October 21st, 2012 | 317 Entries

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317 Entries for “teeth”

  1. going to the dentidt is alwys a scry thing the flouride tastes really bad. some of the doctors are nice but some are mean. they always tell me to floss I wonder how many teeth flossing saves

    By Sofia on 10.21.2012

  2. My little brother lost his first tooth today, and my mom sent me a photo because I am living three hours away from where his tooth sits under his pillow, patiently awaiting the tooth fairy.

    By rkelly on 10.21.2012

  3. to the teeth… to the bitter end. you have to keep fighting, despite wave after wave of oppression and sadness. thats what you have to do little bird…. in order to fly you have to first stand and fight. Grin and bare it. Bare your teeth to the world, show them that you are a fighter and you will not be defeated.

    By Sunnie URL on 10.21.2012

  4. He looked at me and smiled. His white teeth blew me away and made me realize how bad I wanted to kiss him. The sparkle in his eyes made me believe that he was thinking the same as I was. I turned around and started to walk towards the bright light.

    By lisa schouten on 10.21.2012

  5. Those teeth. Those eyes. Both sharp. Both wise. Cut stone. Pierce flesh. Both tear right through your vest. The sheen. The glow. The hungry carnivore. Stripped skin. Bare bone. Melting like ice cream cones. You kiss. You claw. You growl like a chainsaw. You dream. You hope. You slip down ivory slopes.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.21.2012

  6. Teeth chatter in December dusk. I know because that night I stood beside him at the fire. It was dark and I was cold and everything was quite, but I stayed because I liked the way the marshmallows burnt and the smoke burned my eyes. Everything was better at night.

    By savannah on 10.21.2012

  7. I grind mine
    I like how it feels after I put my retainer in
    Sometimes I like the feeling after I floss them really well
    I have dreams about losing all my teeth and I panic a lot but then I wake up and I feel so much better

    By hollymarie URL on 10.21.2012

  8. he carried about his person
    At all times
    A gob half full with saffron tinged teeth
    Enthused with nicotine, coated with caffeine
    Their skin peeling to leave the cancer of is mouth

    By gsk URL on 10.21.2012

  9. And we are dancing insane and the music is blaring and the lights are flashing and everything is in slow slow motion and every direction goes nowhere and everywhere and I rub more ketamine into my gums and my teeth are a void that I can’t feel but can vaguely remember having in some long-distant past.

    By Ettie URL on 10.21.2012

  10. I am afraid of the dentist. My teeth rattles when I just drive by a dental office. Some fear clowns and the bogeyman in the closet. I am scared of the torturer in the white coat coming at me with that contraption.

    By leelee on 10.21.2012

  11. Her hair all knotted up in her head, her clothes as tattered as an old classroom rug and her teeth, black like the night sky when the stars don’t shine. The woman came closer and closer, repeating over and over again “please sir, please gimme a hand,” as if her life depended on how well she seduced me into giving her some bucks.

    By Gisela A on 10.21.2012

  12. My teeth should be much whiter, I think. Or maybe not, I’m not so sure. Either way, tongues and teeth and various other mouth parts make me feel quite tingly inside because then I think that maybe one day I will have all of those things with a boy whom I love like the sun.

    By Katie on 10.21.2012

  13. My teeth are made out of jade. They glisten in the sun and everyone stares. I have had people try to collect my teeth in my sleep. But they cannot have them, these teeth are mine.

    By danielleyymarie URL on 10.21.2012

  14. my teeth are very stright! I want to keep brushing my teeth so they become white and beautiful. teeth are for eating food, and chewing things.

    By michael klesnncoc on 10.21.2012

  15. The teeth of the great white were all that I could see from the mouth of the cave. I shivered with apprehension as I donned my shield and pressed forth. I braced all the muscles in my body and stabbed it in the side.

    By shanna on 10.21.2012

  16. Teeth, semi-permanent fixtures in your mouth that make for a good smile. People judge you by their quality and cleanliness but cannot pay mind to much else if they can only see them. Chatter when they’re cold.

    By Jack on 10.21.2012

  17. Time is running out and im not writing anything about my teeth. (why must they be my teeth the subject?). It can also be my boyfriend’s teeth, always shiny and clean (not)

    By macotte URL on 10.21.2012

  18. Old Bill had six yellow teeth, long and gnarly; the rest lost to bar room brawls and a diet that consisted almost entirely of heavy drinking, heavy smoking and hot greasy chips. His dismal grin terrified his grandchildren.

    By vanilla URL on 10.21.2012

  19. The lion shows it’s teeth to the hyena but it doesn’t back away from the kill. The large cat stands up and the hyena backs a few steps while calling for help to steal the kill. Hyenas come and soon, the lion has to abandon it’s food.

    By Matty URL on 10.21.2012

  20. I know teeth are important, but I hate having to take care of them. Brushing. Flossing. Seems like a never ending job. Everyday no matter what. Since I’ve had so many problems with my teeth, I know I need to take care of them.

    By Aplin on 10.21.2012

  21. Teeth are things that grow in your mouth. When you consume calcium your teeth get stronger. You must brush your teeth twice a day to keep them clean and healthy. Teeth should be white but when you eat lots of sugar they can rot. Drinking lots of tea can turn your teeth brown. Braces make teeth straight but cost lots of money.

    By Mary on 10.21.2012

  22. I was finishing up in my dressing room when I brushed my hair back behind my ears and that’s when I noticed teeth marks on the side of my neck. Teeth marks! I couldn’t believe what had happened.

    By one shoe URL on 10.21.2012

  23. Smooth, white, biting.
    Flesh ripped.
    Sharp tipped.
    Take a breath.

    By nikkibacas URL on 10.21.2012

  24. I have pretty good teeth. Last weekend I went to the orthodontist, and he said I could get a frenectomy if I wanted to close my gap, but I don’t have to. Sometimes I feel lazy and forget to brush, though…That’s bad.

    By Lucy URL on 10.21.2012

  25. Damn, I’ve been grinding again. I could feel the sharpness of my teeth with my tongue. They felt off like they didn’t line up right or have the same shape and feel that they had when I went to sleep.

    By pretard URL on 10.21.2012

  26. I have quite strong teeth. I have never had any caveties (not sure how to spell that). I’m in love. I love her smile. Her perfect teeth. Everyhing about her is perfect. How do i tell her i love her? Help me please.

    By Jørgen Mangelrød on 10.21.2012

  27. teeth, are used for chewing food, you should take good care of your teeth because their awesome, and are pretty when clean.

    By Aislin on 10.21.2012

  28. Chomp chomp the child went. They felt huge to him. Those huge bricks breaking pieces of his carrot off. Teeth were so fascinating to him at his age. They were delicate and a couple were missing. He could feel the empty spaces with his tongue. It felt weird.

    By Fiona URL on 10.21.2012

  29. Teeth. You use them to chew food. Your mom or dad buys the food from the store. But somebody makes the food. Some food was probably made grudgingly, when the person had something else to do. Whoever made the food you put into your teeth had real life problems, and worries.
    You might even be eating a dead person’s food, because they died after they made it.
    And it all goes into your teeth, and you don’t even think twice about it.

    By Emma URL on 10.21.2012

  30. People think I’m a novice because I work in a small town firm. Little do they know that I cut my professional teeth in the big city at a dog eat dog corporation.

    By wgirl URL on 10.21.2012

  31. Teeth are crucial for all living things to survive. They break down our food so that we can feed ourselves. Teeth are usually crooked therefore when we are about 12 we go to the orthodontist and get braces.

    By Enrique on 10.21.2012

  32. teeth are weird. i mean have you ever just stared at someones teeth. unless your a dentist, no. none of us look at each others teeth.

    By delaney on 10.21.2012

  33. Teeth drag down exposed flesh, leaving raised red welts from the bottom of your ribs to prominent hip bones. You fight back a gasp, bite your knuckle and pant against it.

    By Sheonaid on 10.21.2012

  34. In my story, Erin will have braces because honestly I like braces. And then when Erin realizes that she and Miles like each other, he will admit that he really likes her with them and thinks that they are cute and confess that he used to have them.

    By Ayla Rae Baewer URL on 10.21.2012

  35. The girl had disgusting teeth. She looked like she was some kind of crack whore that hadn’et seen a toothbrush in months. Every time she spoke it was difficult to pay attention to what she was saying as the yellow and brown stains were so distracting. Her manner of speaking suggested that she was

    By this and that on 10.21.2012

  36. Sometimes my teeth get clouded with sugar and I lick them to feel clean again. Sometimes they feel slick from brushing and I lick them to feel how smooth they are. Sometimes they hurt when I bite too hard, but then I remember to slow down and it’s fine again.

    By Vee on 10.21.2012

  37. gnashing through the bitter flesh of the orange fruit, her fingers stained with its guts she felt a pain in her skin. . Am I allergic to this shit?

    I think I Just might be allergic to this. What happens if I keep eating it am I going to be sick? Yes. . Yes I am

    vomit vomit vomit

    By sarj on 10.21.2012

  38. She bites her cuticles. She chews them to the bed, pulling at her skin with her teeth. I swear that sometimes when she pulls back I see blood there, on those white, white teeth. Bloodstains. Why must she have bloodstains there, on her teeth?

    By Em Ramser URL on 10.21.2012

  39. they are white well at least some of them are. some people have braces on them and some people have retainers and headgear and all sorts of weird stuff on them.

    By Myla Marino on 10.21.2012

  40. My teeth chattered incessantly as the cold crept deeper and deeper into my tiny body. Nevertheless, I marveled at the powder like snow around me; vast and wide. The crystalline snowflakes rained down on me delicately, bathing me in the purity and light. If only my teeth would just stop ruining the experience.

    By lizt URL on 10.21.2012