March 11th, 2013 | 262 Entries

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262 Entries for “tales”

  1. We all tell tales. Tall tales. Short tales. Long tales, etc. I’d like to think that at the end of my days, most of my tales would be good. Well told. Lots of color to them. I know we all have dark tales sometimes but it’s nice to think that at the end, maybe the darkness in those tales will point to a light.

    By Marlena on 03.11.2013

  2. He told tales. She thought they were stories of his previous life, but they were tales. When she heard the word, she immediately thought of Fairy Tales of her youth. Except no one ever lives happily ever after.

    By Genna C. URL on 03.11.2013

  3. Her tales often left me wondering whether the world could truly be that awful, or if she just had a wild imagination, but considering the circumstances I could never truly be sure.

    By Amber Marolyn URL on 03.11.2013

  4. Tales of the old days, told to the disbelieving young, by the disenchanted old. Tales of better times, of times when men were good to one another, when they behaved human.

    By John Caffrey on 03.11.2013

  5. Tales Of Tragedy Part 1:

    She was hunting a buck. Thinking it was too embarrassing to stake her claim; another’s arrow took its place within the buck’s tender loin.

    Her family would go hungry tonight.

    By dramarie URL on 03.11.2013

  6. fabled stability reminding of a time
    when our paths were bound to cross
    tall tales of our intoxication
    recounted in mirrors
    all too vain
    wishing that hearts could courageously
    find complacency
    reminding happily
    of the negativity
    reflected in dichotomy.

    By Matty M. on 03.11.2013

  7. Ex
    A tale I know is about sex

    By Tina on 03.11.2013

  8. Tales are the most fascinating things. They can take you from anywhere to anywhere beyond your own scope of imagination. It is truly wondrous thing to get caught up in a mighty tale about some innocent character prevailing in the face of some impossible task/opponent.

    By Mejia on 03.11.2013

  9. stories of make believe life sometimes they true

    By Luis Apodaca on 03.11.2013

  10. I like tales the ones that frighten me like the first little Red Riding Hood that one is scary or like the first Hansel & Gretal that one is a little bit grim but there all… Tales I went to see the original Cinderella still a tale but grim well parents don’t read the grim books I wonder why?<Tales

    By Destiny on 03.11.2013

  11. I like to read all kinds of tales.i read scary tales,horror tales,baby tales.they are very inspiring and can teach you something(sometimes)

    By Nicole on 03.11.2013

  12. she started to get a picture of his life from his fragmented texts, the way he would send an apparently random question which actually would lead to a tale from three years ago, a memory that was sparked by the thought of her

    By lightthisfuse URL on 03.11.2013

  13. Tales are stories. They might be epics about heroes. Heroes are what people are always looking up to, but that no one wants to be. Stories, tales are inspiring. Yet no one wants to be the one to do the things. We want others to do things for us.

    By Tracy on 03.11.2013

  14. She told tales of the way she loved all her lovers. But what is true love when she’s had so many. There is not more then one “one” is there? The tales were tiring and stupid.

    By Corena Hasselle URL on 03.11.2013

  15. A world of its own, I wish I had some more to tell where I wasn’t me and the world wasn’t what it has become. The world is so many wonderful things but why does it have to delve into a life that doesn’t exist? because facing the truth is so much harder.

    By Mariam URL on 03.11.2013

  16. tales are from long ago they can be short or long they are made up they can have different characters. they can be passed down from generation to generation. they can explain something or teach you something. tales are usually exaggerated. Tales can be funny or wicked. they can be happy or sad. thye can be from other countries they can change over time

    By sally on 03.11.2013

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    By fdsfds on 03.11.2013

  18. There were tales of a mythical creature living in the deep forest….one creature so mysterious,
    so ephemeral, a creature that was believed to have a blue glow and a quiet song swirling in it’s prescence.

    By skylarkin URL on 03.11.2013

  19. she told far-fetched tales of camping expeditions that i am pretty sure never happened. how could she be so bold in her lies? it would be easy for anyone to figure out those things had never happened to her. Yet, she kept telling tale after tale, without regard for her reputation.

    By l on 03.11.2013

  20. Grandma always told us the most wonderful tales when we were kids. She read from this one large book, filled with fairy tales unlike the ones you hear of today. They weren’t sugar-coated and didn’t end in Happily Ever After. They were created to warn people of the cruelties in life and not to entertain.

    By Carly URL on 03.11.2013

  21. She told tales. Not of, but if. She spun stories of gold and silver, that dazzled and beguiled the mind. She was stolen away for these tales, but she didn’t give up. She now spun her tales of Iron and Fire, but they remained wondrous and gorgeous like a soaring hawk or the majestic sunrise.

    By Luke Bailey URL on 03.11.2013

  22. “Dragon tales, dragon tales.” The old children’s tv show jingle brought back memories to Kathy as she flipped through the channels. She smiled a little, knowing that some old things never change.

    By jen on 03.11.2013

  23. All those tales in the Bible have people who have strayed. Stayed from family, or God, or whatever it is. But, they’ve strayed. And standing there in that swamp, surrounded by cypress trees, I felt that. I felt the hollowness they must have felt. I felt the despai

    By Sarah H on 03.11.2013

  24. Tales as in fairy tales, the best tv series about fairy tales is once upon a time my dad and I enjoy that show every Sunday. I love Mary Margaret she’s so pretty.

    By Janaye on 03.11.2013

  25. Tales are stories waiting to speak.
    They’re legends and mysteries meant to make the mind wonder and think.
    They’re happy and magic and oh so profound,
    The weaving of tales- such a beautiful sound.

    By Leah on 03.11.2013

  26. We walked along the sidewalk, hand in hand, and at that moment I realized just how small my hand was to hers. Looking over at our locked hands I noticed how frail yet very strong hers had looked. Her nails were long and well kept with the reddest polish I have even seen. She walked proudly and sternly as if she had somewhere important to go. I saw how others made sure to move out of her path out of pure respect. We sat down at our favorite restaurant and began our visit; chatting back and forth. I listened intently to her stories of her childhood, work life, marriage and when she raised my mother, aunt and uncles. This woman is my grandmother. How I strive to be like her one day. She lived very poor yet so rich in love and life. I know without her strength and courage, I would not be here today. I would have not learned the lessons she taught my mother and my mother taught me. The bond of blood is stronger than any other bond. Our hearts will eternally be connected and even when her body is no longer living, she will be with me forever.

    By Kari URL on 03.11.2013

  27. the tales he could tell,
    from mountains to valleys,
    tundra to desert,
    he could tell them all.

    from up in the sky,
    to the depths of the sea.
    from the adventures of space,
    to the core of the earth,
    he always had a tale to tell.

    fascinating adults
    and children alike,
    his voice washed over them,
    and made them feel at home.

    like an old friend,
    it would soothe their worries,
    vanquish their fears,
    and brighten their day.

    until he stopped
    telling them.

    no more tales
    to tell,
    fears to save,
    worries to free.

    his voice had left,
    and there was no going back.
    so there was silence.

    someone began
    to tell
    one of his many tales
    to someone
    who had never heard him speak.

    and suddenly,
    his voice was all around again,
    speaking through
    those who heard it
    and shared it

    so that he was never gone,
    only resting awhile.

    By all4imagination URL on 03.11.2013

  28. We’ve heard plenty of tales like this since we entered the Fire Sands. Every crackpot with drool running down his chin wants us to go running after this pale child.

    By Sage URL on 03.11.2013

  29. The stories passed on,
    Tall ones
    I want our lives to have big long expansive
    mythos, epic
    The tales that follow us are known by all

    By jonathon URL on 03.11.2013

  30. Fairy tales how I love them !! aww I watch them at home on winter days to make me feel comfy and young and childish because we tend to forget just how very happy and simple life can be. not to worry about things so much. we are the main character of our own lifes.

    By Fannie Annie URL on 03.11.2013

  31. I hear everything. Every single snowflake coming out of your mouth as a soft word, as an (more or less) unexpected twist in a tale, one of those sorrowful stories with a moral message, I hear them between your breaths but my eyes stay closed.

    By kirish URL on 03.11.2013

  32. i love tales. they can mystify and make people feel enchanted by what they begin to feel. the love and emotional connection that they get when they engage with the characters

    By kyle on 03.11.2013

  33. lots and lots of tales. short ones long ones skiny ones tall ones. they all paint a picture of something magestic that happened to a single individual and they use words within these tales to show us and re-create the amazing experience so that we all may live it.

    By Mara URL on 03.11.2013

  34. Tall tales. Wives’ tales. Wind-in-sail tales. Tell me this or tell me that tales. Was it the animals or the people. Only Pi knows.

    By Delaney on 03.11.2013

  35. They told tales of great adventures, and they were passed down throughout the generations. Eventually it was forgotten how to dare, how to step out into the unknown. And as each generation became more and more passive, more and more tame, they lost what it meant to live life with courage and honor.

    By Archori URL on 03.11.2013

  36. She smacked my face for telling tales. And I cried. But not because she’d hurt me with the hard fire on her hand and not because she’d called me a liar. She’d find out. The owl-eyed man lived in the attic and he’d slouch down again.

    By penny dreadful URL on 03.11.2013

  37. dogs have tails cats have tail fish have tails but they have funny bones with a funny bendy spine tails can also be on a coin where there are heads and tails on a pound of penny

    By maddy slade on 03.11.2013

  38. The tales I’ve heard were never true. My heart sank when I learned that my favorite fairy ones were just a figment of someone’s imagination.

    By Ericka Renee URL on 03.11.2013

  39. an amazing story of heroics, tradgedy and usally an incredibly large lie to make the truth a lot better than it really is. also the hero wins.

    By Jaden on 03.11.2013

  40. I once knew a man with a tale. Or a tail. His tales, tails, were intricate, and unbelievable. Does that mean they are false? Who knows. But they happen. Tales share stories of love and hurt and loss and sorrow. But to share them is a gift. A tale of a tail is one to share.

    By melody fadaee on 03.11.2013