March 4th, 2012 | 444 Entries

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444 Entries for “town”

  1. I hate this town. Its dreary weather with the constant rain, and it’s ever present smell of regret. And mostly I hate how you aren’t here. I miss you and I don’t even know you. This town holds memories of first dates and failed relationships. Of healed scars that never really disappear. Of lost friends and wistful apologies. This town hates me more than I hate it. The love that this town was once given has been replaced with regret and jealousy. He loves this town more than he could ever love me.

    By Em on 03.04.2012

  2. He’s looking back in the rearview mirror. The small town he grew up in slowly shrinks smaller and smaller until all that’s left is darkness on the horizon. He finally stops staring into the mirror, instead focusing on the path in front of him. A new life, a new school, a new town.

    By Jessica URL on 03.04.2012

  3. i just did the town entry. i have said all that i have to say about towns. ok, i spent most of it writing about angelina jolie. town is what you call something not big enough to be a city, but not charming enough to be a village. towns suck. i hate them. they have grey skies and k-marts. maybe i’m being too negative. you tell me.

    By herman lester on 03.04.2012

  4. I lived in a small town when I was first born. Duncan, az. I was born in Safford, az and then lived in Duncan for 10 years. Then I moved to a big “town” tucson,az for one year, then to silver city, another town for 1 year, minbres for 3 , morenci for 1, arequipa for 1 and

    By Jessica on 03.04.2012

  5. A town, not as urban as a city, or as cosmopolitan as a metropolis, but bigger and not as friendly as a village ,yes a town has that certain sense of social classes, that sets, some people clearly on the other side of the tracks.

    By jan porter on 03.04.2012

  6. She looks in the rearview mirror and sees a town that she’s lived in for 18 years. Ecstatic she may be about leaving it, a sense of sorrow is buried deep down inside of her. This is her town, where she grew up, where she learned how to ride a bike, to bake cookies with grandma, and to drive her first car with her dad. It’s not just a town, it’s her home. It’s everything that she is wrapped into a small population not even big enough to fill only part of a city. She’ll miss it, but she won’t forget where she comes from; she’s a small town girl and always will be.

    By Jess URL on 03.04.2012

  7. I want to live in a large town…more like the town of all towns – it’s called NEW YORK CITY. I love New York; I’m going to study there and be successful there. I WILL GET ACCEPTED TO COLUMBIA…yes I will. I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Noor M. on 03.04.2012

  8. going out on the town
    tonight I ride
    glorified disaster
    steeped in the fickle light
    of full-bellied wistful
    city longing

    By LF on 03.04.2012

  9. I live in a nice town. Its small, quaint really, but appealing. The town has an unusual name that I don’t think is fitting. I feel a more charming name would be sufficient. However, the town does seem to fit its name. Snugly. I wouldn’t have named it what was decided upon. Anything ending in ‘ville’ or ‘oaks’ should not be allowed.

    By Molly on 03.04.2012

  10. Okay so I’m from the town Roca. It’s kinda boring and it means rock in Spanish. Naturally everyone who sees this world will choose to write about what town they’re from. Fancy that I’m one to conform to this uncreative first thought. Maybe I should be smart and when I think of town think of Mark Townsend or something.

    By Krista on 03.04.2012

  11. I miss my old town. Wow. Hello honesty. Were I am is great. BUt it is not yet home. It doesn’t have my heart. It’s just physical.

    By Elizabeth URL on 03.04.2012

  12. he entered a small town. it was unlike anyplace he had ever seen before- there was a certain saccharine sheen to it that almost seemed to invite the possibility of a sinister backdrop. nevertheless, he entered the first shop on his right, and spoke with the proprietor with a certain dignity.

    By Liam on 03.04.2012

  13. i live in a small town. i have lived here all my life and i hate it. i know everyone. i know everywhere to go and it is all boring. useless. i want to live somewhere else, somewhere new and exciting. one day i hope i can. one day i hope i will.

    By Sarah on 03.04.2012

  14. This town… Sometimes I don’t even know. I can’t take it here anymore. Every street here. Every shop. Every corner. It’s all the fucking same. Always the same. Nothing’s changed here in my entire life, and I”m tired of it. I have to get out. Must get out, some way.

    By S.K. Kramer URL on 03.04.2012

  15. i have lived in the same town all of my life. filled with the same useless people and the same boring seasons. i dont like this town. i want to live somewhere where no one knows me. where i can laugh and lose myself. i want to be someone who doesnt live here. i want to lose myself in another place. someone elses town

    By Sarahlouise URL on 03.04.2012

  16. movie crazy china old Europe flags bikes taxi hotels nightclub drunk old town trolley small subway night lights crowd people ladies smart cars alleys cafes

    By touta on 03.04.2012

  17. I like to go to town, where I can shop for all the things I like. Town is where there is lots of action and activity. Town can get you killed. Town can be your most visited area or your least favourite place to go. It is a place where there are many jobs and many homeless strugglers. Town is where the heart is.

    By Boon on 03.04.2012

  18. Town, I’ve never actually been into town as much as a teenager should. It sucks down there, town I mean. Seriously there is NOTHING to do there. You just walk around with people you know and do NOTHING. AT. ALL. It’s a place where you get lost, wasted, and found. It just sucks.

    By Maziy on 03.04.2012

  19. do what is needed

    By boldrin on 03.04.2012

  20. one word is all we need to convey a message and that word could be just about anything. Love, Hate, hungry, tired, sleepy, high, fucked, whatever. We don’t need to say more than one word, though we all sometimes just want to keep talking and talking and talking too much.

    By Al Madrid on 03.04.2012

  21. My town is small, too small, but lovely and beautiful and broken and my favorite place in the world. I can’t stay any longer but I love it, never want to leave, though its all I want in the world, and it will never leave me. Never, not the people the place the smells, the harvest festival or maple lane in spring.

    By Anna on 03.04.2012

  22. I live in a town where no one is ever as they seem. Life changes and thoughts disappear and no one can see the truth. What makes this town so special? I have no idea, it’s the people, the position, the history. It’s the way we come together.

    By Annie on 03.04.2012

  23. There was a small town, high on a cliff. There weren’t many people there, and there weren’t many things to do all that way up there, but it was beautiful. Beautiful beyond anything comparable in the imagination. The bluest skies, the strangest birds and the most cheerful people anyone had ever met.

    By Jas on 03.04.2012

  24. I grew up in between towns. Not in the hustle of the closest city, yet not quite to the small mountain community to the west. I traveled to the city for work, yet to the town for friendship. I was always disappointed I never belonged to a certain community – but the escape to nowhere was always a welcome relief.

    By Sarah URL on 03.04.2012

  25. I have lived in many towns throughout my life. Small towns and medium towns. i suppose I have even lived in some small cities. All of them in Illinois. Well, except one in Indiana back when I was 6 years old. Oh, and I did live in St. Louis for a year right after I was married. Strange how that just slipped my mind. That was some year! Two babies. Hospitalization for depression. Even one of my babies in the hospital.

    By Jenny on 03.04.2012

  26. Paris. The town of my life
    So much inspiration from all the monuments out there. Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, …
    Saint-Germais, Cafe de Flore, Seine… I am so proud of being from this city
    I miss Paris, I miss my town

    By Astrid on 03.04.2012

  27. small population of friends, mate, school kids, haters, lovers, and loners living in tight corners- can’t avoid anyone- that’s why you best move out when you’re still young and restless.

    By nomi on 03.04.2012

  28. It was a tiny little town in the middle of nowhere. Only two streetlamps, and no stoplights. There was a gas station, and a post office. There were two churches, one methodist, the other Church of Christ.

    By Jennifer URL on 03.04.2012

  29. It’s dark the lights are out ghosts like phantoms prowl, a touch on the shoulder, nothing but a moth, whisk away and float in the streetlight burning, it got to close and its wings disintegrated, ashes. I wander, and I listen and the rain falls, and its a burning desire to never stop.

    By Sam on 03.04.2012

  30. the town where I live is a very lovely place. It is big but not too big and it’s close to the countryside as well so that when I want to, I don’t have to go very far and I feel as if I’m in the middle of nowhere.

    By Emma Dunham on 03.04.2012

  31. in the town there is A lovely submarine,the men who have lived there for years and built this submarine say its the best in the country,for they bring it to all the festivals.

    By Savanna Todd on 03.04.2012

  32. Town. A simple word. Four letters. One syllable. Yet, it can mean so many things. It can mean home to some. It can be foreign to others. This usually quiet place is a peaceful getaway for those used to the big cities. And go those who lived in one all their life, it’s a place they want to leave. Come and go as you please. Usually just a place to pit stop on a journey somewhere else when someone has to pee. Town. Town. town. town

    By Andrea Miceli on 03.04.2012

  33. The town swirled slowly into view, like a small vista slowly revealing itself as the fake snowflakes settled in a snow globe after being shaken and then set down. It was small and unpretentious, something that he’d only ever seen in movies or read in books, and nothing like the large, sparkling cityscape that he came from. He felt something inside of him relax, and sighed quietly.

    By just URL on 03.04.2012

  34. I traveled to a small town in New Zealand called Rotorua. It means two lakes. I walked to a lake by myself during sunset. I saw little children playing outside and black swans swimming in the lake.

    By Shineapple URL on 03.04.2012

  35. Dark. It’s just dark. Grey. Very grey. The trees turned brown. Like they are frozen or burnt in place. No bushes. No plants. What kind of town just allows just lets the spewing smoke destroy everything growing around it?

    By Seansj URL on 03.05.2012

  36. Ich wohne in einer Stadt. In einer kleinen Stadt. Aber trotzdem einer Stadt. Das verbindet mich mit vielen Menschen, auch wenn ich das manchmal nicht so mag. Manchmal. Eher meistens. Andere Menschen stellen Forderungen. Manchmal. Manchmal auch nicht. Aber meistens habe ich Angst, überfordert zu werden von ihren Wünschen, ihren Bedürfnissen, ihren Forderungen, die sie an mich stellen. Meistens habe ich diese Angst. Eigentlich immer.

    By Manu on 03.05.2012

  37. I don’t want to live in a town. It seems all of the Midwest is just a bunch of hick towns, dispersed throughout. None of them seem lively enough. You need some nightlife, some distractions you know?

    Then again I wasn’t born and raised in one.

    By Kieran on 03.05.2012

  38. town, as opposed to city.
    Home as opposed to where you live and work.
    Home as in where your mother baked cookies, and where you learned to ride a bike.
    The town that is always painted gaily by memory.

    By Andymakespasta on 03.05.2012

  39. into the streets, ducking, quacking maybe, but regardless, the trumpet plays on. when will we ever learn, when will we see the fork in the road soon enough to make a pinpoint decision! i don’t know, take a walk.

    By Jacob Sellars on 03.05.2012

  40. Ich stamme aus einem kleinen Dorf. Zum Glück gab’s in der Nähe eine große Stadt und dorthin eine gute Zugverbindung. Dennoch, ich mag das Kleinstädtische. Es ist so heimatvertraut. Aber es ist gut, beides zu kennen, finde ich. Das bringt Ruhe ins Leben und ins Gemüt.
    Früher stand fest, dass ich dort begraben werden wollte. Jetzt bin ich mir nicht mehr so sicher.

    By lottezwo on 03.05.2012