September 12th, 2011 | 424 Entries

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424 Entries for “trade”

  1. If you can go back to the past, which event will you trade. Which will you wish never happen?

    By Wei Yuet on 09.13.2011

  2. trade is only fair whenall parties benefit equally, a enario unlikely to ever occur.

    By vergilcat on 09.13.2011

  3. It seems unfair that some should get the raw deal as a result of trade. However, that’s the inevitability coming from the very essence of the act. What was meant to be an act that brings necessary items from people to people in equal exchange, has turned dark from the tendencies of human nature to take advantage when the opportunity arises.

    By Michael on 09.13.2011

  4. without trade, the world will stop

    By Research Cooperative URL on 09.13.2011

  5. The baseball cards spilled out of the shoebox. The boys crowd around, jostling each other, reaching eagerly for treasure. They each have a pocketful of their own, and they trade rapidly, exclaiming as they find favorites.

    By Christa on 09.13.2011

  6. Trade is Fun! We love to trade buttons. All of us crowd around the table and trade. We swap buttons for other buttons, try to coolect sets, try to make the best trade.

    By Nadene URL on 09.13.2011

  7. I want to trade my time for something important. I feel like my time is the most precious thing t6hat I have and if I’m going to get something anything in return it better be worth it! I love that time is something we have but not a lot of it then you appreciate it more!

    By Ashley on 09.13.2011

  8. i Wouldn’t trade in my children for anything. I love them each and every one, even though they drive me crazy sometimes. Yes, there are times when I think I might like to trade my life in for another life, times when I’d like a change or a break, but I wouldn’t want to trade it for good.

    By jacqueline on 09.13.2011

  9. I don’t ask for much. I’ll trade my heart for you love. What do you think?? I doin’t think, for I am merely a robot. I know it seems Impossible, but I’ll trade you my heart. yes, I have one. It may not be much, but it’s all I got.

    By Karlos URL on 09.13.2011

  10. At lunch one day, I had pb&j, but really didn’t want it, so I asked my friend, Joe, to trade with me. He had a ham & cheese, but really, I hate ham, so I wanted to untrade, but he wouldn’t, so I had to find someone else to trade with. No one else wanted to trade, because apparently everyone else also hates ham & cheese, or at least ham. So I dumped the sandwich and bought fries instead.

    By Steph on 09.13.2011

  11. when i think of trade, i think of history. trade in history. trading of food, furniture, people. Colonial times. Except that all seemed simple and trade is not simple any more.

    By emily on 09.13.2011

  12. It was a good trade– my mad anthropology skills for his in-depth knowledge of the jungles. We helped each other, and through professional camaraderie, we found a closer, more personal friendship.

    By Sandwrrm on 09.13.2011

  13. He walked with her through the market. There wasn’t much to look at, aside from the chickens running at their feet. She wanted the ruby necklace. The man at the booth was unwilling to part with it, for less than the Rolex on his wrist. The watch had been a gift from his grandfather. She held the ruby delicately, and looked at him with wanton eyes.

    By kaeelle on 09.13.2011

  14. I will t

    By Gavin Green on 09.13.2011

  15. I have something, here, right here, curled in the palm of a weather-worn hand
    I’ll give it to you, without question, for the contents of your heart
    There’s a good chap, pour it out for me

    By lapseofgravity URL on 09.13.2011

  16. I’ll give you mine. And you’ll give me yours. And then it’s supposed to be even. But what if you break mine? Even if it’s by accident? Does that mean I get to break yours? Should I take out insurance? And save up and scrounge every penny just to continue to pay the bills, incase you break my heart. Or should I trust you? Let you deep inside my soul, let you become a part of me. Let you be the only thing that can make me smile anymore? But won’t that make it worse if you break my heart? What is a fair trade?

    By Tina on 09.13.2011

  17. The trade was to take place at midnight. £40 and I got my wife back. Raising the money wasn’t easy. I had to sell a decent bottle of wine.

    By neilb86 URL on 09.13.2011

  18. Something that well used could be useful for humanity but when it is bad used, it could destroy the society putting people against each other.

    By Francesca URL on 09.13.2011

  19. trade secrets are best kept if they are loosely held. If they seem simple, common sensical, ordinary, no one will think to mimic them.

    By Rebecca on 09.13.2011

  20. Trade is done from ancient times. It started with barter system and nowadays the monetary system is used. Trade is done for all kinds of commodities such as food, clothes, medicines etc.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 09.13.2011

  21. i wish i could trade in my soul for all the knowledge of the universe. It wuld be heaven to know everything regarding the mystery that is life. I want to be GOD.

    By Sampaio on 09.13.2011

  22. store, money, men in suits, looking for the highest dollar, everyone wanting to make the most, a wearying thing, no end to it. Everyone does it in some way. Second-hand shops, designer cloths and bags. Esp. bags. Ladies are never satisified/finished with their

    By Anita URL on 09.13.2011

  23. they traded anger with each other,
    darts thrown from their mouths,
    aiming for the chest-
    not noticing until afterward the blood
    pooling from their own hearts.

    By bethany URL on 09.13.2011

  24. trade is a common word, used in many types of economic subjects. Its trademarketing, trade from its past- when like we switched pearls, texiles and other stuff like we use money today.

    By on 09.13.2011

  25. Trade was done since the ancient times. It was done based upon the barter system but now it uses the monetary system. Trade is done for commodities such as food, clothes, medicines etc.

    By B. Ryngksai URL on 09.13.2011

  26. Trading my books with another book just never seemed possible. I guess I may be what you call a book-hog. It may be a crappy book that I just never seem to be able to finish, but somehow each book still carries with it a memory that I just can’t part with… of the place I bought it, of the people I bought it with, of what I felt when I chose that book amongst hundred others.

    By astina URL on 09.13.2011

  27. “Did you think you could run away from this?” his gravelly voice growled at me. “Did you think you could escape it?”
    I couldn’t do it anymore.
    I couldn’t run. I couldn’t fear. I couldn’t put her through this anymore.
    If this is what it took, then I would do it.

    A life for a life.
    A pretty fair trade.

    By Karsen Meredith URL on 09.13.2011

  28. i would like to trade this chicken with you for a compter. what dont want to trade with me. blah blah blah. hate you.

    By makenzie on 09.13.2011

  29. I traded an apple with my friend Julio. He was very happy that i was generous, that i traded him my apple for his tangerine. I like tangerines now. ive never had one before up until now. they taste scrumptious!

    By Pedro on 09.13.2011

  30. Trade. Barter. Foreign exchange. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. I like your color better than mine, you like my color better than yours. Want to swap? Trade. Type of work you do. You’d never know from this blip that my trade is “writer.”

    By CameoRoze URL on 09.13.2011

  31. As he handed over the sandwich to mE, i gave him the keys to my car. and they drove off. I took a bite and it was moldy. and i screamed: DANG YOU HAMSTERS!

    By anna.maire on 09.13.2011

  32. food silk clothing trade roads trade lots of stuff you can trade whatever you want

    By christian ward URL on 09.13.2011

  33. you trade alot it gives countrys food and supplies it helps poor people its very good yay Trade

    By Bryce on 09.13.2011

  34. we used to trade livestock for supplies in the olden days. we stay like that because all we do is give a piece of paper with a number on it for something.

    By Colin URL on 09.13.2011

  35. I’d like to trade my trials for joys, my doubts for confidence, and my fears for strength. Yet, I know in that trade, I would lose the growing I have gained for going through the tough stuff. Didn’t we all get tummyaches as kids by trading carrots sticks for twinkies?

    By Cheryl on 09.13.2011

  36. trade is what students do at school everyday like food,pencils.gum…..etc that’s what trade is I THINK!!:/

    By SuSii URL on 09.13.2011

  37. the lifeblood of civilization, what connects the world. the ties of global needs that make people realize their dependence on foreign lands. done fairly, it is what separates us from animals.

    By Vivian Williams on 09.13.2011

  38. trade between India and China is growing at a tremendous pace. China has already become India’s number 1 trading partner. The dragon and tiger are expanding their realm and the day is not far when the trade between these two will surpass the gdp of some economies

    By VYAS on 09.13.2011

  39. :it feels bad, it sounds bad. Like a bad trade. We should not put the soul. the soul is in the soil. It is not a trade. its a mark. the mask of the plant. Let it go down its the only way. surrender to you.

    By laura on 09.13.2011

  40. I have some goodies you would like and you have some loot that I want. Let us trade our most valuable posessions, but if it’s my heart you want. That I will not give to you.

    By Mayra URL on 09.13.2011