May 2nd, 2013 | 140 Entries

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140 Entries for “timeline”

  1. I saw the timeline on my test. Damn it, was matches or the lighter invented? I don’t know. I wrote matches, just as the time was running out. “Put your pens down,” Miss Gradler said.

    By Clairako URL on 05.02.2013

  2. She thought she had to follow the timeline she had set in her head. Commute, work, home, sleep, then to start all over again. A chance meeting with a busker on her way to the station changed her perception and her world was never the same again.

    By Amimee URL on 05.02.2013

  3. The end of my timeline is quickly approaching. I’m worried. I’m disappointed, really. There was so much that I wanted to do and I never did half of those things. I’ve never slept under the stars. I never saw the ocean. I never told my boss to stop touching my ass. I never never never. And now, I don’t think I can.

    By Trisha on 05.02.2013

  4. Her timeline ran as far back as the beginning of time. It flowed before his eyes like a golden river that never ended. He couldn’t believe it. Tearing his eyes away from the stream, he studied her face. She didn’t look a day over eighteen and yet she was older than everything.

    By Kate URL on 05.02.2013

  5. It came in a whoosh! and I was a goner. Swept away, spiraling downward. This was time, they told me. This long way down to the ancients. Going over centuries and across lands. Empire’s rose and fell into chaos. I saw it all. This is only one timeline, they told me, they’re many others all woven in possibilities of what might have been.

    By Carly URL on 05.02.2013

  6. Timeline. How often have I struggled to understand, to formulate a timeline. Whether reading history, a novel, or developing my own story, a timeline is integral to getting the experience of a story. Without a timeline, we have no frame of reference; everything becomes a jumbled mess.

    By Will on 05.02.2013

  7. You appear in my timeline,
    where it was a place for the speak of heartline,
    now everything is changing,
    no speak each other blinding,
    you see my words,
    I see your swords,
    I kiss you on my writing,
    you kill me on your painting,
    I don’t need you,
    you don’t need me.

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 05.02.2013

  8. all you think about is what’s going on past and present and sometimes future. it never really explains what happens in the now what is actually important, all the little things are important, why care for something that’s a ‘big event’ shouldn’t every day be an event? You never know you’re last day

    By Brii on 05.02.2013

  9. things happening, one after another. time is not linear though, time is as we perceive it. time is something that nature does not know. it only knows cycles. humans are obsessed with time and thus assigned “time” to all that we know…time is a manmade construct and thus it is flawed….

    By John on 05.02.2013

  10. My project, my dear PERSIA project, this timeline of centuries on centuries. Everyday until the end.

    By umbazachika URL on 05.02.2013

  11. The timeline is never ready in time. It’s always off by just a little, just enough for us to get upset and frustrated when things don’t work out well. I’m so tired of this, let me run away, let me run away, let me run away, let me run let me please. I’m tired of following this timeline into perfection.

    By Maria on 05.02.2013

  12. If you see the timeline
    You must be a time lord
    and if your a time lord
    then you must know it all
    and if you know it all
    then you can be anything
    and if you can be anything
    you can be the doctor
    doctor who?

    By Breezeway URL on 05.02.2013

  13. The timeline is never solid is never straight is never so exact to let you know the answers of the future or the past just by looking at paper or into your mind.

    By Breezeway URL on 05.02.2013

  14. This makes me think of my Facebook and all the posts I publish on a daily basis. It makes me think of all the images I am able to post to express how I feel and how I see things. I try to keep them all in a very positive note so that can reflect and say something about me…

    By Layta URL on 05.02.2013

  15. Ew. My Facebook timeline. What a gross reminder of my past noob self. I wouldn’t want anyone to ever look at that. Meh.

    By Jason URL on 05.02.2013

  16. There is a Japanese word for goal in the largest sense.

    Work toward that goal, make a timeline and you will achieve it.

    By Robin on 05.02.2013

  17. rushing
    I’m late I’m late
    memories and fairytales
    don’t you remember the present?
    The future was nice too
    but as far as I am concerned
    The past is my home

    By Lily URL on 05.02.2013

  18. For history I had to make a timeline. Or rather I was going to but never did, but after all I didn’t need it. My own head was enough. I think I did well on my exam, I hope he is not too picky, because I think that I deserve an A in that class. And for my exam tomorrow, i also hope for an A, because I deserve and A in English, that is for sure, but I am not going to screw it up by not studying for it.

    By Eve Wess on 05.02.2013

  19. “You can’t plot this out like one of your stories, Anna! This isn’t something you can schedule on your timeline, life doesn’t WORK that way!”
    “Well it should!” she cried, tears blurring her vision. “It would…I could understand it…it would be easy! Goddess, Rina, it would be SO easy…”
    She stepped forward slowly, resting a tentative hand on her shoulder. “I know it would be. And I know how…how HARD this is, I do. But you can’t make all of this easier. It’s hard and it’ll be that way for a long time,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 05.02.2013

  20. A timeline is linear. A timeline is one dimensional. Unlike life however. So how can we measure a life on a timeline? Well you cannot. it’s all about the 4 dimensions put together. So really you need 4 timelines for each dimension.

    By Carey on 05.02.2013

  21. Timelines are tricky beasts. Sometimes tedious tasks that you would rather not fool with or unfortunate life circumstances take large portions of one’s individual timeline. Anyone would much prefer for the slots on their timeline to be filled with joyous events such as birth of a child or marriage or a wonderful promotion, however life is riddled with sadness sometimes. Timelines are tricky beasts.

    By Haley Laird on 05.02.2013

  22. There is a timeline written on my body. Each freckle, wrinkle, stretch mark, and scar. It is cliché, but it is important.

    By Karen URL on 05.02.2013

  23. this is the beginning of the fire in the mouth of the wombat i came to the building to see the lines around your eyes they were lit with the strands of an unknown man from the delicatessen down the street the loft is full of your fireflies and i want to unzip your pants

    By JP on 05.02.2013

  24. The timeline of love is a difficult thing to ascertain. Where does it even begin? With that first flirtatious glance, or when they first laid eyes on each other? Perhaps with their first date? Though one thing is for certain: this timeline, while the beginning is unsure, never ends when found in the truest of forms.

    By Ryan Averill on 05.02.2013

  25. Time. It can be cruel, can’t it? It can take away and harm, decay and eat away at most anything. The thing is though, it can also bring good times. It can renew and restore. Without time, what would we have? Not much, that is for sure.

    By Ilana on 05.02.2013

  26. It can be one minute. One hour, and entire lifetime. Time is a sequence. It can’t really be represented using drawings. If all mankind were to die, would time for us even exist?

    By Evan URL on 05.02.2013

  27. We’ve been on the run for almost a week now.

    Its not easy – hiding from the patrol officers I’d always been told I could trust, running for cover whenever one came around, slipping out back doors and bribing shopkeepers. It’s a good thing we have plenty of credits to spare, but this is hardly the timeline I’d expected when he hired me.

    Right now we’re not even close to any towns, so we can breathe a little easier. It won’t last long, but its nice to be able to stop looking over our shoulders, at least for a few minutes. Even if it does mean sleeping on the ground again.

    “Nice to be so far away from the patrols for awhile.” Alec comments, reading my mind again. I don’t know how he does that. Do we really think the same things so often?

    “Yeah, it’ll be nice to be able to sleep without worrying about who’s watching.”

    I look out across the field. Nothing but grass and trees as far as I can see. Maybe my dad would see something on the borders, but I don’t. Just a field full of knee-high grasses and dandelions. Leaning down, I pick up a dandelion puff growing near my foot and study it for a moment.

    “You know that’ll grow more weeds, right?” Alec muses, moving closer.

    “Yes, but I like them. Dandelions are so sunny and bright. They’re… happy, in their own simplistic way. And besides,” I gently blow on the puff, releasing the seeds, “I’m supposed to be a creator, remember? I’m helping create plant life, right here.”

    We watch the seeds scatter, carried by the wind. As they slowly fall to the ground, Alec picks up another puff and holds it out for me to blow on.

    “I’m not one to argue against creation,” He whispers, “Do it again.”

    By Solo Rae URL on 05.02.2013

  28. a timeline is just like a memory it shows everything from the beginning to the past to future to now. a timeline is very amazing in fact cause its all about history. i have a time line in my life and everyone else does to, inst that just amazing well i think it is well a timeline is like

    By mc on 05.02.2013

  29. time. it moves so fast. it also moves really slow. is time really linear? Doesn’t history repeat itself, I thought life was more of a cycle. The circle of life. Why are timelines even a thing? Measured moment.

    By ariel on 05.02.2013

  30. The timeline of my line is not straight. It’s hardly a line at all, unless you consider multiple circles joining and winding in on each other a line.
    History repeats itself. Sometimes, I think it can’t be helped.
    Will it happen again?

    By Celine Wu URL on 05.02.2013

  31. the timeline for me to return was fast approaching

    By A False Terl URL on 05.02.2013

  32. timeline, black dots one after another, each a year of my life. time. clocks. a black watch with a chewed glass face, numbers with green squares that collect light and glow afterwards, a watch inspired by an old friend.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.02.2013

  33. I consider a timeline of my life. It’s short. But so full. How can there be so many important moments? I’ve already forgotten at least as many of those moments as I’ve had… It’s amazing to think of that. My mind, so full, full enough to already be losing pieces of the puzzle sitting there. Shuffling the pieces around. Is anything hiding? Look for the corners.

    By Julia on 05.02.2013

  34. We are all given a certain timeline in life, We don’t know how long that is, nor are we supposed to. For if we did, we would all be running around as if our lives depended on it.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.02.2013

  35. I created a timeline of my life in my head. Actually, it would be more accurate if I said I attempted to piece the vague memories of the events of my life into some form of chronological order, and generally failed. My memory is fuzzy. My sense of time is distorted. I can barely remember what I did this morning. I don’t know if what I did as a child was really me.

    By Amanda URL on 05.02.2013

  36. timeline is the new way of facebook profiles. the word timeline is a combination of time and line. so we can say its a line with time its a line that show time and stuff like that. timelines are used for teenagears in facebook and historians

    By vicente loayza on 05.02.2013

  37. Life is a fragile thing that not even a timeliness can understand all our childhood memories dreams and what not. Our life in one small line of writing

    By anavega URL on 05.02.2013

  38. When someone looks at the timeline of my life, I want them to gaze in awe. I want them to be in shock at all the things I have accomplished. They’ll see so much stuff. Skydiving! Writing a book! Becoming a doctor! Joining a band! Getting a Masters Degree! Learning how to salsa! So much stuff…and so little time…

    By Rachel URL on 05.02.2013

  39. Timeline is now mostly associated with facebook, but the vast amount of timelines in the world is immense. there are historical timelines, scientific timelines, the most important is your personal timelines, and the events that change your life can often be clearly demarcated

    By Julie Grunhaus on 05.02.2013

  40. we are on a constant trip toward something we dont understand, and its about looking back not forward. there is no time there is no line its all in our heads and we are terrified of that more than we are of anything else.
    maybe someone will remember it but probably not who knows.

    By Graham I on 05.02.2013