its an awful weakness of mine. its too tempting to make up my own fantasy world and transport to it for hours. i waste a lot of my life by living in unreality.

    By audra URL on 08.20.2011

  24. Suddenly he was transported to another realm. He saw nothing but trees, greenery and foliage. He peered around the branches, searches for a glimmer of her presence, the only thing keeping him going.

    By Maddie on 08.20.2011

  25. To go from one place to another. Vehicle. Movement. To deliver whatever shall be delivered.

    By Hilda on 08.20.2011

  26. My whole life I have been transported. From one house to the next. Never staying, always moving. I get to one relative and then they ship me off to another. Is this my life forever?

    By Evelyn Maguire on 08.20.2011

  27. When someone goes from one place to another they transport. It is the greatest time traveling tool. It is quite amazing actually. However it is very tricky. It can bring a new meaning to places.

    By Ryen URL on 08.20.2011

  28. One needs to move in life. Air becomes stale, colors fade, sounds get muted. “The most beautiful emotion we can have is the mysterious” – Albert Einstein.

    By paradoxicalpirate URL on 08.20.2011

  29. Jam packed. like clogged arteries they jam the roads.

    By David URL on 08.20.2011

  30. “The transport vessel will be here any moment.” Tamet prodded the nearest prisoner, who flinched and then glared at her with startlingly violet eyes.

    “We’ll never see this rabble again.” Sikhu huffed, relieved.

    Tamet knew he was thinking of the rubble in the main city, all that remained from the rebellion.

    She knew he didn’t know she’d been one of the first to open fire.

    By Nagi URL on 08.20.2011

  31. leaving. leaving everything behind. leaving to find who you are. to find who you need to be. and sometimes, you don’t even need to move. sometimes, you can just go in your head and be there, and know all. Transport has nothing to do with moving or physically going. it is all about bringing yourself into being.

    By Lauren on 08.20.2011

  32. The rank, earthy, pungent smell of cattle and cattle waste transported him to a time when he was eleven years old.

    By kerry scott on 08.20.2011

  33. DrivIng moving passengers from one location to another. I often transport my children from one lOcation to another. Transport services are a in demand field of employment.

    By Laura on 08.20.2011

  34. Oh, how you’ve taken me somewhere else. Out my mind. But you didn’t transport yourself there with me. It was all just words, I guess. Your heart left without saying goodbye to mine. And now you’re taking another girl there.

    By Alicia on 08.20.2011

  35. Oh, how you’ve taken me somewhere else. Out my mind. But you didn’t transport yourself there with me. It was all just words, I guess. Your heart left without saying goodbye to mine. And now you’re taking another girl there.

    By ahamoments URL on 08.20.2011

  36. bus rides and car rides…. goods in trucks space cadets… subway new york..mork & mindy africans transport baskets on their heads with water from rivers u can transport in canoes and kyakaks

    By Andrea on 08.20.2011

  37. Transport me to a place of bliss. A place of hope and wonder. of love and pain. Of fear and ecstasy. Take me there. I know you can. You know you can too. But I know you won’t. You know you won’t.

    By Karina_Corona URL on 08.20.2011

  38. transport. you open your eyes and you realize that the grass is no longer vertical; the horizon is no longer present and, strangely enough, this new world is filled with people all claiming to be mad scientists. you look around, at all of this and think, huh… maybe i forgot to wake up this morning.

    By Reema on 08.20.2011

  39. kathleen fingered the inside rims for whiskey glass,” is that supposed to make me feel better that all the people on the transport died because of his love for me?”

    By The Fake Dann URL on 08.20.2011

  40. I always wish a time machine existed so I can transport myself back to the past; the good times; childhood. I know I’ll never go back in time but I keep on wishing, maybe, those scientists will do something about it.

    By FaridaEzzat on 08.20.2011