September 12th, 2011 | 424 Entries

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424 Entries for “trade”

  1. the only way to make a difference is to trade. Whatever needs to be changed, trade is the only sure way.

    By Nick on 09.13.2011

  2. trade building. world trade center building. it just happened. the reminder. the lies. the bullshit. the suffering. we lost. there was no trade. we were robbed.

    By baj on 09.13.2011

  3. Huh trade? Trade what? My car? Computer? Soul? Trade stocks? How about i trade my hair do for yours? Trade feelings. How about trade glances at each other. Or phone numbers? Trade words, trade pokes, hell lets trade anything

    By Travis on 09.13.2011

  4. I’d trade places with no man, not for one second. Despite other’s wealth and intelligence, there is nothing like someone’s faces lighting up at the sight of your own. I’ve grown into my self, my name, my looks and my way of being. To trade with another would be a crime, a most fraudulent one at that.

    By Georgie on 09.13.2011

  5. he asked if i wanted to trade… i said yes. I’d always wanted a snorlax, and he’d always wanted a magikarp.

    By zeddy URL on 09.13.2011

  6. bring back barter.. that is true trade.. let everyone do what they are good at.. what they enjoying doing!

    By emily URL on 09.13.2011

  7. I give you, you give me. Its a trade.No breaking of words just an exchange.

    By Kem on 09.13.2011

  8. Its good to trade money for time so that you can trade time for money efficiently!

    By Abhsihek URL on 09.13.2011

  9. swap, barter, slave….bad trade, money, swop shop, crazy kids saturday afternoon, a far cry from the acquisistive society we live in….which has created an under class black market trade culture – ie carbooting, as well as in-betweeny culture…ie ebay……

    By georgie on 09.13.2011

  10. “fratelli sonno nella borsa” said the old Italian fella to my obsequious aunt as she requested hot cappuccinos and cool tarrantinos in the Florentine July city street mopeds dirt litter shouting graffiti it never changes no never not as long as civilization lasts.

    By Antsandpants on 09.13.2011

  11. The trade was done. baseball cards were thrown everywhere. Discarded ones in one pile, desired ones in another. I sat there, grinning,like a king with his spoils. I knew I had cheated them. I had the Honus Wagner card right there in my hands. Slowly the other boys got up to leave, tears running down Jimmy Walter’s face.

    By anne saan on 09.13.2011

  12. The route that we followed up from our native land, circumnavigating the globe, trotting our worn feet through sand and snow and mud and the coarse dirt of other countries. We brought our caravan to your markets, set up shop, hoped for buyers. We performed, we juggled, we acted on the side. Please pity us, please buy something so that we might have nightly bread.

    By Talia on 09.13.2011

  13. The trade off between what is right and what is easy is simple, either you suffer the consequences, or you suffer the consequences, sadly enough an increase in moral fibre usually isnt enough to sway people to do what is right.

    By Sammy Mellor on 09.13.2011

  14. I had the privilege to learn the trade of welding, some twenty years ago. I must say it was very hard work indeed, Apart from my learning I had to do all type of work that was related to the job and it a learning experience indeed.

    By victor walkes URL on 09.13.2011

  15. i would love to trade lives someday.
    With someone either:
    -incredible beauiful
    -Really talented
    -Really smart
    Just to see what is like.

    By Naye URL on 09.13.2011

  16. bogdan didn’t handle somethings very well.he couldn’t always distinguish right behavior from wrong.his mind would hover over the ambiguity of the two faction set out a blue shirt instead of a yellow and he could explode worse then then the planes that clipped the world trade center.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 09.13.2011

  17. world trade center comes to my mind.
    trade also as a better way to live and finance your life – instead of using money, start trading again. we all use what we have and might trade worries and envy for more happiness…

    By katja on 09.13.2011

  18. Is to swap or exchange. To trade places with someone. It is also about your line of work- your trade- your skills. Your craft. Your art. Trade is also about selling. The trade market.

    By lizzie wort on 09.13.2011

  19. Trade,
    The Builder of Globalisation. The go in go, the ability to send products from one side of the world to the other. The intermingling of ideas and cultures across the air and along the seas, making our world smaller.

    By sarahsarahsarah on 09.13.2011

  20. world trade center is the best trade mark in the world wtf am i writing about wtf really hahahahahaa im gettin used omg i cant stop lalalalalalala lalalalalal lalalalalal im so beautyfull lalallaa hey are u nuts i cant stop omg omg omg hahaha i dont know why and im so slowmotion writing omg ahahahaha heu assssssssssssssdddddddddddmwsndgrbdgjisbghsbghsbhsdfbgshgbsgsshgbsgsgwuierthweuirwerywheuirwyeruiweyr9wuiery

    By Kirah on 09.13.2011

  21. The trade of feelings, this is. A small exchange between the keys and my mind. My mind gives the thoughts and the work. The keys frame it all in the right poses and right frames, perfect.

    What more do we need?

    By Sonia URL on 09.13.2011

  22. Trading your life for theirs.
    Because why not.
    It’s perfect.
    Not like yours.
    Your odd, strange excuse for one.
    Why not?
    It makes sense in the messed up world that you have.
    Wouldn’t you?
    Wouldn’t you love to see what the world looks like through their eyes?
    How different it is?
    How different you are to them.
    Do it.

    By Rêveur on 09.13.2011

  23. Business, or exchange.

    By JJ Quiroz on 09.13.2011

  24. What he does all day. not what he is but what he finds his hands his mind doing. He finds his health wrapped up in what he enjoys although he is not defined by it.

    By Geri Hochstetler on 09.13.2011

  25. I would trade my soul for a piece of coal if a soul had I but I dont so I guess im broke without a soul am I hahahahahahaha

    By Kate on 09.13.2011

  26. I traded away my job for a secret.
    One that could get me further in life.
    But all along I was losing myself.

    Why is it so simple? To lose track of why I belong?
    I can just relax, and sell myself away.
    Is it time to give in.

    By Siege URL on 09.13.2011

  27. Trade centre – ground zero – ten years ago last Sunday – my wedding anniversary.

    By matilda URL on 09.13.2011

  28. I often give one thing for another. Something of greater value for lesser value. Time spent watching television instead of playing games with kids. Energy spent worrying instead of praying. Money hoarded for my security instead of give to the Lord, the giver of all things.

    By TVW on 09.13.2011

  29. trade is what the Indians used to do before there was stores. Trade means that you will exchange with another person items for another item of equal or lesser value. For instance I will trade you this desk for another desk and or a pencil. Another word that comes to mind for the word trade is World Trade Center.

    By Jenn on 09.13.2011

  30. Trade is to sell and to buy, is to interact with others in your own benefit. Trade is one of the most important ways of commerce, but is also a extremely good way to get to know new and different things.

    By Felipe Arango P. URL on 09.13.2011

  31. Trade winds blowing in, sharing secrets for solace, roars for whispers. Crossing oceans of calm quiet, blue depths, grey puddles, they bring woeful laments of sailors lost at sea, the mighty malevolent heaving mouth of ocean, lonesome gulls, lost souls travelling the globe, compass constellations, mapped minds with North stars. I’m windswept in their wake, emotional weather-vane spinning wildly, never settling.

    By siobhan347 URL on 09.13.2011

  32. what i do to gain that which i do not have but which I view another to already have but they do not wish to have. All the haves and the have-nots find solace in this occupation. And thus was birthed a whole new economy!

    By Andrea H on 09.13.2011

  33. My trade is as a musician. Art or trade? Both of course, but I think mostly trade. I think the word “art” is overused. Most things we refer to are “the arts” are really trades. The training is more or less an apprenticeship, the training for a trade.

    By elizabeth b URL on 09.13.2011

  34. I trade my heart
    to thine for
    eternal great
    loves sweet pour

    I trade they soul
    for you
    in life in long
    of learning you

    By Kari URL on 09.13.2011

  35. Is it worth trading love for money?

    By ilovedjians URL on 09.13.2011

  36. If ever I was given another chance, I’d trade it to have eternity with you. I may be the most faulty person in the world but with you it absolutely makes me regret more to lose someone as beautiful like you. Please. Let me have you back. Although forgiveness is not needed, I want you back.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 09.13.2011

  37. “One for 2 dollar, 2 for 3 dollar! ” shout a man selling vegetable.

    By Fin on 09.13.2011

  38. I want to trade my horse into 10 hundred dollars. I want to trade 100 dollars for a new pony. I want to trade my money into a doll. I want to trade my doll into a hundred dollars. I want to trade the hundred dollars into a enw couch. I want to trade my homework for a piece of candy. I want to

    By Hannah on 09.13.2011

  39. nowadays education itself is in the form of trade. all things are money oriented. nothing in this life does not want to lose money. All people like money

    By laxmi on 09.13.2011

  40. She looked up at him, her blue eyes twinkling. Her bottom lip was pouting as the tears lined her cheeks.
    “Here,” he said, thrusting out his crayons. “We’ll trade and you don’t need those big dumb markers anymore.”
    She smiled brightly, sniffled, and wiped at her cheeks. “Thanks.” She said, taking the crayons and giving him the markers.
    “Friends trade!” He said with a smile.

    By elinmacrae on 09.13.2011