March 4th, 2012 | 444 Entries

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444 Entries for “town”

  1. Between city and country, the town is an interesting character. It cannot claim the hustle and bustle of the city, nor can it claim the relaxing, peaceful climate of the country. It can only claim to be what it is – a sort of hybrid of the two.

    By Justine URL on 03.04.2012

  2. place where people live, where people grow & build communities. Town is a wonderful point to come together, to feel safe, to perform a multitude of tasks. Some towns have celebrities, local as they may be, and some are unknown.

    By Molly on 03.04.2012

  3. Small and lost in a world of unknown gestures and people looking at me not seeing me. Let me fly away.

    By sarah on 03.04.2012

  4. Smaller than a city, yet still has its own unique characteristics. The park, the old man who walks up and down main street smoking a cigar with his eyes on the sidewalk, the McDonald’s. All central to the town’s everyday life. People still connected by streets, addresses, neighbors, friends, and cars. A place, a community, a home to those whole live there.

    By deideiblueeyez URL on 03.04.2012

  5. nwot. what’s a town backwards. secrets. i think they have secrets cities could never understand, right? don’t you think so? they have mysteries – between friends and cousins.

    By sophia on 03.04.2012

  6. Many people live in towns. Sometimes people mistake towns and cities. I keep making spelling errors. the word town is purple. haha. I live in a town, or a city. I don’t really know the difference if there is a difference. And all of the sudden I have another 60 secs. because it said I forgot to fill in my name and email, but there wasn’t a blank for that :/ sigh. Oh well! Lets see…. towns.. they often have stores and houses.

    By Anna on 03.04.2012

  7. what happened those years ago? what secrets circulate in the air? it’s as if the town was a secret association you can only join by birth. it’s a cult. a mystery.

    By sophia on 03.04.2012

  8. The town is empty. I hear the wind and my own breath, but no chatter or liveliness can be found. I am alone. There must be animals, life around here somewhere. I wander, checking for signs. I see none, but never to give up hope.

    By Lana Jordan URL on 03.04.2012

  9. I love the idea of a cute little town, someplace warm, where all of the kids know each other and all of the adults bond and everyone rides there bike everywhere and cuteness occurs constantly.

    By Lor-n URL on 03.04.2012

  10. Back in town, and I couldn’t wish more otherwise. I want to go back home, back to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and sitting alone in my room all day. Back to just writing and not having to worry about other people and their sticky feelings and all the ridiculous formalities that make me want to scream and claw at my eyes. I want to go back to just me.

    By Julia A. URL on 03.04.2012

  11. I live in a town where there are pretty faces, ugly souls, and crazy minds with perfect ideas. A singular town with people who have not a clue what to do, where to go, how to listen or what to see and how to see it. A town of pure confusion.

    By Maria on 03.04.2012

  12. I hate Vero Beach. I hate small towns. Actually, it depends. I want to live either in a big city, like New York or London, or I want to be completely isolated in an extremely small town. I don’t like the suburbs. I want to grow vegetables or start a band, not this.

    By Natalia on 03.04.2012

  13. im not sure what to say about town. i mean im from a town and ive always just been in town. but town is too small of a word. i think city is more the kind of word im looking for when it comes to places i want to live and be. lexington is somewhere in between that i think

    By Kyle Williams URL on 03.04.2012

  14. Stranger strolled into town,
    turned this place upside down
    made our strange smiles
    sad little frowns
    walked thousands of miles
    ruining life
    flowers wither in his wake
    causing pain and strife
    our happiness he did take

    By Solanaceae URL on 03.04.2012

  15. I wouldn’t call this town the best place to be, but it is home. The only home I know for now. The vision that some of thes

    By John on 03.04.2012

  16. I live in a town, where no body can be found. There is no one here, only bitter emptiness, a breeze that blows unspoken words of unborn people, myself, and my delusional mind. All the living things, only I can see. They go about their business ignoring me, casual weather chatter and polight smiles on faces with black coal eyes written over with luring lies.

    By Solanaceae URL on 03.04.2012

  17. Our small town was just that, small. Everybody knew everybody. Our hangout was the local gas station, we had one park and our library was a bus. Eat your heart out world, because we are here to stay.

    By Jordan URL on 03.04.2012

  18. Is a small place, somewhat like everything else in the world. It’s really small and usually has a little population and not many businesses and such. It also has a few families and almost everyone knows everyone in a town. Towns are cool places for kids and others in the world. Everyone has always wanted to grow up in a town at least once in their life.

    By Roxxi Zimmerman URL on 03.04.2012

  19. corrupt. destroyed. but no one knew yet. no one knew a small little town could turn on itself inside out in so little time. that people could be so deceitful. that we are all a mess.

    By hayley on 03.04.2012

  20. i live in town, there is uptown and downtown. the word town reminds me of a small community, a close nit one.

    By emma on 03.04.2012

  21. Brendon picks Spencer up late at night, once his parents are asleep. Spencer climbs out the window and runs around the back of the house. He catches the helmet that Brendon throws him and sticks it on his head as he slides up behind Brendon on the motorcycle. Brendon won’t lie, half the reason he likes the motorcycle is that Spencer has to hold on to him while he rides them around their sleepy uptight town.

    By Cassie URL on 03.04.2012

  22. A place that is home, it’s small and it’s safe. Unless it’s a horror movie, of course. But generally towns are for families and children, not young adults making their way in the world. To make a life you must travel to a city.

    By M on 03.04.2012

  23. I like my town. It’s kind of full of Mexicans and older people, but a lot of my best friends, actually all of my best friends are from here. I Wish our town was pretty like savanah or somewhere, but no, it’s just kind of plain with tht used to be special feel to it…

    By Maredith Davis on 03.04.2012

  24. I love going out on the town. It’s really fun to get all dressed up especially when you are hanging out with your girl friends. Going out on the town means you dress to impress and you most definitely will have a good time. Sometimes towns can be too small, and if you party too hard… everyone will know by the next morning. So make sure to travel to new places and new towns that way your reputation won’t be ruined in just one night.

    By Kailey URL on 03.04.2012

  25. I went to a town and saw the whole town in one day, it was beautiful, so were the people, and so were the animals, and so was the atmosphere, and so was I.

    By Laura on 03.04.2012

  26. Towns. The only place I feel at home.
    Towns. They comfort even the most introverted of hobbits.
    Towns. Where the center is a hall, and the halls are connected to the people.
    Towns. Where we all will die someday.

    By dertoetenprinzessen URL on 03.04.2012

  27. in our town, we have many supermarkets. Not all of them are good, in fact, some are quite horrible. New supermarkets open from time to time, and curious citizens will be gauranteed to go and check out the new market if its not too far away. One such market opened not so far from me recently, and it turned out to be quite a solid effort, bringing the question of whether to switch allegiance from my current market.

    By Dave on 03.04.2012

  28. Is a living hell. Somewhere no one wants to be. It’s scary to be there. It’s a dark place. Too many memories. Too many thoughts. Too many attempts at death in this small town. I never wanted to return. I was afraid of the memories; afraid of the past. Afraid that they would come back. I never wanted to remember. I thought I’d left them here when I left this town. This town is not where I wanted to end up.

    By DeathDreamKiller URL on 03.04.2012

  29. I wish i could move from this town. It’s not that it’s unpleasant, I’m just tired of being here because it reminds me of how I am tied down. I want to grow and I don’t mind having to learn my way around another town all over again.

    By Edith on 03.04.2012

  30. I wish I could move out of here already. I don’t mind having to learn my way around a new town. I just don’t want to be reminded that I can be tied down here forever. I know it’s okay have change.

    By Edith URL on 03.04.2012

  31. Home. A place That I’m pretty scared about leaving, but then again can’t wait to leave. It’s where my family is, my friends, my home…yet it’s not where I am.

    By Maredith on 03.04.2012

  32. I live in a small town. Just a small town in Iowa where neighbors are best friends and everyone knows everyone. I love it more than anything and I never want to leave. There is a certain comfort that can only be achieved in a small town-sense of security. I will miss this place if I ever leave.

    By Bethany on 03.04.2012

  33. A little town sat nestled in a valley of green trees and blue lakes. A boy by the name of Jacob Hornsby spent his unimportant little life living in a house in this village. He never thought much of this town, not until the flower princess came to live there.

    By Arielle URL on 03.04.2012

  34. i was born in a small town- cornfields waving like hands, family smiling. “you are welcome here.” we are full of each other’s ghosts, but maybe we like it that way. small towns hold big hearts and bigger tragedies.

    By Sara M. URL on 03.04.2012

  35. The boy walked down Town high street, it was a gloomy morning. The sky was fallen, and you couldn’t see past a mile down the road. Not that he needed to anyways, because there was nothing where he lived. Only pebbles where he walked. And he walked… walked to nowhere.

    By Sharon on 03.04.2012

  36. I never want to leave yet I can’t wait to get out of my small town. I never see any of my friends because they live in the other town of my district. Why can’t I live where they do? It would make life so much nicer.

    By Bethany URL on 03.04.2012

  37. A town is a place in which people bond and make lasting memories. Towns are meant to be a group of people in which everyone knows each other, this is especially true in “small town”. Towns bring people together.

    By Sarah on 03.04.2012

  38. that town was too little. i felt like everyone could hear my breath. i felt like people could read my dreams like some open book in the public library. but when i ran away to that new town i felt like it was too big. i was a lost soul wandering around wishing someone would be fascinated enough in me to want to know what my dreams are.

    By Abra URL on 03.04.2012

  39. Town, it was a small town.
    nothing to do, same sh*t, different day.
    but yet, you can never leave this town.
    this town is home.
    you can go places, and move far, far away,
    but nothing can ever compare to this town.

    By gooliexo URL on 03.04.2012

  40. i live in one. no one likes it. no one has ever liked it. there isn’t anything here. just people who hate each other and places that were abandoned a long time ago. It’s like the leftovers of a war that no one bothered fighting.

    By M on 03.04.2012