October 6th, 2010 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “tallest”

  1. I know I’m not the tallest, but sitting in the window overlooking the steady stream of students walk by, I feel like I am. They take up a mere inch of space between the index and thumb; I feel like I could squash them like a bug.

    By Meg URL on 10.06.2010

  2. Telling the tallest tale she could muster, Julie tried to shield her parents from the truth: that she had taken the baseball from her father’s office. Losing it was unforgivable and she couldn’t bear to live with her father’s disappointment.

    By Pamela on 10.06.2010

  3. He was the tallest guy I’ve ever known. He had the most impact too, in how I developed throughout the three and a half years that I spent with him.

    But now, I’m beyond him. His height is only literal.

    By Michele URL on 10.06.2010

  4. “You’ve… got to be the tallest Achorian I’ve ever met,” said the gray elf, staring up into the man’s eyes. “Everyone around here is… well, at least five feet. But you–” she fell silent. The man chuckled. “Not only am I intimidating, I’m also a side-show. Good to know.”

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 10.06.2010

  5. I am not tall at all. I’m actually very short. Sometimes it’s aggrevating, especially when people think that it’s funny to make fun of me. I hate my body. Sometimes I think that it’d just be easier if I was tall. At least I could reach things and not have to crane my neck to talk to people. I’m the short friend and I’m always going to look like I’m twelve.

    By Wicked Awesome New Englander. URL on 10.06.2010

  6. The tallest building in the world is different now, from when I was a kid.

    The times are always a-changin’. It seems more important now to pick and choose what to ignore, and what to pay attention to. So many people vying for such a small amount of attention.

    By Mel DuPont URL on 10.06.2010

  7. im not the tallest
    im not the shortest
    im the one in between
    i have the tallest and widest heart
    and the tallest vocabulary
    for someone so medium in height
    i have the tallest voice
    and the tallest laugh
    so in a way..
    you’re not the tallest
    i am (:

    By The Blondester(; URL on 10.06.2010

  8. I was always the tallest the one that stood out. thats good and bad. I said the wrong thing or if i was the prettiest. I was always the tallest.

    By GG on 10.06.2010

  9. he’s not the tallest person in the worls, but he looks simply nice. andi would really like to meet him. as soon as possible. maybe he’s to come at me and say sth.

    By Roxana URL on 10.06.2010

  10. Tell me a story…. a tall story. The world was a place of demons and monsters. Of whales that walked on all fours, rather than wasting time in the water. There world was fun then and I wasn’t so short. I remember it I truly do. It was fun to be little.

    By Sacha on 10.06.2010

  11. The tallest tree I could set my eyes on, the redwood, in California.
    But I’m not in California now. I’m in Manchester.
    There are no redwood trees here.
    But there were, I’d sit underneath it’s canopy and read, and write, and read, and write.
    It goes on and on, in the same way the redwood’s height shoots higher and higher.
    Tallest to me, is just a spec from the skies.

    By mindwhisperer URL on 10.06.2010

  12. He was the tallest kid in the class. So tall i fact that he reached the sky. He was swimming in the clouds when his mom called and said, “Big Johnny, get down here right now.” He was angry, but shrunk back to size to see his mom.

    By Vivian on 10.06.2010

  13. I was always the shortest kid in my classes growing up and then halfway through highschool, with little warning, I shot up. I’m not the tallest guy around, but I don’t think I’d like that either.

    By Rob URL on 10.06.2010

  14. The tallest tree stands proudest. It must be strong, for it has seen. It has seen how easily those who give in to the world fall. It was seen our ways, and understands. It must be strong, or it, too, will fall.

    By Amanda on 10.06.2010

  15. i like tall trees and tall mountins

    By johny on 10.06.2010

  16. Where is the tallest of the trees? Who is the king of the forest? It would be an everlasting adventure to climb these trees, and to tower the forest once you are complete. It is an everlasting dream.

    By Tay URL on 10.06.2010

  17. Over the tallest mountain, and across the deepest waters. I search the ways to thy beauty. Under the stars and through the mist, I find mine heart’s desire,

    By ColumbiaPhoenix URL on 10.06.2010

  18. Hotter than a bag of hell! You don’t know and won’t ever will, so stop slapping up on my porch and get on with you. The tallest man alive himself would not be able to convince me of anything but the God honest truth and I will tell you what: you are fully without capability.

    Now try THAT on for size, mister.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 10.06.2010

  19. She was the tallest of the bunch. Three apples taller than her older sister, she could smell the shampoo in Beatrice’s hair. From her perch above the shorter world, she saw landscapes as panorama and heard the wind where it . . .

    By 23ventriloquist URL on 10.06.2010

  20. tallest people plauy basketball– well, not really. i know some really short basketball playeres, and some tall peolple who stink at basketball :/ i dont like avocadoes, they make me barf

    By littledubs on 10.06.2010

  21. I swear these words are getting worse. He was the tallest man there, so tall in fact, that he had to stoop to stay inside buildings. He’d die at a young age because to be the -est of anything is a sure sign of a young death.

    By tammie URL on 10.06.2010

  22. i have never been the tallest person. my brother who is 8 years younger then me, he is now 12, is already taller then me. the good thing about not being very tall is that i can wear high heels and not tower over every one!!

    By alexis on 10.06.2010

  23. She was always the tallest. The smartest, the most beautiful, the most confident, the strongest. She smiled and the world bowed down to her, and the worst part was, no one knew why. Not her, not anyone else. She was a giant, we were nothing.

    By silence on 10.06.2010

  24. The tallest tale I’ve ever heard was actually about a tree and how tall it was. Apparently it wasn’t as tall as the tale-teller claimed.

    By Brantly URL on 10.06.2010

  25. I’ve already written about this word and after three refreshes I keep getting the same word, what’s the point of all this if I don’t get anything new? I could look at the same word over and over and write about it all on my own.

    By Rob URL on 10.06.2010

  26. I wish I felt like the tallest in a crowded room of people. Instead I am stuck somewhere in the middle in terms of literal height. But by tallest, I mean I wish I felt the most confident of anyone in the room. It would just make me feel better about myself.

    By Teeps on 10.06.2010

  27. my friend is tallest person I’ve ever known. Actually, he is the second tallest person I know. His name is Guillermo. He holds a PhD from the University of Waterloo in Canada. He is a now a professor at some college that I don’t know, but he is a great guy. Very intelligent, and very kind. He has been in Canada for five years.

    By F Reyes on 10.06.2010

  28. I was never the tallest in my family. My parents call me the vertically challenged one. I don’t like it all that much, but my mom says that I need to laugh about it. I don’t like being called names, and I wish she would understand. She does not like it when my brother makes fun of her for being shorter, but c’est la vie.

    By Jordan on 10.06.2010

  29. Tallest doesn’t mean better, it simply means taller. No, because it is higher than shorter, doesn’t mean it is better. THis isn’t the NBA, although life consists of slam dunks, missed shots, and buzzer-beaters.

    By Cory L on 10.06.2010

  30. I am the almighty tallest. I rule miscellaneous things. Anything that you control is beneath me.

    I fear herring.

    By Kizarvexius URL on 10.06.2010

  31. It wasn’t that I didn’t feel good standing there on the tallest building in New York, staring down at those below, but, playing a concert like this had never been something most people had seen in their life.

    By Greg Rogers on 10.06.2010

  32. i once got this free cd sampler and it had this song on it named we are taller children and i thought it was a clever title but the song sucked

    By marina saturday on 10.06.2010

  33. trees and hippes r gay as fck

    By miles robertson on 10.06.2010

  34. I was once the tallest of my age. But that time is long gone. Like the tallest tales of Bunyon, or the tallest tales of the wild west. That west is now tame. The bull now shackled. What will the tall tales of our future generation be?

    By James Black on 10.06.2010

  35. I wish I could be tallest! Mary Jones, She’s the talles one in my class, and I’m the shortest. Every body calls me the dwarf, and my papa tells me they’s all just jealous.

    By Alyssa URL on 10.06.2010

  36. Tallest. Tallestologie. Die Wissenschaft vom Größten. Was ist das größte? Das Weltall? Oder ist da draußen noch was größeres? Ist die Zeit größer als der Raum? Ist die Phantasie größter als Raum und Zeit? Und lässt sich das irgendwie testen?

    By Eli URL on 10.06.2010

  37. I wanted him to be the tallest horse I’d ever seen, but he wasn’t. I wanted it to be like it was when I was a young girl, when life stretched out ahead of me, when horses could take all the pain away. I wanted him to be something, anything, that I could hold onto.

    By purpleink URL on 10.06.2010

  38. Up the tallest tree in the world she went, and she didn’t even look at the view. Instead she jumped, spread out her arms as the wind whistled around her. Faster and faster she fell, and she closed her eyes and waited. Then the bright rainbow light of wings pierced her eyelids, and with a triumphant shout she swooped up into the sky.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 10.06.2010

  39. Vid wanted to climb the tallest tree on earth. He would go out and find it and Quin would stand at the bottom and shout obscene things to him while Vid himself stood precariously on the very top branch, as far up as he could go.

    By E. Correigh URL on 10.06.2010

  40. The tallest animal–the giraffe (obviously)–has trumpets on his head. On New Year’s Eve, if you pinch his nostrils, streamers will fly out of them. That’s what they’re for.

    By nlc URL on 10.06.2010