September 12th, 2011 | 424 Entries

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424 Entries for “trade”

  1. exotic spices rich colors the market was alive. it was worth the 20 day travel in the hot burning sun, to experience the rich culture and it felt as though i was in another world. And i was

    By kacey flipper on 09.12.2011

  2. Trading up or trading down.
    It matters not,
    It only matters about whether she makes you laugh
    or makes you frown.

    We tend to see life as a system of barters,
    exchanges and haggling.
    Perhaps that is what it is,
    but do not delude yourself and think
    that it must be such.

    By carl URL on 09.12.2011

  3. When someone gives you something in return for something, usually for equal value but then value is relative; this is the solution to our unhealthy reliance on money.

    By Pink URL on 09.12.2011

  4. Oh, trade. What a beautiful word. It has been part of my papers and days, and I mean that. I work with international law. A huge percentage of it involves trade. Why does trading bring so many issues? Shouldn’t it be a way of solving actual conflicts? >.>

    By Giovana on 09.12.2011

  5. Business. Everything in business is to do with trading! I will give you this for that! Trading can be very exciting because…

    By someone on 09.12.2011

  6. There is nothing in this life better than the ability to trade. Not trade, as in barter goods or exchange materialistic objects, but trade as in truly engage with the perception of another individual – with their existence, their creation. To trade is to give and to receive simultaneously, and with true trading between people the world could progress towards a state of compassion, understanding, love and happiness.

    By RAGordon on 09.12.2011

  7. exchange. method of attaining mutual benefit through exchange. If i trade you, i expect an equal value for whatever I give you, and I assume that you accept what I would like to trade you for whatever value you think its worth. Trade could also be an occupation, as in, carpentry, or woodcutting, or something like that. Writing is also a trade.

    By Mark Nishimura on 09.12.2011

  8. between nations. mostly for the better, can increase the standar of living in bother nations if the trae is equal

    trading memories with friends and loved ones….something I miss about New Zealand,

    By Denise URL on 09.12.2011

  9. traderelationsfreetrademarketsNAFTAmexicocanadaUSAhegemonyrealisminternationalismunilateralismisolationismChicagoWilson14pointsworldwar1worldwar2coldwarkosovobosniaclintonmonicalewinski9/11bushdumbass

    By Benson Chen on 09.12.2011

  10. So in Neopets yesterday I went on the trading post and tried to ask someone for their item btu they are really stupid and wouldn’t give me the item for the amount that gave them omg like some people in the world iI just don’t even know what kind of things they think, like sometimes on the boards I would see scams but like obviously only dumb people get scammed like my friend the other day told me he got scammed 55 mil but that is impossible unless you are really idiotic :)

    By Benson Chen on 09.12.2011

  11. Trade is what happens when sports teams royally mess up (see Babe Ruth). However some times it works out for the better. Trade can also be about Pokemon cards, as any 3rd grader in the good old days will tell you. Finally the boring definition of trade is international commerce. Currently, the US is being destroyed in this department.

    By Varun Pemmaraju on 09.12.2011

  12. “What I wouldn’t trade to get a view of where you’ve been,” Jensen thought. “That’d be exactly what I need to get out of this place, another set of eyes.”

    “Hmmm…” cooed the voice in a soft, almost inaudible murmur, “This one has potential.”

    By chole URL on 09.12.2011

  13. Trade is what you do in Pokemon to make yourself a better trainer. The only way to get all 150 in the original is to trade; for example, Bellsprout is not available in Red version. Alternatively, trade is what happens in the sports world, often with dire consequences (see Babe Ruth).

    By Varun URL on 09.12.2011

  14. Trade is unqeual. Today I was telling my students about trade during colonial times and what it meant for a colony to “trade” with its mother country. I realized I had to make it more concrete for them, so I gave them an example of a situation where you can only by something at one store. Tehn another example of a situation where the low paying job is the only job you can get. Then I realized: that’s a description of their lives.

    By chanakf on 09.12.2011

  15. Something that people did in the old days. I know it still happens now but I think of it more in terms of the 1600s. Christopher Columbus sailing for trade. It does still shape our lives in ways that are just as big as it did then but I don’t notice so much.

    By Liz on 09.12.2011

  16. Trade is something that goes on between countries in exchange of goods and natural resources. But for the purposes of this writing I’m trading ideas…with the paper. I’ll write and the paper will give me feedback in return, a fair trade I’d say. This is the first time I’ve done a tra

    By Rose on 09.12.2011

  17. Let’s make a trade. You give me your bad and I’ll give you my good and the world will be a simpler place with much less to go on about. C’mon, give it here. I’m perfectly willing to be the evil one.

    By Hyperbole URL on 09.12.2011

  18. i like to trade. itbenefits both parties usually. unless it’s blackmail. or con. in that case I think that person is immoral and will be unhappy later because of it. it’s not kharma, but it happens

    By ignatz on 09.12.2011

  19. Trade love, it’s the most rewarding thing that exists.
    Do it freely, without expecting anything in return. You might get a surprise.

    By Liz Medina on 09.12.2011

  20. When you’re a kid everything is up for trade. “Trade you this for that!” I wish it still worked like that. Now the only thing you can trade with is the paper in your pocket.

    By Daylon Howell on 09.12.2011

  21. Trade reminds me of the trading that takes place between two small children in daycare or kindergarten. It was always drilled into our heads that trading was good, but who’s to say that trading was always fair? I can think of plenty of times when someone got ripped off on a trade. “I’ll trade you this sucker for your bag of Halloween candy” and without thinking, there went a trade.

    By Lissa on 09.12.2011

  22. She tried trading her fragile heart in for something so much more. What do you want? asked the merchant. Something greater; something not so easily broken; something that would make me avoid the pain no matter what, she replied. I have just the thing for you, but are you sure you want it? Yes, she replied. So he gave her a stone heart.

    By Pibi M URL on 09.12.2011


    By DONIELLE on 09.12.2011

  24. Trade plays a huge role in the development of countries in the world today. Trade allows one to specialize in the production of a specific good, while trading in for goods that it may not be as good in producing.

    By Shane on 09.12.2011

  25. The trade winds that blow galleons across unchartered seas brings the fate of sailors across unknown lands. There they shall find a tropical paradise where danger lurks behind every coconut tree.

    By mindwhisperer URL on 09.12.2011

  26. Far off coastal cities. The Silk Road. China. Tibet. Cloud covered mountains and horse driven wagons carrying assorted useless paraphernalia, stuff that kids make to play with when a manufactured toy can’t be found. Great sea bound Vessels headed to undisclosed locations throughout the Globe. Hands in a friendly embrace. Deals struck, and the jingle of coins in a canvas pocket.

    By E.T. on 09.12.2011

  27. I didn’t hesitate. I slid the money into his hand. And he handed me the package. The trade was done; now it was a matter of getting home unnoticed. The last thing I need is to be discovered – because let’s face it, that would ruin the fun of surprise.

    By Haley URL on 09.12.2011

  28. fair trade market
    social studies
    universal trade

    market economy

    By jacqui on 09.12.2011

  29. trade economey is what keeps this country going. we have smaller under ground markets for trade that are hidden from the general public. The goverment tries to hide these ways of trade because the

    By jacquelyn on 09.12.2011

  30. Trade is a huge reason that countries are able to specialize in the making of goods. If a country can simply import certain goods from other nations rather than producing it themselves they are able to spend more time producing other goods. Furthermore, this allows countries to become very good in the production of certain goods and results in constantly improving technology.

    By Shane URL on 09.12.2011

  31. I would like to trade this in for a better word. A word that I find more interesting or might have more chances of getting me noticed for the good that I can and will do in the world. This word has a negative connotation and makes me sad sometimes. I would like to trade it.

    By Sara on 09.12.2011

  32. Trading is a form of bonding. You build a relationship and communicate to make mutual ends meet. On more modern terms trade can mean the characteristics that classify what one does to make ends meet. ultimately that is what trade consists of.

    By Jasmine ashoori on 09.12.2011

  33. to make an exchange or to switch. football teams trade players. I like to trade words thoughts and ideas with others. trade makes me think of indians too which is funnt

    By Beep on 09.12.2011

  34. economic equality. bartering. fair. coffee Starbucks. goods for goods, services for money, goods for money, fruit roll up for Oreos. is it fair? depends. this is lame.

    By Karen on 09.12.2011

  35. I’ll trade my love for your acceptance. You mean the world to me. You’re my only true friend, and I would give up any of my other “friends” for you.

    I’d trade my world to make you happy. Because happy you makes a happy me. =)

    By timeisoftheessence URL on 09.12.2011

  36. I wouldn’t trade you for the world. Maybe for a bite of chocolate. No! I’m just kidding! Can I have some chocolate anyway? You know I love chocolate. I love chocolate, yes I do, but I don’t love chocolate more than you.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.12.2011

  37. trade you time for money. trade your soul for success. trade secret. my trade is my job. what can i trade? art? value? life? love? trading this time for inspiration. the art of the trade. trade it all.

    By Jody on 09.12.2011

  38. Far off coastal cities, boisterous market places. Animals, feathers and seeds litter a cobblestone street, hands caught in a friendly embrace. Deals stuck, satisfied sun-withered faces, and the small jingle of foreign coins striking each other in a canvas pocket.

    By 1manonamoon URL on 09.12.2011

  39. when we were kids and we used to trade things. especially Halloween candy….that was the best!!!!

    By courtney on 09.12.2011

  40. I’ll trade a cuddle for a smile, some forgiveness for some truth, I’ll trade you a mountain for a river, I’ll make you breakfast if you make me dinner, I’ll trade you an autumn for a spring, together we’ll have everything.

    By Bridiejo URL on 09.12.2011