November 8th, 2012 | 613 Entries

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613 Entries for “themselves”

  1. all they care about is themselves
    all they see is themelves
    they forget that there is a world out there
    bigger than who they are
    bigger than who they will ever be
    in that world there are plenty
    ad if each could actually see what the world is
    it would for sure be a better place

    By jude on 11.09.2012

  2. they themselves were nothing, always alone, always feeling sad. it was an unhappy world for them. always by themselves, always thinking suicide. thats what some people do by themselves.

    By Alexandra on 11.09.2012

  3. they are a great big group, themselves, they are proud and grand and wear funny party hats in public. they go to church all day and night and eat grilled cheese for breakfast. flies swarm over everything themselves have because they are filthy rodents and need to have a bath in turpentine. i wish i did not count myself among themselves.

    By andi_pandi on 11.09.2012

  4. she said
    let’s go together
    let’s go
    be by ourselves
    she said
    i want to be with you
    and i said
    let’s be by ourselves
    they said
    we’ll come with you
    and all i wanted
    was to be with you
    that night
    they came along
    so we sat under the tree
    and held hands

    By Anton on 11.09.2012

  5. Some people keep to themselves. I am one of those. We prefer to keep our problems in our minds and keep our aching in our ribcage. Others give themselves to others easily, sharing, open. It’s hard keeping things to yourself sometimes, it can hurt.

    By Sinead Marguerite on 11.09.2012

  6. Too many people fill the hall,
    Twining round eachother like fronds of seaweed.
    Caught in eachother,
    Wrapped up in themselves.

    By Charlotte on 11.09.2012

  7. Some people like to be by themselves. I am one of those. We enjoy the silence of our own company, watching others. We keep ourselves to ourselves. We do not feel the need to share ourselves with others all the time. Sometimes though, we do. And when we do it’s wonderful.

    By sinead URL on 11.09.2012

  8. We’ve watched them for years trying to destroy themselves, trying to pull their own bodies in two. They haven’t succeeded yet, they will though. Just give them a minute.

    By Em. on 11.09.2012

  9. as if they were one
    they laid in bed together
    but in morning blazing sun
    that never set that day
    she realized;
    they were themselves

    By Sab on 11.09.2012

  10. They kept to themselves, they had only themselves to keep. There was no where to go and nothing to do, their personal philosophy was a simplistic “Me and you.” Tomorrow meant together and together meant forever, that is, until the day she died.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 11.09.2012

  11. They think, and wonder, and think and push and nothing. Who are they? they will never know.

    By teapot URL on 11.09.2012

  12. Themselves is how they think of themselves. The ideas they conjure of their reflections, the things they think are most true about them. The things they think about themselves are simultaneously the truest and the falsest things, as they see both more and less than everyone else.

    By Nina Dillon Britton on 11.09.2012

  13. All of us together, and we were and we were and we were. I was endlessly jealous of how they sat, and how they could wear short hair without looking like the moon in a wig. What I wanted to do was go, go over there by the river and sit under the weeping willow and make themselves ourselves. But my feet were slow and dangerous, and my hair was unkempt. It was so windy; it was so much safer to watch from the bridge; to dream and wish and dream.

    By Edie on 11.09.2012

  14. Herself, myself
    We all refer
    to a being that
    lives and breathes
    but doesn’t see

    By Lydia Rosewater on 11.09.2012

  15. It is the emotions that come with disappointment that are hard to control. It is not so much that an event doesn’t happen, or that people bring it upon themselves to make other arrangements, but it is the loss of cherished hopes and dreams, the curtailing of future plans, the reducation of expectations.These cannot immediately be replaced and the future shrinks back to the barely possible. Disappointment is a kind of mourning for all the futures that will not be.

    By Meredyth URL on 11.09.2012

  16. you would like to be like them.
    they are themselves.
    you are themselves.
    themselves who they don’t know
    and are waiting to get to know
    and nothing occurs in the space between
    your last breath
    and your eyes being pressed closed
    what is there between a kiss
    and a gunshot
    so many nerve endings

    By Scarlet URL on 11.09.2012

  17. they say all good things about themselves. no one else is worth their time. they only love themselves. they’re all inbred. cousins with cousins. they didn’t leave the house for twelve years now.

    By monica on 11.09.2012

  18. they didnt like it

    By Amanda URL on 11.09.2012

  19. they look at themselves from the outside.
    not sure.
    never sure.
    how do others do it?

    By grace on 11.09.2012

  20. if only they could see themselves
    like I see them
    if only they could love themselves
    as I love them
    if only they could be themselves
    peak out from behind the mask
    all I ask
    all I ask
    so simple a task

    By Pam Heighway URL on 11.09.2012

  21. They wished themselves to be smarter, faster, louder, prettier.

    By Bruna on 11.09.2012

  22. they laugh
    at others
    but at themselves
    in some ways
    the water overflows
    trickles down
    and I have lost everything
    I thought I needed
    it is easy then
    to feel lost
    but I smile
    for I too
    know those shackles

    By Klara O'Hara URL on 11.09.2012

  23. thinking about yourselves is selfish and about themselves is selfless,selfless feeling is a major part of one’s emotion ,you hav

    By arti on 11.09.2012

  24. I wrote you a letter
    Things have been easier
    When you are further away
    I don’t know you
    I realize
    And I don’t need to

    What do they think of us
    Of themselves
    In their tired old houses
    Scratching at the wallpapers
    That reveal who they once were

    By Klara O'Hara URL on 11.09.2012

  25. Themselves, they think so weird. Their thoughts just twist and turn in on themselves so much that they get lost in the process. just aimless energy, spiraling around like a pig’s tail..

    By Jennifer Lemming on 11.09.2012

  26. People sometimes think about themselves
    In great terms
    Or long words
    Stretching into the unknown vanity mirror
    I look at myself sometimes too
    And see nothing
    Maybe I’m a vampire
    I’d like that
    Maybe my blood would be warm like everyone elses
    Maybe then I’d be themselves

    By K.B. on 11.09.2012

  27. People are always thinking of themselves. From the moment you wake up in the morning to the second you fall asleep, you are thinking of you. You are thinking of decisions you make, the clothes you wear, and the things you see. Every so often other people may seep into your thoughts, but only momentarily, before you are sucked back into the reality that is you.

    By Kati URL on 11.09.2012

  28. They consider themselves the overlords of the world. THEY decide how we live. THEY decide how we die. They reserve the best things in life for themselves in exchange for our protection…now it is time for us to rise.

    By C~Sul on 11.09.2012

  29. All by themselves, they changed the world. If they did it, you can do it too. Change the world one step, one person at a time. I love how everyone can make a difference in the world, but they don’t even bother. They never fight back to gain the possibilities of change. Everyone needs to change the world in any and every way that they can.

    By Outsider URL on 11.09.2012

  30. Talking to themselves. In big half empty rooms. Separated by towers of grief and cement. They were all alone. Bythemselves. With only their own souls.

    By Ava Blue URL on 11.09.2012

  31. They only thought about themselves. They thought that no one was like them. They were all alone. With themselves. Each and every one of them, thought they were the only ones. The only ones that could think like them. The only ones….

    By Bronwen Garand-Sheridan on 11.09.2012

  32. There are no easy ways to grammatically understand words, that I have discovered over the past sixty years. But I have found a method to understand plurals of the third person, never confuse them with singular third persons !

    By peter borghero URL on 11.09.2012

  33. Ugly, in reflections. Candid, in photographs.
    Mostly; scared.

    By Mallory URL on 11.09.2012

  34. Themselves got to go now. Don’t listen to the devil. But to the cool whisper of the morning dew that sticks to the soles of their ratty work boots. Their glossy penny loafers. And it says to them . . .

    By Chris Rogers URL on 11.09.2012

  35. They are never themselves. People. Who are they copying? replicas of each other, maybe?

    By Waleed Sadek on 11.09.2012

  36. or whoever they are

    By phoebe on 11.09.2012

  37. The walked themselves home
    Tripping over themselves
    as they laughed in the moonlight.
    It was another long night,
    Long nights of dancing in the flashing lights,
    Moments of pure bliss.
    They can only last for so long,
    These nights of regrets.

    By Silvercchile URL on 11.09.2012

  38. They looked at themselves in the reflection of the lake wishing they could stay this way forever. Entwined in each others arms they lie down and stare intently into each other’s eyes know that this look can speak so much more than the words. The words they can’t speak…

    By Em on 11.09.2012

  39. they believe in themselves, love, hat, twist, change, leave, live , make, punish, soothe, and over and over again, these selves, reflect those selves, themselves a faith of something they need

    By girl on 11.09.2012

  40. They kept the circle just as tight as they kept their bond. No one got in until they across burning hot coals. Friendship was forever, the test to break into the circle only lasted a year or so. Most never made it.

    By Soft URL on 11.09.2012