July 22nd, 2011 | 312 Entries

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312 Entries for “ticket”

  1. “She’s got a ticket to ride” — who’s got a ticket? to ride what? going where? These are my questions, Messrs. McCartney, Lennon, Harrison, & Starr.

    By Roma URL on 07.22.2011

  2. I’ve only got one ticket. Its a shame I don’t have another…I wish you would have gone with me. But the train leaves at 8 p.m.

    By Marie URL on 07.22.2011

  3. She grasped the slim piece of paper in her hand, worrying it between her fingers, twisting it. Her future was there – so close. Just one step and she’d be out of this cow town, to the city and lights and freedom and smog.

    She turned to him and buried her face in his shirt. “I can’t go.”

    By Beebee URL on 07.22.2011

  4. the ticket waved in my hand as I ran down the platform next to the train. My eyes scanned the crowd, looking for the face that I knew and loved so much. People were milling around, barely seeming to go anywhere or care. I dodged passed a man holding his little girls hand and laughing, and a grandma with tears in her eyes as she gingerly hugged a man nearly twice her size.

    By Elo on 07.22.2011

  5. When I was young, my daddy would play
    the Beatles music, soft and bouncy
    like the sheets that were tents
    under glow-in-the-dark sticker stars.

    “She’s gotta ticket to ride
    but she don’t care!”
    they sang

    and I didn’t understand,
    not then.

    By Beebee URL on 07.22.2011

  6. I’ve been lucky in my driving – I should have had close to a hundred speeding tickets, but I’ve never even been stopped. I drive too fast, but I’m a good driver.

    This is what I told him, as I drove. Then … Well. I know what it feels like to be inside a pretzel now.

    By Cat URL on 07.22.2011

  7. TICKET. a thing to allow you to go into a place. or smth. or a fine. gosh i hate tickets. if you lose them you die. no matter what it’s for. sad life. tickets. actually tickets are quite cool. okay.

    By livinginmyimperfectworld URL on 07.22.2011

  8. I saved my ticket to Disney World. Used, yes, but invaluable. In that small, colorful scrap of paper were an entire magical world of memories.

    By Laura Beth Fox on 07.22.2011

  9. i’ve got a golden ticket! charlie’s grandfather leaping out of bed and dancing around the room.

    or negatively, driving too fast and that heartstopping moment of flashing lights in the rearview mirror.

    tickets to movies or tickets on car hoods.

    By kelly on 07.22.2011

  10. I had the ticket in my pocket. My fingers touched it lightly, caressing the stubbled edges on the torn side then the smooth, almost paper cutting slice on the opposite side.

    By Laura Beth Fox on 07.22.2011

  11. i stammer and wait for the conductor to take it as i know that once he does there is no turning back now, once your gone you are gone for good and nothing will change that only the guilt inside.
    the guilt that comes up your throat and gets stuck at the thought of you abandoning what you once nurtured, the love between siblings is nothing but a memory now and that is all you have once you board that train. father said never leave i don’t want to share you with anyone else you are my baby girl and the one thing that made me grow up faster than i thought i could.
    the conductor has now checked my ticket and there is no going back it is on its way to the future my future awaits me, all i can hear is the trains wheels on the tracks and the whistling of it singing to my ear as we ride away far away into the distance..

    By cassandra on 07.22.2011

  12. I saved my ticket–and hers. I don’t know why really, its just that I hoped to savour those moments forever. Those stubs were my ticket to a world of dreams . . .

    By Laura Beth Fox URL on 07.22.2011

  13. I bought a ticket to the movie Horrible Bosses the other day with my best friend and my boyfriend. We smoked and then we ate food and watched the movie.

    By something on 07.22.2011

  14. tickets are stupid

    why cant we just get into stuff for free?

    its not like it will all fill up. is it just greed?


    By Caleb Varney on 07.22.2011

  15. Waiting for hours in front of the computer for the tickets of a life time would be worth it. I could feel something important would happen at this concert. Not just for the artist, but for music itself.

    By Sal on 07.22.2011

  16. He clutched the ticket in his hand with a death grip. Nothing and noone would take this ticket from him. It was his only chance to get out of this shithole, this excuse for a town that drained his will to live like Nosferatu draining blood. He was going to get out of here, and he was going to make something of himself, despite what everyone said.

    By Beardan on 07.22.2011

  17. When I was around 3 I used to think that ticket was some form of tick. But then I got older and felt really stupid when we went to the movie theatre and the guy was like “Hey you forgot your ticket!” and I was like, ” EWWWW I don’t want your popcorn ticks!” and everyone was looking at me weird and then i got the real definition. LOL….also speeding/parking ticket are a royal pain in my brain…..grrrrrrr I don’t even drive yet and I can tell that sucks!!!!!!!

    By Terra URL on 07.22.2011

  18. Salt mixed with the humidity in my mouth, lungs heavy-like my heart.
    Yet, this must be normal, I am sitting on the edge of the pier after all. I wonder what face I’m making, is it sad or pleading, or am I already grieving? For my sister, who has just taken the last train to heaven, her shell in my arms. And taken with her the train ticket, hidden inside her heart.

    By Katie URL on 07.22.2011

  19. She took the paper life in her black gloved hand, gliding through the line to the platform. The ticket flew out of the leather pincers, floating forever away, taking her hopes with it.

    By kelley on 07.22.2011

  20. I had a ticket to the theme park in the back of my pocket but I really didn’t want to go because I was still afraid of roller coasters and I didn’t have anyone to hold hands with. But I went anyway because I had spent all that time painting the damn thing and I might as well try it once, even if it was by myself. So I did. And it was great.

    By Lily on 07.22.2011

  21. ticket booths in old movies. usually lead to a kiss goodnight. The shy boy finally asks out the beautiful girl and takes her to a romance movie, hoping to set the mood. They fall in love, and maybe, just maybe, they live happily ever after. the end. it all starts with a ticket.

    By emily henson on 07.22.2011

  22. He said “Do you know how fast you were going?” “No, Officer.” Yes, I did. “Oh, well I missed what the gun said…so…” and he walked away.

    By Emily Claire URL on 07.22.2011

  23. I want to get out of here. Jesus Christ. Will it ever get better? What is my dream? Should I do a geographical? Is every country empty for the emotionally blind? I’m really enjoying this folk metal. Maybe I’ll learn the harp. On public transport.

    By Rosie URL on 07.22.2011

  24. She held the ticket.
    This was her chance to meet him.
    Or at least let him see her.
    He would see her from the audience.
    And it would be love.

    Were her seats close enough?
    Would the lights be too bright?
    Would any of it make a difference?
    Oh, this had to work.

    It was going to be love.

    By Jillian URL on 07.22.2011

  25. I was at the train station and had forgotten my ticket. I had no extra money and there was only 10 minutes until the train left. I began to ask around for a spare ticket, but no one had any. I was utterly at a loss, for it was the last train that would be leaving for my hometown in the next 5 months

    By Sarka Narak URL on 07.22.2011

  26. The ticket stub stuck out of the pocket of his jeans.

    “Been to the movies, yeah?” I asked, trying to keep my voice steady.

    “Uh…yeah,” he said, and covered his pocket with his shirt again. “This was…this was from months ago.”

    By Anya Marina URL on 07.22.2011

  27. I need a miracle!

    By visiontest URL on 07.22.2011

  28. I finally got that ticket. My ticket to leave, get away from this place. The place that has taken me hostage. I’m overjoyed to get away from it, i’m free. I’m Free.

    By Hailey URL on 07.22.2011

  29. this is the only word. you tricky thief. stealing our ideas, hiding the source i presume, to enhance your ‘uniqueness’. dirty.

    By rebecca on 07.22.2011

  30. I still have the ticket from my train ride on August 20th. I was traveling back home from Chicago because I was visiting my girlfriend. I cried silently on the train and broke down in the car because I was truly in love with her. She broke with with me less than a month later because of the distance, and basically crushed my world for the next 3 months.

    By Jordon Auerbach on 07.22.2011

  31. I want to get on a plane and get out of this city. I swear I’m getting cabin fever in my own home and I didn’t think that was possible for me. I just want a ticket to some island or another state even. I just want to leave because I’ve done everything here.

    By Kiah URL on 07.22.2011

  32. show me the ticket, the prof that we’re really getting out of here.
    you and i flying away. driving unknown streets and asking friendly strangers
    for directions.
    whisper in my ear that it’s just you and i on this mission.
    i want to return the favor and have something left to give.

    By abra URL on 07.22.2011

  33. “Next!” I heard a voice call. I slowly walked up to the booth, and what I held in my hands seconds later was a plane ticket to Pennsylvania. This was it.

    By Cam on 07.22.2011

  34. the ticket was silver, cracked and full of potential. I knew I could rule the world with the riches it promised but I wouldn’t. I crumpled it up and threw it in the gutter. I had other matters to attend to. How to kill Maxine was one concern. She had to go. FOr my happiness. For the happiness of the children. I knew she couldnt be destroyed by obivious means… I would need something powerful… something different. She could read minds and she knew I was coming… I had to ack quickly… I had to.. I must… I. ? Where was I? I looked in my hand. The ticket was silver, cracked and full of potential. I knew Icould rule the world with riched it promised but I wouldn’t. I crumpled it up and thre it in the gutter. I had other matters to attend to.

    By Erikka on 07.22.2011

  35. “Tickets!” the ticket checker shouted.
    “Nervous?” James asked.
    “Of course not,” I answered, despite the butterflies in my stomach. “We’re going to school.”
    “It’s a school for Pagans,” Rachel added. “It’s not like middle school.”

    By Katherine URL on 07.22.2011

  36. Do you ever come across a quote that you wish you said?
    “Buy the ticket. Take the ride.”
    That was Hunter S. Thompson.
    Wish it was me.
    And I wish I had the courage to do what he demands.

    By sydney justice on 07.22.2011

  37. The wind tousled her hair, constantly blocking her vision. She looked towards the train, smoke for it’s engine tainted the fresh are . ‘Should I really do this?’ she thought. Suddenly she remembered: arguing, shoves, glass shattering, and the knife. she nodded, not daring to look back; grasping the ticket and slowly continued toward the train.

    By Leesa Nicole URL on 07.22.2011

  38. Ticket to flogging molly! In september. With Meg and Tyler. Should be fun. First Concert. Mosh pit? I think so. Maybe she will love me by then. God I hope so.

    By Alex on 07.22.2011

  39. The line at the ticket counter was long. It’s a good thing I had brought a book with me. I opened it up to the dog eared page and resumed reading my novel. It wasn’t the best book but the chapter was engrossing enough to allow me to pass my time. As I was getting to a real good part, someone bumped into me and I dropped my book.

    By currycio URL on 07.22.2011

  40. I think about going to the movies or actually no maybe just going to some place where that is your ticket. LIke your ticket to Heaven. Like a metaphorical ticket. Like the expression that’s the ticket, champ! Ticket actually has so many meanings ticket is something you need to get on something or get into some place. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone was given a ticket to Heaven

    By Hope Calley on 07.22.2011