September 11th, 2011 | 234 Entries

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234 Entries for “hover”

  1. no one likes to sit on the toilet in public places.
    it’s that weird squat that you do to be sure as to not touch the seat. who knows what is is on it. The worst is when it is wet.
    The third person in a conversation that has nothing to contribute but an awkward stance. Nobody wants to touch them they might be wet.

    By Hunter URL on 09.12.2011

  2. A revenant appeared, hovering over the edge of the water, ethereal and ghostly against the purple backdrop of the twilight sky.

    By Tyler on 09.12.2011

  3. Hovering – flying just above ground . Is it useful? Who would like to hover apart from a bird about to catch its prey . I would . Generally I like the idea of mind boggling people , watching them with confused faces while I hover around.

    By Sian Cahill on 09.12.2011

  4. well a plane or a bird can hover in the sky because thats how they fly. also you could hover if you could fly. a fly hovers as well. a person can also hover in a room or something like bella’s dad didn’t in twilight and you can just stick around and be annoying. generally its to do with flying though and birds and stuff like that. like eagles in the sky when there looking or prey.

    By sabby on 09.12.2011

  5. it hover cars it sound weird christain thinks its the hoover dam it wierd

    By Bryce on 09.12.2011

  6. A thought hovers above me, vapour-filled and vague. Like a cloud, not yet formed. And I can’t grasp it, can’t understand its wispy way-faring nature, its cumulus components. It comes and goes, changing the landscape of my mind. I can’t settle beneath it. Can see its black underbelly billowing. Can feel thunder on the horizon.

    By siobhan347 URL on 09.12.2011

  7. can be an alien saucer i wish i could hover then i could go where ever

    By christian ward URL on 09.12.2011

  8. the space ship hovered over the trees while the people inside looked out the glass bottom. the door opened and they grabbed their parachutes. the brave one jumped first into the atmosphere and towards earth, plumeting 9.8 m2. the second leutenant jumped next and spun into a summersault. his parachute line got stuck on the latch mid swing and he spun out sideways near the wing. then the cable snapped and he dive to the earth shooken. the third mate decided to jump straight so did a simple feet first. he thought he was safe until he hit a bird on the way down. it couldn’t see him above it. he felt the impact, but stayed on course. the three landed within a football fields radius, each tied up their parachute and burried it in the ground. then they collaborated and input their coordinates into their gamapods. the end.

    By rachelle on 09.12.2011

  9. i want a hover skateboard and a hover bed because it would feel amazing and awesome.

    By Henny on 09.12.2011

  10. i want a really cool hover chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they can hover above stuff. this is taking a very long time.

    By Colin URL on 09.12.2011

  11. i can hover in the air when my hovercraft goes thuppa thuppa thuppa

    By just582 URL on 09.12.2011

  12. While you hover high above the ground, you feel small and large at the same time. You are much higher than anybody else, but you are smaller from their point of view.

    By Jonatan on 09.12.2011

  13. when i hover its like nothing el’s matters in the world but whats happening at that moment

    By adrian URL on 09.12.2011

  14. I hover over the grass, and can’t
    seem to force myself to touch
    this kind of existence.

    I linger over the blades, as if
    they will slice open reality,
    and pierce into my sentience.

    By Tiffany Chaney URL on 09.12.2011

  15. flying without moving, suspended in mid air, floating, hanging in space. That thing that the cats do in the funny picture.

    By devon URL on 09.12.2011

  16. When I don’t feel well the first thing I do is go to bed. Like a bear in a cave. I just want to be left alone to sleep it off. The one thing I do not like is to have some one hover over me. That disturbes the whole process.

    By paulie aragon on 09.12.2011

  17. She hovered over me menacingly. “What do you mean?” she questioned. I swallowed, and I was sure she could hear it. “This is who I am. If you can’t accept it, then I-I’ll leave.” I heard my voice crack, and I knew she could see my uncertainty. I didn’t want her to see it, but she did. I had to get away from her tyranny, and I knew this was the only way.

    By Jessica on 09.12.2011

  18. i have a maternal figure
    who floats around in a spaceship.
    she hovers over my hometown
    and tries to probe my thoughts.
    i try to run away,
    but she flies faster than me.
    i hide in a bomb shelter,
    but she’ll always find me.

    By michelle michelle michelle URL on 09.12.2011

  19. I like to hover around the world on my thoughts. When I can do that not much else matters, its just a way to survive. I take substance and find substance. I look for what really means something to someone. Package it into an imaginary box with a small bow on top. That I do for the love.

    By Levi on 09.12.2011

  20. i hover around my house for the most of the day. I do this because i just got a great dane puppy and i don’t like to leave him by himself. At the same time i don’t really like people too much. so id rather hover around my house.

    By erin URL on 09.12.2011

  21. The cat hovered over the dog, ready to pounce. Just then, the dog turned around and strikes the cat, making it fall to the ground. The dog looks at the cat, wondering if it’s dead.

    By Karisa Adams URL on 09.12.2011

  22. The ship hovered over the field, flattening the fake-green sod with its hot gusts of exhaust. I stood, transfixed, wondering what could be operating the enormous UFO.

    By Sandwrrm on 09.12.2011

  23. You hovered first in the doorway, then gently stepped into the beam of light coming from the shattered roof boards. I saw your face turn with emotion slowly, but it did not change in entity. Your footsteps were light on the floorboards. I could barely hear you above the mouse in the corner of the room.

    By Sherlock Holmes URL on 09.12.2011

  24. he ran outside, picked up his hover craft, and jumped on it. he flew across the skies, everything passing was just a blur. he kept going and going. it seemed he was going nowhere in such a rush.

    By rokstarbabe URL on 09.12.2011

  25. Because there it hovered. Always. It didn’t matter where I went, it followed. Running helped for a while–apparently my feet move faster than it can keep up, but when I stopped, it always caught up.
    And I didn’t know how I could run anymore.

    By Breanne on 09.12.2011

  26. I was gliding through the air. Hovering weightlessly off the ground. Time stood still, or slowed to a snail’s pace. My face hit the concrete and i woke up 6 months later, so much for hover. Coma.

    By Jacob Glinke on 09.12.2011

  27. As it hovers above me, I begin to run. Running seems my only solution.
    I run, feet hitting the sidewalk for several minutes until I hesitate, stumbling on the curb, then collapse into a bench.
    Running works for a time, but then I have to stop…and it’s back…

    By ForSanitysSake URL on 09.12.2011

  28. He let her know that the thoughts could flow. She didn’t resist. She faltered for a second, then she jumped off the cliff, carrying what basically amounted to a frame-tent. Then, it was rapture.

    By De Rop on 09.12.2011

  29. The beautiful hover craft that allows you to go places that you could have never gone before. Up to the top of mountains, to the middle of the ocean, or even to your grandmother’s house.

    By Rosalin James on 09.12.2011

  30. The helicopter hovered over the landing pad before finally returning to the ground with a swift thud. We had finally arrived in the Amazon. I did not know what to expect as I exited the helicopter, leaving behind all first world technology and heading into a world that was completely foreign.

    By Caitlin on 09.12.2011

  31. Like a spirit, I hover in the air. Above your bed whilst you sleep and dream about things you wanted to be. The loathsome nightmare of what you are and what you became embodies me and nourishes me.

    By Lola on 09.12.2011

  32. hover boards should be sexier and batteries shouldn’t exist. if hovering were possible without a board, we’d all be a lot happier. love is like a hover board, you never know where you’re gonna land. touching the ground while hovering would be pretty cool. flying, jumping, climbing, all can be achieved with a hover craft of some kind.

    By brendon on 09.12.2011

  33. The light seemed to hover above the ground reflecting off of the light mist sweeping across the valley.It moved with the wind and hovered around my heels swirling around my feet when I walked.

    By Abby on 09.12.2011

  34. It sucks and sucks, into the engulfing, twirling hurling vacume. twisiting like a dancer it curls and jumps through the air, around and around it goes making a wirl of spontaneous gesture. Like an artist with a burst of creativity the dirt makes a journey with no control.

    By Luke Lowlsey-Williams on 09.12.2011