March 4th, 2012 | 444 Entries

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444 Entries for “town”

  1. I live in a ghetto town and this town is called Show Low

    By wes URL on 03.05.2012

  2. The town went looking for the wear wolf , but they didn’t find it.

    By umberto URL on 03.05.2012

  3. I live in a town. Towns are usually small and nice. The town I lived in before I moved here was very very small. I didn’t like it very much.

    By Laurie URL on 03.05.2012

  4. I live in a small town, its a very nice town to live in.

    By Earthly URL on 03.05.2012

  5. I like my town. It has a lot of good, down to earth people living here. Our town has lots of history associated with it. Everyone is fighting to keep our town alive. A college has been created with the hope that out-of-town students moving here will bring new life to downtown.

    By Kathy Plogger URL on 03.05.2012

  6. Home town Ellk City Oklahoma. Natural gas, Oil Elk. I miss the small western Oklahoma Prayerie (spelling?). 50 years away and the image and feelings have not diminished. Yearn to return. Unfortunately will not on a permanent basis. On the last legs but will take the memory with me.

    By Robert Douglas on 03.05.2012

  7. as a child, i grew up in a small town. it was not exactly my home town as i came to know about it later, but just where i was born. my family had moved from my ancestral hometown to a different country.

    By ravi on 03.05.2012

  8. They wore turtle necks and cargo pants in the middle of an Ohio-summer, toes clinched around the thong of camouflage flip-flops. On Wednesdays, laundry waits on the floors at the foot of beds and a half-eaten Snicker’s bar lies discontent by a record no-one’s ever heard (elsewhere). They’re all great friends because, quite frankly, there’s no one else there and no one else to say no to the townies.

    By N.J. URL on 03.05.2012

  9. town, city, village
    where is the difference?
    they’re all places to live
    and life, life is suffering
    all places are suffering
    and people? they are suffering most of all

    By Snow URL on 03.05.2012

  10. Oi oi cavalier, who’s yer father?

    Brilliant little tommy down by the farm didn’t understand the churper churper of the town folk. ‘Aye’, he’s shout.

    By Chris on 03.05.2012

  11. The little place I called home referred to itself as a city. I never thought of it that way. It was always a town. A place where neighbors knew each other and looked out for one another. A place to be rid of in youth and a place to mine memories in wiser days.

    By Mary URL on 03.05.2012

  12. downdown chicago is waht I think about. or the song “uptown girl” ; or I think about how great my own town of Oak Park Illinois is . I think of a tower too, i dont know why. what is the difference between a town and a city? One time I was on the phone at work talking to a customer and I asked what city they lived in to verify their authenticity and she gave me the name of the wrong city. I asked if she had any connection to the city that was documented and she said, “oh yea, that is where I live, I thought you wanted to know the nearest city i lived by.” WHat?????

    By Emily on 03.05.2012

  13. i live in a town. I would love to live more in the country side of town!

    By Mickey on 03.05.2012

  14. It isn’t quite mine anymore… Wandering around. Lonely… Yet completely whole. Completely full… Something like a ghost town… complete with the fear of becoming one of the roaming souls… lost in the mixture… we forget how to live, so we wander around…forever trying…convincing ourselves that this is exactly where we should be… exactly where we want to… exactly where everything is supposed to rest.

    By EllJayCee URL on 03.05.2012

  15. I was born in a town called Hastings, not far from a village called Freeport where I now call home. Towns are too big I prefer the village. Wait I’m a city boy, I love the city. Towns are smaller than cities.

    By Chad URL on 03.05.2012

  16. I had to go into town to go to the store to get party suplys for my party.

    By connor URL on 03.05.2012

  17. a town is a place to be for shoping and having fun

    By colby on 03.05.2012

  18. apple walks around town thinking shes the ripest apple in the bunch. and what i have to say about that is heck no..she is the only apple i know that likes to eat alot of poo on the weekend and thats that.

    By ddawg7 URL on 03.05.2012

  19. town sucks life in a town not so good like show low towns suck

    By elk slayer URL on 03.05.2012

  20. in my town there was a monkey that took my friends money and food and the banana and the ice creem ad my money and this makes no sense.

    By drl URL on 03.05.2012

  21. we live in a town that has no malls and its not that fun of a town pheonix is very fun. But the fun thing about it is about that theirs clubs and sports.

    By Ewa147 URL on 03.05.2012

  22. towns are small cities that arent that populated.

    By diamondsss URL on 03.05.2012

  23. Once there was a town and the people there were extremely nice. All they did was eat cereal. Cereal for every meal. They bathed in milk. They liked cats and liked to have parties. They have their annual cereal party this week.

    By cheyenne on 03.05.2012

  24. A town is a small area of land. It’s kind of like a village. not very many people live in it . there is usually only one store, one bar you know the usuals. there is also a movie theater and there is also one really rich person who owns just about everything in that town.

    By snowboard addict URL on 03.05.2012

  25. walk on the town

    By Esmy URL on 03.05.2012

  26. There’s a small town called show low and it’s an a amazing little town that you will love and hope to come anytime of the day like sports and clubs! Show Low is a very fun place for sites and anything you want to do!!!!!

    By vb4life URL on 03.05.2012

  27. I do not like towns. I think they are too crowded and do not give space to think. Maybe that is way my thoughts are blocked right now, because I am in a town and everything around me is getting my attention leaving me with an almost blank page. I should get out of town and rewrite this work or whatever this is.

    By Tairis Rodriguez on 03.05.2012

  28. Tommy
    about last night’s meeting at the square. He wondered if they were changing the town into a city?”

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.05.2012

  29. My town is beautiful. With gardens and lots of shops. I grew up here and will love to keep growing old here. My home. My town. People here are nice. We have cute little streets and good restaurants too.

    By GG on 03.05.2012

  30. I live in a small town. everyone knows everyone. I hate it. Theres no mystery. Theres no exitement. If you don’t fit in your are alone. IF you have any kind of thing that makes you different, you are by yourself.

    By Ellie on 03.05.2012

  31. I was born in one of these. too small to be worth anything too big to be ignored. in longing limbo wanting to be more but never being able to grow into something worthwhile. people come here to die. the people that are born soon flee. if they have the sense.

    By Pete on 03.05.2012

  32. you live here and you say that you might never leave because of the orange sunsets and the icicles that are in great danger of stabbing you. this is home. there is no other place where you can melt iced ginger on your tongue or hug your mother like she is a big snow man. this is where you will stay your whole life.

    By Ylan on 03.05.2012

  33. The town was full of villagers and mud. Trees piled atop hills rich with green grass and lush flowers. The clock tower strikes 3 and the old maid across the pond lets her chickens out of the coop while I lay by the stream and read a book, my father in the cellar working.

    By Danielle URL on 03.05.2012

  34. Light

    By Roberta URL on 03.05.2012

  35. I live in a small mountain town. In the Cumberlands, it is always snowing (it seems), as the elevation here is higher then most areas.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 03.05.2012

  36. This is the same word from yesterday. It kind of makes me think nothing will ever change. I’ll constantly be in this cycle that I’m in. The one where I only want the unattainable, and those unattainable that want me, I don’t want. Even though I know I should. Because they’re wonderful and sweet and funny. I should love them. But I only want the people that I know I can’t have. So I end up hurt over something I knew would never happen in the first place, and I hurt other people because I’m too busy reaching and trying for that thing that won’t work to notice them reaching and trying for me. And it’s so screwed up, but I do it anyway, and I don’t know why.

    By LindseyRegan URL on 03.05.2012

  37. Our Town. A play. Thinking about the wrongs and the rights that you have done in your lofe. Would you go back and try and fix things?

    Community. Working together. Having a common goal and getting there. Small town. I would love to live in a small town. With barbeques and church meetings. Ice cream socials. Friday night football.

    By trish on 03.05.2012

  38. This is a strange town even the historic district is boarded up, The place seems hard to access but the giant cacti mesmerize you and the sun beats down.

    By Robin on 03.05.2012

  39. In some towns, things are busy and one may still hold anonymity. In others, its astounding the things one towns person knows about the other one. Of course the comradery developed through the unnatural closeness

    By s9v on 03.05.2012

  40. A town is where is a place where people live and have there own school.

    By subzero URL on 03.05.2012