March 6th, 2012 | 535 Entries

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535 Entries for “swing”

  1. Swing, Swing, Swing.
    Forwards, Backwards, and those moments when you’re on the ground, lower than you normally walk, and you’re trying to keep your feet from dragging in the dust below you.
    Swing, Swing, Swing.
    Acceleration, dip, and the moment when you skip the chain when you’re in the air, higher than you normally walk, and you’re trying to keep your breath in your lungs where the air is the most clear.
    Swing, Swing, Swing.
    In all seconds of all moments and all breaths and holdings of them, and thoughts of forwards, backwards, and those moments when you’re on the ground…
    Swing, Swing, Swing.

    By Tiffany URL on 03.06.2012

  2. “Swing swing swing from the tangles of
    My heart is crushed by a former love…”
    The words of the song echo painfully in Alekz’ ears as he tries not to cry. He had broken up with people, and been broken up with many times, but it had never been so exquisitely painful as it was right then…

    By Neon URL on 03.06.2012

  3. The swing sat lonely in the deserted back yard. What once was always swaying, with little children hopping on and off, now stood forlorn, overgrown with weeds. Alone.

    By Sarah Parker on 03.06.2012

  4. the gentle swing of her hair in front of me called me, beckoned me to draw closer. Forced me to imagine what it would be to lace my fingers through it, to clench my knuckles around it and hear her gentle moan, the begging of her hips, the swing of motion that would give her everything she wanted. Snap back to reality; blonde hair swinging in front of me, dancing in the sunlight.

    By AV on 03.06.2012

  5. Swoop down hard with feet pointing to the sky, yelling with enthusiasm as your bum scrapes the ground and your heads thrown back and Zoooooooooom high into the sky and you’re three and free!

    By chienjouet URL on 03.06.2012

  6. She sat alone on the swing, pushing herself slowly back and forth wishing she’d have forgiven her mother before her last breath. The guilt build up inside her didn’t mix well with the bitterness and anger already stored deep down in her heart.

    By Bobbi on 03.06.2012

  7. Swinging from trees, like the child you were. Seeing the top of the world like you’re the king of the world. The wind blowing in your face, through your hair…that carefree feeling that we once used to feel without even trying at all.

    By Kara on 03.06.2012

  8. I was four, I had no play buddies. It was cold, but it was sunny and I didn’t have a care in the world. The empty swing was staring at me, its rusty chain and the worn out red seat…

    By Car-uh URL on 03.06.2012

  9. Swinging on a swing can be really fun for kids. I like to swing, one time i swung on the swing and I jumped off and slid on the rocks face first. I think I slide at least two feet. Everybody looked at me in silence, then they started to laugh at me. I’ll for ever be known as the girl who face planted the ground after jumping off a swing.

    By Mackenzie on 03.06.2012

  10. i love my porch swing, jumping off the swings..except when your ankles hurt. SWINGS RULE they remind you of summer and i love the feeling of a swing induced breeze

    By Phia on 03.06.2012

  11. scratch my baby’s arm, even doe he be bitchin’. Swinging dat bat to get me to stop flinchin’.

    By Tiffany URL on 03.06.2012

  12. seriously? Swing? What am I supposed to do with that. I suppose I could imagine myself atop a swing set at dawn, kicking my legs upward into the air and feeling the rush of being pulled back to the ground by gravity. My hair, swiftly swaying in the evening sky as I scream out to the earth below. Where doth the time go? Is it night fall already? Perhaps a gentle walk through the trees will enlighten my soul and bring serenity to my bothered mind.

    By Lynn on 03.06.2012

  13. kids and fun

    By Ashley on 03.06.2012

  14. She ran her fingers through her hair as she walked through the royal doors, and into the majestic ballroom. It was like she had entered another era, where swing dancing was all the rage, she crossed the over to the other side of the room – and there he was. Her target.

    By Jordan URL on 03.06.2012

  15. Swing as in the music. Learn those few steps and let your partner ‘swing’ you around. It is magical when the man holding your hands know EXACTLY what to do. You submit and in the end it concludes with a dip.

    By Simone on 03.06.2012

  16. well you just love those old memories of being in a sunlit garden and getting higher and higher you hope that you will just swing alll the way over into another reality, a happier one, an equal one.

    By Julia on 03.06.2012

  17. I love to swing HIGH!

    By Julie on 03.06.2012

  18. It´s a dance, a dance life is leading all the time. You have no control over it and no choice but to dance with it. And that´s what makes it hard, because you want to know the next step but there´s no knowing what kind of swing life is dancing. There are many. Ups and downs, ans spins and twirls and backwards and forwards.

    By Birgitte on 03.06.2012

  19. Flying high, hair swinging out, feet scraping the tops of trees and brushing clouds, innocence and happiness, the taste of icecream on a summer day, grandpa pushing us on a tire swing at the park, everything that’s good and sweet about childhood

    By Autumn on 03.06.2012

  20. cold steel bites into my palm
    my body rocks back and forth
    back and forth
    and forth
    winter is bitter, harsh, nipping at my skin
    i close my eyes
    let the wind
    be a pendulum
    back and forth
    and forth

    By Coral URL on 03.06.2012

  21. a fun thing to do on a boring day. something to keep your mind off of things and just have fun and think and enjoy life . normally found at parks and playgrounds at schools or in backyards on trees

    By Alexa on 03.06.2012

  22. I love swings, I use to swing all the time on the play ground at school in elementary. I think swings are my favorite of the playground equipment. I like all the different types of swings except for tire swings. I do not like to be dizzy. I like swinging from ropes too, especially into the cool waters of some natural pool in Kauai.

    By listenloveland on 03.06.2012

  23. I swing the baseball bat for my self, for my family, for release of anger, for those who cants swing. I swing to all those who watch, as it proppels farther from my body, i feel life stretch out before me, like an elastic band. The bat is he wind sweep over my never far from coming back. I swing on a swing set, feel the wind sweep over my face, through my hair. I close my eyes as i feel the sun hit my face. I feel the power in my legs as i push farther and higher on the swings.

    By Jessica on 03.06.2012

  24. doing oxymoron things

    By Mithun on 03.06.2012

  25. all american rejects. middle school at hannah watson’s house. It’s sad how she turned out. I wonder how shes doing now? I wonder what career shes pursuing, I wonder what drugs shes doing? I wonder how her parents are. I wonder if they looked for her.

    By Leah on 03.06.2012

  26. park fun fast warm friends kids sunny spring summer fall bike mom dad laugh smile childhood silly carefree not inside no more winter

    By Bethany on 03.06.2012

  27. “Swing, swing…” the speaker rang out. The humid night made everything I saw Navy Blue. He ran through the back door and flipped a switch. Man-Made stars sparked to life. “I love you” we said. And we danced under the twinkly-lights.

    By Jerzee URL on 03.06.2012

  28. one day when i was little i fell off of the swing. it hurt really badly however most times i went on the swing set it was a ton of fun and i would try to get higher than my sister. it was a ton of fun. i wish i could be a little kid again! go back in time

    By elizabeth on 03.06.2012

  29. swing. swing it. swing it like there’s no tomorrow. you have all the time in the world to swing. no one can stop you. They’re all dead. Dead and gone. Swing. Swing it like you’ve never swung before.

    By Martin URL on 03.06.2012

  30. Back and forth, back and forth. The rhythm was soothing. As I went higher and I higher, I realized it was just like my life. Up into the sky, down to the ground, up to the sky…

    By Iam Me URL on 03.06.2012

  31. Swinging on a spring day
    The dress is flowing freely
    Higher and higher she goes
    Until she’s in the clouds
    And disappears into the sky

    By Michelle URL on 03.06.2012

  32. The little sat on the swing in her town’s park and stayed as still as stone, listening to the wind. When it began to pick up, her swing moved forward ever so slightly causing a slow rocking motion.

    By Rebecca on 03.06.2012

  33. I sat on the swing, and went back and forth. The playground I was in was very cold, and as I swung the cold hurt my nose. I wanted some coffee.

    By Grassbin on 03.06.2012

  34. They swung, both kicking their legs, trying to out-do eachother. If one took the lead, the other would soon catch up. Eventually, the two ended up, swinging in perfect time together, up and down. Down and up. At the very top the swing, they let go, grabbed eachothers hand, and tumbled down to earth. Together

    By Grace URL on 03.06.2012

  35. All of a sudden I felt a great pain on the side of my face. The child has hit me in the face and I lie there, crying. He continues on swinging while laughing, smiling. I get up and…

    By R__n Moccasin URL on 03.06.2012

  36. One foot forward, and two steps back. Two steps forward, and three steps to the side. I do not know how much longer I can last, how many steps, I do not know.

    By R__n Moccasin URL on 03.06.2012

  37. They both swung on the swing, trying to out-do eachother. When one got higher than the other, the other would then work to catch up. Soon, they fell into a pattern of synchronicity, up and down, down and up. They grabbed eachothers hand, once they reached the height of their swings, jumped, and together they tumbled back to the earth.

    By Grace URL on 03.06.2012

  38. How do I love to go up in a swing, the poems of childhood stay with us.
    Kids today, could benefit from poetry.

    By Robin on 03.06.2012

  39. I wanna be just beside her

    By sercan URL on 03.06.2012

  40. To and fro. The candy cane striped metal frame held the swaying swing. It swung, to and fro. Weeds wound up those candy cane poles and latched onto the poor swaying swing. To and fro, it swung on, pulling the weeds along with it.

    By Kate312 URL on 03.06.2012