May 27th, 2012 | 414 Entries

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414 Entries for “transform”

  1. I want to transform into a butterfly. I’d fly away and never look back. only returning home when I find it. I am not there yet.

    By Jay on 05.27.2012

  2. the light transformed your face into something i might have called beautiful.we held hands and wandered beneath the battered streetlights and talked. just words and conversation. i didn’t really understand what you were saying, to be honest i wasn’t even listening too closely. but it didn’t matter. it doesn’t matter. as soon as the light flickers out your face will descend into the darkness that i have grown accustomed to and this will be over.

    By Alex Warren on 05.27.2012

  3. I just want to transform, into a person that I will have others love me, and to love myself. I want to transform for real this time, and change all this bad stuff about me, get rid of the black clouds and find hope to this world. I NEED to transform, or i will die.

    By Misty Boyce on 05.27.2012

  4. Transform yourself. From good to better. From average to excellent. From day dreamer to achiever. But always remember to be humble and kind to people, they matter most in life.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 05.27.2012

  5. I would like to transform myself. Into an individual that just doesn’t give a fuck. i want a change…a change that allows me to transform into this being that is able to say I got this…I can fuck with you and still succeed. My life has become stag net an I need a transformation. But who will help me

    By Not telling on 05.27.2012

  6. a change of something from one form to another possibly due to evolution and adaptation

    By dani on 05.27.2012

  7. I hate the movie Transformers. They don’t look like the toys and are too complex to exist. Their eyes are freaky. It bothers me that those movies make so much money.

    By Ann Dwyer on 05.27.2012

  8. I never liked the idea of transforming into a butterfly. I’d much rather stay an ugly, unappreciated caterpillar. They’re the ones who get to gorge themselves into oblivion, after all, and I very much like the idea of spending all my time eating.

    By Astrid URL on 05.27.2012

  9. Your skin begins to itch, and you glance up to the big bright moon. No, you think, not now. Not here. You turn around and begin to go against the night life flow, towards that wooded park, just as thick fur begins to sprout from your chest and arms. It’s a strange feeling, you imagine this is what if feels like to be a cheese grater.

    By Lacey on 05.27.2012

  10. He looked down and realised that their lives were going to be completely different. In a matter of seconds, she had transformed everything. Nothing would stay the same.
    “Well?” She looked expectant. But there was no fear. That was changed too. He gulped.

    By Madi on 05.27.2012

  11. the changes lurking beneath the chord structure both shocked and intrigued him. he tried to play through the progression again, but it refused to remain in one place, shifting in a serpentine blur of intervals and sequentially shifting recursive time changes. he took a deep breath and hit the key to delete and that’s when the light shattered the room in a thousand crystal shards.

    By george christos on 05.27.2012

  12. I transform myself.
    From sad little girl
    -and I come up blank
    When I try to see my future
    I come up blank
    and here lies my problem
    How will anyone ever like me
    or love me
    as a failure?

    By Candice URL on 05.27.2012

  13. you will be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Your mind is something to be changed of its own thoughts. Transformers are robots that believe them selves to be God, but there is only ONE God, One Ruler, and One savior. All else is short, but also good. God is Good. Amen amen

    By janelle on 05.27.2012

  14. i can transform you by chris brown. it reminds me of transformers, the movie. which was amazing, But I did not see the last one because Megan Fox was not in it. I don’t know why they took her out, it is bs. Seriously? All the actors were perect for teh movie

    By Kayla on 05.27.2012

  15. I hadn’t noticed the wind shift. It was as sudden as anything could be. Celtic music played from every corner, it blared out of bone-carved instruments, covering up the screams. The once dry ground was now dampened by blood and sweat of my brothers. Staring at the destruction, the carnage, forced to smell the essence of decay I could only look forward, prepared to fight with my own mortality exposed like never before.

    By Mary Pinkerton URL on 05.27.2012

  16. Why stay the same? Why not just change. Why not formulate new ways of becoming yourself. The only permanent part of life is change, embrace it. Become one with change. And you’ll entity, your identity, will be indescribable. Transform yourself into you.

    By Daniyal Bashir on 05.27.2012

  17. What does it take for us to transform? To really truly change? Can we even do it. Is it possible for humans to go from one thing to something completely different? I’m not convinced. There is always a part that remains.

    By Joe C on 05.27.2012

  18. I couldn’t think. Couldn’t speak. Couldn’t move my limbs to cry out for help or run. I was being ripped apart, but feeling nothing. My body was shifting and changing, transforming into something I wasn’t quite sure of.

    By Cristiana on 05.27.2012

  19. i wish i could transform into a bird. then i would fly to you. or i would transform into a dragon. so i could protect you. or i would transform into a hawk. and i could watch over you wherever you are. i long to be close to you, to know you’re safe, to see you when i’m lonely. i miss you.

    By Charlie on 05.27.2012

  20. I can’t imagine anything greater than becoming the person I want to be. It’s what it’s all about, right? Transformation. Becoming something-or someone-else. I wish I could change, but unfortunately, I’m probably past that point.

    By Brooke on 05.27.2012

  21. He likes her because she isn’t real. She isn’t really this queen supreme that she pretends to be. Underneath the make up and plastic curves she’s a lot like him. Maybe he likes her so much because she’s what he’d be if he ever decided to transform himself the way she did, he never would, he’s firm enough in his own identity to do that. But he likes her bravery, her fearless nature, fuck, he even likes what’s underneath all the lies and glitz.

    By Cassie URL on 05.27.2012

  22. Transformation is the very essence of life. To be able to transform, to change, to see the world differently, that in my eyes is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone.

    By chaii URL on 05.27.2012

  23. the word transform is crazy. i would love to have the power to do so and create so many different looks and appearances. i could use it for evil or good which ever i decide.

    By Trevor Montgomery on 05.27.2012

  24. The flowery butterfly used powerful rays of flying rainbows to transform its very essence and being into a fiery passion of fireworks.

    By bob on 05.27.2012

  25. Everything, everytime is changing. Sometimes for better, sometimes for worst, but what I’ve learned is that if that doesn’t happend, then you are screw.

    By julesitc on 05.27.2012

  26. He transformed into a bird, and flew high above the sky. Soaring, flowing with the wind. His wings stretched taught, his mind in awe at the images he saw flashing by below him. Then a noise, small and light, a soft Meow, awoke him and he snapped out of his dream to find his kitten, Marduk, nuzzling his neck.

    By TurtleSensei on 05.27.2012

  27. There are some things i would like to transform, none more than myself. i have so much to change about the way I live, the way I eat, sleep and behave. i think my future depends on my transformation. There are moments of truth when I know that without it I will either die or live in complete misery.

    By Nichole on 05.27.2012

  28. Transforming is a remarkable thing. It’s like a caterpillar evolving into a beautiful radiant butterfly, snow melting to water, and a baby growing up to an adult.

    By Brooke on 05.27.2012

  29. I want to transform the world. The way I see things. The way people see things. All their lives, people always say that they want to change the world. I don’t want to be like them. I want to be the one who actually makes a difference. The time in this earth is limited and I want to make the most if it. You only live once!

    By Dennise on 05.27.2012

  30. I wish I could transform into a bird. To fly up above the heavens, and see the world for what it really is. See it in all its beauty. And maybe one day come back because I would like to spend the rest of my time with you.

    By Christina on 05.27.2012

  31. Transformation comes like death, and like death it comes at its own time

    By Brien on 05.27.2012

  32. I can transform my own life no matter the consequences. because in true transformation the outcome is always more positive. it is all within to be felt, to be heard, to have trust. enabling the ability to transform will make me stronger despite the challenges.

    There once was a person who had to grow. It was small and unmighty and somehow it developed a creative life. Creative life enables us to transform to our greatest potential.

    its a healthy process.
    its is a life of wonder.

    By Danielle URL on 05.27.2012

  33. we need to change everything from the top to the bottom, inside and out, to make everything better and interesting and creative and to speak the truth about what we want to do in the future and in the present.

    By gail on 05.27.2012

  34. there i was as i begin to sleep i sense something changing. i felt my body was somehow transforming into something lighter, i left my limbs were simply popping out if my body as new onebw

    By cb2u on 05.27.2012

  35. People think transform. The first thing that jolts to your mind is change. Change is usually comprehended as a bad thing or something negative. Transform, however, is enlightening. It seems as though it is a good thing.

    By Chanda on 05.27.2012

  36. I am in the midst of this. My life consists of this. I am the verb, Transform. Aren’t we all? Don’t we all go through metamorphosis, like the noble butterfly, or the humble moth? We are all in a pupa, waiting, sleeping, thinking… There till we simply transform…

    By Nicolas Ouano on 05.27.2012

  37. when i think i transform. different states of mind, i go through every day. each of these are a transformation. what meaning this has isn’t obvious. can’t think of a meaning that is the same for anything. everyone’s eyes transform life.

    By Tim Sauter on 05.27.2012

  38. Nick transformed into a wolf in front of Jeff once.
    It was terrifying, the hair growing from his body, the sharp teeth baring.
    He thought he was going to die.

    By AE Renner URL on 05.27.2012

  39. Right now I am transforming an old, I think 60 styled? Galley kitchen to something else, something great. A place that can grow with its inhabitants. I am aware of the fact that I will be up pretty late tonight, but that is okay. I’m completely happy with all of this. Also, because I am a little in love. I’m transforming as well.

    By Laura on 05.27.2012

  40. When you transform through your life. You don’t actually see it happening in front of your face. You look back on your life and try to pinpoint at what point in your life you have become this new person. And at that moment you have to decide if you actually like that person or not. When you decide it’s almost too late to change.

    By Cait on 05.27.2012