February 17th, 2012 | 146 Entries

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146 Entries for “track”

  1. She ran around the track with the speed and intensity of a wild animal hunting its first meal in weeks. Nothing could move her focus. Nothing could slow her down. The wind in her hair rushed by and the noise was deafening, just as she had hoped it would be.

    By robineh on 02.17.2012

  2. I work with girls who work the track. They work on the track. They don’t work. They are exploited. Someone is making money off of them. Someone is selling them. They are only kids. Children. There are adult men who see them on the track. They ask them how much. They buy them. They steal their childhood. Their innocence. They are just kids. They should be playing with teddy bears.

    By Sandy Skelaney on 02.17.2012

  3. im gettin to be on the right track, doing the right things making the right moves, I’m aligning myself with what I was really meant to do and I’m happier than I’ve ever been.

    By siziwe URL on 02.17.2012

  4. Sherlock gripped his knees tightly as his body spasmed a little, curling even tighter into himself. “John, PLEASE,” he begged, “Just one. Just one, just today. No more tomorrow.”
    John crossed his arms, the patches clutched tightly in his left fist. “No, Sherlock, you promided. Cold turkey.” He frowned at the miserable expression on the frazzled addict’s face. “How will you know that you really need them if you don’t try without? Now come out of that chair, you’ll cramp up if you curl any tighter.”
    John stuffed the patches into his desk and came closer to tug on Sherlock’s arm, coaxing him out of the chair and into a standing position. “Let’s go get some air,” he cooed, pulling Sherlock towards the door.
    Sherlovk reluctantlu complied, eventually muttering “Thank you” as they made it outside.
    “Hrm?” John looked up, “What for?”
    “For keeping me on track.”

    By floppybelly URL on 02.17.2012

  5. I am on track. It seems at time, we fall off our track and need that bump back up. I think the times when we back up and take a good look at the rails, we can see some things so plainly. Other times the mist is too think and we are blocked from view.

    By ShannonC URL on 02.17.2012

  6. The two men moved stealthily through the forest, their quarry unaware of their presence. Slowly they approached it; it’s death inevitable.

    By Stefan URL on 02.17.2012

  7. I raced around the track like a rabbit, my feet flopping against the pavement. I can’t get this get to me, I won’t let it get me. I can’t let him destroy me. So I run. I run around the track like a rabbit, my feet flopping against the pavement. I can’t let it get me.

    By Ashley Mills on 02.17.2012

  8. Keeping your life on track. Setting goals. The difference between the person who writes themselves a ten thousand dollar check and puts it under their bed and the person who laughs at the idea. Keep on, keeping on. I think, in some way, i will never be on track. I will always be above or around the track. I continue to track whatever I want to track. I think

    By Natty URL on 02.17.2012

  9. Tracking down the killer. Sherlock Holmes has arrived on the scene. What can you tell us? Shut up, Anderson. I’m going to my mind palace. He went that way. Shut up, Anderson. This way. John? Follow me, please. Come on. Quickly! We have to find him.

    By kateconroyvoza URL on 02.17.2012

  10. track track my past with a tick tock cross.
    limiting the number of tragedies you define yourself by.
    increasing the freedom of a flying bird. track.
    run in circles my friend.
    for the only thing you are fighting
    is time.
    and the only thing you are running from
    is yourself.

    By Erica Go URL on 02.17.2012

  11. He was infuriatingly complacent, and Joanie tried hard not to grit her teeth–audibly at least.

    Stubborn ass with a one-track mind, she thought to herself. She wanted to kick that ass so hard that it bounced. At least twice.

    By lil_nail URL on 02.17.2012

  12. The haggered old lady trudged down the track, her arms laden with heavy sacks. She always collected her firewood on a Thursday. She had done this for the last twenty years.

    By Kimberley Stone on 02.17.2012

  13. Track

    Sometimes my mind lets me do it, sometimes not. When I’m ON track, I can be sharp and witty and oh so fun. But when my mind refuses to track, I can’t even follow a simple conversation. It’s pretty sad when even a sitcom doesn’t make sense because my mind has slipped into a ditch.

    By CameoRoze URL on 02.17.2012

  14. Track is a lot of things to me. It is a sport that I have become very much close to. It’s like a person that you don’t like but you do at the same time. It’s a fly you can’t get rid of. It just swoops in a buzzes around you until you just can’t take it anymore.

    By Hannah on 02.17.2012

  15. Track suits, gym class, asphalt, gym class, running, hurdles, sweat, summer, skinny boy legs, short shorts, gym shoes, spikes, not my favorite thing, wish I could run more and wish I enjoyed it! Indoors our out, summer, winter, fall, spring, they always run around the sa

    By Amanda H on 02.17.2012

  16. running, long jump, tracking shipments at GXi, track grades, sprinters, state champs, keni harrison, mollie williams, fastest runner, olympics, 800, slow, cross country.

    By Grace on 02.17.2012

  17. it’s a long, empty track, and i am staring at it. is there no end to it? that’s what it seems like. i don’t see the point.
    but then i see her. a long way off, but still reachable. she waves, her smile friendly. i wave back, wondering if i am dreaming. because this track seemed to be so empty. but now there seems to be someone here.

    By lillian on 02.17.2012

  18. He kept on track, shuttling along chasing that rabbit which scuttled away from before him. He was losing it though. He was on course but behind, it was dissapearing as they entered the first bend. It was away from him once they exited it.

    By Matt URL on 02.17.2012

  19. He kept on track, chasing that rabbit which scuttled away from before him. He was losing it though. He was on course but behind; it was disappearing as they entered the first bend. It had gotten away from him once they exited it.

    By Matt URL on 02.17.2012

  20. a running track, reminds me of softball over the summer where we always had to walk over that hugee track and me and ashley would always walk together.

    By Claire on 02.17.2012

  21. Once apon a time there was a boy who liked to run track, but then he died and became the track ghost. So he haunted everyone who liked to run. And then someone called the ghostbusters and got rid of him.

    By Julia on 02.17.2012

  22. On the right track? You think so? Well someone must have laid it here, must go somewhere, must have something going for it. Unless they didn’t know where they were going either, unless they had gone too far before they realised they couldn’t turn back now, couldn’t rip up the path. Everyone would know they’d gone wrong.

    By Jane on 02.17.2012

  23. Sweat drips down his forehead and between his shoulder blades as he jogs around the track. It is an uncharacteristically hot day and he’s been here two hours already, running to clear his mind.
    The chaos is still crashing in waves against his skull.
    Right left, right left, is the only thing that keeps the thoughts from exploding out of him. So, he runs. He runs, and he doesn’t stop.

    By Anabel Crowe URL on 02.17.2012

  24. Scooter was back on track in March, serving pancakes at Bobby Pan’s diner just down the street from his grandmother’s house. His grandfather’s death, though sudden, had inspired him to get off the couch once and for all, most likely leaving a human imprint on the worn down cerulean cushions. He was glad to get away from the smell, too.

    Bringing a plate of waffles laden with syrup to the pretty girl at the corner table, Scooter smiled. It was a broken toothed smile, similar to his gramps, the kind of smile they exchanged when they had gone fishing together years earlier.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.17.2012

  25. Track-track-track. Scheiße, das Hinterrad. Alois hatte mir gesagt, ich soll lieber nicht losfahren, er wollte noch einen Blick auf die Achse werfen. Aber ich war sauer auf ihn, ich wollte seine Hilfe nicht annehmen. Und jetzt hatte mich mein eigener Stolz von hinten erwischt. Track-track-track.

    By Eli URL on 02.17.2012

  26. I have a one track mind… in the pursuit of happiness :-)

    By paulie aragon on 02.17.2012

  27. I keep track of so many stupid things. Some times I run on the tracks and this is coming out really stupid too.

    I have said stupid two times in less than a minute.

    That’s so much not me… but I have not been me lately. So that’s not weird at all.

    I could keep track of my improvements

    By Evelyn on 02.17.2012

  28. Track pants: what people wear when waistbands begin to irritate them. That is code for “when the waistline grows”. Unfortunately, they look good only on slim people.

    By Margaret on 02.17.2012

  29. running. field to my right. the green grass glows. the lines guide my powerfully pumping muscles, breath heaving in and out, in and out, the oxygen pumping my lungs. sweat drips down my face and I can almost see colors in it, like those overly animated gatorade commercials. No one is watching. No one is there. I am in my head.

    By Sukie Baxter URL on 02.17.2012

  30. Trace across the track
    the tripping lane down the palm
    the crease, the grease built up
    from polite handshakes and

    By gsk URL on 02.17.2012

  31. My icy blue veins
    create a track
    for almost-lovers’
    finger tips to
    ski down slowly.

    Slipping, slipping.

    they find my fingertips
    or my belt loops
    or my zipper.

    By Ashley URL on 02.17.2012

  32. Mybig brother runs track, and then so will I. It will be really fun I think. But my coach is mean. He doesn’t like me. Oh well! It should be fun.

    By Julia URL on 02.17.2012

  33. We’re thinking about these problems we have, and I have to admit I’m rather glad that you and I are wise and true, and I get to stay on track with you.

    By jupiter URL on 02.17.2012

  34. “Let’s track the Gruharu”, suggested Blaise. “What for?,” asked Zaine. He’ll know what to do in this situation. “I think it’s the only way we’ll get to the bottom of this,” Blaise replied.

    By miminyc URL on 02.17.2012

  35. We are living in a one track m ind world- everyone follows another mindlessly. We are all sheep and it pains me to say this. I wish there were different tracks and a map for each one. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Everyone would have their own path through life.

    By Thelea URL on 02.17.2012

  36. Track! I like to keep track of the animal tracks which imprint the snow along the railway tracks leading into the forest. By my side, in my little cabin, a tracker dog lies waiting as I check my tracker shares… Where’s this story going?
    I can’t keep track….

    By marlibar URL on 02.17.2012

  37. As im running along following the track
    I look around and see all the cracks
    It’s like my life broken and beaten
    But in the end it leads straight to him.

    By Chris on 02.17.2012

  38. Keeping track. I hate that. I don’t like running track either. I always feel like I’m off track. I want to get on track but tracks are straight and boring and have a hard time going uphill. Maybe that’s why I resist them. Track. I need to let go of tracks!

    By Katie on 02.17.2012

  39. They were running round, and round, and round. People were cheering.Suddenly, there was a halt. He had won gold. Track and field was their life. They did it

    By Romy on 02.17.2012

  40. dreamworld.
    the railroad track spirals through the sky,
    which is gold and violet and smudged around the edges.
    below the track, there are a million little dream bubbles,
    waiting to be popped so they can lure in the dreamer with their strange, eccentric voices.
    above the track there is a surface,
    where lies an unwelcome reality that all dreamers must eventually return to.
    for now, however, in the black velvet of sleep,
    the dreamers,
    once again free and innocent,
    run along the railroad tracks of dreamworld,
    uncovering colorful, extraordinary, and mysterious ideas
    that they will forget the instant their alarm clocks ring.

    By Melanie on 02.17.2012