March 11th, 2013 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “tales”

  1. tales, tails, tales. In my life, my tales are of tails; elephants tails, dog tails, cat tails, mouse tails, liazrds tails. You can tell a lot from a tail.

    By Sophie on 03.11.2013

  2. tales- tales are told of princesses and princes. of dragons and fairies. they are made up of magic. tales are told to children because they can see them.

    By Lily URL on 03.11.2013

  3. fingers extend their tendrils
    like stems on an overgrown vine
    threatening flowers every hour of the day
    but producing only thorns
    and a handful of poorly constructed excesses
    each swimming by to send their regards
    tales convulsing rhythmically
    because, in the end
    even monsters have a heartbeat

    By slantedstories URL on 03.11.2013

  4. Didn’t your mother teach you not to tell tales? Evidently not. Except these tales are a little more damaging than whether or not it was you who took that last chocolate chip cookie. So, yes, ouch. Thank you, I appreciated that. Feel free to take your inconsiderate, lying mouth out of here now.

    By aura.rayne URL on 03.11.2013

  5. the tales were told and woven with care. He likes tales with twists and turns that take him into new lands and skies and seas. Missing tales is a catastrophe. Tales used to be common.

    By Jessica Roush on 03.11.2013

  6. many tales have led to beliefs, many tales like old-wifes tales are meant to stay tales but some have become urban legends and beliefs. in apartheid south africa we were led to believe the most amazing lies about the africans, they are going to come for us! guys would go to school with belts around their waists with strings of knives in them, ready for the “Black Danger”

    By Petrus on 03.11.2013

  7. I know this one has come up before, because I used it as the bio on my deviantART for a while. Done with these recycled words.

    By Julia A. URL on 03.11.2013

  8. They smiled at the memory. Many years had passed since those happy days when the whole family used to sit together in the garden, daylight slowly surrendering to darkness, and shared jokes and tales. Granny Mary had always had a penchant for tales, and a great sense of humor. How many laughs, how much happiness.
    They would never forget those great nights, the peace, the quiet, the family love.
    Now, both Jake and Lily had their own families: partners, children, homes. Their lives had taken different paths, and they had grown increasingly apart in the last years. Jake suddenly looked up, his eyes bright in the dim lit room. “Why don’t we have a BBQ at my house tomorrow evening? ”
    Granny Mary had long gone, their old house sold. But he was sure the magic of those starry nights was still hiding somewhere, waiting. All they had to do was get the family, and the new members, together under the blue sky.

    By Monica URL on 03.11.2013

  9. tales of love tales of hope tales of forgiveness tales of righteousness tales of trust
    why are there never tales of loss of pain of distrust of hopelessness

    to save us

    By helene URL on 03.11.2013

  10. The Scotts jeered at the new bloke from over the hill. His tales were reminiscent of those told repeatedly throughout the highlands, but he was impervious.

    By Tracy Whitt URL on 03.11.2013

  11. I like tales. Shark tale. Tail. Cat tail. I love cats. I have 3 jobs to support my collection of kitties. I dress them up. Is it weird that I am a 30 year old African American male? Tale rhymes with male.

    By Jill Buddah on 03.11.2013

  12. tales and snails and puppy dog tails
    tales of a town, of a life, of a child
    tales of woe and tales of wonder

    to read tales is great
    to write them is better
    to live them is the best

    By ShyanneEbbe URL on 03.11.2013

  13. So when I was but a young lad, I heard many tales that intrigued me. My father told me many of them and I always listened intently. Whatever happened to the ease of childhood.

    By Orion URL on 03.11.2013

  14. Tell me the tale of the talisman that grandma wore around her neck. I remember the opal, that glittering gem, the stone that matched her grey blue eyes when she stood next to the river bank.

    By Laura J on 03.11.2013

  15. fairy tales you know. those big tall tales you were told as a child. Dragon Tales, now that tv show was the shit. I wish I wish with all my heart to fly with Dragons in a world apart. I think that’s how it went.

    By Caitlin on 03.11.2013

  16. Tales of the past and the future. The children sat and listened with rapt attention to words they could barely understand and visions beyond anything they could comprehend. Not the most glorified and noble trade for one of his ancestry, perhaps, but it was enough. It was those who listened and tell his stories in turn that would grow to be the ones creating what he spoke of.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 03.11.2013

  17. When I’m older, I will tell my children and their children and their children tales of our love; I will tell them how we were inseparable and how I loved you with every fiber of my being. Then, I’ll tell them that love like that is hard to find and even harder to keep. “Don’t get your hopes up because the worst pain someone can feel is loving someone who doesn’t love you back,” I’ll tell them.

    By Danielle URL on 03.11.2013

  18. My elders always enchanted me with their stories. It seemed like they had lived through every myth, fable, and origin pertaining to everything I knew. Wit such fancies and roles already played out, I often wondered when it would be time for me to weave my own tales.

    By dorf URL on 03.11.2013

  19. Somehow it was real
    Somehow the tales you told me
    enveloped my brain, sent rapture
    down my spine and through my toes
    under the earth and to the beyond
    What was beyond there?
    Do your tales speak of this too?
    No one alive will ever know.

    By Jessica Tower URL on 03.11.2013

  20. tales are a simple thing. they come in many shapes and forms from many different voices. each culture has their own and each subculture within, their own. it’s hard to tell one’s own tale even if it’s the one we know the best. sharing your tale is difficult and will always be so, but it will always be yours, even if you never tell it. i wish i could share my tale with the world and so does everyone else.

    By whitney on 03.11.2013

  21. i’ve written about this before and i feel like i didn’t do it right.
    i know there is no wrong or right way to write. each of us has our own way but the beauty was lost in my rambling words as they are in this tale as well. i don’t know what else to say here but i wish i had a different word.

    By whitney on 03.11.2013

  22. born broken in torn tales and tall stories
    vague remembrances of nothing in particular
    a flash a light a flickr account
    a curved smile somehow sideways upside-down
    a deep breath spelled breathe
    because you didn’t know better back then
    a memory of a photo of a pretend truth
    which was never quite as great as you wanted it to be.

    By Matty M. on 03.11.2013

  23. Tales of the Grizzly Cat! And oh, what tales they are. The puma’s eerie scream against the bristly fields of corn. The Grizzly Cat stalks lovers, yes, when they are pigeon-holed among large haystacks, sucking straw while kissing with strings of seasoned saliva. The Grizzy Cat was shafted, you see, but a similarly grizzly lover. And the lover had more claws!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.11.2013

  24. Tales can be a part of an animal or a story of happiness, tragedy, love, or adventure. Either way they are wonderful.

    By Sam on 03.11.2013

  25. Tales of tales or tales without tails I remember when we used to share both or none but sitting in perfect silence could always be a tale of a kind even if it’s blue like watercolor stained sky and as a bowl of sand covered with sea that matches your eyes while sad or happy or everything else…

    By Iva on 03.11.2013

  26. Oh how I love tales!
    Short and funny, long and… and epic, tales of adventure and survival. I like a tall tale, a good one, one that you really truly want to believe, so much so that one day. You do.

    By Danalee URL on 03.11.2013

  27. Tales of wails indicating bales of fails in the trails make their way through the gales.

    By Marianne URL on 03.11.2013

  28. E pa ja neću da pišem na engleskom, jer ne razmišljam na engleskom, bar ne brzo. Volim svakakve priče, kao što volim svakakve stvari. Ali većinom moraju da budu kvalitetne, na bilo koji način.

    By tamara on 03.11.2013

  29. folk lores. farytales. a lie. Something that has a happy ending, a fantasy versus the cruel, desireous, manipulating reality of the world.

    By Sadie on 03.11.2013

  30. stories

    By K on 03.11.2013

  31. Tall tales had sprouted about the land beyond the mountains. Tales of dragons, and fairies, and trolls. Things that were dark and powerful, small but deadly, dangerous but utterly irresistible. It was these tales that start my story. I was drawn to them, and an inexplicable bond formed.

    By Kristina URL on 03.11.2013

  32. He always told stories. It wasn’t that he was a liar or that the tales he told were untruthful – his imagination was just too wild and unruly to be contained to one person. He threw his own spin on Greek legends and crafted his own epic fantasies, yet there was always one problem: He could never find the right person to listen.

    By Alexis URL on 03.11.2013

  33. She was quite fond of his stories. Stories which he chose to tell her at very particular times, as if he had been planning it for months. That is what makes a person. A person consists of his stories, if nothing else.

    By Nastya on 03.11.2013

  34. There were no tales. No stories ever written about what had happened to their family thousands of years ago. All that is known is that they survived. They made it through the harshest of days and have overcome all obstacles. No tales were needed to show just how fortunate they were to be able to carry on their family legacy.

    By T on 03.11.2013

  35. Tales of heroic deeds and fighting. Tales of loss and woe. Tales of truth and love and death. Tales to grow old to. Tales to inspire. Tales that get you up and punching the air. It’s what it’s all about: storytelling; the human instinct to stand up and hold their attention as you weave an imaginary kingdom that transcends the here and now and speaks to eternity.

    By Shimbo URL on 03.11.2013

  36. don’t tell me your stupid tales of why you are late.
    I have heard them all and still I wait for you.
    so which one of us is the foolish one?

    By Robin on 03.11.2013

  37. Sit down, little lad, let me tell you a tale. It starts in the days of my glorious youth. I will show you the path, I will lead you to truth; let nothing of what you’ve heard before stifle your curiosity. Let me sit you here, in front of my knee, where you may see what has become of me.

    By KT URL on 03.11.2013

  38. There is an evil force bedded down in the heart of the eastern suburbs of Sydney. A wealthy villain who can’t stop himself from telling tales and twisting the law with the almighty weight of his wallet. Until now his storytelling has served him so well. He puts on a convincing show. Who wouldn’t believe a Chairman after all? Particularly one known to hand out brown paper bags full of cash.

    Corporate corruption is never seen as such until it unravels in a putrid, lumpy mess of lies and greed. And his time will come.

    By pip333 URL on 03.11.2013

  39. tales remind me of the bedtime stories my mom and my grandma used to tell me when I was young. I have always loved them… and I still love them much…. i even love it when until now my sister would come and tell me tales and stories till I sleep.

    By Yara Abdel Bassir on 03.11.2013

  40. stories, stuff old people tell, or maybe just tails spelled incorrectly. Don´t really know what to say. Space odysseys would be fitting for tales. Stories of star travellers would be amazing.

    By Dan on 03.11.2013