October 4th, 2017 | 50 Entries

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50 Entries for “tempting”

  1. The demon held the key aloft, tempting the young girl to take it. Keys to the Gates of Hell. The Keeper of the Keys was sworn to protect them at all costs, but what risk was there to tempting a child to Hell?

    She spread her dark black wings, and snatched them from his outstretched hand. White eyes flashed back at him as the demon stared in shock.

    “Do you not recognize your Queen, Keeper?”

    Her booming voice resonated through his skull, and, for the first time in millennia, the demon felt genuine fear.

    By darseyrsm URL on 10.04.2017

  2. committing suicide may be tempting if your’e depressed. But please, trust me when I say, It’s not. you just have to stay strong like you have been. keep going, find a happy place, and when you feel like you cant do anything, go to that happy place and just think. look for help.

    By AshleighSiegel URL on 10.04.2017

  3. I fingers itch for the velvet feel of something more substantial than a ‘maybe.’ The music turned low is just loud enough to undulate between the ends of each nerve. I swallow my coffee-breath kisses, push them to the back of my throat for safe-keeping, turn my face against the black-night of the window, and drink the dark of October.

    By HannaLinn URL on 10.04.2017

  4. It is so, so very tempting right now to chug an entire bottle of Fireball and do cartwheels until I tumble off a bridge into the deepest part of the bay. There, I will become a drunken mermaid – the most intoxicated of them all – and eat starfish and drink brine for the rest of my days. Because let’s get serious here: The world above the water is a bit too warm, and a bit too noisy, and just full of really, really nasty people.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.04.2017

  5. The thought was tempting. He sounded amazing and all I had to do was talk to him over the phone whenever he called.. I needed to pay off my student loans and the extra money was worth it for some good conversation. To be honest, I would have talked to him without the money.

    By Sapphire on 10.04.2017

  6. Nothing dangerous than tempting. Tempting is always about bad things. Tempting makes a person to yearn for things which are not good. Tempting is very difficult to control A person who can control his temptations shall be in full control. Tempting is one of the evils a human being encounters. When tempted, look at it as something which you need to stop.

    By KSRP on 10.04.2017

  7. The gems were tempting, but the Skeleton King knew he needed to save Radamant from the rope bridge. The pirates had cut the bridge and Radamant was screaming like a baby at the bottom of the bridge. But the gems. He could keep the gems and be rid of a boat anchor. He could get a new boat anchor! He could get a new boat! The gems it was! Radamant would need to fend for himself for once!

    By Rover URL on 10.04.2017

  8. His offer was tempting. One part of him wants to accept it to end the immediate suffering. But another part of him knows that if he accepted this offer, it may give him some much needed immediate relief but he would become a slave for always.

    By yas URL on 10.04.2017

  9. chocolate, sex, boys, girls, god, religion, punishment,

    By Bianca on 10.04.2017

  10. If something is tempting, it is a desire for me. Some tempting things in my life: chocolate turtles, white cheddar popcorn, hot baths, being naked,

    By Wendi Lepley on 10.04.2017

  11. lips
    ice cream
    more than friends

    By Heather on 10.04.2017

  12. the fried chicken was tempting so I ate it and didn’t feel bad at all boom

    By elijah on 10.04.2017

  13. tempting though her offer was, he looked at her through the lens of what might be behind her words and her affected smile. He wanted to believe it was just out of the goodness of her heart, but experience with others in her family had taught him to be wary. He slid his hand down the doorframe, finally, after all these thoughts passed by like fish, and said flatly “Okay.”

    By lbrygk on 10.04.2017

  14. Like a dark chocolate mountain, the piece of cake sat on the clean white plate. I placed my chin on my folded hands and stared at its deliciousness. I wanted so badly to eat every last crumb. Why not?

    By Jessica Pack on 10.04.2017

  15. What else could I say? It was tempting me, haunting my footsteps as I cradled it away from the kitchen. My lovely, how i loathe thee.

    By LifesGrey on 10.04.2017

  16. i cheated a little. I saw the word before my minute started. It is a funny thing, having this word. Since I am going to try to massively reduce my alcohol intake. Which will mean a lot of temptation. Today I also learned EQ and EI….temptation is going to be to forget this and move on. I hope I take from the conference something meaningful. I want to be more self aware and have more connection to my feelings.

    By JTaylor30 on 10.04.2017

  17. Dancing words taunt the flourishing relationship;
    Excess chocolate fudges dominates the kitchen counter;
    Living to work, work for currency, currency to stack in an electronic dragon’s horde;
    Snoozing past the dawn (and several alarms);
    Seething resentment banking excessive spite
    Lingering wistfully on castle spires, dancing in formless dreams
    Dangerous withdrawal- despising neighbours even as one blasts their own existence

    By C URL on 10.04.2017

  18. The bakery smelt nice. As soon as I got a whiff of all of the delicacies I knew I was in heaven. However, there was one thing keeping me from sweet, sweet victory: the glass.

    By Anon on 10.04.2017

  19. there is a tempting force that rests within the depths of me each time the thought of you attacks my dreams. where is this weakness that you so easily consume and embrace?

    By Boris on 10.04.2017

  20. There is a tree right out back. The tall one with the broad leaves. You may have noticed the plump fruit hanging in the branches. In the morning, when the dew is thickest, it glistens and beckons passerby.

    By EnsignEwart URL on 10.04.2017

  21. Tempting to become , well, I do not know, but I can only attempt to show up for the whole aspects of what it is.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.05.2017

  22. it was just a regular night,. walking down the stairs she realized something was off. someone was in the bathroom. she had no visitors, every door was closed.

    By Anne on 10.05.2017

  23. the word that is very relatable for everyone. the word that is true when it comes to our darkest temptations; or even the most simplest things. I get this feeling when i am with friends and they ask me to do certain stuff that i know is probably not smart or in my best interest. i am Tempted. I am being tempted. Or it could be with that boy

    By Kate on 10.05.2017

  24. idk but i thick it mean that you are going camp but not ready .

    By emonie URL on 10.05.2017

  25. She wet her lips with her tongue. “I mean, I could take it or leave it.”
    She tried not to look him in the eyes and turned her attention back to the bookcase. “Let’s keep looking.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.05.2017

  26. It’s tempting to gag my brain. Just seconds after the cat left the building it slowed to a doped-up crawl and I, the mouse, have lost my urge to scurry and forage madly. Brain says: Go on, zone out, just let me wander all over the place. I say: No can do, the cat will kill me when it sees I’ve done nothing. Brain says: Not true! You’ll have thought myriad life-improving thoughts that you can turn into reality and you won’t need this cat-mouse dynamic anymUNGHK

    By Hope on 10.05.2017

  27. This person is toxic to my life. Why is it som tempting to contact him? I pick up the phone and think of the good ole times. But then I am haunted with the memory of the unhealthy relationship, I am haunted by the way that I felt this this person, fearful, intimidated, worthless, I never felt

    By karla Alexander on 10.05.2017

  28. You’re tempting to me. With your sharp chin and your pointy nose. With your cro magnon brow and round figure. With your significant others. I don’t want you to tempt me. I hate wanting you.

    By Ella Emma Em on 10.05.2017

  29. It is very tempting to do not do something when no one is around!

    By Isaiah Varella on 10.05.2017

  30. eating cake is tempting every time you see or smell it but you must stay strong and not eat it every time because it will make you sick and not fell well.

    By gage on 10.05.2017

  31. He gazed at the lush red apple, its obvious deliciousness tempting him. He told himself to stop, that it was poisoned, but his thin hand reached out anyway. Bony fingers wrapped around the rosy fruit, and he bit into it, collapsing to the ground.

    By Sunny on 10.05.2017

  32. Don’t let me shopping ! The sigh on sale is tempting me ! I can shopping 13 clothes i 15 minute !

    By javier on 10.05.2017

  33. it is always tempting to go and act like the popular people to have them realize you but they don’t always do they right thing so you want to surround yourself with the up most righteous people who will love and surround you with Gods love. Be who God wants you to be.

    By Mikkala on 10.05.2017

  34. it is always tempting to go and act like the popular people to have them realize you but they don’t always do they right thing so you want to surround yourself with the up most righteous people who will love and surround you with Gods love. Be who God wants you to be. people will respect you for being you! who cares what anyone else thinks about you. God loves you for you! So got out there and be yourself!

    By Mikkala on 10.05.2017

  35. it is always tempting to go and act like the popular people to have them realize you but they don’t always do they right thing so you want to surround yourself with the up most righteous people who will love and surround you with Gods love. Be who God wants you to be. people will respect you for being you! who cares what anyone else thinks about you. God loves you for you! So got out there and be yourself! Encourage others today to do the same!

    By Mikkala on 10.05.2017

  36. as tempting as you are, i wont give in. you are a demon and i am an angel basking in the light and you are trying to thrive in the worst way. you live to destroy. you are most peoples kryptonite. i will not take those cookies, because i don’t want to face the demon known as an angry mother.

    By AshleighSiegel URL on 10.05.2017

  37. She wanted to. It was right in front of her. The kind of opportunity people only get once in a life time, and she didn’t know if she should take it. The door backstage to the concert was ajar and the line for the tickets was long, too long. She would wait all this time, and they would be sold out before she could even see the ticket booth.
    She glance around her, rocking on her toes, hands deep in her pocket. She stared at her glorious opportunity for one second longer before moving, striding to the door and dashing inside.

    By Breahna URL on 10.05.2017

  38. food is tempting, but even moreso are scantily clad individuals in my newsfeed. lust. sex. and food. so which is worse, overeating or undersexed.

    By zora on 10.05.2017

  39. The way ice cream on a hot summer’s day tempted children, that is how he tempted her. She could not resist him. He was a delectable treat, worth savoring. Serenity intended on devouring her prey whole. She could not stop thinking about him. Every minute, every second, he was at the forefront of her mind. Teasing her. Demanding her attention.

    By GoWestBunny URL on 10.05.2017

  40. When i think of tempting i think of something that i like. I know the definition of tempting isnt stuff you hate, it’s liking things you like and want.

    By solara URL on 10.05.2017