May 27th, 2012 | 414 Entries

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414 Entries for “transform”

  1. If I could be shape-shifter, I totally would. I would transform into many things. A panther would be rather cool. I could scare all of my enemies. Join the X-Men!

    By Jazzi Von Lidewij on 05.27.2012

  2. Lights spun all around her in the forest, She felt a wave of magic wash over her. He handed her a gilded mirror and she gasped. She had become a beautiful creature with porcelain skin and sleek feathered wings.

    By April URL on 05.27.2012

  3. Growing up we ‘transform’ in so many ways. Not only do we transform our frame of mind, our attitudes & beliefs, but the life around us transforms from what we knew into applying what we now know. Transform for the best of yourself.

    By Alannah on 05.27.2012

  4. i don’t know much about anything so that makes me a stupid ass. but i ‘m so sick of other people bringing me down because of where i was born. i’m an over weight fat bitch who doesn’t know how to clean or cook and my husband should have married a white women. like a normal person. The words of my mother in law. I guess , she knows a lot about everything. fuck her and fuck what she said because i am good enough. i’m the best m om and wife ever. something she could never be.

    By nohemi on 05.27.2012

  5. How does one transform the world? One good decision at a time. One friendly smile, one kind word, one positive change.

    By SWellsBennett URL on 05.27.2012

  6. If I could be shape-shifter, I totally would. I would transform into many things. A panther would be rather cool. I could scare all of my enemies. Join the X-Men! I’d be cooler than the others. I might marry The Blob or something. He’s kinda cute. Especially when he was played by Kevin Durand…..mmmmmm, sexy! I love him!

    By JazzivonLidewij URL on 05.27.2012

  7. You can change and become any person that you want to be. To live how you want to live if you insist. The world is exactly how you coose and how you want and dream. Don’t think of others if they stand ihe way of your happiness. TRANSFORM.

    By Sheedee URL on 05.27.2012

  8. to change into something else or someone else. cars into robots, people into aniimals (x men stuff) to change in general as a person is what i would think. but it does work for any nouns i think.

    By thea on 05.27.2012

  9. I love that people transform. Transformation can be the cure the world needs so desperately. I see transformations everyday. From the leaves with the seasons to drug addicts to children growing into adults. Transformation is the only thing that keeps the world going and society progressing. It is the only thing we need.

    By Georgia on 05.27.2012

  10. changes, people change, things too. It have to get into tranformations to get better and grow up. Its evolution as well.

    By Lorena on 05.27.2012

  11. change. get better. move on. lose weight. gain happy. gain glad. gain okay. live something. die somehow. tragic. everything’s tragi. stop knoking. transform. hange me. change you. change our parents. change generation. no pain. all pain.

    By lei on 05.27.2012

  12. A transformation is the process through which you take a given object or concept and change it into something else, be that a permanent or temporary effect. You take something ordinary and through time and resources change it into something extraordinary, be it a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, or a child that sheds it’s innocence to enter adulthood. Transformations are a one way process, you can’t convert ash, and smoke back into wood once the fire has been lit.

    By Matthew URL on 05.27.2012

  13. and then you smell it.
    the stale smoke on my
    breath makes your smile
    go cold and your eyes fill
    with hatred and anger. &
    then you transform from
    caring husband into what
    i call monster face. the side
    of you that no one else gets
    to see, because looking in from
    the outside, our marriage is perfect.
    oh-so very p e r f e c t.

    {if only they knew..}

    By Laura. URL on 05.27.2012

  14. and then you smell it.
    the stale smoke on my
    breath makes your smile
    go cold and your eyes fill
    with hatred and anger. &
    then you transform from
    caring husband into what
    i call monster face. the side
    of you that no one else gets
    to see, because looking in from
    the outside, our marriage is perfect.
    oh-so very p e r f e c t.

    {if only they knew..}

    By Laura. URL on 05.27.2012

  15. Okay, right so lots of things transform, like the film transformers. People can transform: from optermists to pesermists. I’ve transformed; from shy to confident back to shy. but I’m regaining my confidence again now. You too should transform today (unless you’re already perfect, which I doubt)e

    By Callie on 05.27.2012

  16. Transformation is a key event in any person’s life. It leads to a new everything, yet it encompasses the entirety of the original being. As complex as it is, it is necessary for life. All life.

    By Alexis Klemetson on 05.27.2012

  17. a catapillar’s transformation into a butterfly, a child’s transformation into an adult, a scrooge’s transformation into a generous person, a rainstorm’s transformation into a rainbow.

    By Emily McNally on 05.27.2012

  18. The girl suddenly turned into a cloud of dust that piled on the floor of the museum and everybody felt they were dreaming. But she wasn’t dead, she was just sparkles in the thin air.

    By Márcia URL on 05.27.2012

  19. Smile. Brace yourself. Lose weight. Get straight A’s. Finish college early. Work the perfect job, 40 hours a week, $50 an hour salary. Smile more. Date beautiful men, men who have lots of money. Doctors or lawyers. Teach. Inspire. Love. Embrace life. Wear makeup. Dye your hair. Never feel pain. Never accept less then perfect.. Be strong. Be perfect. In essence, transform everything about myself, so I can an acceptable person…

    By Megan URL on 05.27.2012

  20. I felt like I have transformed over the past couple of years. I have accomplished things that I have never in my wildest dreams thought I would be able to do. For starters, I moved to Chicago. I have lived their for two years. Earlier, I would’ve been to afriad to live in such a big city. I have overcame the fear of small irrational things and have started to live my life. It’s a wonder, beautiful thing that I never thought would happen.

    By Booba on 05.27.2012

  21. Changing to something new, usually beautiful and extravagant. Everyone transforms-everyone. There is no arguing with it. When we grow we physically transfer. But mentally we change, as well.

    By Zak on 05.27.2012

  22. This is an amazing movie! I love Transformers. Just kidding, I dont’ really like the movie at all, but I couldn’t think of anything else to write. Maybe just transforming would be sweet! I want to be other things in the blink of an eye. That would be sweet! Wouldn’t that be sweet?

    By Sage URL on 05.27.2012

  23. reminds me of going from a cocoon to a butterfly. the ultimate transformation and metamorphosis.

    By tori on 05.27.2012

  24. change a life, change into an animal. Becoming something that you should be, and not something that society has made you be. alter yourself, for better or for worse. A transformation. possibilities.

    By Olivia Wilcox on 05.27.2012

  25. I want to transform my life. transform my thoughts into something positive. transform my relationships into worthwhile life long standing constants. transform me. love me. love life. oh and transformers

    By Nicole Donnelly on 05.27.2012

  26. I transform, like a fire to ash. Gone, no light left.

    By alexandria on 05.27.2012

  27. As the air was sucked into my lungs for the last time, I knew this was it. The End. Or maybe, the beginning? A dizzying numbness crept over my limbs, and although I knew I was lying down it felt like I was flying.

    By Deirdre Rose on 05.27.2012

  28. I love the movie transformers. It’s a great movie. With Shia LeBouf and Megan’s Fox (she is quite foxy.) it makes a great family movie.

    By Cory URL on 05.27.2012

  29. today i sat on the earth – the only patch in my garden that is just earth i have transformed it into a fairy garden, and through its growth i have grown too.
    Seeing the garden transform wildly into arrays of color… is a reflection of the happiness contained inside of me

    By penny lazaris on 05.27.2012

  30. Transform into a bird and fly across the sky, the freedom it will bring is incredible. The power of flight, the power to transform and do anything! Break free of your bonds and and take flight, take to the sea, anything you want! Freedom, freedom be free!!

    By Robert Reid on 05.27.2012

  31. I’d don’t like to transform anything – it’s perfect how it is. – i’ve got fear- because everything will change.. the in january – i will be gone.

    By Sophie on 05.27.2012

  32. transform.
    transform self
    transform life
    and things
    transform to a happier person
    transform into what you know you are
    transform for yourself…not them
    transform from misery to happiness

    By finallyfreefruit URL on 05.27.2012

  33. it was a sunny day running away like a stallion and i decided that it was time to step into the time capsule i had created for myself a number of years ago mostly for emergency international crises such as nuclear explosions. however the heat got under my collar and made me angry so i decided this was a crisis and time to get away. i stepped inside and switched on the buttons and connected the last wires and nothing really happened after that.

    By Katia URL on 05.27.2012

  34. The world was foggy through the sheer green wall. The butterfly wiggled, eager to get out of its prison. The thin leafy tomb began to rip. The sun shone on the new transformation for the first time in a week.

    By Grace Malcolm on 05.27.2012

  35. This is what I wish to become, how to achieve this is another matter. I have seen what you have turned into, you must have lay in your chrysalis for decades. The complexity of your make up.

    By traindeer URL on 05.27.2012

  36. Butterflies in the sky. Happy. That’s what life is. We’re like butterflies. Transforming into new beings, having new thoughts, trying new things. But once we transform what are we? Are we still us? Will we be better? or Worse?

    By Sam URL on 05.27.2012

  37. To transform is to change and to enhance something into something else and more positive that makes a difference to your appearance and perception

    By Nicola URL on 05.27.2012

  38. When I see the word “transform,” I think of a superhero who can change into an animal or another person… like that girl from X-Men. It’s unfortunate her costume didn’t allow her to wear more clothes. Not practical, really.

    By Leah on 05.27.2012

  39. I want to transform into the woman I’ve always wanted to be. After my abortion I was transformed into a different person. Transformation means changing. I’ve changed so much. I’m going to college in the fall and I never thought I’d graduate high school.

    By Cenic on 05.27.2012

  40. Like a catterpillar in a cryssilis (sp?), we will all go through a transformation. Not all are so dramatic – at least from the outside. But inwardly, we are always changing, always evolving, always improving. Year after year I think I was an idiot the year before. I learn the same lessons over and over, and I try to make them stick.

    By Lily URL on 05.27.2012