March 25th, 2012 | 320 Entries

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320 Entries for “temper”

  1. I have a crazy temper sometimes. I think it is because my daddy hit me.
    Screaming. So much screaming that still rings in my ears. I do not know how I will ever recover… but I hope to find peace.

    By Victoria on 03.25.2012

  2. short temper, madness, anger, ignorance. Emotions people cant control when furious. They get irritated and hate everyone, it happens when they are pissed off or things dont go the way they want. It tells how long it will take until a person explodes with anger and fury. A fireball ready to explode. Like a volcano bursting with lava, with no warning.

    By Gabi on 03.25.2012

  3. I hated when he lost his temper in front of me. It drove me wild. Not to mention the fact that it makes me so nervous. I thought one day he might get out of hand and hurt me. By accident or not, I don’t ever want to risk being in danger like that.

    By Sloane on 03.25.2012

  4. He had such a temper. I mean, he could melt iron on his forehead when he got mad. So she was afraid to tell him she had wrecked the car. Well, not wrecked, really. It wasn’t much more than a “ding.” But to him, it would be ruined, wrecked, totalled. So how to tell him? Start with food, her mother had told her. Fix him something he loves.

    By Rhonda URL on 03.25.2012

  5. I get frustrated very often, quite frankly. People are just very narrow-minded nowadays and aim for so little. Sometimes, I wish society wasn’t as…bad as this.

    But then again, I’m not the best person alive. I have my flaws.

    I have no right as well to be judgmental.

    By Alexis Lim URL on 03.25.2012

  6. temper temper
    T E M P E R

    By Julia on 03.25.2012

  7. She lost her temper, arms flailed wildly in the air as she struggled to get a grip on the man that raped her. Before, she was scared, but now — she was livid. Her fingers gripped the flesh of the man’s cheek and tore savagely with pointed nails. He cried into the night, and fled down the street. Never to be heard from again.

    By AfterMath on 03.25.2012

  8. i love feel that
    doesn’t matter nothing
    it’s what you are
    nothing else matters
    take me out
    franz ferdinand

    By alew rubalcava on 03.25.2012

  9. this is something that some people cannot control. I have one myself, but it’s hidden deep inside and very rarely comes out. I’d not like to be around someone when it does. To temper steel also means to harden it by repeated heating and cooling.

    By i dunno who knows on 03.25.2012

  10. tempers ehy do so many people have tempers? it only hurts you in the end in my opin cause its not going to matter later. so be hap

    By raina clayton on 03.25.2012

  11. This word is like a fuse.
    Gentle, wispy, its three threads formed together into a single braid. Innocent yet it calls for flames.
    You wouldn’t want to meet its friends.
    You might go boom.

    By Mia URL on 03.25.2012

  12. my temper. his temper. my temper is short, though i try to appear calm. but when i get heated, i still to yell. my voice is raised and they feed off my tone. i can feel the sting as it leaves my tongue and i look for the reaction in their eyes. too far?

    By kaitlin elizabeth on 03.25.2012

  13. hot like an irish man? nope. I’ll burn long and slow and cold. and you will never feel the warmth of my smile or the closeness of my heart again. It takes a lot to bring a glass of water to freezing point. It’s similar with me. I’m meltable, but you’re going to have to work for it.

    By Gloria on 03.25.2012

  14. Julie tried very hard to rein in her temper, but Scotty was really and truly pissing her off. His attitude toward her work bordered on contempt, and his attitude toward her personally wasn’t much better.

    By lil_nail URL on 03.25.2012

  15. Michael Yarletts<3 https://www.facebook.com/livesoffmusic022791 ~ HE has a temper, but I still love him. :)

    By Ariel URL on 03.25.2012

  16. nasty little thing, with sharp pointy teeth, never lets go, never forgets. slinks in the dark recesses, suddenly appears with a Bang

    By in_dolence on 03.25.2012

  17. Anger. Something that should be handled when out in public in order to fit in with society. There is a time and a place to have one. I used to have a temper especially toward anything that my parents would tell me to do or not do most of the time.

    By Victoria URL on 03.25.2012

  18. I lost it. My temper, I didn’t mean to…I say that every time…I looked away in shame.

    By Crystal URL on 03.25.2012

  19. bad temper steaming hot rage fury jealousy bad relationship abuse rape anger confusion terrible

    By Ambizzle on 03.25.2012

  20. Growling silently, its seething mass will asphyxiate you til it latches onto something else, and burns it with devilish relish — even if it consumes you along with it.

    By hekate URL on 03.25.2012

  21. You poor the warm milk in slowly. To temper the eggs as not to cook them Add vanilla, allspice, and nutmeg. whip to a froth, serve chilled over ice cream..

    By Crystal URL on 03.25.2012

  22. I’ve had a horrible temper. I was in preschool at the time. There was a classmate of mine who would always tease me and called me names. I would get so angry that I would chase him, and if I caught him I would beat him up as much as I can.

    By Minami on 03.25.2012

  23. watch yourself, that nasty flaming thing you release on me so often. I didn’t deserve it when I was a naked 6 year old and I don’t deserve it now. Show yourself, show yourself the truth of who you raised and how you raised her, see that temper? You gave it to her. She thanks you for it with every glare in your memory.

    By AV on 03.25.2012

  24. it is a measure of emotion. if you have a bad temper you are irritable and angry. if you have a good temper then you are cheerful and happy. or maybe not maybe i’m just writing to write

    By Ian on 03.25.2012

  25. That day, my hair was lighter than usual. I had worked in the garden the day before with wet cheeks and my hair absorbed the sun as i drank sweet tea amongst the roses.
    One thing you should know is that Johnny didn’t mean to do it. It was an accident. It was hot outside, and I was tired, and vexed, and the doctor had delivered the news only the week before, and i was melencholy.
    The saying ‘misery loves company’ is true. I hated Johnny for not being heartbroken as I was. I knew he cared, but only for me, and not for our dead child. And so i went out of my way to cause him pain. Words didn’t hurt me too much. Real, tangible things hurt me. But words hurt Johnny, and i hurled them at him, I hailed them onto him.
    His temper rose. It was noon, the sun was high and it burnt the stale air to a crisp. We were in the kitchen and i was wearing my yellow dress with the miniature roses on it that matched the ones outside the window. I was yelling and he was trying to reason with me, but I couldn’t listen. My cheeks were wet again. And i stoned him with those words. And he got angry with me.
    And he raised his hand.

    By Dulcie URL on 03.25.2012

  26. I have none. I don’t yell at you. I don’t yell at who I should. I turn any feeling inward, and yell at myself. I deserve it. I deserve everything I throw at myself.
    But really. Fuck them. Fuck him for not loving me and saying he did. Fuck you for putting this all on my shoulders. Fuck this all, let me get away for just a second.

    By Paige on 03.25.2012

  27. My temper is short. Anything I disagree with will set me off. You do something to offend me, that I don’t find amusing, will make me go off. Ignore you, yell at you, cuss you out, it does not matter. I know, I should learn to control it.

    By Elena URL on 03.25.2012

  28. Everyone has a temper. For some reason people measure it. You either have a short temper, or a long one. I disagree. I believe that rather than a temper being a length of something, it is a withstand ability. It is how much you can take. It is not a length, but an amount.

    By Kira URL on 03.25.2012

  29. I wish I could control my temper. I wish I could hold my tongue. I wish I could feign the right amount of happiness when you tell me these things I hate to hear. I wish your heart wasn’t so far away. I wish we could go back to 2010 and start all over again and maybe we wouldn’t screw up so much and maybe we’d still be happy and maybe I wouldn’t feel this way. Right now. About you.

    By Kat URL on 03.25.2012

  30. angry someone who is tempremental someone who reacts to situations without thinking, violent, aggressive, mean, snappy, rude, tightly strung,

    By philip on 03.25.2012

  31. Temper is a very important aspect of life. It may keep consumed and entertained. It is quite annoying when people assume something is temper when it is not because not everybody like people to think that they have temper.

    By Maxwell on 03.25.2012

  32. I was furious. I couldn’t believe how much my parents overreacted to this. I mean, yeah, I may have broken some kind of minor law, but it wasn’t one that was really paid careful attention too. I mean, seriously. Who cares if you take something that nobody claimed? It doesn’t even count as stealing.

    By Jonathan Tang on 03.25.2012

  33. angry

    By Mike on 03.25.2012

  34. Loud. ra

    By Quan URL on 03.25.2012

  35. The sea’s temper had worn out, it seemed. The waves tossed the ship like a play thing, and Marcy’s was thrown from her bed, however bed in this case is a relative term. She was awoken by the sound of sailor shouting. A man ran passed her room and yelled “What the hell? I don’t care if you’re captain’s daughter, I said all hands on deck!”

    By Quotes? Yes. URL on 03.25.2012

  36. mad. dont get mad over that. spilt milk. dont push your sister. teacher. face down. help. bad temper. sick. hospital. medicine. angry.

    By kaitlyn aubin on 03.25.2012

  37. Loud; aggressive. Quiet; passive. The spoken and unspoken words; eternal effects.

    By Anna on 03.25.2012

  38. red. hostile, quick, slow. angry, steam. upset, mad, explosive. it is destructive. emotional, words that you don’t mean. hard to control. quick to judge.

    By julie on 03.25.2012

  39. raping at your hearts door consumption of the socialized images the red comes up through your throat and as the scream echos your body does a strange dance, once of destruction and creation through the beautiful fragments

    By Michael M Dougan on 03.25.2012

  40. It’s scary when i lose my temper. I feel as though if my anger doesn’t get released somehow I am going to explode. Whether it be pulling on my hair till the pain is so bad I feel nothing else, or crying, because tears won’t hurt anyone, or writing, because that helps me express things I otherwise wouldn’t even be able to say in a room by myself.

    By Mellanie N. Covell URL on 03.25.2012