March 4th, 2012 | 444 Entries

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444 Entries for “town”

  1. My town does not exist. It is a mirage. It appears to be a small country town. The people appear to be caring people. Not so. Doors and hearts are locked tight. There is no community in my town. Only superficial posing and pretty postcard babecue, parades and secrests. A person can be erased as easily as a pencil mark on paper. You must follow the rules. Although they are unwritten, they are as real as if they had been carved in stone. It has been the same as long as there have been small towns. Like a movie set that had no real people or buildings. Its superficial. Follow your proper course and all will be well with you. Falter and you will be cut away and subtly. You will never see it coming because the people continue to smile and ooo and aawww when you speak of real life problems. But when you reach out, nobody is home. Eyes are averted and calls are avoided. You have ceased to exist.

    By elise on 03.05.2012

  2. I live in a town I like my town. fun things happen in my town. we have parks, too.I love to to to the park by my house. it has cool gym stuff. My town is called Xiamen. I have lived in many other towns too: Vancouver, and now here. I love Vancouver! I miss it.

    By Liva Hope Behji on 03.05.2012

  3. Hope started to cry as she looked out of the airplane window. She had lived in Vancouver her whole life. She would miss it, going to China now, living in an unknown place, an alien language, making new friends, and sadly, still weeping, Hope flew bravely away from it, living up to her name.

    By Lea Hope B. URL on 03.05.2012

  4. I have lived in Vancouver my whole life, you know. Really. I just moved to China, in a town called Xiamen. I didn’t feel scared, but I was sad. Vancouver has always been I comfort to me.

    By Lea Hope B. URL on 03.05.2012

  5. He walked into town in a manner best described as outrageous. He wasn’t wearing anything the people in the town had seen a man wear before. He walked straight to the center and waited till everyone’s eyes gazed firmly upon him. And then he put his hand into his pocket and took out something that no one had ever seen in their lives.

    By Aalaap Ghag URL on 03.05.2012

  6. My hometown is Amanziomtoti, on the coast of Kwazulu Natal, its Zulu name means Sweet Waters. We have sunny weather and long long beaches. A smaller town, but is popular with the tourists.

    By Vanda Chittenden on 03.05.2012

  7. where I live. Or used to. Until I was old enough to buy my own place in the country. Small towns – love ’em. Big towns – mostly hate ’em. Too many people. Chain stores. Anonymity. Give me the countryside any

    By Richard Lloyd on 03.05.2012

  8. town, town…everyone has a town to go back, but there are people who don’t have a town to go back.

    By kaorita on 03.05.2012

  9. a town is a small place like home. A place that causes homesick which no longer exists. a small town has many different meanings, and beholds many different reputations. some call it boring and some fall deeply inlove with what we now c

    By Cate on 03.05.2012

  10. a place where many people live. a place what people call home. a place where many walk around. town is something that is in a country, like a village. town is often a bit bigger than a village, but more or less the same thing.

    By antonia haffa on 03.05.2012

  11. I live in a town called Falmouth, it’s by the sea and is very beautiful. I come from a town called Milton Keynes, it has lots of concrete and is as far away from the sea as you can get. It’s funny how a town shapes and changes you I would say I am very different from the person I was in Milton Keynes.

    By Kate Mooney URL on 03.05.2012

  12. A small village in the middle of a valley. A notch in the rolling hills. Insignificant enough that it didn’t even show up on a map. Who would’ve known what an impact this tiny town could have on the rest of the world. Only its inhabitants knew the secret that could change life as we know it.

    By emily on 03.05.2012

  13. Town is such an unusual name for a collection of houses these days, so is village. Is there an exact population that dictates when a settlement is a town.

    By tiriel on 03.05.2012

  14. The movie the town with ben effclet i really do not remember i just think that it was mad good. It was indeed I saw it but dont recall on the details and i accept my lack of detail on that. My town is the best town ever hahaha( not actually laughin more so mockin myself) I live in a town that has ethnicity like your city celebrates familiarity. My town is a city.

    By ajloopy URL on 03.05.2012

  15. I have never lived away from town. In fact I’ve spent most of my life living in Woking. I prefer the countryside however. The town is too saturated for me, too many people, too many odd people. The community in Woking is like something from a sitcom, the people are insane.

    By Cat on 03.05.2012

  16. the town where I grew up is not where I grew up. It was a mere fallacy. I never thought about it much when I was younger, but now that I do, I realise that I was never quite aware of what went on around me, which was probably a good thing considering all the crazy shit that went on in my neighborhood.

    By Galen on 03.05.2012

  17. A town is a community of people, usually a town is smaller than a city therefore people are more likely to know each other, thus decreasing the rate of crime because it would be harder to go undetected. There are usually local shops in the town center e.g. A local grocery or bakery. Towns would seem to have cottages and smaller houses, less flats and big office buildings. Towns are a lesser scale than a city and therefore have more people working in the secondary industry instead of tertiary.

    By sydney on 03.05.2012

  18. Go to. On the. Difference between a town and a city. I would go to or go on the …. city! Was just thinking the other night how I love a good city. To walk around in and explore.

    By ameryan URL on 03.05.2012

  19. i like my town but i would really like to see others too. I love London, but I don’t think that it’s a town.. Hmm.. New York is my dream. I want to see all the towns in the world. Really. All.

    By Joan on 03.05.2012

  20. I lived in a town called kensington, it was great, small shops, lovely people. I used to walk around the same block every day. have a cigarette, watch the people walk by, move on. It will always be a part of me.

    By Carol on 03.05.2012

  21. Big great town was so beautiful.I was so happy I cane here.The smell of the sea…the smell of my childhood…I felt so happy,I wanted to cry.

    By Anna on 03.05.2012

  22. in a small town close to the river nile, which clearly doesnt exist but hey. Lived someone who didint have much money nor have much family less alone anything to offer the world but yet they found something within themselves to give to the town and that was a good horror story.

    By Nicole on 03.05.2012

  23. acropolis. cidade. ciudad. stadt. opposite from counstryside. full. too full. way too full.

    By antonio leal on 03.05.2012

  24. Town. Everyone is always going to town. Town. Town. Town. That’s all you hear these days from Navajo youth. Grandma, mom, dad let’s go to town. I want to go to town. Supposedly, town is where everything happens. When we were young we stayed home and made the most out of being children. Not material consuming blood suckers.

    By Em on 03.05.2012

  25. I never left. All those years dreaming of the world and the difference I would make in it…I never left.
    Turns out, you were the difference I made. And I love this town.

    By Beth URL on 03.05.2012

  26. She had lived here for 13 years, heow on earth was she supposed to just give it all up for a liefe in the country? She didn’t know how to swap er town persona for one of wellies, mud and those slow country ways she had heard about.

    By Shelly on 03.05.2012

  27. in a town it’s hard to find space to run. there’s epping forest, yeah, but it isn’t the same as an open space- a space without passers by, distractions, traffic. still i feel comfortable surrounded by the cars, knowing there’s always somebody there. and the sensation that i could run- run away, on the planes and trains and buses that would take me from here.

    By Bex on 03.05.2012

  28. The tiny town nestled deeper into the hillside as time passed. The townspeople didn’t build away from the mound of dirt like most but instead built into it, burrowing deeper and deeper into the ground like a colony of gophers. And this made them happy.

    By Hannah Sanders on 03.05.2012

  29. Corby where I live usually bigger than a village built up concrete houses a jungle small minded people town centre history graveyards

    By Sue McCann on 03.05.2012

  30. my hometown is called staoueli iven though i was born in algiers city center, i still feel very attached to this small village, i grew up there and that’s it, its relatively quiet

    By sam on 03.05.2012

  31. A small town rolled into view, population 4566. I leaned over the front passenger seat of our RV, scanning the low buildings for a supermarket. Somewhere where we could get fresh bagels, hot food like potato wedges, or jalapeno poppers. Simple supermarket fare was always welcome after a week in the wilderness.

    By Holden URL on 03.05.2012

  32. soon the small town of giants was lonely, since all it’s citizens have left.. it just wasn’t big enough. It needed space. but where should it get that from? It couldn’t just go around steeling yards and metres from other towns. It would never do such a thing. So it sat there, brooding about what to do..

    By Sarah Joy on 03.05.2012

  33. there was a town, haunted they said. don´t go near it they said. the town was called blackwell. the houses still stood there, huddled together, breaking down with the passage of time. they said that when the sun went down and you were in the town, it would claim your soul and you would be trapped forever!

    By Strange Stranger on 03.05.2012

  34. The square was crowded. It seemed as though the whole town had come to see his execution. I couldn’t believe that. Why would so many people come to witness a burning. I was only there to see my father’s final moments.

    By Iam Me URL on 03.05.2012

  35. The place where the buildings be: completely and fully surrounding me. It expands – not willingly, knowingly or reasonably but fully all the same. The town surrounds: it is a truth, and as I wander aimlessly through these bleak streets I find myself, once more, lost in indifference.

    By Max Syed-Tollan on 03.05.2012

  36. where i live my grandma does not live in town It starts with t

    By harhodes URL on 03.05.2012

  37. I love in a small town im sad and bored because i like pie and dont have any.

    By rogelio URL on 03.05.2012

  38. My town is very small. I live there since I was born. I want some day to live in another town bigger and more clean . But I ‘m gonna miss my friends .

    By sophie on 03.05.2012

  39. I live in a medium sized town. Not too big, not too small. I’d rather call it a town instead of a city. What is the difference between the two?

    By Steven URL on 03.05.2012

  40. i live in a small town. i think this small town is cool. kjfshglsjkvjimmuksjuzc.uieonsg; nuiubigjhjbkjnlg j kgrj jp ji j ˆ∆ iji jgr jrg lkjji j j j mg jfm kd fgkj fm;lgr k/mbvcm ;b mik g k g kmbvv,bnkmmk bf j;gr sij reg ij r rEFfrFRRV$YTHN&K<MU*Q*(O

    By Christopher on 03.05.2012