March 9th, 2013 | 152 Entries

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152 Entries for “terrain”

  1. The ground beneath my feet was rough to the touch. I knew the terrain was gravely and wet but I continued on despite the pain. Heat was steaming through my sandals as I walked barefoot across the rain soaked road.

    By Stephen Bland on 03.10.2013

  2. the lord of the lands, the place where you live. i live in peace? leave, go away my beloved shelter. i dont want to wait for your love or your voyages. ill stay in my terrain.

    By teodelina on 03.10.2013

  3. Blue eyes stared out over the rocky terrain, taking it all in a blur. There was so much here, under the light. How could these surface dwellers deal with the light? That bright, shining ball made everything sharp but it made her eyes hurt, and tear up. Was she simply mad? Why had she tried to follow the other out? Glory, she remembered.

    By Serryphae URL on 03.10.2013

  4. This terrain appears bare to me. It doesn’t breathe, it doesn’t think or feel and I wonder if it can even sense me. My core.

    By Danaé on 03.10.2013

  5. “You better watch out son, there is a ‘terrain’ coming.”

    By vicky on 03.10.2013

  6. Across a dusty plain, the two walked carelessly… each footstep careening along blades of grass. They hadn’t seen anything like this before, their entire lives were spent surrounded by shadows and darkness. The light cascaded along their cheeks as they set their sight on the earthly terrain.

    By Don Toro on 03.10.2013

  7. terrain
    beautiful rocky filled with green, rivers cutting through rock, cool air

    By anita on 03.10.2013

  8. Emptiness. For the umpteen time I walked up the dunes, only to find a sea of accursed sand before me. When will the land yield, relent, forgive…

    By weenam on 03.10.2013

  9. The bumpy ground beneath my feet that changes wherever I go. It can be high it can be low. Sometimes rough and sometimes smooth, I prefer the sand to something hard like pavement. Something I can be barefoot upon as I battle the terrain to my final destination.

    By Meryl on 03.10.2013

  10. This word has a funny spelling. I know that my students talk about it in science and that it has to do with the type of land that is used. Other then that I do not know. Land could be rocky, hilly, flat, etc. This is all that I know about this topic.skdjfksldjfksldjfklsdjfkl

    By Kristy on 03.10.2013

  11. Always thought of it as ‘the rain’. Course that’s not what it is at all, and ‘terrain’ just makes me think of those offroad bike race posters.

    By Jakers on 03.10.2013

  12. There’s a glow so radiant I can no longer can contain it. Tingles like the hum of bees, I feel it welling like sweetness and light. Dewy like a sunbeam through the misty meadows, glinting like a secret smile, it’s warming like spiced honey. That is what I see when I look beyond the terrain and behold the sight of you.

    By Montaña on 03.10.2013

  13. the lion is on the terrain and it sees its prey
    it leaps and runs and jumps
    it opens its mouth and ROAR
    there goes the antelope

    By winki on 03.10.2013

  14. home mother vitality nourishing strength life ownership i need my verry own terrain its my home my base my ground my life its me!

    By Jvlia on 03.10.2013

  15. I stood there on the peak of the cliff and overlooked the town. I remember way back when they promised we would be the aid of the human race. But no one knows what’s happened since then – why they started becoming so afraid of us.

    But then, they did say I might have been a defective model of the original artificial human blueprints.

    They didn’t expect models to develop emotional capabilities. Empathy. They couldn’t understand that I could make art. They wanted to deactivate me, and that started causing a riff.

    Now I’m just sitting here on a park bench I love watching the town from.

    I don’t know when all this started to happen. I don’t know when I started becoming more human.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 03.10.2013

  16. The world was born on this as man evolved. We have eaten, slept and raised family on this. Starting war, making decisions, and making history as it is today.

    By Damika on 03.10.2013

  17. terrain! funny, this is how most Egyptians would pronounce ‘train’

    By dina on 03.10.2013

  18. I walk this world alone. It feels unfamiliar, and I wish it was different. I want to see the world in a different light. I HATE MYSELF.

    By cc on 03.10.2013

  19. mountains rolling and cascading down waterfulls of rock and iron with all but a scared gaot to folly the plan of emnense sacrillage. Ramsacked by pilgrims hunting a pack of wild boars

    By james URL on 03.10.2013

  20. I traveled to Ireland in the summer of 2012. It is a place where the terrain is rough and hilly, but overall beautiful. There are sheep everywhere. The owners spray paint the sheep to mark who belongs to who. It’s quite interesting, riding around over bumpy hills and seeing sheep with red and blue marks.

    By Olivia :) URL on 03.10.2013

  21. The terrain
    pebbles smooth in their deception
    waiting to trip
    and make you fall.

    By Shail URL on 03.10.2013

  22. spaced in this terrain between heroes and the very nature of death. My fate drifting away I wish I would have chosen a different fate than this one , never knew it would come to this.

    By Sandy on 03.10.2013

  23. dark, gritty, grainy. Like so much styrofoam, ground into tiny particles. Slipping into the crevices in the soles of my shoes, compromising their grip. Treacherous.

    By Gareth on 03.10.2013

  24. The land around us. Trees, lakes, and rivers, all around, giving us beauty. Mountains exist if you are lucky.

    By Kris on 03.10.2013

  25. I hear scratching on the door and know it must be some secret code. Josh opens the door, and Holden stumbles in. The codes, the laid-backness of everything–it’s the opposite of the girls’ dorm, and I’m somewhat jealous. I don’t fit in here, but I’m not sure I completely want to.

    Because keeping my brain cells intact is always an important move.

    By Marissa URL on 03.10.2013

  26. i like my belly the way
    it is

    not flat, but soft,
    the flesh unstretched,
    protruding only because
    i’ve just eaten

    i like it
    empty, is what i mean

    every night i pray
    to the gods of volcanoes
    and bodies, “please don’t
    let me erupt”

    By isa on 03.10.2013

  27. As far as the eye can see.
    Pockmarked, scarred terrain surrounds me–
    enclosed by invisible forces that drown me in sheer isolation.

    By asavas on 03.10.2013

  28. the land was barren. nothing could be seen for miles. she was alone, but she didn’t feel lonely. she felt free. those miles that extended, they meant miles to travel. miles to explore. miles to run. she set off; one foot in front of the other. starting her adventure. alone, but never lonely.
    eventually, on the road, she would meet people just like her. people who reveled in the land, because they were filled with this wonderful feeling called wanderlust.

    By Andrea del Pilar on 03.10.2013

  29. i found you..
    or maybe you found me- and the terrain was rough.
    and we still made it-
    even if you have to hold my hand
    and carry me –piggie back —
    we still made it
    over the brutal terrain

    By kissingkatie on 03.10.2013

  30. How could I even begin to express what I felt, deep in the heart of me. It was an undulating romance – exuberant and excruciating in equal measure. The terrain of my heart was a mystery, even to me.

    By Lola on 03.10.2013

  31. The soft mud combined with the spiky dead grass. She dug her toes into the mud contemplating the terrain.

    By yesMAM URL on 03.10.2013

  32. It was the perfect day, I thought, to go on a hike. The sun was shining, I had a great feeling in my gut and I was one with nature. The higher up I got the wind blew harder. The sun began to vanish behind the trees. The ground became covered in rock. The climb grew steeper and steeper with every step. I started to lose my breath believing it was just due to the higher elevation. I was in great shape so there was no way I was out of breath because I was not physically fit. Yet, for some reason, every muscle in my body began to ache. I began to reach out for the tree branches so I could pull myself up the difficult path. My strength was disintegrating rapidly. I suddenly realized my backpack was weighing me down. It felt as if someone had placed hundreds of rocks inside and I with each step it was pulling me backwards. I kept telling myself, “you can do this; only a little more; don’t give up,” but I knew the weight of the backpack was too much to carry. The awkward steps I needed to take to avoid the unstable, rock filled path would make me trip. I stopped for a moment and looked up. I could see blue sky again in the very direction I was headed. But I knew, looking at the path, this weight needed to come off. Crawling was not an option. One arm at a time the straps fell from my shoulders. The pain was causing me to hunch over like an old, frail elderly woman. As the bag dropped to the floor, the load thump startled me. I stood straighter and felt my muscles stretch out. I began to regain my strength and started to climb again. The path was easier. With each step, the wind became a warm breeze, the sun escaped from the trees again and I felt good. I made it. Standing at the top of the mountain, all I could do was cry. The view was breath taking and all I could think was, “thank God I let go” for if I did not, I would not have made it and my breath would have been taken away by something that did not deserve my air. I sat for hours gazing at the gorgeous horizon. I was at peace. I was proud of my accomplishments and knew nothing could stop me now.

    By Kari on 03.10.2013