August 20th, 2011 | 663 Entries

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663 Entries for “transport”

  1. take me anywhere i want to go. see the world and everything you want to see. i want experience. people. humanity. culture. food art scene cinema. transport my body via my mind. take me home. take me to you. take me to rome greece switzerland where no one will find us. where we do anything we please because we will see none of these people ever again.

    By Jordan Farinelli on 08.20.2011

  2. transport instantly, just imagine where you want to be in the time you know is the best in your life at the best time of day. just shut your eyes, hold on to the one you love and go.

    By Park URL on 08.20.2011

  3. Transport. hmm. A woman I love is far away from me, and will remain so for quite some time. I wish I could transport. I want to see her face, feel her skin. To transport would mean the opportunity to fall asleep with her, just to hold her. I would like that. It’s not something I get a lot of, and it would make both of us very happy, if I could transport.

    By Ben URL on 08.20.2011

  4. transposite granite in my fingernails. sharp as your diamonds, loud as your laughs. gold thats only mean’t to be worn on Black people. Creators of love.

    By TRW URL on 08.20.2011

  5. i was born open on railroad lines baby snow white white white

    By Aviv on 08.20.2011

  6. Importing and exporting goods from different countries. I use my friends and family for transportation. I need to find my own form of transportation. I need a car. I need a job. I need a life. That is all.

    By Sophia URL on 08.20.2011

  7. This is the way that we get from one place to another. Maybe in the future we will be able to teleport… that would save so much time for everyone. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to spend time doing the things that mattered rather than to waste so much time getting around? I think so.

    By Jen Wieland on 08.20.2011

  8. today i am going to be writing about transportation. i live in the maldives, and transportation here is terrible. i live in the capital of maldives, which is male’, and there are so many taxis here which are not even required. people buy many cars and make them taxis, also, people buy motorbikes and it is causing overcrowding of unwanted machinery in the maldives.

    By lilith on 08.20.2011

  9. europe. i think about riding trains and how hard it was to get around at times but when i got home, i realized it was way easier. train is my favorite way to travel, other than by boat. i love boats. i love being on the water. but i like trains because i can sleep on them until i reach my destination.

    By Kristin on 08.20.2011

  10. Transport me to a different dimention, she muttered as she took a drag off of her cigarette. She was restless of this town, this time, this variety. She needed something different.

    By Amy URL on 08.20.2011

  11. its hard to reach you
    unless i have a keyboard
    no matter how hard i try
    im going away from you not twards
    its hard to feel you
    unless i use my heart
    its hard to see you
    without a little imagination.
    i know i can settle
    but my arms stretch out wide across the sea that seperates us.
    and i find they arent long enough to cover the distance
    the water giving to much resistance
    always pulling me away
    but perhaps ill bye a plane ticket and we can be together someday.

    By eevee URL on 08.20.2011

  12. This is how we get from one place to another. In the future, wouldn’t it be cool if we could all teleport to wherever we wanted to go? Think of how much time we could save doing the things that really mattered rather than wasting time getting around.

    By Jen W URL on 08.20.2011

  13. I often wish that I could be transported to a different place or time. Like whenever my family and I finish visiting some relative’s, and I really miss them, then I just want to revisit whatever just happened instead of letting my parents transport me back to our house. Funny how things work sometimes.

    By Dee on 08.20.2011

  14. Walking down the dimly lit hall way, he knows his destination. His purpose is simple: receive the package, transport and deliver it to it’s rightful owner. In a place like this, where the air reeks of fornication and cheap perfume, where the shouts of solitude and abuse come from other rooms around, nothing seems safe, even to one whose purpose is only to transport.

    By bex URL on 08.20.2011

  15. I want to transport my heart into your chest. I want my heartbeat to provide life to your entire body. My heart will pump and pump until the last bit of stamina is used up, and even then it will wiggle in desperation to provide you life. My soul will work until its’ end to give you a beautiful life, and my love will take you wherever you want to go. I will give everything to you, as long as it is in my power–and my power is great when thinking of you.

    By Cow on 08.20.2011

  16. the way in which things can be brought from one place to another.Sometimes i just wish i could be transported to a completely new place. get the opportunity to start over and have a completely new experience. forget about everything else and the past.

    By Anna URL on 08.20.2011

  17. transport is one of the most interesting things ever. u can go anywhere with somethin like a car or train or plane or bicycle…its amazing how fast u can move nowadays.

    By Carmen on 08.20.2011

  18. london my trip to paris mom almost missed the train the tgv long flight rude travellers we were blessed – made our tgv. cargo is transported. are we cargo? what’s the difference? do you transport humans, human trafficking is like transport. We can’t.

    By Steph M URL on 08.20.2011

  19. Ideas. they travel the faster than a virus, faster than an Olympic runner, and faster than a bullet. It starts with lone person, but eventually it goes worldwide without anyone knowing the exact origin.

    By Carly on 08.20.2011

  20. I want to transport to anywhere but where I am now. I want to travel, experience new things, meet new people. I am sick of where I am and always doing the same thing day in and day out. I need something new.

    By Kat URL on 08.20.2011

  21. We want to transport somewhere-anywhere. We want to go places we haven’t seen nor touched. Me? What do I want to see? I want to feel the cool freeze gently tickle my face.

    By Tani URL on 08.20.2011

  22. I love public transport. Anything I want, anywhere I want and transport is the way to get there. I really couldn’t imagine my life without it. IT allows anyone, billionaire, homeless person, student, teacher, parent, child a way to get to where they need.

    Transport is, in a nutshell, pretty much the best invention. Ever. Well… almost

    By M Crooke on 08.20.2011

  23. Our thoughts were on wading as we started in – plunging forward without even pausing to draw breath – so when we surfaced, desperate for air, transported into the very middle of very deep things, and wanted to go back, we had no idea where to begin. Our thoughts were still on wading; it took them a while to catch up.

    By Hyperbole URL on 08.20.2011

  24. transportation is a great thing. there are many forms you can transport and there will be many more that the future will bring.

    By julia bloom on 08.20.2011

  25. i never planned on staying…i was just here temporarily i was leaving soon.
    about to be transported to somewhere better. i never wanted any of this for myself…or for you. i never expectd the betrayel of a god. i was never warned that this could happen. and now im stuck. in this wasteland, where i cant even see you smile…its strange out of everything thats really all i want to see right now.

    By eevee URL on 08.20.2011

  26. I don’t like to move things. Most often they’re heavy or difficult to move and I just don’t want to give the effort. I am lazy like that. I wonder if other people are as lazy as I am…

    By lolly on 08.20.2011

  27. My car is dirty I hate washing my car. Everything I wanna wash it, it starts to rain. Just like today. Yesterday I moved my housemates stuffs all four of them using my car. She’s a good car.

    By Marissa on 08.21.2011

  28. so. transport. this usually means a way to get around. bikes buses trains planes automobiles in general. I have a license and stuff which is great because i can drive myself around- its very convenient so my parents don’t have to be relied on. yaaaas. that’s all.

    By Jessie on 08.21.2011

  29. I transport the message from here to there, swiftly like a fox in the dead of night, going in for the hunt, ready for the kill, but then I remember that this is a message and not a hunt.
    I am simply carrying mail. A low life job for someone who made noh

    By sam on 08.21.2011

  30. The bus pulled away from the station
    Leaving me behind in the rain
    With that old yellow umbrella
    and you, disappearing off into the distance
    like every one that went before you
    except this time, the promise of a smile
    left with me

    By eli on 08.21.2011

  31. the buzz of electric light
    i sit alone in an airport on stiff plastic chair, bags at my feet, the world before my eyes
    my plane is delayed
    seven hours to flight
    seven hours to freedom

    By Danielle URL on 08.21.2011

  32. if i had a time machine i’d
    go back to the future where i really belong,
    strong and confident and happy in the glory of adulthood,
    whether i was cashier at wal-mart
    or king of the fucking world.

    By ydoel URL on 08.21.2011

  33. The train took us, swiftly, raggedly, along the seaside track. I looked up as someone slid open the booth door. It was a woman. She had had flaming red hair and emerald green eyes that shone mischievously.

    By Ally on 08.21.2011

  34. The word go implies that i should simple just go. The meaning of the word my be vague. But writing about it seems interesting. The idea that I should just write a whole paragraph of just one word. Is weird, and i like weird.

    By Mike on 08.21.2011

  35. My sister and i rode across Lake Michigan on a boat called the Lake Express for Muskegon, MI to Milwaukee, WI to see our other side of the family after seeing our mom’s side of the family.

    By Nik Neider on 08.21.2011

  36. living. getting away in one simple movement at one clean time. being done. and transporting somewhere all better. or maybe even worse.

    By Pat on 08.21.2011

  37. And suddenly I wanted to transport everything to years ago, like when we were children and didn’t worry about a thing. But I knew that was impossible, and this was real life.

    By Cecy C URL on 08.21.2011

  38. like to think about being transported by someone who has captured me for the slave trade. they take me away from home and start transporting me to some other area. but intstead i escape in thailand and start running…but in a fun way. i decide to see the countryside and enjoy the local cuisine. the only problem is…when i want to go home i don’t have a passoport. Shit

    By Danielle on 08.21.2011

  39. I hopped onto the uneven metal platform just as the cogs underneath came to life, creaking slowly at first then more smoothly, and soon I was flying past the desert landscape on this peculiar transport.

    By Luke Z URL on 08.21.2011

  40. there’s a wormhole in my backyard.

    By Shaundra Barclay on 08.21.2011