June 11th, 2012 | 375 Entries

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375 Entries for “switching”

  1. Sometimes I scratch my skin until it all comes off. I pull my hair out, blink until my eyes change colors, I rearrange body parts and I turn my head backwards. Sometimes I make myself into someone else for a day. Or for a month. Or for two hours until I can remember why I enjoy being me in the first place.

    By Whitney URL on 06.11.2012

  2. I like to switch topics in my head a lot. It’s great because i’m able to think of a ton of different things to think about and i just love to think and think and think. It helps me to relax. :) I just love thinking to relax.

    By Lauren L. on 06.11.2012

  3. life switching its gears very fast. youl never know whats gonna happen next so live fully and hope for the best.

    By Anit on 06.11.2012

  4. The time stitched what the mind felt. Searing and sultry was the fluff of intellect switching. One Zero ad nauseum. Bitching.

    By Kevin URL on 06.11.2012

  5. Today I’m switching attitudes. I’m going to like sunny days and blues rather than grey skies that rain upon me.

    By Tani on 06.11.2012

  6. I am switching from being a single minded individual to a considerable open minded animal.

    By kate coomber on 06.11.2012

  7. umm I don’t know, Love? Love!!!!! omg I just ate way too much.
    It’s kinda lonely here…. Oh well. Love! lol
    I just wanna be different. I love to be loved. I want more friends. I want to be discover… and peace! yes

    By Kae on 06.11.2012

  8. I hate it that i keep switching, from this to that.

    By sunita on 06.11.2012

  9. switching lanes shouldn’t have been a problem. it should have been a “look, check, turn” thing, but, of course, it wasn’t. nothing had been

    By Brigitte Tidwell on 06.11.2012

  10. Switching gears in life almost always scrapes the clutch. Each shift change and new season brings with it at least a little portion of death and dying and pain as we look back onto the world we once knew–a world so filled with memories that we have since elaborated and further idolized in our minds. And each second past they grow in the fashion that we allow them to be imprinted as Rorschach marks in our brain–with the black and white always the same but the interpretations all differing.

    By t44 URL on 06.11.2012

  11. Intransigent life forms, but wait I’m not so sure about this. Let’s go back to the more human tangible approach… Vanilla. Chocolate. It’s always going to change on us.

    By Julie London on 06.11.2012

  12. It’s an end to a new chapter. A new phase in life, we’re all growing old and apart. Taking leaps of faith as we go our separate ways. Life changes, plans change, ideas change, people change. Switching things up is healthy, it’s a new start, a good start. A start that everyone needs every once in a while.

    By Sami Tutti URL on 06.11.2012

  13. moving from one to another, im switching. i have to be one, i have to be the one. no im just me. i keep switching from me to another me. and back again. what has the world come to

    By marley URL on 06.12.2012

  14. I am always switching my language depending upon who I am talking to. With my students I am proper, with my friends, I am always dropping f bombs. I am switching my codes all the time, but it is rare that I forget who I am with.

    By kara on 06.12.2012

  15. I switched schools in fifth grade. At first it was scary, going from a tiny school to a large school. I grew accustomed to the large school, and began to fall in love with every aspect of it- the teachers, the students, the environment, and the school itself. At the end of my time at the large school, I realized the change had let me grow into myself and pursue what I was interested in, not what my friends were interested in. I learned that switching wasn’t a bad thing.

    By GrapesofGrace URL on 06.12.2012

  16. My whole world view is switching. I come from a very conservative background and after being at college for a year, I’ve realized I’m much more of a liberal. The things that my parents ground into me for years on end sounds awful when realized through a college student’s lens. My parents were wrong. My role models are switching.

    By Emily on 06.12.2012

  17. Changing flipping the switch to call about the monsters. They clang and crash into the water pulsating and whirring forward towards their destination. But they have no direction.

    By Justin on 06.12.2012

  18. dazzling. the apples on the trees shimmered in the summer breeze. momma always made jonathan and me pies with these golden apples. sweet and sticky in my mouth. cloying. we always knew when the seasons changed when the leaves on the trees began switching colors.

    By Elysia on 06.12.2012

  19. I like switching from my normal mode to my slap mode on my Cort Curbow 5 string bass. It brings out the fucking funk. Everyone likes it funky. If you don’t like it funky, then what are you? Nothing.

    By Paul on 06.12.2012

  20. I switch the button pressing, tugging, pulling, yanking. Why doesn’t it do anything??
    I just want this torture to stop, I want to change back from this monster, from all the damage I’ve created. Switch.

    By rdfjk on 06.12.2012

  21. It was the same routine, day in and day out. I thought, perhaps, about switching it up. I thought maybe I’d get a tea instead of a coffee, or for lunch have soup and a sandwich. But no, I was stuck doing the same thing because I was too scared of change. After all change took him away from me…

    By Brittface URL on 06.12.2012

  22. I would do anything to switch bodies with the beautiful men on the magazines. Any magazine would do. I hated myself. I couldn’t bring a memory to mind of when my body wasn’t my enemy. Of when I didn’t feel inferior to everyone around me who was so beautiful.

    By Ruben URL on 06.12.2012

  23. from place to place from time and space who am i switching identities switching off and on in search of power switching faces wearing masks switching hearts

    By jonna on 06.12.2012

  24. I would like to switch brains with someone else today, mine’s not thinking properly today, this isn’t even helping. bleugh.

    By kirsty booth URL on 06.12.2012

  25. Should I write or should I stop. I so want to switch tabs or close this window and get back to work before my boss finds out that I’m typing here.

    By Jane Jacquelie Vestil URL on 06.12.2012

  26. places with somebody more active, switching bodies with someone taller

    not going to happen
    be happy with what i have now and love life as it is

    By deb on 06.12.2012

  27. Switching is a way to try and be something you want to be but can’t so you switch your dreams and ideals to fit yourself, when really you should be switching yourself to fit your dreams and ideals. to switch yourself into what and who you desire to become is the true definition of the action. The true deifnition of life. All people should strive to switch thier lives for the better dream, the dream that changes not only themselves, but the world around them and beyond.

    By Sam K. on 06.12.2012

  28. She switch her heart from left to right. Normal to irregular. Alive yet it beat so silent. The agony of her crushing feelings fill up to the rim. Just wait till all those sorrows spill.

    By Bluecab on 06.12.2012

  29. Switching schools, its never happened in the middle of a year for me, but this year it kinda feels like that. Even though I am not switching schools so much as leaving. And it is at the end of the year, its just, it feels unfinished. I just don’t know what will happen. I think I want to drop out, but then I will feel like a failure. I will be a literal failure too. bniewkfvj.bhgduetjriwwefkdvmjjoajvfdjioewwpwqjfmb vnb n

    By Ki'el on 06.12.2012

  30. Me and my mom used to not get along. Although one day I ended up switching lives with my mother. Then I realized what it was like walking in her shoes, and we ended up finally understanding each other’s positions in life. And respected one another.

    By Mcfucker on 06.12.2012

  31. Switching hearts, swapping numbers, exchanging names. All this is happening backwards. it isn’t supposed to be like this. Aren’t you supposed to love first and fall apart second? Not fall into bed and then hate each others guts before anyone ever bought the other a dinner and said goodnight.

    By Cassie URL on 06.12.2012

  32. There’s something about faucets: I can’t decide whether to turn it off with my left or right, my right or left. Ambidextrous, maybe? I don’t know. Maybe I could switch my switch beside the sink if I could put together one – I am that inventive!

    By Jess URL on 06.12.2012

  33. switchin happens quite a lot in every phase of the life
    switching fron one toy to other
    switching from one stream to other in education
    switching partners :P
    switching jobs
    switching homes
    but u need to be quite careful with the switchin though.

    By rekha on 06.12.2012

  34. Switching the switches switched nothing. Switching to the new switches however switched everything. It was switched for the better when the new switches were switched for the old switches.

    By Muppet on 06.12.2012

  35. i remember about a switchinf theory i have learnt in my engineering. but anyways i dont remmebr anything about it. however.swtiching also means switching place. i hate people who switch places. people like this are likely to get it nicely some day or the other

    By Violet Stevens on 06.12.2012

  36. Switching.
    But to what?
    Am I switing to the enticing rythms?
    Or to invisible whips clinging to my back as they break away

    By daijha URL on 06.12.2012

  37. I’m switching off now. Goodbye – forever. As the screen goes blank I think, I’m switching off a whole life. Can I switch it on again tomorrow?

    By E A M Harris URL on 06.12.2012

  38. Switching.
    But to what?
    Am I switing to the enticing rythms?
    Or to invisible whips clinging to my back as they break away.
    Im switching courses. Swiching dreams, lies, memories.
    And forgeting the old ones.

    By Daijha Renee URL on 06.12.2012

  39. My corpse is a nest infested with dying dreams.
    Floating below my legs and swimming into my decaying eyes.
    Why so cold? Why so hollow?
    Because I’m still so fucking young.

    By Daijha Renee URL on 06.12.2012

  40. There is something I really dislike about people switching shifts at work for reasons I do not see as emergencies. it seems like they are taking advantage of the system.

    I just switched my major and I used ot think I avoid switching around like that becaue I began as undecided.

    By jill on 06.12.2012