February 17th, 2011 | 572 Entries

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572 Entries for “tangle”

  1. One can get tangled in a web of lies so quickly. Once one starts, it’s impossible to finish. The best idea is to never start. Feelings are important, and lies are evil.

    By Melanie on 02.17.2011

  2. She lay there, the bright morning sun illuminating her naked body. Her breaths are even, her body totally vulnerable. Beautiful. The sheets are just as I left them, like a nest, cradling her while I’m gone.

    By RobotMoose on 02.17.2011

  3. tangled up, ah shit what now I just wanted a muffin. I feel like the monkeys will be catching up to us soon and trying to eat us, that sucks.

    By Dragonpowerful URL on 02.17.2011

  4. Tangled up in my mind
    I feel darkness creeping up my spine
    Everyday i Lose my mind
    To each ones own
    Im losing track of time
    I need the light
    to heal this blight
    To each ones own, to the end of time.

    By Mason on 02.17.2011

  5. It is about some things objects tangled and messed, or the threads can be tangled and stuck.

    By Ludmila URL on 02.17.2011

  6. tangle is like a knot. probably it will happen to your hair. to of them become interwined in a way inw hich they can not be easily separated even when you want them to. thier separation is a hard task. just like the separation of two people who become involved with each other.

    By ana on 02.17.2011

  7. Something about being in love and tangleing about the legs in a warm bed very sexy indeed
    Something about being in zen tangling about the mind with the gods mind drawing a zen tangle of thoughts

    By Katypila on 02.17.2011

  8. The bushes were tangled around my leg. I did not know what to do. I felt like a wild animal stuck and helpless. There wasnt much I could do now. It is what it is, but I had to figure something out. Everytime I moved I could feel a little ltear or

    By Laura on 02.17.2011

  9. Tangled up in my mind
    I feel darkness creeping up my spine
    Everyday i Lose my mind
    To each ones own
    Im losing track of time
    I need the light
    to heal this blight
    To each ones own, to the end of time

    By Mason URL on 02.17.2011

  10. limbs, my hair in my fingers, my lips with his. i want to be tangled. I want to not know where I end and he begins. oh but who the fuck is he.

    By lexichelle URL on 02.17.2011

  11. The best way to get through a tangle is to get methodical. The next move is to find a good angle for getting orientated; it is a key element in organization.

    After all, it was the lack of organization that created all those knots in the first place.

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.17.2011

  12. my fingers get tangled in my hair as I try to work out the knots that seem to always accumulate at the nape of my neck. I never had this problem when my hair was free from my shoulders and the tips touched the top of my ears, but now it tickles my collar bones with each step and tangles tangles tangles

    By lexichelle URL on 02.17.2011

  13. I found my game pad in a box. I picked it up and as I lifted a few other controllers along with other cords came along with it. When I investigated this supernatural situation. I realized that there was a ball of tangled cords in that box.

    By Luke URL on 02.17.2011

  14. Her hair fell to the floor and locked itself together without any rhyme or reason. She stared at the tangled heap on the floor and sobbed. Her bald head was cold against the harsh air, unaccustomed due to her wig. It was painful.

    By Andrea on 02.17.2011

  15. I’d never slept like that before.
    Just know you can’t pin everything on what I wanted, boy–I never had the thought that limbs could stack like that, all poised for a fire. There were knee joints piled high, elbows and torsos and ankles and spines, bone settled and fused to bone under 200 thread count cotton. I couldn’t help but worry then that maybe I wouldn’t be able to feel my feet again, perhaps ever, but you were too peaceful, too beautiful with the grey too-early morning light against the too-harsh lines of your face for me to risk stirring the blood in them again.
    I’d never slept like that before, not beside you, and I still haven’t;
    only counted how many times your lashes flutter through the things that you’re dreaming and feeling a thousand little ants crawl between my toes.

    By jack h. davis URL on 02.17.2011

  16. Hair. Mine isn’t long, but it tangles and tangles.
    Hours and hours spent on simply untangling the mass that manifests itself every day.
    Sometimes i just ignore it and go to school with a jungle.
    Not so great for my reputation.

    By Kristina on 02.17.2011

  17. It’s like when your hair gets tangled. You feel stuck. Stuck. Feel like you can’t do anything about it but in reality you can. Such a simple task can be done to untangled you hair and here you are stressing about it. Don’t stress about tangles just get tangled in your life.

    By ashley Harnish on 02.17.2011

  18. Your heart, my heart. We’re all so tangled. I never thought I’d let myself get into this kind of a mess… this kind of a struggle. But soon, my love, I will untangle myself from you. My heartstrings will be free from yours. I refuse to remain tangled in you.

    By Emilly Bond URL on 02.17.2011

  19. I’m tangled up in everything. Life, love, confusion. My hair is constantly in a tangle. But I love it. Because if you are off put from everything, you’re too safe. Get tangled up in the things you love. Life is messy.

    By Lizz URL on 02.17.2011

  20. running hands though silk and hair..

    By cellardoor URL on 02.17.2011

  21. There is a tangle in the weeds; the child needs through it with his fingers as he brings dandelions to his mother’s kitchen for a early mother’s day gift.

    By TLM on 02.17.2011

  22. running hands through silk and hair..

    By cellardoor URL on 02.17.2011

  23. pink. that’s the headphones. white. the ipod’s attached. black. is my phone plugged in? everything’s tangled, jumbled together in a big mess. you spend five minutes getting the knots out and by that time you forget which you needed…

    By Whitney URL on 02.17.2011

  24. I’m tangled in my thoughts and dreams. However he helps me to tie the knots where they need to be tied, and untangle the tangle where it needs to be untangled. I appreciate this act so very much. And could not possibly live without it. The end.!

    By Charles McDonald URL on 02.17.2011

  25. limbs entwined, trash from the weekend and our clothes thrown all over the backseat, in the floorboard and the rear window. everything in the car is a tangled mess, organized chaos. it doesn’t last long enough.

    By Whitney URL on 02.17.2011

  26. It keeps me here
    Just out of reach
    A tangled hell
    My ball does keep

    By stefie413 URL on 02.17.2011

  27. Tangle. Angle. Edges. Sharp edges. Always going back to the things you know you should be running from. But you can’t. Cause you’re tangled. Always, tangled.

    By Marla URL on 02.17.2011

  28. My hair was tangled in a complete and utter mess. Messier than it had ever been. It wasn’t windy, I hadn’t been running around- my mind was racing, racing, racing. I had no chance to catch up.

    By Jennifer URL on 02.17.2011

  29. the way you make my head all the time. you never grow, you never make it right. you tangle up my brain, you tangle me in pain. and its a pain that i cannot change, i cannot cure. so i’m hoping that soon, when the moon becomes new, you’ll become new, too, and untangle me from you.

    By amanda URL on 02.17.2011

  30. There was a tangle of hair falling haphazardly over her shoulder as she gazed into his eyes. Her dreams fell from her mind and her lifelong hopes were replaced by images of them hand in hand. They had just met, but already he was entangled in her life.

    By Kelsea on 02.17.2011

  31. She rand the brush through silken hair. It caught once or twice then let loose again as her heart had done so many times that day. Was it truly as simple to release the pains of the heart as it was the tangles in her hair?

    By Kitty Wenrick on 02.17.2011

  32. im tangled in a thing called life. this place has got me choked up. i cant handle it. i want to break free. i want her to break me free. i need to get out. i need to cut these strings that are twisted around my whole body. my fingers wont move

    By toby on 02.17.2011

  33. I knew her type. She was an emotional masochist. The signs were clear.

    Her M.O.? She let herself get attached. Tangled – one might say…

    Then she severed her ties one-by-one. She hated herself with every snip, yet relished the pain she thought she deserved. She thought if she could withstand these losses she would grow stronger. I’ve never met a more difficult case in my life. In the end, I don’t know what I could have done differently to help her not be this way.

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.17.2011

  34. i hate it when i get tangled in all this shit, it’s tiring and i want to comb myself out of this mess that i got myself into. i tried running away, but i’m still attached, it’s wrapped around my legs and dragging me down. help me get out.

    By charlotte on 02.17.2011

  35. hair, movie, wtf bitch fix that shit. trim your hair, get a cut, shave that dead shit off fired out hair. wth you thinking? wow really? lol stfu

    By constance URL on 02.17.2011

  36. my hair will always tangle.
    its really annoying cause he will never want me as much as he wants her. the tangles in my hair make him hate me…but not only that. he hates me anyway. its strange because i love him so much…but the tangles in my hair make him not want me anymore. i don’t understand…

    By Kelly on 02.17.2011

  37. I run my fingers through my hair and they are caught. Trapped in a nest. It refuses to let loose and I feel a stab of panic in my heart and my throat begins to close. I feel like an net has been thrown over me and I can no longer breathe.

    By Stacey on 02.17.2011

  38. You know this tangle that I’m in is really something of a pickle.
    Prickle, sickle, scythe, sky, high, bright, slight, fight, might, cry.

    I’m exhausted! I just want to rest my head on your shoulder and pretend all this never happened.

    By HelenGrant URL on 02.17.2011

  39. hair its brushed and then moussed. vines in the jungle seem to evaporate from my mind into the sea. so salty squid legs that intertwine with jellyfish and bees.

    By Daniel Nye on 02.17.2011

  40. same thing. one word keeps repeating. I am left to wonder to ponder to mistype every word that comes to mind. I have tangled my words and tangled my thoughts or no, the word itself has done it to me. never relenting.

    By daniel alfred what URL on 02.17.2011