February 17th, 2011 | 572 Entries

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572 Entries for “tangle”

  1. story of my emoitions. because nothing is straightening itself out right now. how are my emotions supposed to be straight when I think Im going crazy? Its a waste of time. Mine and yours. I should just cut you off. Maybe.

    By serene URL on 02.17.2011

  2. hair
    a movie
    an unfortunate situation
    tangled up with you

    By Sara Bennett on 02.17.2011

  3. princess
    the world
    i miss you

    By erandi URL on 02.17.2011

  4. I hate being tangled up with everything in my life. My hair use to get tangled all the time, but not anymore since my hair is so short, and only going to get shorter.

    By Michelle on 02.17.2011

  5. this is all a tangled mess that is rolling me up and slowly choking me. I want to be with him, I want to find comfort in his presence and know that even when away, I can be good enough. But these creeping doubts, insecurity, slowly takes hold and chokes me. Am I just a tangled mess? Like the clumps in my hair, needing a comb to tear them apart, when will I be good enough? Please, give me strenght like Harald Tangledhair so that I may be like he who became Fairhair and united Denmark. Let me unite my pieces together to make a greatness and find myself again

    By Spark URL on 02.17.2011

  6. I hate being tangled up in drama. So dumb. My hair use to get tangled all the time but now it is getting shorter and shorter.

    By Michelle URL on 02.17.2011

  7. tangle mangle, in the handle fact of ingle single and mingle…
    beagle, eagle, fagle, togle, doble…

    By elzanto on 02.17.2011

  8. Everything was a mess. Morgan stared at her hands, her fingers entwining like the tangle which was her life. She winced, and buried her head in them. How could she let this happen? She was meant to be in charge, and now everything was ruined. She had to fix it.

    By Sarah URL on 02.17.2011

  9. tangled up on blue is a great song by Bob dylan. He has other good songs too.

    By E on 02.17.2011

  10. I am tangled up, tangled up in Blue and sometimes in red, it shocks me sometimes the vibrancy of the tangle, the web we weave the revolutions of the mind. spin, spin, spin, we tangle with each other

    By Mike P URL on 02.17.2011

  11. Tangled, entangled. The movie, spun off of Rapunzel, but leaving a lasting visual image of a cocooned vision of girl wrapped in golden hair. Maybe not so much tangled, but engulfed.

    By Irem on 02.17.2011

  12. Our minds are reflected in our physical surroundings… my floor is covered in my fallen hair, tangled up in corners with dust bunnies for company.

    By Kendra on 02.17.2011

  13. Under bedcovers, more accurately surrounded by them. The bedcovers were everywhere, behind her back, around her arm, in between her legs. She didn’t want to escape the tangle and face another day. She’d rather stay tangled in bedcovers than in life. That was impossible, though. The alarm clock kept ringing and she got up to stop it, untangling herself.

    By Kira URL on 02.17.2011

  14. something your hair does when you sleep on it. something that people do when they get together. something that means things are messy.

    By Susan on 02.17.2011

  15. in a tangle, caught in these webs, the memories of your love and laughter, those deep blue eyes, i am caught here and forced to remember

    By luckyfish9 URL on 02.17.2011

  16. Her hair fell in thick loops down her back, and looked like rope spun from cinnamon and copper. She wore it braided and pulled into an artistic tangle, giving the appearance of a bird nest fit for avian royalty.

    By jenpen URL on 02.18.2011

  17. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. What does that oft-quoted phrase really mean? Do we create our own confusion? Our own sorry outcomes? Do lies play a part?

    Why can’t we alter our behavoior? Why can’t we stop being so human and try to be… better?

    Do we create our destiny by our mistakes? Do we have a choice?

    Is it just our bad luck to be born human and to have to behave accordingly? Can we not find a way to rise above?

    By Venus♀ on 02.18.2011

  18. “It’s just a tangled mess.” said Trixie as she picked through Agnes’ hair with a styling comb.

    I’m sorry,” said Agnes, I didn’t realize my naturally curly hair would react so strongly to those wind turbines.” “Reacting is one thing,” said Trixie as she stepped over the twelve-foot propellor, “but I said tangled.”

    By richpee URL on 02.18.2011

  19. Entanglement is a very devious little issue suffered by many. This mostly happens to your electric wires, cables, and so forth. You never really understand how it happened to them, when you specifically set them in a circle in your drawer. I would really love for someone to video tape this occurrence in a time-lapse video.

    By Ryan on 02.18.2011

  20. i want to tangle you up in my arms, hold you close to me. i want to take you away to where sea meets sand meets trees meets sky. i want to let the only noise be our steady breathing and our beating hearts. but what i want, most of all, is to have you. no matter where you are, no matter where we go.

    By meg on 02.18.2011

  21. I want to tangle you up in my arms, hold you close to me. I want to take you away to where sea meets sand meets trees meets sky. I want to let the only noise be our steady breathing and our beating hearts. But what I want, most of all, is to have you. No matter where you are, no matter where we go. You are all that matters.

    By megtastic URL on 02.18.2011

  22. her hair is in a tangle, black curls so knotted she screams as she tries to comb it, screams as i cut it. it is always this way she says, ever since i was small. unmanagable hair. unmanagable me. maybe that’s why she is so controlling. but her body betrays her

    By artifarti URL on 02.18.2011

  23. I feel tangled between these strings of connections I share with two people. Not even tangled, but intertwined. I cant let go of one, without losing myself in the process. I can’t be free without losing myself

    By Carrrie on 02.18.2011

  24. the first night. tangled up in the sheets together. I like you I like you I like you I’ve liked you for so long. you’re with him but I like you. I love you. I want to be with you for 9 months, fuck you, make you love me, then cut you out of my life. oh and tell you I want to marry you and not mean it. tangled up with you was the worst decision I’ve ever made. I miss you everyday. all the time. I would give anything to go back and relive those 9 months with you. try again, try harder. love you less, ignore you more. I would study your face, remember your lips. take more pictures, write more down. tangled up in you. I will forever be tangled up with you beneath those sheets.

    By Chelsea Baugher URL on 02.18.2011

  25. tangle tangle tango
    fortified walls and exterior salted stones

    By Kyle URL on 02.18.2011

  26. One word. God. The Almighty. The Be-All and End-All. The Beginning and The End. Everything comes from God. And everything goes back to God. Nothing is certain except God. God and only God is Perfect. Everything else is temporary. All that lives must die. Only God is Forever.

    By ThisOldMan URL on 02.18.2011

  27. Entrapped in your arms, we lay together in a state of oneness. Limbs and bodies intertwined, we are but one being in a bed of eternal happiness and love. A warm feeling rushes through us. Together we lay, togeher we stay, together as one; tangled.

    By Jake URL on 02.18.2011

  28. I’m tangled up in this web of life, i never know where it will lead me, sometimes I get tangled up with other people, and sometimes I get tangled up alone. It’s great. Being tangled up is the best thing to happen to anyone. Who knew how this web was going to work. I mean, we are tangled up in situations we create or are created for us. Enjoy being tangled up! I do. BUut be careful who you are tangled up with!! Don’t get tangled up in situations you cannot get out of and make sure you don’t give out personal information. Thats a tangle too far!

    By Debs URL on 02.18.2011

  29. tangle me up in nonsense, nonsense that my mind comprehends
    cause i can read you
    read you like i would and do myself
    your a good read
    id have coffee with me

    By Jenni URL on 02.18.2011

  30. tangle me up in nonsense, nonsense that my mind comprehends
    cause i can read you
    read you like i would and do myself
    youre a good read
    id have coffee with me.

    By jennibutts URL on 02.18.2011

  31. The intricate tangle of the web lured me in and kept me there. Every corner was a dead end, a ball of wool with no beginning. I’d given up ever escaping a long time ago. Then one day the voices began, whispering at me to go in particular directions. Having nothing to lose, or so I thought, I followed their words. An exit arrived and too eagerly I launched myself through it only to find that although the web had kept me trapped, it also kept me safe. Now I was in the battle of the real world, no tangle for a shield.

    By fionars URL on 02.18.2011

  32. O my
    tangle pie
    slip me a tenderloin
    on the sly

    bundle my cradle
    in flimmy flam silk
    eat all the possum boys
    and their ilk

    By Jeff Goodman on 02.18.2011

  33. She was tangled up in everything. No matter what she did, she couldn’t avoid that. The messiness of life, the subtleness of relationships. She couldn’t stop it just by wishing everything away, wishing that life were easy and perfect and uncomplicated.

    By Ady URL on 02.18.2011

  34. My hair got tangled up in the rope, which then got tangled up with everything else. Where was my brother when I needed him? He could always manage to untangle things without it hurting me, unlike myself, yanking my hair to try to get it loose again …

    By Kell on 02.18.2011

  35. Entangled in a lifetime of memories, it did not take him much time to forget them all and build new ones with the beautiful woman in front of him. All it took was an ‘I do’.

    By Aastha on 02.18.2011

  36. I was passing on my bike in the sunshine wheels shining, even singing out loud at the empty road until it was no longer empty and as the birdsong quieted I heard the sobbing. Help me — I’m caught. Help me – someone – I’ m alone here – someone -. among the berries – and thorns – I found her.

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 02.18.2011

  37. As she replayed the conversation back in her mind, she fingered the tangle in her hair creating knot after knot.

    By visage URL on 02.18.2011

  38. My hair sometimes gets all tangled up if I’ve been playing with it too much. Or my room mate’s sister got gum in her hair and secretly cut a chunk out. I cut my bangs when I was little. That was bad.

    By Meghan on 02.18.2011

  39. Tangled in the delicate web of a spider, a fly struggles furiously. The idiotic fly had flown unknowingly into the nearly invisible web of the spider, who was slowly making his way across the threads to reach it’s meal. As I sit here watching, I can’t help but feel like way of life. We fly into things that we can’t imagine and then try as we might, we can’t escape the spider who descends to feast on us.

    By Hana URL on 02.18.2011

  40. the tangle was too much

    By mehro URL on 02.18.2011