June 11th, 2012 | 375 Entries

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375 Entries for “switching”

  1. Switching political parties seems to be happening with some frequency. Switching genders also happens, now with more frequency than then. Switching brands of cars, groceries, churches is rather common, too; I guess one doesn’t usually refer to churches as a “brand,” but you get the idea.

    By Lucinda on 06.11.2012

  2. switching items from one spot to another is a difficult process and takes an agile mind to complete. You can switch anything from your car, to a new tv even a new girlfriend. Switching gives you options.

    By REBECCA on 06.11.2012

  3. I was switching the channels wehn all of a sudden someone knocked on the door. i wasnt expecting anyone so i slowing got up to the door be careful so i couldnt be seen. when i looked out the small window i saw a little boy holding a box. i slowily opend the door.

    By Lexi on 06.11.2012

  4. He found it disturbing how often her demeanor changed.
    There were times when he found her bent over her desk in her study well past two in the morning, right hand writing out the sheet music for a concerto and the left writing rapidly in Portuguese or Korean or whichever language had recently taken her fancy. When he would try to talk to her, try to convince her to come back to bed, she’d look up at him with that brilliant, dangerous look in her eye, hair falling into her face, and simply reply, “No.”
    Without fail, she always looked deranged.
    Still, after days and months and years of this inconsistent mania, he has only seen her dim, not fully switch off that bright, burning look in her eyes.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.11.2012

  5. the sun and the moon, switching places each day. the sun gives the moon a break from shining so bright through the night, sends it back home to the stars only to return to give the sun it’s due rest from sharing its light with the world for a whole day.

    By anna on 06.11.2012

  6. Switching sorrows with
    me was never a good plan.
    Soon you’ll be sorry.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.11.2012

  7. Switching the switch on and off takes a lot of effort. Some people take longer, others take so quickly it’s like making pancakes. But once in a while we come across someone who needs switching help. There’s not a lot of friends we can depend on for this, but we only need that one true friend who will see us through until we’ve made that switch.

    By Andy URL on 06.11.2012

  8. I wrote about this before I signed up. Lindsey Lohan, twin switchings. This would be hard. When thinking about switching life around it gets scary. I’m headed to college soon and my whole life will be switched up. How’re we suppose to live when everything is being switched around.

    By Haley URL on 06.11.2012

  9. switching will bring us all closer togeather and break us all apart. it will be the begining and the end. if we dont learn as much as we can about it we will all surly parish. for what is a world without it, and what is a world with it.

    By Nathan Anderson on 06.11.2012

  10. switching lives with someone is something that I have thought of before. I wanted to know, from first hand experience, how to be a man, a millionaire, very poor, super smart, dumbest one, and many more! Switching also makes me think of Freaky Friday.

    By Rizet on 06.11.2012

  11. Freaky friday-ish. Insanity is oncoming when you are switching your minds. a lot of people switch their rules to benefit themselves no lie.

    By Libbi H. URL on 06.11.2012

  12. sitting in the living room. mom wants to watch the mediator, but mystery diners is on and i must see the ending. we argue back and forth, both with our separate remotes, switching channels on each other in our own little television war. at last my mother surrenders, for we have watched three episodes of the mediator. victory is sweet.

    By emily on 06.11.2012

  13. sometimes i think about switching to a different tab whenver someone walks in on me on some sort of internet page but then i remember people suck and i really dont give a fuck about what they think so its really not their business ok ok ok ok ok YEs facebook me i love life switching

    By me on 06.11.2012

  14. I have found my self switching my inner voice to dance to a different tune. One that witch is as close to the legacy of those that have passed and left forever etchings of a standard so high ; it is something to be marveled at and will humble all those that truly let them selves see and attempt to be a fraction of the men and women they strive to be that lived loved and touched the souls they encountered throught their time on this planet. Living by a code that witch is something of a old fashion way of thought and way of life. One that in his day and age is a challenge to live by and is tempted by the darker sides of life every step of the way. With each failure follow it by two possitives and in the end it will out way the mistakes and choices made. *** heal our wounds … leave the scars ***

    challenge to live by;

    By shiftydove URL on 06.11.2012

  15. I guess I shouldn’t have read all the other entries before I started this one because now thinking up something original is really hard. Also I’m an uber slow typer – I’m just realising this now… handy. I want to switch up my life a bit, if that’s on topic, so I don’t end up in a dead end town where women have three babies before they’re twenty and wear fat pants and have terrible regrowth.

    By Lauren O URL on 06.11.2012

  16. We had been switching for quite some time. Top to bottom, left to right, up and down. Until finally we just gave up. I sat up in bed and lit a cigarette. “Sorry about that,” I said.

    By bozlo URL on 06.11.2012

  17. Switching can get you killed..if your a gang banger. Switching can throw off the pitcher..if your a hitter. Switching can get you called gay..If you go gay. Switching may confuse, startle, shock and awe. But switching will always just be switching.

    By ajloopy URL on 06.11.2012

  18. Back and forth. Why not? Patterns? Switch the negative ones. Make them positive. Partners? Take your time. Positions? Always. Try new. Try lots and lots of new. New is good. Scary and new is even better. Switch yourself, constantly.

    By Mike on 06.11.2012

  19. I didn’t know it then, but he did. It wasn’t like we’d talked about it. It wasn’t as if our paths had crossed so often that we’d come together to chat, to plan, to make our brilliance a reality. But it was there in the back of both our minds, just waiting. Somehow it worked. She didn’t know I wasn’t him and he didn’t know he wasn’t me.

    By Hudson Scott URL on 06.11.2012

  20. Sometimes I think about switching the direction my life is going. What I’m doing now is what the old me wanted. The stable me. The sensible me. The me that desired to love and follow Jesus. But for some reason, the me that lives in my body right now has a hard time desiring those things. The me living in my body now doesn’t really desire to know God or become more Christlike. Instead, she just wants to live out her fantasies without consequences, push the envelope, and “live it up”. The world tells me I can do it without facing any real consequences. But in my heart of hearts, I know that’s a lie. I know that I can’t live that way without hurting myself and others emotionally, damaging myself even more than I already have, etc… eventually, I’m going to have to put those desires in the back seat. Actually, I’m going to have to do that soon. Like now, pretty much. I’ve been deceived. I know that, but I don’t believe it. I believe that physical intimacy, a guy’s attention, popularity, alcohol, and a lack of responsibility or accountability will make me happy. I don’t believe that giving up sin to follow Jesus and become more like Him will. But if I’m honest with myself, I know I’m believing lies. I just wish it were easier to change my desires. I wish I could switch my desire for things that I know are bad for me (the things that will only disappoint me and leave me empty in the long run), with a desire for the things I know I need (the things that can truly bring me joy). I wish I could believe the things I know.

    By Maruschka on 06.11.2012

  21. im switching lanes as my mind drifts, it goes back and forth as if in sync with the car. Im not steering it but it somehow knows the path its on.

    By Jessica on 06.11.2012

  22. difffernt
    people seats
    musical chairs
    high school ‘schedule
    jeydon wale

    By Julie on 06.11.2012

  23. Switching from back and forth, decisons decision. I want to know where my future is taking me but my mind cannot make up its damn mind. I want to keep my head straight but i am no longer sure what to do. The on and off switch on my wall reminds me of where my head is at.

    By christa on 06.11.2012

  24. I like change, I embrace change. That is a personal choice that could be beneficial for many people if taken into reality. I love the roller coaster of life and every new glimmer of light it brings.

    By ajani32inaja URL on 06.11.2012

  25. switching people. switching back and forth. people switching back and forth. Outside they’re one person, inside they’re another. They put on a facade for the world.

    By katy on 06.11.2012

  26. awl deez bitchez sayin $hit lyk “he’z switchin storys” but dat just aint tru my freind…:*

    By Riley on 06.11.2012

  27. you would like to have an ability to switch from world to world, from universe to universe. Switching is a cool ability that everybody dream of. Would you like to be able to switch between male and female?

    By jk on 06.11.2012

  28. What is switching? Switching is replace something old with something new.

    By Silver on 06.11.2012

  29. switching from schools i want to switch from husson to UCB or anywhere ese switch my major as we;;

    By Paige on 06.11.2012

  30. back and forth through the lanes of traffic, swerving between other moving vehicles changing places with another. taking ones spot. taking the spot that someone needs to fill for life to keep on moving forward the way it always has.

    By tara on 06.11.2012

  31. transforming into something. gears. turning off the light. changing clothes. tunes. methods of play. channels. The last time I switched something, it didn’t work — the light. I think the bulb is burnt. I’ve yet to change it. I actually don’t plan to change it. But I always think that the light will turn on when I flip the switch.

    By tiney fay on 06.11.2012

  32. Switching between subconcious thoughts and reality was nothing new for pendragon.

    By Janelle URL on 06.11.2012

  33. .

    By Janelle URL on 06.11.2012

  34. It’s been 8 months, I think, and I can see both paths so clearly. The one I’m on, and the one that begins at her feet. What seemed impossible now seems close; what seemed invisible now seems clear. Now I know that her path is so much closer to my own than I had ever thought.

    By N. Hart URL on 06.11.2012

  35. switching reminds me of my mind going back and forth. one day i’m happy. one day i want to killy myself. things are always changing. i had to load the ppaper. that’s why i didn’t get to write much about this subject.

    why am i happy one day and so sad another? why does my mind change when i hear different advice from other people? i am definitely aware of this, but don’t know why and how i operate. i’m really like the water. so flexible, but not so strong.

    By Minh Singer on 06.11.2012

  36. away from you and to something new. changing direction, changing my mind. choosing something better. new ness, and the unknown. new prospects. replacement and substitution, caused from disappointment or dissatisfaction. constantly switching, constantly replacing and substituting.

    By lizzie on 06.11.2012

  37. “You’re switching Keepers?”


    “But why?”

    “Because he’s better at it.”

    “Better?” Hermione shrieked. “God, he didn’t even block a single goal!”

    “Hermione, no one’s going to say–”


    By ollie URL on 06.11.2012

  38. “To think! Bill Gates has the same amount of times as we do, and look at where he is! I don’t want to switch places with anyone else. I want to be myself. I’m not narcissistic or anything, I would miss myself if I was someone else. I can’t imagine life as anyone else but me.”

    By Locke URL on 06.11.2012

  39. I am switching

    By GinnyNg URL on 06.11.2012

  40. i was switching to new world, i learned from new experiences and world.

    By filza URL on 06.11.2012