March 9th, 2013 | 152 Entries

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152 Entries for “terrain”

  1. Sitting on the bus, watching the trees fly by. Staring out the window, looking up at the night sky. All I can think about is being with you. Because I believe what we have is so pure and so true. A few more days of boredom, a few more nights of dreaming. Until again you are in my arms and then I can stop waiting. Good night beautiful, I try my best to be the best. But even when I fail, you put my sadness to rest. On my face, you always put a smile. Nothing will ever stop my love, not even a few hundred miles.

    Love you

    By Chris URL on 03.09.2013

  2. The terrain was beautiful in it’s vastness. Deserted and cold it seemed welcoming and the most peaceful place in the world. If only I could live there forever and sleep to sounds of the coyotes crying.

    By Aopals URL on 03.09.2013

  3. It’s never easy to explain the terrain to one who hasn’t walked the trail. Those solitary thoughts had at the expense of constant contact. Humble comforts are memories and visions.

    It’s what awaits at the end that makes it all worth it. At least that’s what I tell myself when the nights are lonely and the miles are long like a song that’s never-ending. Diamonds on the trail take me to the tree. There the roots grow deep and the branches stretch to the heavens, stars in the eyes. You know you’re home when it circles from sunset to dawn.

    By Intuition URL on 03.09.2013

  4. The open terrain called my name, drew freedom as a picture in my head. I could be free, but I’m stuck in the city terrain with cars and traffic lights. I need to escape to be free.

    By Tamika on 03.09.2013

  5. There was a marsh out back of the farm I grew up on as a child. There was nothing too special about it, but one part looked like the shore of a lake when you walked through enough of the trees. I remember walking out there, always pretending to be a pirate, then one day we did find treasure; a full container of coins. I got $100 from that small hidden cache, and at 6 years old, I felt like I was on top of the world.

    By dorf URL on 03.09.2013

  6. Terrain sounds like train, and a great place to stand on doh! Terrain is a place to think od to meditate! As i looked to my sourroundings i see a terrain of tiles :)

    By JuRy URL on 03.09.2013

  7. Hard, rough terrain that I lay upon with you, The stars shine bright above us. In that moment I knew I fell. I fell so hard. I nearly died on the way down. No. I did die on the way down. As my easily shattered heart beats in your hands you look at me and smile.

    By AM Perdue on 03.09.2013

  8. The terrain was dry. Cracks appeared in every direction I looked like the wrinkles of an ancient being. Everywhere I looked, was desserted. No buildings. No people. No animals. Not even a plant. Where was I? Without any common sense, I walked forward or was it backward, who knows? After walking for what seemed like hours, I suddenly realised I could hear a faint hum. Straining to hear, I tried to recognise where the sound waa coming from. I closed my eyes. Slowly, I edged my feet in the direction I could hear the strange noise. Louder and louder.

    By Anne on 03.09.2013

  9. tear
    fusing together
    water water
    drip drip
    salty sweet
    we cannot tell the difference
    as they splash onto the ground
    bleeding into the pavement beneath
    our feet

    By MorganLily URL on 03.09.2013

  10. Life will never be the same,
    After a terrain,
    when once I was up,
    fell back down again,
    yet I remained
    forever changed….

    By lindaswindows URL on 03.09.2013

  11. Looking back, I saw she had fallen behind, and ran to grab her, yanking her along behind me, through the thorny bushes, branches whipping our hair- the terrain ahead was rugged, harsh, and our only hope

    By MarisaInSanFrancisca URL on 03.09.2013

  12. I wriggle my toes underneath the moist terrain in this dense forest. this is the only good thing within the dense, dark chasm of green.

    By Pip URL on 03.09.2013

  13. terrain.
    you lie under my feet as i take each step in hopes of exploration and unearthing of this wildness that is life
    you taunt me with your mysterious depth

    By Margot on 03.09.2013

  14. The roads were rocky, hard enough to scale without it’s slippery moss, and it was overrun with vines of exotic looking, tropical plants. One bite of the seemingly innocent and bright purple fruit could kill.

    George sighed and trudged on, his heavy boots snapping and flattening much of the thriving undergrowth. If he didn’t find a way out of this terrain, he might have to drink his own pee soon.

    By dramarie URL on 03.09.2013

  15. he saw the terrain going over to her house. he knew this was where she lived, this is where she had told him the impossible things she used to do.

    By mehr on 03.09.2013

  16. The going was rough over the mountainous terrain. Even the goats, which had followed them for days, seemed to not want to come up this far. The stones had given way to boulders and the treacherous path had all but disappeared. They made their way by sight alone, simply moving up and ever up to the peak.

    By Jay URL on 03.09.2013

  17. we had been planning this mission for years. we had everything planned. we knew the terrain better than anything. everything had to be perfect in this fight– if we won tomorrow would happen but, if we lost, we lost everything.

    By Hisoka URL on 03.09.2013

  18. It’s rough and ragged, there’s a rock in my shoe. I will walk as long as I must before thirst forces me to sit and take a gulp of soothing water. I wish that I could take a picture with my eyes of the scenery; it would be more clear and in focus than any camera photo.

    By KT URL on 03.09.2013

  19. The terrain today was a challenge. To merely write these two sentences have been a major challenge, but like all good all terrain vehicles, that I am, I pushed on through.

    By charlie URL on 03.09.2013

  20. A far place was set in order to soldiers fight for it, it was a beautiful place, but as well there were many ones that wanted that piece of land. it was a long time before cities i was a long time

    By Leandro on 03.09.2013

  21. all terrain vehicle terrain terrapin turtle what the hell I have no idea what this app is supposed to accomplish/prove but it’s pretty cool. I’m gonna try again hopefully with a word that I

    By Brandy on 03.09.2013

  22. Terrain was all over the place. Uptown and down. Falling from the sky like rain was terrain. In brain and out brain. All now made of brown things. Green things. Foaming up from the earth.

    By Will on 03.09.2013

  23. I like the word terrain. I think of travel and food. Two of my favourite things. I believe I should try making a dark and milk chocolate terrain, today. I also want to travel. Maybe to some distant hill station. Some place where it’s snowing, perhaps. Because it is rather hot today.

    By Aditi on 03.09.2013

  24. on the terrain ran the king of the jungle, to all the animals he was the boss. His long main proudly shone under the african sun. He was at peace when he was with his pride knowing all was safe.

    By ben on 03.10.2013

  25. The terrain is slippery, but he manages. He has to find her. He has to. He has to or else he won’t ever get to see her again. She’ll be in the darkness and there won’t be any way to reach her because the stories aren’t true. True love won’t be the solution because this isn’t just a problem. It’s a trap.

    By Loren URL on 03.10.2013

  26. I could have spent an eternity mapping the terrain of your face. It was not a desire that came from a love of beauty–it was a desire that came from a love of you, every part of you.

    By Elisabeth on 03.10.2013

  27. A place or designated area. The tumbleweed blew across the dry barren terrain.

    By jenn on 03.10.2013

  28. that’s her terrain, and it’s the only place she can take me in. anywhere else. had this happened anywhere else, i would’ve won or even tried to. but not on her home ground. she can’t let that happen now can she.

    By Harleen Chatha on 03.10.2013

  29. it’s rugged the terrain they walk
    to the stars
    because they search and search in the depths of night
    to find and trace the steps they’ll never find
    but they try and they walk, and they get somewhere
    and maybe one day they’ll know where they are

    By Dana URL on 03.10.2013

  30. The terrain is rocky, the path is rough. The only way to describe this luck is tough. I know it will never be easy, and enough is enough. But I’m not through yet, I’ll survive this hard stuff. We’ll make it right through this rocky terrain, hand in hand we have great things yet to gain. I made the mistake of letting you go, I’ll never again go through that pain alone, oh no. So here we go through this terrain.

    By untamedimagination URL on 03.10.2013

  31. The terrain split beneath her feet, like the crack of a spoon on a crème brûlée.

    By Katie Lumsden URL on 03.10.2013

  32. The terrain was rough, but we had to do it. We couldn’t stop because it was what made us us. Not just the fake kind of us, but the real us. We wouldn’t be anything if we couldn’t cross the galaxy and complete our mission. It was essential to our very essence.

    By Jessica Tower URL on 03.10.2013

  33. terrain
    never you sick little child you dont deserve the terrain.

    By tjigj URL on 03.10.2013

  34. “I’m following a terrain course. It’s none of your business,” she said.

    “Terrain,” he said flatly. “Cut the bullshit. What are you hiding?”


    “Tell me or she dies!”

    By Ashley URL on 03.10.2013

  35. The terrain was unrelenting unforgiving. It had no rhyme or reason to take me to where it took me. Right back to your front door, right back in the mess. Eff you mountain.

    By thomas smith on 03.10.2013

  36. I wanted to trace the contours
    of your skin
    and learn the faults in your
    terrain (the scars that embedded
    your wrists and your thighs);
    I wanted to kiss you and whisper
    your leaves were beautiful
    and your eyes were like shimmering
    clear, cool pools of the pond-


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 03.10.2013

  37. terrain. how do i navigate the terrain of your heart; your soul? how on earth do i figure out how the fuck to make you see it’s not always me. i am not always to blame on this god forsaken planet. and yet…here we stand-apart.

    By Naomi URL on 03.10.2013

  38. It’s quite a flat terrain sir, I can’t decide whether that’s a good or bad thing
    Well Hopkins, at least everything will be out in the open
    you really don’t know how this is going to go, do you sir?
    I all honesty, no, I don’t. But we never know anything for certain, do we?

    By Sile URL on 03.10.2013

  39. Oh……….terrain. You beautiful terrain where everybody succumbs to death’s kiss. Oh terrain. Your cracked, fucked up floor drenched in blood.

    By Maria URL on 03.10.2013

  40. terrain. how do i navigate the terrain of your heart; your soul? how on earth do i figure out how the fuck to make you see it’s not always me. i am not always to blame on this god forsaken planet. and yet…here we stand-apart. too fucking stubborn to admit fault. and you’re jealous of my friendship with her.

    By Naomi URL on 03.10.2013