April 10th, 2011 | 691 Entries

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691 Entries for “thirst”

  1. Thirst is a powerful feeling, whether it’s for water or for knowledge, or anything, if you’re thirsty, you want it and you need it sooner rather than later. Unlike hunger for something, thirst will out.

    By Will Wilson URL on 04.10.2011

  2. Thirst. I’m thirsty. No I’m not. It’s been a while since I did this thing. I have a thirst for writing? Sort of. I guess. I had a date tonight. It went great. I think I like him. I’m thirsty to see him again? That’s just cheesy. I don’t think I’m thirsty right now. Sorry. This wasn’t very good.

    By Lydia URL on 04.10.2011

  3. i have a glass in my hand. it is empty, as am I. it sparkle as i do, i fill it with water. it sparkle even more, as do i. i dringk, and my thirst is gone. i am full of joy

    By amanda bergkvist on 04.10.2011

  4. the river flowing. splashing and spraying into my face. the reflection more clear than my soul. thirst for nature. thirst for that clarity. thirst to see myself. take me to the water and its all there underneath me. within me.

    By hannah rose on 04.10.2011

  5. I am thirsty right now, thirsty for more of the Southern sweet tea that I love so much, for the brand that I cannot buy in Clarksville, TN, but only in New Orleans, LA. I am also thirsty for you, because I love you and haven’t seen you in two months. I want you to come here and alleviate my thirst. You are the only brand that I want. Return to me and be my sweet tea, cool and refreshing.

    By Callie Hedges on 04.10.2011

  6. thirst? againt? really?? really. i acctually am thirsty. mental image of that sparkling water, still. in the morning sunlight. cant get it out of my head. its a pretty picture. happy.

    By amanda bergkvist on 04.10.2011

  7. thirst for life is a thirst of the living.
    it is a thirst of the mind, heart and soul.
    without a thirst for life, you have a thirst for death.

    By Char on 04.10.2011

  8. The sun overhead blazed down in long, shimmering waves. A few small drops rolled along the edge of the glass and onto the cotton tablecloth they sat on. I eyed it greedily, wondering if anyone would catch me if I helped myself to someone else’s glass.

    By butts on 04.10.2011

  9. His jaws creaked as he opened his mouth. The desert on his tongue desperately needed moisture of any sort. Why? Why was it so hot in Antarctica today?

    By Connor G URL on 04.10.2011

  10. Water is good for your health. Eighty percent of our body consist of water. Without water we will die because of the heat from the sun.

    By Stanley Iroegbu URL on 04.10.2011

  11. After smoking pot, my mouth gets so dry. All i want is gatorade… goos thing andrew bought that huge package of them. They’re great after drinking too. my fave is red. same with slushi flavour.

    By Skylar on 04.10.2011

  12. thirst for self worth in this moment of hurt
    trying to keep myself on my toes
    whilst facing the blows
    of life
    and strife
    withstanding the struggle
    of thirst

    By pongyo on 04.10.2011

  13. i am so thirsy i just want to drink. can you get me a drink of something cold and wet? pleasse i just am dieing of thirst. won’t you get me a drink that will take away my thirst?

    By jessica on 04.10.2011

  14. i thirst for love, pure, undying, platonic love. i thirst for a love that isnt cheap, a love that wont leave me. i thirst for a mans touch, a touch that doesnt make me tremble or weep. i want him to make me feel weak in the knees, i thirst for him to love me.

    By Taylore F on 04.10.2011

  15. drinking water. swimming, sinking. i love music and cannot get enough of it. love.
    i love johnny dolan. cotton mouth after smoking weed. dub step makes me thirsty.
    so does love.

    By carla on 04.10.2011

  16. Im thirsty for the love of the earth. Captain Planet could quench this thirst because I am the son of Captain Planet. He is my lord and my savior.

    By Pinefreshe on 04.10.2011

  17. It can be of two kinds. Thirst of the body, which is a thirst for water or other fluids. The second is the thirst of the mind which can be more varied. A mind can be thirsty for knowledge or sex or wealth.

    By PureSponge on 04.10.2011

  18. waterfalls, Florida springs, aquifer draining, environmental protection, John Moran, wet, world thirst, drought, activist, quench, drips, bottled water, world problem, war, nature, Florida springs, limestone, Living Water International

    By Haley Burger on 04.10.2011

  19. testing how this works…

    By Jenna on 04.10.2011

  20. I was in a desert. It was hot and I needed something to drink. Why had god abadoned me? I thought I should have died by now but I haven’t. Not yet.

    By Rachel on 04.10.2011

  21. on the tree i was waiting for him. it was a hot summer day and the wind came at my face, but didn’t help to cool me down. he had left a while ago to get drinks, because i was thirsty. he wasn’t back yet and the sun was setting.

    By Meara URL on 04.10.2011

  22. The water was just out of reach as i attempted to drink. No matter how deep I went into the crystal clear pool the water would not touch my lips. The thirst was a torture that I must endure for eternity.

    By Lightninghand on 04.10.2011

  23. Water. Icecold water from from the river in the mountain! So good, so thirsty. The best drink you will ever drink. Mountain water, directly from the river!

    By Ine on 04.10.2011

  24. water food elemental life liquid solid necessary basic needs everyone has it bad in a way, one big problem in the world, people are dying because of it

    By Angelica J on 04.10.2011

  25. dry. dhydration and the inability to satisfy one’s self at the appropriate time. boredom meets desire that can only be satisfied with gatorade

    By ashley on 04.10.2011

  26. I thirst for the water that drown out the fires of pain, sorrow, and longing. The depression of death has overcome my mind like a wildfire burning out of control. Some days I only see a haze of smoke of hopelessness clouding my future.

    By Regino Ramos on 04.10.2011

  27. something that probably isn’t affecting me right now. it’s a major problem in the less developed nations throughout the world. i’m never really sure if i’m thirsty or hungry sometimes. its a weird feeling that happens sometimes. got some water with me though.

    By jon on 04.10.2011

  28. I thirst to want, to seek, to strive for. I thirst for a passion. a passion for life, and love and success. I want to care about something intensely. I want to wake up every morning with a purpose, with joy. I thirst to thirst

    By kayti32 URL on 04.10.2011

  29. I just watched 127 Hours this past weekend. After seeing how incredibly thirsty he was, the first thing I did after the movie ended was drink and entire glass of water.

    By Alison Buenviaje on 04.10.2011

  30. Thirst is what happens when you are parched. It is also a good metaphor. You thirst for danger. You thirst for life. Or you could just thirst for water. Either way, it reminds me of something deprived. A negative feeling. Like one is in need of something. Thirst.

    By JJ on 04.10.2011

  31. Something that’s hard to stop when you’re stoned.

    By Kelsey B URL on 04.10.2011

  32. I was thirsty today. I was thirsty yesterday. So many days I have a thirst, and people say it’s wrong. I need to say there is a God. I need to get a job. Not much else I can do when I’m thirsty except drink.

    By Jack Kalinowski on 04.10.2011

  33. Her thirst for revenge was almost unbarable. It was growing with every moment and it threatened to overwhelm her. Deep down she was afraid that it was beginning to have a life of it’s own but she couldn’t help it. She’d been able to keep a lid on it for now, but she didn’t know how long she could do that, it was begging to destroy her and the world around her.

    By lyricsoul URL on 04.10.2011

  34. water, wet, liquid, drinking, having to pee, tasty, refreshing after you drink, craving, sweet,

    By stacie on 04.10.2011

  35. i thirst for the water
    in the pitcher in the sunlight
    next to the lemons
    as it perspires
    from the general heat of the sun
    or its own ice-infused coolness.
    I’m not sure.
    but the ice cubes sing against the glass
    as i rest my hand against the handle.

    the sun sparkles through the moving dihydrogenmonoxide
    like shrapnel from a galactic ship’s cannon.
    It freezes me but continues to move, morph,
    a thousand holes of sunlight into a darkened room.

    By Ariane on 04.10.2011

  36. I gazed upon his chest. It was so…so beautiful. His entire body. He began to take his pants off. I began to thirst. A deep seated quenching that I hadn’t known existed before, something so beautiful. So perfect.

    By Dan on 04.10.2011

  37. i am your pavlov forever. you could ring my bell and i would leap bounds to get to you. tummy aches and salivates. hungry for what i’ve been deprived.

    By Bria URL on 04.10.2011

  38. Tired
    Hunger not satisfied
    Ignoring the gnawing in my stomach
    Respite found in my diet
    Soda that quenches my

    By Amy URL on 04.10.2011

  39. thirst, drink me in.
    like ink on a page im thirsty.

    By ashy URL on 04.10.2011

  40. i am thristy because i am trapped out int he desert after my arm got trapped in a rock when i fell down a canyon i dont have much water left please help me i have been chipping away at the rock with my crappy made in china knife i should have brought my swiss army i need food or something please mom and dad i love you im sorry for not returning your calls ok the camera is low on battery goodbye.

    By Joe URL on 04.10.2011