April 10th, 2011 | 691 Entries

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691 Entries for “thirst”

  1. When I’m mean, I thirst for compassion when I lie I thirst for truth and at four o clock I thirst for a cocktail.

    By junipertwilight URL on 04.11.2011

  2. I am really dehydrated and I need some water. This word makes me think of a very bloody-thirsty vampire, needing to quench it before they go insane.

    By Eden URL on 04.11.2011

  3. As dry as a dead dingo’s donger – Thirsty.

    By visage URL on 04.11.2011

  4. I am thirsty right now. Not for water, but for pepsi. I don;t even know whether there is any coke left in the fridge. Will have to check out in a bit. But really, it makes you think, without water to quench that feeling of thirst, what would humans do? Like,seriously, al hail to teh camel.

    By Usman Khaliq on 04.11.2011

  5. I feel thirst the day after Im drunk and that thirst is for salty things it also makes my body feel all dry.

    By Mariana Juarez on 04.11.2011

  6. thirst drives people. not always physical thirst but spiritual thirst. if they could endure the thirst, that means the thirst is weak enough to endure.

    By kaorita on 04.11.2011

  7. water tea coffee

    By Anca on 04.11.2011

  8. Thirst is more than just the desire to hydrate, a thirst for something compels us to move, to get out of bed, to eat, to breath, to survive

    WIthout water we will be dead in days, without thirst we may as well be. .

    By Ben Metters on 04.11.2011

  9. Thirst is something that always is around. If you ever have the slightest thought that you may be thirsty, you’re probably dehydrated. Drinking alcohol is the equivalent of being dehydrated. I was dehydrated in Disneyland once and I went on the Indiana Jones ride and I flipped the fuck out.

    By Capt. Mae on 04.11.2011

  10. It makes me want to have a drink like a fish, fish are cool and they swimmy all day long cuz they drink from the sea or the fish tank. Thirst is like the desert, you wander around looking for something to drink. I’m thirsty now. I want red bull or something fizzy, yummy yummy juice!

    By Cassandra Louks on 04.11.2011

  11. Thirst is about desire. Not always a drink, but anything. I thirst for many things, not always water. Power, Love. Anything. I thirst to thirst more! Hunger is different and ugl

    By Daniel Buckley on 04.11.2011

  12. Now I’m thirsty. I’m thirsty for lemonade. I don’t have lemonade because I’m in class. My thought was that I will just have water but to my surprise I don’t have that either. Its 80 degrees outside and I don’t have lemonade or water. I am going to die.

    By Rachel on 04.11.2011

  13. I am thirsty. Well, actually I’m not, as i’m drinking a diet coke. But that doesnt really quench your thrist now does it? It just delays it. Then BAM in the night. You wake up with your mouth feeling like an arse and your like “urrgggg get me sum waaaater”. One is like rather.

    By Patrick on 04.11.2011

  14. I could feel it clawing down my throat,
    this burning thirst for recognition,
    tearing its way down my lungs,
    diffusing into the warmth of my blood
    circling back
    to my shock-beating heart
    and maiming it
    with lacerations.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 04.11.2011

  15. When im thirsty i usually go for a cola. I don’t know why. I think Coca Cola know why, but they will never admit it. It is a secret.

    I have been wondering for a while

    By Simon Jensen on 04.11.2011

  16. Is it knowledge that I thirst for or just acceptance in a world gone mad.

    By Luan URL on 04.11.2011

  17. thirst is something not cool espically when you have a very very very very very bad day all want to do sometimes is kick everyone in the house when there is nothnig to drink in the fridge; the most bizzare thing when i drink cola and that is ofcourse when im thirsty is that i feel like my bones

    By halla on 04.11.2011

  18. take me. fill me. invent a liquid to put in my bones. drip it down lightly and wet my insides until it runs out of my fingers and into my toes. fill me slowly.

    By Mattie on 04.11.2011

  19. Drink myself dry til the empty fills me up. No more space to fill with words

    By Mattie on 04.11.2011

  20. “Hungry I thirst for you because I know you satisfy. I am empty but I know your love does not run dry. So I wait for you. So I wait for you……….” (Hungry)

    By mrssupermomma on 04.11.2011

  21. My tongue was parched. It wasn’t long that I was in the desert, but in the desert that kind of thing doesn’t matter. It was parched and my lips were salty dry. Had I known I would have been dropped off in the desert I probably would have never gone to that party. The red Camero stared back at me like it knew what was coming. I’ll bet in never suspected the trunk, though.

    By Grae URL on 04.11.2011

  22. take a little drop on your tongue and hold it down with your finger. now relax. now let it drip. let it drip. take a smooth thought in a small cup and drink it until you get thirsty.

    By myelephant URL on 04.11.2011

  23. i’m so thirsty at the moment i could drink a whole ocean, a whole tidal wave even. so thirsty. there is nothing quite like being thirsty because it doesnt let you ignore it.

    By erin on 04.11.2011

  24. “hey,” he says, and you look up at him.


    “i’m thirsty.”

    “get some water?”

    “no,” he says, shaking his head. “i need more. i need the sharp tang of love and the iciness of fingertips.”

    By Shermaine URL on 04.11.2011

  25. I was thirty. I didn’t have anything to drink and felt like dieying. I hadn’t been in such a siutuation for like forever. Even a desert seemed to be more appealing to me right now. I was waiting until it was my time to perform. I was going to play a piece on the violon and it would be my very sfirst time to play in front of such a huge adience like this. There was a place that I never waanted to be before when I was a little kid, but all this was over now. All thanks to the thirst for knoweldge I got from my parents.

    By Sophie on 04.11.2011

  26. thirst for love and passion.
    thirst to live!

    i just wanna quench my thirst.. for you..

    By lora on 04.11.2011

  27. She had a thirst that was certin, what it was for always huanted her. She had no idea that one could need something so much little did she know it would be the last thing she ever wanted. Ever.

    By Toni Wanderlust URL on 04.11.2011

  28. happens when you’re in the desert and can be all consuming and even hallucinatory if it gets to that point. Imagine walking on a moonscape, sun blaring down with no shadow or refuge for shelter. Your mouth is dry and your throat almost swells shut in a “Fear & Loathing” esque terror.

    By hannah URL on 04.11.2011

  29. “do you know what it’s like to be really thirsty?”

    you look up at him, at his doe eyes and full (dry, cracked) lips.


    “it’s when you crave for the coolness of fingers on your neck and the smoothness of someone’s voice in your ears telling you that they’re there. that, is the best thirst-quencher for a lonely heart one can ever ask for.”

    By Shermaine URL on 04.11.2011

  30. The rock above was wet; there was enough light in the dim cave to see that much, and I found myself fixated to the sight of that glimmer. The sand beneath me hungered for it as I did, that wetness, but the sand could not move as I did to circle beneath that stiff point, out of reach. As if an optical illusion, it seemed to elongate and warp, belling out into the droplet that I aimed to get under – mouth open like a baby bird, all my focus into catching it when it fell. Life or death, and I would find it in that dangling, jewel-like drip.

    By Bliss URL on 04.11.2011

  31. Thirst, Hunger, these thing we feel for a reason. We need to eat and drink. What about Itch? We get itchy, but are always told not to scratch, and shouldn’t scratch. Sometimes the itching comes with pain, and pain makes sense. Pain, like hunger and thirst is your body trying to tell you something you need to know. Itch just wants to pester you and get your attention, but provides nothing in return. Itch is such a jerk.

    By Victoria on 04.11.2011

  32. That feeling when your mouth gets all annoying.. Really, it’s the only thing you can think about… Just thinking of a nice ice cold coca cola running down your throat. (That’s if you’re into carbonated stuff).. Or water.. that works, too.

    By francesca on 04.11.2011

  33. I licked my teeth.

    I stared at her silently, keeping my breathing low to avoid startling her. She was breathing gently, her blankets covering all but that small piece of flesh that stood out to brilliantly. I used all my strength to stop myself from moving forward, but it was similar to overcoming a titan’s pull. I closed my eyes, composed myself, and when I opened them again, I found myself right over her.

    My teeth was showing, ready to pierce.

    By extremexunyi on 04.11.2011

  34. Water and Brazil. I learned to drink and replenish and what it was like to wake up in a puddle of sweat. hot and constant heat, like living in a sauna. Now i can hardly stay in air conditioning, but can appreciate a simple fan,

    By JDH on 04.11.2011

  35. I remember grabbing at her feet, desperately hoping to see the compassion that used to alight in her eyes… but all that she displayed was anger. Slowly, she turned the bottle upside down and allowed the precious water to splash to the cracked earth; I screamed in frustration, but somehow the outburst morphed into a hoarse gargle. Quelling me with a harsh sneer, she turned away.

    By Clare. on 04.11.2011

  36. Thirst for knowledge. Revision and reading things over and over again and still not knowing about enzyme structure. Therefore, the internet. Stumbleupon satisfies my thirst for art and inspiration, but not so much science.

    By Hazel on 04.11.2011

  37. I feel thirsty alot. My body dries up and my mouth feels like a desert. I have water by the bed at night. I sip it before I sleep but it’s a catch 22, drink too much and I’m up all night in the toilet, drink too little and I wake up with a hoarse mouth.

    By David on 04.11.2011

  38. I am thirsty. Today it is supposed to be a nice day so I should remain thirsty throughout the day. Hopefully I don’t become too thirsty because then I could possibly get a headache from being dehydrated. I think today I will drink mostly water because that is the most hydrating drink.

    By Tara on 04.11.2011

  39. gatorade will quench your thirst, while alcohol will probably increase your thirst.. you can become thirsty by running, or doing something that requires hydration, and with the lack of hydration you will get the ending result of thirst.. thirst can kill you, if you go too long having it.

    By Haley Greenberg on 04.11.2011

  40. I am actually really thirsty right now. Why does Gatorade make you feel parched? I thought it was supposed to hydrate you and all that nonsense. I feel like I’ve just eaten three spoonfuls of peanut butter. There’s a weird aftertaste in my mouth. And I’m pretty sure my mouth is blue.

    By Eira URL on 04.11.2011