July 22nd, 2011 | 312 Entries

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312 Entries for “ticket”

  1. You take the ticket from the machine, blurring the fresh, black ink and decisively move towards the opening train doors.

    By Megan on 07.22.2011

  2. i need a tickett
    to go to the place
    where people will meet
    and i bet i’ll see your face
    waiting for me
    sitting on that bench
    like we said we would in middle school
    almost thought it was a bet
    and there you’ll be
    looking waiting
    waiting on me

    By celeste cervantes URL on 07.22.2011

  3. If you want to get away, you set your feet loose, and follow where they take you. To the train station, down the subway tunnel, on the left side of the tracks, pressed against the wall. Out in a rainstorm with the world crashing around you. Underwater, when you can’t feel anything because the water is so damn cold. Into the atmosphere, where anything is possible.

    By Lancir URL on 07.22.2011

  4. Next! Take a number, wait in line, just like everyone else. Once you’re done, it’s disposed of. Could be a memory, but really, how often does that happen? You need to pay for it generally. Really? Why?

    By Virginia Theis URL on 07.22.2011

  5. the ticket lay in her hands. She looked onto the track, wondering when it was she would escape. With a quick look behind her, she willed the train to come. Soon, she would get away. Soon, she would be free.Soon she would forget the person who lurked around the corner, looking at her escape for freedom

    By Edt on 07.22.2011

  6. She only had one ticket to the circus, but that was alright. She hated the noise, the lights, the sweet smell of cotton candy. She’d give her ticket away. Maybe she’d give it to the Walmart Greeter.

    By Nancy Julien Kopp URL on 07.22.2011

  7. i wrote a ticket for you to enter when you please
    it won’t expire
    and it can not be released;
    it’s yours to keep.
    you can always get in
    as long as you have it
    and it has your name and info
    so, you can’t get around it
    i give it to you that easy
    full admission
    you won’t ever be charged again
    and this is just the beginning
    there are tons of rides, endless meals
    and much to be delighted for
    and if you chose to make it more
    you can have it anyway you most adore

    © LL

    By Lauren URL on 07.22.2011

  8. She opened the envelope with trembling hands.
    “There are two railway tickets in there,” he said nervously, his eyes going from the envelope to her face and back again in nervous expectancy. “They are for you, to come with me…”
    Still she would not look up or reply.
    “If… you… would wish it.” he ended quickly, clutching his hat tightly between his hands.
    She could have been knocked down with a feather. Never had she in her wildest dreams thought that he could actually have feelings for her! And now she had to choose. Here, presented before her, was a way to escape her horrid life. Here was a person who thought of her as more than a simple governess. Here was someone that truly cared for her.
    She closed the envelope and finally raised her eyes to meet his.

    By B.AM URL on 07.22.2011

  9. The show is going to be the best thing I have seen all week. I’m rummaging through every drawer in my apartment to find my ticket. I have NOT misplaced it. My eyes just can’t seem to look in the right direction.

    By R on 07.22.2011

  10. She was so excited. She had the tickets in her hand. She knew he would love it. Love HER for it. She had saved for months just to get these two front row tickets to his favorite band. She knocked on the door. “Hello?” said the stick thin blonde who answered the door. She couldn’t speak. She knew who this was. She knew what had happened. He had cheated…again. She threw the tickets at the door. “Tell him we’re done and p.s he’s a cheater, honey. You better run”. She turned and left. Plastering on her mask of happiness. He wouldn’t get the satisfaction of seeing her cry. No way in Hell!

    By A Mask Of Happiness URL on 07.22.2011

  11. I’ve got just one ticket. One ticket, just one ticket. And I need to go. I need to get away. I won’t bring you with me, because you wouldn’t understand. It’s a one-way thing, and you wouldn’t make it. But I need to go, because I can take it. Just get me there.

    By Amanda on 07.22.2011

  12. bus, aeroplane, way to a different, place freedom.

    By ashish on 07.22.2011

  13. tickets are one of a kind. it’s like getting a golden key, golden ticket, willy wonka style. getting a ticket is like opening a door. or sometimes its a reminder that something cool is about to come soon, like a trip to Disney world or a fun concert. GO TICKETS!!

    By Jamie K on 07.22.2011

  14. I’m driving fast. Too fast. I look in my review mirror and see the flashing lights. My heart drops into my stomach as I pull over. The officer walks up to my window and begins talking with me. Hes a nice guy. I get out of my first ticket.

    By ams on 07.22.2011

  15. Ticket is the most importnat thing for any access control.
    this can have very obstract meaning
    when i see ticket i remember movie ticket\

    By kanchan on 07.22.2011

  16. it annoys me when i lost one, i hate losing ticket to may favorite concert………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Nasir on 07.22.2011

  17. ticket to the movies are more fun when i have friends to go go with. preferably more than like one person. i need t have a lot of people.. oh i could get a ticket to see 2ne1 that’d be great.hm this thing is fast

    By lauren on 07.22.2011

  18. i couldnt type anything

    By kanchan on 07.22.2011

  19. i couldnt type anything

    By hades on 07.22.2011

  20. Jensen opened his eyes haltingly. The last time he remembered doing this he round himself staring at a naked woman humming as she stirred stew in a kettle over an open fireplace. As his eyes flickered open, the first thing that he saw was a ticket dangling from a ring screwed into the bed frame. The ticket had a name scrawled onto it, JENSEN.

    By chole URL on 07.22.2011

  21. What is the price of the ticket? I read the book, but I am still not sure I grasped the whole concept. I do know that the price of the ticket in my life is expensive. I am not wholly sure that I have enough currency to afford the ticket, or the show for that matter.

    By Fender2010 URL on 07.22.2011

  22. she’s got a ticket to ride and she dont care
    its been a hard days night and ive been working like a dog
    its been a hard days night i should be sleeping like a log
    but whey i get to you the only things that you do

    i am showing my age LIL

    By she53lly URL on 07.22.2011

  23. I save my tickets to shows, each one is a memory.
    Times I spent with family, seeing and listening to the what I love

    By Samantha Slomin on 07.22.2011

  24. “TICKETS! TICKETS PLEASE! …Sir, your ticket please..”
    and so he advanced through the carriage, standing tall and proud.
    “Such posture” thought Aunt Vera….”What a fine figure of a man”, she whispered to her sister, who chuckled to herself, avoiding eye contact with me and my sisters.

    By clarekins URL on 07.22.2011

  25. a victim of a ticket
    a ticket to the grave
    tried to scalp all he could
    but could never be saved
    prayed and prayed and prayed
    but was just played played played
    poor old dave took that ticket
    to his grave.

    By will on 07.22.2011

  26. Haha I feel like every time I am with my best friend we always talk about the times when she has gotten a ticket, or the times I talked her out of a few. I think it is hilarious how she freaks out every time when she sees a cop.

    By Dani on 07.22.2011

  27. to paradise there was a ticket to paradise but I missed that train and now I am alone in this rainbowless place without you. You are off somewhere sunny and tropical and I am a small cartoonish figure sitting on a tree swing as the clouds gather darkly above me. I don’t know what to do now. You were my sense of direction, guidance, purpose. Now I’m just a cartoon, not a real person.

    By C.H. on 07.22.2011

  28. a ticket is a object used to get things like for example a lottery ticket is used to go to lotterys and another example is a movie ticket you can use it to go inside the movie threater

    By sashie on 07.22.2011

  29. Ticket. It would be nice to have a ticket for things that are not sold. Such as a ticket to love, happiness, joy, friendship… Even a pass. Like something you could present to someone to get you out of a terrible day…

    By kk URL on 07.22.2011

  30. “Dammit.”
    Nate rolled down his window as Fiona approached his car. Thank god, a cop he knew…
    “Well hello, Mrs. Officer–”
    “Save it, Smith. You were driving 60 in a 30 mph zone! What makes you think I can let you off for that?”
    She scribbled on the piece of paper, handed it to him and that was that. As she walked away he heard her mutter, “Same old idiot..”
    He slumped down in his seat and wished he’d never broken up with her.

    By Moose URL on 07.22.2011

  31. Ticket in hand, Michael turned and headed for the rest of his life. Though unaware of their proximity, as he passed the ticket counter and baggage carousal, his future in-laws were up to their old spying and prying tricks.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 07.22.2011

  32. ticket

    Golden ticket
    ticket to platform 9 3/4

    Hattie. Hattie is someone my father knew when I was very young. Younger than five. She worked as a coat checker at some high scale place. I’ll need to ask my dad where. I remember going to visit her and sitting at the window taking the red tickets. She lived near a museum, so our visits to her included her apartment, some very very long white steps, a visit to the museum, and sometimes swinging by her work to visit her at the coat check.

    She was very nice, and had white white hair…. dad said she was ancient ;)

    I heard her name mentioned later in a monologue (first and last name) and I wondered how many people there could be with her name? The monologuist had lived in the same city and they could have known each other. I’m so curious about that now, but they’re both long gone. I wonder if they knew each other.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 07.22.2011

  33. Since 1st January 2011, a subway ticket from berlin costs 20 Eurocents more than before, and so costs € 2, 30 !

    By Ganahn on 07.22.2011

  34. She bought a ticket. Where it would lead no-one, least of all herself, knew. It was the beginning of the exciting new chapter in her life. She wondered if she would miss the children but decided they were probably better off with their father.

    By Day-dream Weaver on 07.22.2011

  35. a ticket was given to me today. i didnt know what i did wrong, but apparantly the officer- the very hot and distracting uniformed officer- thought otherwise.

    perhaps arguing. batting an eyelash, taking my shirt off whouldve helped. perhaps not.

    we’ll see what happends in court.

    By Nympha on 07.22.2011

  36. “Theater 7 on the left. Please enjoy your movie.”
    “Theater 15 on the right. Please enjoy your movie.”
    “Theater 11 on the right. Have a great time at the show.”
    “Theater 1 on the left. Enjoy the film.”
    “Sam, I never want to see another damn movie ticket in my life.”

    By torin URL on 07.22.2011

  37. one way ticket
    ticket to no where
    I’ve got the golden ticket
    tickets are generally too expensive

    By Celina Comes on 07.22.2011

  38. from carnivals, to the moon, to freedom. the next one i buy will be the ticket that will change my life. that will be the ticket to what i have been anticipating my whole life. to independence and to solitude and to adventure.

    By mickey URL on 07.22.2011

  39. when I think of a ticket I think of a car flying down a street without a cop in sight, yet half a mile down the street, you pull into a Pilot for blue and red lights are flashing behind you. I think of movies and the old orange rip off tickets people used to use back in the ‘old days’.

    By Kelsey West on 07.22.2011

  40. Finally got the tickets. Been waiting so long for them. Now we’re walking in the auditorium, the rumble, buzz, and hum of the crowd anticipating the music. Walking up front, just 3 rows back, center stage. Better find my ear plugs before it starts.

    By Rushlight on 07.22.2011