March 4th, 2012 | 444 Entries

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444 Entries for “town”

  1. I need to get out of this town. It’s not doing me any good, staying here. There isn’t anything left. Like I’ve used up all the entertainment, every avenue of education, I know every nook and cranny. It’s stifling. Just go by faster, you last six months. Hurry up.

    By Katharine URL on 03.04.2012

  2. The town where I live is quite dull. I think the colour grey suits it. The grey personallity, and the grey apperanse of it all. It’s an old town, where great things has happened and still happend, but mostly it’s just safe as and old grey sweatshirt.

    By Guro on 03.04.2012

  3. This town is where I belong. Where I grew up. Its small and green and has the quaintest ice cream shoppe on the corner of Mulberry. How much I hate this town. I wish I was something else, someone else, somewhere else. Everything is dry and I want to move to New York. Forever in this town, where I belong. That’s such a shame that this is all I know. People get out of their towns? Why not me? The wheelchair is bounding me. The bandages are bonding, like chains to the link fence on Mack Ave.

    By Brielle on 03.04.2012

  4. i don’t go to town no more, to much of to much. I used to go to town and was part of the much to much, but not now. I sit on a hill and enjoy the not much at all

    By kim on 03.04.2012

  5. I flew over to see you today. Of course, I didn’t tell you about it. You and I had grown apart long ago. I felt a little bit at ease when I saw your contemplative face, the face you hide from others. Then I quietly left town, hopefully as quietly as I’d come in.

    By UnderWater URL on 03.04.2012

  6. At the bottom of the cliff, the town waited. Miles away, a storm brewed, roaring closer. The townspeople shut their doors and covered their heads with their blankets– the ultimate protection.

    By Kate312 URL on 03.04.2012

  7. The windows lit up precisely at 8:30 pm in the solitary little village, when the sky darkened and the clouds settled in. The picturesque streets were solemn and quiet. The villagers tucked themselves inside for the night. No one stirred except the soft breeze that tickled the rooftops.

    By Meghan URL on 03.04.2012

  8. I fancy going into town. I don’t know why, but the word town always seems like a nice place to visit. Perhaps it is because it reminds me of an old welsh costal town but nowadays it is worse because it means going out on Wind Street and getting drunk.

    By Kier Adams on 03.04.2012

  9. This town is not my home. It grinds away at my being like an endlessly rolling wheel. I need you here. I need you with me.

    By Nishat Tasnim on 03.04.2012

  10. this is really hard. i grew up in a small town and loved it. I still do. It’s nice to get out and go somewhere new, live in a city for a while, but I miss my town sometimes. And then sometimes the people there really get on my nerves. How can they be so ignorant and close-minded sometimes? Don’t they want to learn, educate themselves, experience something else?

    By E on 03.04.2012

  11. i live in a small town i hate it will a passion
    were i live everyone nows everyones busines
    also all the guys are the same all have brown boots
    and like hunting i hate it i wish i could ove to somewhere more exciting where i could have a fun life

    By taylorp URL on 03.04.2012

  12. A town is a beautiful place where people are interacting one with each othe.In a town,you have your home and is where you go to work.There are schools and parks

    By Alex on 03.04.2012

  13. Jame stands at the gate, feet at shoulder width. He tries to look confident. Fails. Hands are balled into fists, and the first bead of sweat is just forming on his right temple. Moving day shouldn’t be so stressful, he thinks.

    By jupiter URL on 03.04.2012

  14. city people halls, some place small
    middle of nowhere, shopping mall missing, no cool people, stuck, zombies, hard to leave, hard to find, comunity

    By barbara on 03.04.2012

  15. I h

    By Voldevader URL on 03.04.2012

  16. In my town there is an amazing little hoagie shop that I went to for the first time today. We walked with the dog and it was so windy that our hands were solid ice. We walked back and ate lunch and now he is asleep on the couch.

    By Casey on 03.04.2012

  17. To be honest, it looked more like a pile of mud that had been rouchly sculpted into what he assumed where houses. Perhaps the architect had been blind? Even so, it was Ethan’s home, and so Stefan followed him down into the valley and into the town. Perhaps it would look better closer up. He was wrong. If anything, it looked worse.

    By Antonia on 03.04.2012

  18. my town is beautiful, and quaint and small. I love living in my town and the people in my town. We help each other and live together and our kids play together. It is quiet and beautiful and green and mountainous.

    By Kylie on 03.04.2012

  19. I grew up in a small town. The kind that you can never escape, where all your secrets weren’t really secrets. Nobody ever left. But I was one of the few lucky ones who actually got out of there. Away from all the secrets and lies.

    By Peggy on 03.04.2012

  20. In my town Ben Affleck and them would be out of place. Instead of banks, liquors stores. Corner stores, even. Odd spaces make for deal breaking. Friends and foes wear the same shades and hues. Holding hands with disrespectful views. Questions go un asked. Answers are offered to provide confusion. Directional theories fall in he face of reality.

    By Lex on 03.04.2012

  21. My town is a hellhole. But isn’t everyone’s hometown? I have to go back there this week. I’ll spend the week feeling grey, sad, nostalgic. It’s the place where I was little, where I was between, and where I was an adult. It’s a place of memories and happiness mixed with a little sadness, too. I don’t miss it.

    By LindseyRegan URL on 03.04.2012

  22. Eine town ist keine city. Obwohl eine town eine city haben kann. Die Stadt, aus der ich komme, würde man eher als town bezeichnen. Sie ist sehr klein. Jeder kennt jeden. Es gibt drei Kirchen, eine evangelische und zwei katholische. Es gibt zwei Kindergärten, eine Schule, eine Sparkasse. Ein Spielzeuggeschäft, eine Drogerie, einen Buchladen, ein Denkmal und einen Friedhof. Ah – das Alterheim und das Schwimmbad habe ich vergessen.

    By Eli URL on 03.04.2012

  23. I live in a small town. It’s dry in summer, it’s cold in winter. But it’s home. There’s something about knowing that there is space around you and that you can go somewhere and find no one around to bother you in your thoughts. Yet, there is always somewhere to return to.

    By Simone on 03.04.2012

  24. Own with a t, making town. Clusters of communities bunched together in a bigger, wider community of clusters. People peeking behind curtains and pointing fingers at the village idiot who accidentally put a rumour of himself out by gossiping about the wrong person: the head of the Garden Comittee who concentrate their attention to the upkeep of the local churchyard.

    By V on 03.04.2012

  25. The town was empty. All the people had left when the jailbreak happened. Since then, all of them have died or are surviving in the middle of nowhere. Except for me. Me. Only me.

    By Martin URL on 03.04.2012

  26. a small place with close connections and friends. Gossip is everywhere and everybody knows each other’s business. but the small, homey feel of it is the best and people need to capture that to truly see how awesome towns are. Everything you need is in walking distance and the clue relationships you make will last a lifetime. Small towns or any town in general is awesome.

    By Kurt Brothers on 03.04.2012

  27. In town, everybody seems to be nice. After a few days there, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe I would want to spend more time there. Perhaps move there someday.

    By Skyler URL on 03.04.2012

  28. Onward to the town! She screamed at the top of her lungs, dust clouded the groups vision but the distinct outline of a small city loomed in the distance. They had been without civilization for a month, a town was their refuge and even the dust in the way couldn’t cloud their hope and exhilaration.

    By AV on 03.04.2012

  29. My town makes me mad sometimes. They have torn down many beautiful old houses and other buildings, and lots of trees that used to make it unique.

    By Valerie URL on 03.04.2012

  30. she kept dreaming of little towns and how she would love to simply escape to one, rent out a motel room and buy little berries and milk and coffee and teas and know everyone in the town.

    she would have a leather bound book where she would write it all down and it would be stained with tea and flowers she had found.

    she would buy countless disposables and use them all up in those towns

    By Summer Paige URL on 03.04.2012

  31. We live in towns and cities. But what are they really made of? People. But do we even notice everyone in our surroundings? Do we look people in the eye when we talk to them? Do we ask how there doing? You see, we live in towns and cities where we look beyond what really matters.

    By Kendra on 03.04.2012

  32. the town was dark, all the streetlamps burnt out. the day was done. and he watched. as the world burned before him. the people screeched and cried as their flesh burned, the town was dying and he along with it.

    By Samie on 03.04.2012

  33. I grew up in one, but it was majorly disappointing. The word gives me the feeling of community but more strongly of a community that isolates and excludes others. Cities are inclusive and towns are exclusive, if you follow my meaning. The aesthetic look of the word also seems to exemplify what it is to me. the w has a separating effect from the n. I’d say that I could learn to love a town, but I wouldn’t want to.

    By Corbin URL on 03.04.2012

  34. Once upon a time, there was a small town full of adopted monkeys. They decided that it would be fun to believe in Santa Claus – otherwise, there wasn’t any Christmas! And everyone likes Christmas. So, it ended up (in the small town called ‘Williamsville’) that Santa came and brought all of the monkeys (Spider Monkeys) presents. Everyone was happy!

    By Isaac on 03.04.2012

  35. I have seen you around my town,
    there are days when I am down,
    But I am not about to make a sound,
    until I see you back in town..

    By Lord Jim URL on 03.04.2012

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    is a drag
    on a cigarette
    behind a licker

    in town
    you fall

    get the hell out of

    By Corbin URL on 03.04.2012

  37. At first I thought of animal crossing…. then I thought of kirby air ride. Two great games. Yep that’s it.

    By Emilia URL on 03.04.2012

  38. I have never lived in a town. My grandparents do. In a little town in mexico in the state of Yucatan. It’s peaceful. Not a whole not to do. But it’s nice. You get to think. Unlike the city. Where it’s all do. I need to go to a small town soon.

    By Cristian URL on 03.04.2012

  39. I was born in lonstulh but i don’t believe this is my hometown. Rather, I feel inclined to call Huntington WV as my city, my town, my love. Nostalgia is associated with this place and I want deeply to return. There is something so magical about this little known place. Most people believe WV is a dead or decaying state but it’s the place where i learned to ride a bike, to fall in love, and to dream for a big life.

    By Rebecca on 03.04.2012

  40. town is the place where i live, my home. the place i want to be. it will be our home when we’re together one day. I wish i had you in my town, i wish i had you anywhere really. home is where the heart is and where you are

    By caterina on 03.04.2012