April 26th, 2011 | 938 Entries

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938 Entries for “trailer”

  1. Together, we make a movie of our own. Twisting and being as the trailer is the commentary to our deepest fears or our craziest desires. I have never thought to complete such a story, but now we have no choice.

    By 22 URL on 04.27.2011

  2. Falling lifeless in your hand, scraps and shards of colour.
    Once clear crisp and vibrant, now but remnace of prior youth.
    Green strangles the remaining breath as it curls through rusted segmants.
    The weeds that tangle with the iron, or copper? no longer can i tell.
    Once bouncing down the gravel road, now tumbles through only memories.

    By Alea URL on 04.27.2011

  3. poor people live in trailers. i wish for them to seek for something better, to realize they are a product of their environment. They can change it at anytime, they just need to realize they can do whatever they want. WAKE UP

    By rob on 04.27.2011

  4. I use to see it before going to the movie. last interesting one that I saw was about the movie Never let me go. I want to read the book before, then I’ll go to watch it.

    By claudia on 04.27.2011

  5. For most of my childhood I really struggled to say this word. For the life of me, I just could. not. do. it. So, I practiced over and over and over until I could finally say it. Uninteresting? Perhaps. BAM.

    By Kara on 04.27.2011

  6. trailer. something which recaps and summarizes something with only the good bits.
    if there was a trailer for my life, it’d only be a couple seconds long.

    By meliora URL on 04.27.2011

  7. The trailer skidded across the gravel road, digging shallow furrows as it went on. Perched atop it was the largest, most angry cyborg bear in existence. Its robotic eyes scanned the forest, in search of its most dangerous enemy – ninja bees.

    By Sean on 04.27.2011

  8. what do I think of first , it should be the trailer of a film which so often gives the game away and shows the whole film straightaway and ruins it for you . then there is a trailer – a car sort of , a kind of vehicle in which you can store things and pull along with you .
    I sat through the trailer and I said definitely not on for me , so often trailers ruin films , then there is a trail , a trail left by a snail the long beautiful silver trail which glistens in the morning light that is a trailer too.

    By Anna Grogan URL on 04.27.2011

  9. shally understood kathleen’s confusion,”at least you read it,right?”
    Kathleen shrugged it off,”honey,i’ve still got the moisture trailer to clean off,” she gave her a slight kiss,”grain of salt,”

    By The Fake Dann URL on 04.27.2011

  10. Is life the trailer or the movie? Have I dreamed this life before, or this the dream of a life to come by? Deja vu moments that daze you, worlds diffusion, schizophrenic realities and unreal facts merge in the cauldron of a heated mind. Give me Silence.

    By Harvinder URL on 04.27.2011

  11. I used to go camping with my friend,Lynnel, and her family in their trailer. We’d sleep outside the trailer in a tent and sneak away after her parents were asleep.

    By nana on 04.27.2011

  12. He could not be coaxed by any other means. She needed to drag him. Up mountains / down mountains. Headwind / tailwind. In all kinds of weather. Last night there was a hailstorm; her arms were still spotted red. The trailer was tethered too far behind her. It swung wide at the corners. Sometimes, she had to look over her shoulder to see if he was still there. Soon, she knew, they would both tip over.

    By Amie Thao URL on 04.27.2011

  13. i saw this railer for this movie super. so i watched it onight. it was great. i wonder what the trailer to the movie stars looked like. were there action figures all over the place for inspiration? if so i wonder if they were played with, or if they just sat on shelves for the hell of it.

    By Delani on 04.27.2011

  14. I watched a trailer once and it reminded me why I should wait for movies to be on DVD. They fish through clips and find the most exciting thing. They make your heart sing. Or show you something frightening. Then when you trade in your bling to watch the damn thing, it resembles that movie you said you’d never spend your hard-earned money on. (And you bought popcorn.) They’ve knocked you out again. Ding. Ding. Ding.

    By Atain URL on 04.27.2011

  15. My grandfathers trailer was better than most. It could travel. Not through space, not through time, but through life. You stepped in, and you were taken to a different part of your life. Not as an older or younger person, but you were really there, again.

    By Benedict Hawkin on 04.27.2011

  16. At a length of wire I saw the trailer. It was parked by a thread. Almos invisible to the naked / seminaked eye. Always wear goggles in open spaces.

    By Mathias Erixon URL on 04.27.2011

  17. here is a preview to my life; you may want to sit down and watch it, grab a bowl of snacks, grab a blanket. you’ll be here a while. not because the movie is long — because the trailer will stun you into stillness. you will watch it, and you won’t want to get up. your body will be weighed down with awe.

    By inspire_me URL on 04.27.2011

  18. The colours on the bedspread reflected who she used to be. Only so.

    By Aditi URL on 04.27.2011

  19. a trailer is a movie preview where you get to see plenty of the characteristics in the movie such as screenplay, starring actors, quality of photography, a trailer also can be a place people live in, in for example a trailer park.

    By wouter on 04.27.2011

  20. park

    By kels on 04.27.2011

  21. The trailer park chick was a cum drainage system. Absolutely disgusting. I looked at her in her soulless eyes as she had a sexual marathon.

    By Don Patterson on 04.27.2011

  22. The trailer stood alone at the end of the park, surrounded by nothing but cigarette butts and empty beer cans. It had a perfect view of the road, and Vanessa sat on the front step, bottle of brandy in her hand, and watched hazily as the world went by along the large road to the city.

    By Angelina URL on 04.27.2011

  23. Jensen picked up the iron pipe and stepped up to the trailer. The soft rocking and moaning coming from it had caught his attention. He slowly turned the knob on the front door and opened the door and peered inside. He gasped a little and held his breath, and then just stared.

    By chole URL on 04.27.2011

  24. Oh this just reminds me I have just seen this trailer my friend posted. It’s for a movie called Immortals, and it looks awesome, from the same maker of 300. Quite apt too that it will be coming out 11/11/11 don’t you think ?

    By Anton URL on 04.27.2011

  25. Back at the trailer
    here we go again
    rounds and rounds of torture
    mommy said it would end

    no food no water no love
    stuck back here
    no stable grounds
    surrounded by fear

    he promised mommy paradise
    but gave her nothing but hell
    i came along she said i made it better
    down and down we fell

    By B on 04.27.2011

  26. a short thingy for a movie. a trailer is also like a thing that people travel around living in.. i think. i want to see hop the movie. i liked the trailer! hophophop. trailers are cool. i guess. what is a trailer? i know!! i just told you. i never wanna live in a trailer.

    By ellie on 04.27.2011

  27. This is what I live in. It sucks, but oh well. I own 2 trailers actually…well and the land they sit on. Not much though. I love traveling and seeing tractor-trailers. They are awesome.

    By Eden URL on 04.27.2011

  28. I remember standing in the door way of the double-wide trailer when my dad left the first time. He promised me he’d be back.

    By Brooklyn URL on 04.27.2011

  29. 29-foot Ambassador double Airstream Trailer is my home on the range… “I’m just another passenger travelling on these crazy high seas. Very likely to be the same in a Paris breeze.” — “Libby” by Carly Simon

    By sweettea URL on 04.27.2011

  30. While we were in the theater we saw a trailer for what seemed to be a pretty swell movie. The word trailer has multiple uses. It can be a home or something just being seen like a movie trailer

    By Micah URL on 04.27.2011

  31. we were sat there, in the trailer. it was old, abandoned, dim lit. but it was ours. i never wanted to leave that trailer, even to go back to the house or to go for a walk. it was a den, a nest. a sanctuary of old pillows and dusty shelves and cheap meals. but nothing felt more perfect.

    By wendy on 04.27.2011

  32. in the trailer behind the old broken down house, that’s where i grew up. really, it wasn’t so bad. as far as trailers go. it was certainly in better shape than the house that lay before it. that was far more beat up and weathered. that house was far more sinister.

    By robin on 04.27.2011

  33. Trailer, trailer, why do you have such a stigma? What is wrong with a trailer park, besides the associations that are ingrained in our brains? There is nothing inherently wrong with a park of trailers. In fact, I’ve always thought that it would be a pretty good deal to live in such a park with a shit ton of friends. Every night, songs around a camp fire, and cookouts. Kids running around in their underwear. Pranks gallore. We would have to be somewhere with perfect weather, so no tornado or ice storm would disturb our revery, our constant party, our perfect trailer commune.

    By Tuesday on 04.27.2011

  34. Hmm. Trailer trash? Trailer rats? I dont know. Thats so stereotypical I guess but a lot of people live in trailers and then there’s the ones you camp in and they freak me out cause my grandma had one and i hated it for all time. Raw Raw Raw I have nothing else to say about trailers seeing as I dont own one. Yeah. Hi Maddy. heh

    By Sarah URL on 04.27.2011

  35. trailer parks where people live always keeps me humble to think that some people live in such a mobile state always makes me great full for what I have.

    By moe on 04.27.2011

  36. The cliche is the trailer waiting in the path of the tornado, and I wait here for you like that, still, anticipating. Your whirlwind comes toward me and I wait for your howl.

    By Baseballpajamas URL on 04.27.2011

  37. The sky began to emerge out of the gray hue that had blanketed it over the past few days. I began to see his figure in the distance- old worn jeans and an old cotton tee. There was something about his posture that always made me weak. As he with his back towards the trailer I knew she was inside, waiting. For what I’m not sure. But I knew I would walk away and be changed forever.

    By Amanda URL on 04.27.2011

  38. Glimpses of the unknown flash before my eyes, spoiling the movies to come. Rapture fills the air as girls squeal over hot guys and people nod in approval over the film- to-be. Me? I just wish they’d start the actual movie already.

    By Meghan URL on 04.27.2011

  39. He was a trailer
    He allowed his words
    to scatter on the wind
    allowed them to fade
    into the pale darkness
    allowed them to fall away
    like discarded treasures
    for others to find

    By SprawlingInk URL on 04.27.2011

  40. movie. Trailer park. Becky lived in a trailer. I wonder if they made a movie trailer about her trailer park. Whoop, wrong “trailer.” Damnit. Trailer. Trailor. How do you spell that? wtf? time’s up.

    By me on 04.27.2011