October 3rd, 2011 | 512 Entries

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512 Entries for “suppose”

  1. Suppose
    I guess you’ll get here when you say you will. I mean, you usually do. So I suppose you’d repeat your pattern and do it again today. Oh, not today? Not … in the foreseeable future? So, you aren’t a man of your word? That’s … disappointing … I suppose.

    By CameoRoze URL on 10.03.2011

  2. I don’t know you, but I suppose you know me. You watch me from your coffee mug, from your distance, from your familiarity of me. I suppose you must know me pretty well. My back knows you.

    By Bethany on 10.03.2011

  3. I was just asking myself what am I supposed to do next. I’m in the middle of my rutine. It’s 5:03 pm. An OneWord seemed like a way to break free from that routine. Big conclusion about creativity in my life.

    By Camille M URL on 10.03.2011

  4. suppose what? that I care? that you mean something to me? that we’re just friends? Well guess what! It’s all true! I care, you do mean something and no….we aren’t just friends….at least we shouldn’t me. Everyone says so…I just suppose you’ll never be mine….

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 10.03.2011

  5. I suppose today is going to be different. At least that’s what everybody says. Everybody expects things to be different; like a bee waiting for honey to cool. They’re wanting a change. You know what I mean. Sometime soon that’s going to happen too.

    By Jordan URL on 10.03.2011

  6. You suppose you know me. You watch me from your coffee mug mist and shy safety distance and daydream speculation. Until you’ve taken my hand, though, you only know my back.

    By Bethany URL on 10.03.2011

  7. i suppose this is a guess. supposing is just guessing at what you think is right. Not really sure but confident enough to know you’re probably right! although when you say suppose it could show lack of confidence in your choice or decision.

    By Adam URL on 10.03.2011

  8. i shouldn’t have to think
    of words to say. filling the distance between us
    tangentially- i am cold now.
    i am shivering and empty and i-

    my lolling head, it oscillates
    over pale kneecaps like sunken eyes.
    you stare deep into your mug of tea
    leaves like a discovery.

    all the hot air burned my tongue. your sighs were no
    balm. i kept talking on and on anyway.

    By invinculis URL on 10.03.2011

  9. Suppose something just happened on this cold dark night. Something that took you from this world and off to a place of emptiness. Suppose you were snatched away into the hands of death, never to be seen again. Suppose I was there on that cold dark night. Suppose I was the only witness. Suppose if it was me to accidentley hurt you. Suppose it wasn’t an accident. Suppose that I tricked you into trusting me just to finish something that I should have finished a long time ago. Suppose, on this cold dark empty night, I were to kill you. Now say….
    Would you ever forgive me?

    By emma URL on 10.03.2011

  10. Summer’s on it’s deathbed.
    and I suppose.
    I suppose, this is the end.
    “I tried,” I whisper, and the rope strains against my neck.
    “I really did.”
    And I drop.

    By Cady Williams on 10.03.2011

  11. Suppose they were not dead. Suppose they still did not breathe. Suppose two by two hands of blue were cold and hearts beat fast. Suppose there is no clear alive, no clear death, but a Great Suppose inbetween.

    By Cady Williams on 10.03.2011

  12. i suppose that i should capitalize my i’s.

    By Joseph Anthony Jauregui on 10.03.2011

  13. “suppose,” she says slowly, tapping her perfect lips with a perfect finger. “suppose you were me?”

    you feel a redness in your cheeks. with your dark hair and your dark eyes, you’ve never felt so out of place. “what – why?”

    she winks a perfect green eye at you. “because you’ll have to. and maybe because you are.”

    By Jessica Jiang URL on 10.03.2011

  14. I suppose you were right. I am pushing myself too hard. I do expect too much from myself. I suppose I should not accept so many oppotunities. I suppose I shouldn’t push myself more. I need to relax. I need less responsibility. But I’m an adult…right?

    By India URL on 10.03.2011

  15. A Great Perhaps! A Great ‘Suppose!”
    Somehow (curiously enough), I imagined it with less blood.
    Running down the walls like scarlet veins, thrumming through a heart and then–
    It stops.
    And between the cracks in time and the crack in my wrists,
    I grin and fall into my Great Perhaps.

    By Cady Williams on 10.03.2011

  16. I suppose he just supposed I had done it. No, I had not slept with his girlfriend, but I suppose I can understand why he would think I had. She was supposed to tell him we hadn’t, but how often do people really do what they are supposed to do, right? I’d suppose it is less often then they should.

    By Eric URL on 10.03.2011

  17. suppose i am yours – for only a minute. suppose time stops , and i had you. suppose i could share with you all that i feel so strong. suppose that i love you

    By bluerose23 URL on 10.03.2011

  18. “I suppose I’m too late?” “It is sadly so.”

    By stephaniewrites URL on 10.03.2011

  19. Suppose everything was different. Suppose you had a new name, a new face. Suppose you didn’t know your present family and they didn’t know you. Suppose you got everything you wanted and never cried. Suppose it was all a dream…would you be happy?

    By Anna on 10.03.2011

  20. suppose we all die tomorrow. suppose the earth stops spinning. suppose you fall out of love. supposing is just as bad as assuming. dont suppose the bad, no one should live like that. suppose they do though?

    By megan on 10.03.2011

  21. I suppose that when the clouds form overhead it means that rain may be imminent, but that’s fine with me for the today. Its strange because the rain bothers my knees and freezes my extremities.

    By Kaitlyn Yates on 10.03.2011

  22. suppose she wears a pale silk green dress, and in her veins green flows too, and the other one wears a dress of lilac silk. suppose they live inside of an old victorian house, big floors shining in the dark, the air thick with dust that settles on their eyelashes. suppose their pale arms reach out as they climb the rotting stairs, reaching for you, wanting to warm you

    By lolly deer on 10.03.2011

  23. to think of something, to wonder, to estimate, to guess, to agree loosely with, to make an educated guess, to equate, to connect

    By Carmen on 10.03.2011

  24. I suppose it I thought was a good idea because I figured I had enough alcohol to drown any memory. You bought me another beer and then we’re kissing in the corner
    hands on my neck
    smell of leather
    the slap
    next morning
    cheeks bitten

    By Kaitlyn Yates on 10.03.2011

  25. suppose i was skinny beautiful and popular i would have a boyfriend and alot of friends unlike now i am a shy person who isnt skinny and who has never had a girlfriend suppose i had a boyfriend i would be happy i wouldnt be sad anymore

    By taylor p on 10.03.2011

  26. I suppose that I made a mistake. I suppose I should just learn from it. But I can’t. The memory of it holds me back; makes me cautious. I’m too busy trying to forget it, I suppose.

    By Haley URL on 10.03.2011

  27. Suppose people were always nice to one another. What a wonderful place our world and our lives would be. No wars–just fully enjoying the diversity of others. Thing how many more people would have work because there would be building rather than destruction.

    By Mary Lou URL on 10.03.2011

  28. Words from the stage, where you tell me how things should be. You suppose. And later, I see you frozen in time, in the lights as you tell your old lover how similar we both are. You speak to my face, even tonight, at the place I will return to again, where you left a ghost of your shadows, ready to tempt me with fate’s return.

    By emay URL on 10.03.2011

  29. I’m not supposed
    to fall in love.

    Not with you.
    Not again.
    But you’re making it so hard,
    to tear free of this old thread.

    I thought
    that I was finally
    off this path.
    But I realize
    I’ve been walking
    a circle.

    Leading me
    around and around.
    Starting with where
    I once ended.

    I wasn’t supposed to
    get lost in your eyes.
    Or to know how soft
    your lips can be.
    To realize I feel
    at home in your arms.

    I was supposed to dismount
    this crazy carousel,
    never to return.
    To prevent my heart
    from shattering.

    But the dismount
    is impossible.
    The horses spin
    much too quickly.
    The music is too enticing
    to want to exit.
    Even if it means
    you take the risk
    of breaking.

    By zoe URL on 10.03.2011

  30. I suppose that my mom wants me to do laundry but I won’t. So I suppose that my brain is a little slow because I know there will be issues after. Oh dear, I suppose I’ll get in trouble. So I suppose, I’ll do laundry. I suppose I’ll say fuck it too…

    By Maddy URL on 10.03.2011

  31. i suppose that one day that i can see the world but it doesnt always happen that way i have suppose tht i can fly but i fell and broke my neck then i supoose i could try and hold my breath under water for ten minutes but i failed and supposely i went to jag

    By son ia on 10.03.2011

  32. i suppose that if you loved me things would be different than the forever that is now.
    supposing we had changed for each other, neither of us would be happy of whole or the same as now.e

    By Hally Bohs URL on 10.03.2011

  33. suppose you knows but you don’t

    By Suzy URL on 10.03.2011

  34. Suppose


    The problem with using words from comic scenes in shows or literature, is that most people won’t understand the reference and will think you’re an idiot.

    “Supposably” is a Joey-ism I used to use, as was “moo.” I loved “moo!”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 10.03.2011

  35. I suppose you use

    By cbfan16 URL on 10.03.2011

  36. i suppose that im suppossed to suppose that this word mean to suppose something. but really, is supposssing something, really suppossed to be called supposssing?

    By zainib URL on 10.03.2011

  37. suppose i obtain my goals in life. suppose i finish my bucket list. suppose my life will change in 5 minutes, i know that feeling. i hate this word. i cant live for it anymore, not like i used to.

    By Taylor on 10.03.2011

  38. Suppose we stopped this. It’s not as if either of us are gaining anything. The rain hits the windows with such shocking intensity, it’s easy to imagine and indefinite storm. But no. We’re going to stop this. Going to bring light and sun and hope.

    By Caty on 10.03.2011

  39. i suppose that i should write something. i suppose i should do a better job. i suppose im halfway done. i suppose this sounds kind of like a poem. i suppose is starting to lose its meaning. i suppose…

    By Andrew on 10.03.2011

  40. i suppose i love clothes but i hug hoes and drugs glows thrust throws i dunk dro in stuff oh i rub so many objects together in order to run slow omg i suppose i could pose for sup but i know my nose is up in the air im driven with out a given care

    By Nikki URL on 10.03.2011