September 13th, 2011 | 454 Entries

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454 Entries for “rally”

  1. when she entered the premises bogdan was his own pep rally,yelling his name over and over again as he was throwing upon egg everywhere, here or there.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 09.14.2011

  2. ive done rally already. why does it repeat itself. i come on stumble upon looking for intereting websites and this one seemed to have potential but now im losing faith in it. why am i doing this? its interesting and seemingly pointless but i can see a possible point

    By ally on 09.14.2011

  3. what the heck is a rally? is it where cars go and people compete on speed? I’m not sure, you see…English is not my first language and sometimes I doubt myself on word definitions.I’ve been improving my vocabulary playing on 7 little words. Perhaps that will help me in the future.

    By Psychsquirrel on 09.14.2011

  4. hoirhgoirhgoighoirgherogiheri already wtote about this work fagggg its so liame lame lame alme lame lame lame lame lme alme lme lme ale laelejrerh;oriuoower my name is mackenzi e

    By Mackenzie Shaw on 09.14.2011

  5. I met a swashbuckling cat, while I rowing in a gally,
    He was not someone with whom you want to get pally,
    In fact he was a bit down puss in boots gallie,
    he say it happened when he was at a rally,
    He lost a bet waved good bye to his tally…

    By Sagar Mulay URL on 09.14.2011

  6. Rally, a word that seems to suggest a sense of revolt or unrest The people rise in defense to that which they deem to be unfair. A rally is the assertion of rights during a time of dissatisfaction.

    By KC on 09.14.2011

  7. Rally cars; while you were learning to build them I was learning to coordinate outfits, apply make-up, and accessorize. I can’t help but feel that your knowledge is more practical, due to the fact that it seems to have made you stronger, where as my knowledge has made me more susceptible to hurt.

    By Faith URL on 09.14.2011

  8. A bike rally was about to begin, all up and down the street the children lined up. Some adults were there too, looking silly in their helmets. Each bike had a flag on it’s bag. The flags were brightly colored and beautifully rainbow hued. The trumpet sounded. The rally began!! One boy pulled ahead immediately. His name was Vincent.

    By Annelise Pierce URL on 09.14.2011

  9. Rally. Really. Relay. Rely. Relive. Revive. River. Rave. Raven. Ranch. Roach. Road. Rad. Read. Red.

    By Laura URL on 09.14.2011

  10. together they went for the rally
    to preserve the right to sit in dark alleys
    the people were trying to change their ways
    but the cats knew they were there to stay
    both domestic and stray
    to break records that men could never tally

    By Javier Shopek URL on 09.14.2011

  11. some mornings i wake up with the ambition to do anything. other days i find i need to gather my strength, lay in bed and waste time surfing on the web. i wish i knew what made me feel one way over another from day to day.

    By Matthew URL on 09.14.2011

  12. really? rally?
    today of all days, with its overcast and heartache
    Today when I rallied at 5am to get on a train, to get on a bike, to get to a class that I didn’t want to be in in the first place.
    Rally the troops of my soul to do something worthwhile.

    By Joni URL on 09.14.2011

  13. rally the troops. we’re off to war against the heat in full uniform. Marching, marching down the street in perfect form. one two one two all the way home.

    By Rachel on 09.14.2011

  14. To rally means to gather people together and root for something you are passionate about in hopes of inspiring something in your favour. When I think of rally I think of a pep rally, a gym fully of school spirit, rooting on your home team in hopes of them bringing home the gold! Trying to inspire them to represent their school and themselves! Also, in a more political sense I think of a protest, when a group of people come together to protest against something that is harmful to their beliefs ie. environmental issues. In the hopes that they will encourage other people to share their beliefs too.

    By amy on 09.14.2011