February 18th, 2014 | 80 Entries

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80 Entries for “talon”

  1. I am in continuous awe of avarians who are able to handle birds of prey. Their lack of utter fear when it comes to handling these birds is amazing.

    By DAR on 02.18.2014

  2. Its talons ripping at my clothes, the ferocious bird cawed and beat its wings towards my face. I tried to cover my face with my hands, but its beak tore at my skin. I cried out.

    By Candace S. URL on 02.18.2014

  3. A sharp pointed end of a bird’s claw that could cause extreme damage if one were to come in contact with. This attention getting body part can be used to catch mice, baby chicks, rabbits, and an occasional squirrel.

    By D Robb URL on 02.18.2014

  4. We knew a witch was living out in those woods, because we used to find things scattered around the abandoned playground equipment. Weird things. Dried-out cow’s eyes, entire fingernails, severed bird talons, that sort of thing.

    By Jess on 02.18.2014

  5. She winced as the crone wrapped her talons around Maura’s wrist and squeezed. She hadn’t anticipated the raw anger that was now emanating from the old woman, and regretted her rash words. There was no going back, however, and Maura was resolved to face this new challenge.

    By Miranda on 02.18.2014

  6. There was a time, years ago, I was standing at my kitchen window enjoying an early spring show of flowers. When suddenly out of the sky an eagle flew by the window with a crow in its mouth, he spend the next 2 hours with his talons enbeded into the crow; meticuliously eating everything. It was horrifyling and I couldn’t stop watching. Like a strange tran wreck. When he finally left there was nothing left.

    By Bobbi URL on 02.18.2014

  7. The eagle dove from the tree toward the writhing water’s surface with the coast’s lifeblood making it’s annual journey landward and ending its travels in the grasp of the bird’s talons.

    By Dana on 02.18.2014

  8. Suddenly, without warning, the great creature swept down from the skies and scooped me up in its enormous talons. Flying high above London, I could see it all. The great tower, my home. The creature let out a great roar, sounding more lion than a large bird, which cracked through my eardrums and down into my bones.

    By Jude URL on 02.18.2014

  9. The talon of the beast struck the side of the mountain with the power of the ancients. Many watched as the beast teared the world as we know it.

    By Room 13 Aidan on 02.18.2014

  10. The sharp talon. The gleaming talon. The talon reached out and snatched… The typical ways a talon is described. Sharp… Scary. What if just once it was described as beautiful? Or majestic? What if it became less of a symbol of power, and more one of…..

    By Charlie URL on 02.18.2014

  11. We kept running and I tightened my grip on Gale’s hand, our legs getting cut by sharp branches and bugs smacking us in the face as we continued to dart through the woods at full speed. I wasn’t sure how far behind the creature was, but I didn’t want to turn around to find out. I was out of breath, and I could feel myself slipping…

    “Madge, no!” Gale yelled as our hands disconnected, and I could see the shadow of the large bird blocking out the sun overhead. I tripped, and before I knew it his large talons had me by the shoulders and I was heading upward towards the sky. My desperate screams to Gale were quickly lost as the creature took me higher and higher and higher…

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.18.2014

  12. His talons sunk into the baby rabbit as i watched. I wondered if I should feel sad. Remorseful. The bunny was dead but the hawk had the same right to live too right? Where does it cross the line between right and wrong? Where does anything? Sometimes I wish life could be just black and white. That make everything so easier. Why gray? Why maybe? Why someday? Black or white. Yes or no. Now or never.

    By Maxwell URL on 02.18.2014

  13. Life is a ledge, isn’t it?
    Digging our talons deep
    in the cliff edge.

    We grip, claw. Scrambling not to fall.
    But maybe letting go is living
    (not death at all).

    By Jem Page URL on 02.18.2014

  14. Something broke off a centimeter or two deep into the palm of my hand. Between the fury of the feathers and the screams, the smell of blood, the nerve-rattling energy that buzzes in my teeth, I didn’t even see the talon pierce my skin.

    By asavas URL on 02.18.2014

  15. I’m reading the prince of thorns,
    and the main character loses his mom’s life,
    his brother’s life, and his chance
    at any sense of good,

    entangled by thorns //

    Stargirl with your cellar door soul:
    my right talon dangles
    as I float, soar, then dive above you.
    The dangling becomes a shake of anticipation,
    you’re my prey. But you’re so special,
    so truly special. The realization is late.
    You’re not just prey, and I thought you
    were a wolf in a lioness dress.
    But as I descend on you, you stare back at me
    unwavering. My realization? My eagle’s soul
    searing sight
    missed it all along.
    You are a mountain lion, and we are
    each other’s prey.

    God I love fucking you.

    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 02.18.2014

  16. talon is the claw at the edge of an eagle’s foot. looped around in a necklace the talon is a fatal curve, blade on the end of a knife, feasting on hot blood

    By Alex E. on 02.18.2014

  17. An actual talon? My sister just walked in so I don’t know what I can write. Also I’m waiting for my friend on skype. Well, he’s my cousin, well, second cousin. Or something. And my mum’s washing up inn the next room. And I’m not great at typing. Excuses.
    Oh, and now the timer’s restarted. Didn’t really mean for that to happen but I’ll go with it. My friend’s messaging me on facebook, my brain has too many tabs open, as they say. But I believe in just going with it.

    By VIta Fox on 02.18.2014

  18. Sharp. Pain. Blood staining my thigh where his talon dragged down my leg, a punishment.

    By tori URL on 02.18.2014

  19. The bird flew confidently through the air, a tangible feeling of assurance hanging in the sky. The bird was a predator. A bald eagle clutching a poor mouse withing its talons. The sharp bite had already ended the unfortunate rodents life.

    By Mary on 02.18.2014

  20. The talon lodged in his throat. It pierced more than just the skin, it pierced his soul. Talbot made sure of it. He wanted to feel every second of the demon’s death. He deserved nothing more.

    By T on 02.18.2014

  21. I can’t describe what the bird looked like because I didn’t see it. I just felt it. I felt its talons dig into me as it grabbed hold of my shoulders and pulled me up, the giant wings pushing with a terrifying strength against the air. Then we were gone.

    By Vita URL on 02.18.2014

  22. Like a bird that lost its talon, thats how i feel until im finally complete. With the only one that means, and knows and feels. With the bird that can fly me to the skies and to heaven alike.

    By Ivan URL on 02.18.2014

  23. Talon. Eagle. Those spur things cowboys use on their boots. Now I picture two eagles in cowboy clothes, tacky pink fringes and all, duel at midday; dusty people watching the dusty street where two renegade birds with nothing to lose are about to engage in a good old-fashioned patriotic fight to the death.
    The shadow falls. Both eagles cry at the same time.

    By Acid URL on 02.18.2014

  24. The blade she produced was wicked, curving over her fingers and along the side of her hand like a steel talon, reflecting the light with a sinister gleam. Almost as sinister as the smile tugging at thin lips or the crazed look dancing in once-familiar eyes. “Here, pretty,” she sing-songed
    My fingers tightened around the hilt of my sword.
    “Lemme see you BLEED,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 02.18.2014

  25. A sharp and chiseled bone at the end of a skinny leg. Hooks food and pierces enemies. Weapon of choice for eagles soaring through the sky and all animals fear it below..

    By nick URL on 02.18.2014

  26. Weeks ago I laid in the yard of
    the house I grew up in
    (not growth as in age, but maturity)
    and I pricked my fingers on blades
    of grass, licked the blood as it trickled down
    my knuckle to my wrist,
    I closed my hungry eyes, clenched my teeth and wished
    my wings would spread at that very moment and
    I would just fly away into the dusk but
    when my lids lifted, my hands were no longer hands
    my finger nails no longer painted black
    and instead of wings
    I had grown talons
    and I stood and waved them in the air
    shook my talons at the sky, shocked, I spread them apart
    and dragged them alongside the side walk, scratched at tree trunks
    sharpened my talons into weapons of anger
    and for a moment I really loved them –
    I could hurt anything!

    But then I couldn’t pet my dog
    I couldn’t tussle my lover’s hair
    The candles in my home collected dust,
    the window shades remained closed even
    on the sunniest of days,
    and I tore my best dress to shreds,
    ripped up my bed spread and I couldn’t even
    wipe the tears from my eyes

    This new found ache of thankfulness grew inside me,
    I missed the hands I never thought twice about before,
    and I loved the legs I was given even though they weren’t wings
    and all of a sudden I was thankful for the frizz in my hair
    and my small feet and crooked toes – I became satisfied with myself.
    I wept for hours, thinking how foolish I am for wanting wings
    when they were meant for the birds, not for me – and the talons
    weren’t mine either – a bird would never use them so selfishly –
    I cried myself to sleep that night.

    When the sun rose the next morning
    I pulled myself out of bed and felt lighter –
    the weight on my arms had disappeared
    and my tired scarred skin was back!

    I kissed my fingertips and thanked the earth
    for making me as I once was-
    born with hands used for creation
    not destruction
    The power to make this place better
    spread paint on blank canvases
    and plant trees where people with talons
    had removed them.

    By stargirl URL on 02.18.2014

  27. Birds of prey have talons that help them catch stuff. Eagles and ravens are known for being good at seeing and scooping their dinner out of the water.

    By liz on 02.18.2014

  28. The talons of time
    grappling at
    gallons of ideas
    in an endless ocean
    and I’m floundering
    in its swells
    time is infinite
    but it is not mine.

    By thedugong URL on 02.18.2014

  29. I saw an eagle flying through the sky with large talons that grasped a small mouse crawling on the ground…it’s light little body slowly flew across the sky with the eagle as it left the horizon. I wonder if he’s ok.

    By Jessica on 02.18.2014

  30. Her days were filled with letters from different clients, all hoping her companies estimates had been wrong. She set the priority clients in one pile for someone higher up the ranks than her to handle. The mid-level clients were her correspondences.

    “I would enjoy working with letters more if they were delivered by bird.” She thought, a flash of smile lifting her eyebrows. The corners of her mouth remained as if stone.

    By Michelle URL on 02.18.2014

  31. A talon is a word that i am not sure what it means but im sure it is cherishful to people that like and live it.

    By edinabrownie URL on 02.18.2014

  32. The talon of the eagle shone in the sunlight as it grasped its prey. It raised its foot to its mouth and tore the flesh from the glistening talon. Blood pooled and dripped on to the dusty ground.

    By Jane on 02.18.2014

  33. We sat in the back seat
    giggling and talking excitedly about where we were going
    or what we had seen
    or something trivial and ridiculous
    as kids do.
    A look flashed in the rear view window,
    an ominous sound,
    one of our names,
    and if we didnt quieten, a hand would come
    from the front seat,
    iron and fire
    to slash
    at any offending legs she could find.

    By Miss Ann Thrope URL on 02.18.2014

  34. The shadow swept over us before we realized what was happening. Sharp, pointing talons dug into my partner’s flesh; I saw blood, and heard him scream as he was lifted off the ground. Then it was my turn to scream. Pain like I had never known before pierced my whole body as a heavy weight clamped around my torso. Warm wetness spattered the ground, and I was suddenly looking at it from the air.

    By Courka URL on 02.18.2014

  35. I looked up at the eagle, free as the wind, flying in the sky. An overwhelming sense of underachievement flowed through me and I wished more than anything that the eagle soaring above would have pick me up with its talons and take me somewhere I had never been before.

    By Sheradyn URL on 02.18.2014

  36. I stared at the creature in surprise. I had never seen a living animal before! I hadn’t known any could survive in this land. I screamed as it whipped it’s talon toward me.

    By Katie URL on 02.18.2014

  37. I prey on talons

    By Ricky URL on 02.18.2014

  38. Leagues above, I caught a glimpse of light, a reflection of the sun. I saw a majestic eagle, soaring at impeccable speeds. It had dominion over every bird in the sky. A noble bird, a kingly bird. From it’s mighty throne above; the eagle could see vermin for miles beyond that of any other. It was majestic this eagle. The eagle with the golden talon.

    By Jose on 02.18.2014

  39. Broken through the translucent skin stretched tight across her face I saw the milky white tip of a dislocated canine tooth, reaching like a talon into the stale air of the hospital.

    By aria autumn URL on 02.18.2014

  40. talons of silver and black frost bite
    – the neck of the lovers at dawn
    sinking into a burning embrace

    By leah URL on 02.18.2014