October 3rd, 2011 | 512 Entries

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512 Entries for “suppose”

  1. Suppose I were a window … Watching people passing by … Would I feel lonely or would I feel open? Would I even feel anything?

    By Julija on 10.03.2011

  2. suppose < conviction.

    By Ani URL on 10.03.2011

  3. Suppose you saw me standing on a corner somewhere. What would you think of me? Would you think me young, for my fashion and hair? Odd for my mismatched jewelry and balanced precariously in my arms? Or would you think me simply different?

    By Cinnia URL on 10.03.2011

  4. Suppose she found him living in a trash off the corner of Palm and Tustin. He wouldn’t be green or furry, but he certainly could be grouchy.

    Suppose he shook her hand with a banana peel on his head. Smelling of coffee grounds and sour milk. The garbage man at his finest.

    That’d be something. But suppose they fell in love later and when he washed up, he truly was a gentleman.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.03.2011

  5. I suppose you’d like me
    to give in
    to apologize
    to kick
    and scream
    and beg
    but here’s a supposition
    you probably never considered:
    in the end
    I realized
    you never meant that much

    By SprawlingInk URL on 10.03.2011

  6. I suppose you think I like you. I’m advising you now don’t believe what others say. Truly, I suppose you KNOW I love you. Y

    By lali on 10.03.2011

  7. This feeling. The feeling of suicide, of hate to everyone I approach, my feet wanting to run from everything I know, my heart aching for a release. I suppose it’s just where I’m at, or who I am. Maybe it’s everyone around me. But this feeling is nothing but familiar.

    By Paige Noel URL on 10.03.2011

  8. I suppose I should go left, but why shouldn’t I go right? What’s waiting for me behind this diverge? Is it a surprise full of adventure? Or a dark lonely place? Which way should I go? I suppose I should go back…

    By Autumn Cora on 10.03.2011

  9. I don’t suppose she trusts me, then.
    Even though I know that it hurts her more than it hurts me it still sucks to know that she will always be afraid. That I can never make it all better, that I don’t know if I can even make her happy.
    She told me once that happiness didn’t exist to her.
    That stings. I wish I was magical. I wish I could make all her problems go away. I wish I could be her Prince Charming.

    By Theo on 10.03.2011

  10. The women said ” I suppose you can go.” To her daughter Emilee.

    By TogetherWeWaffle(:<3 URL on 10.03.2011

  11. I suppose that could be true. But I find it much more likely that it is not. Supposing is not actually knowing. For example, I suppose you could be right, but you’re probably not.

    By Christiana on 10.03.2011

  12. I suppose you think I like you. I should advise, don’t believe what other people say. Just remember how we used to laugh together and hang out right before that space. Yet, you can’t figure out that I love you.

    By lali URL on 10.03.2011

  13. Suppose people did not make mistakes. What would the world be like? There wouldn’t be the pain and consequences that comes with the mistakes, but there wouldn’t be the experience either. Suppose everyone corrected their mistakes. What would the world turn out to be?

    By LC on 10.03.2011

  14. So i think that suppose means to think about something. Also to be cofused. Like i suppose i will bring you lunch or i suppose i can tell you the answer!! :) My teachers tell me that all the time. But my mom is the worst about that!

    By garvin URL on 10.03.2011

  15. Suppose i said, “suppose”. Would you be so confused? Suppose the world was flat. Suppose i was purple. Suppose I am ending this right now. Are you freaked out?00000000000000

    By *B-Fabb*12 on 10.03.2011

  16. I suppose that ice cream and pickles don’t go together.

    By kmonster URL on 10.03.2011

  17. suppose….suppose???? suppose…suppose????? i dotn get it suppose??? suppose WHAT!!!????!!!! D: AHHHHH!
    I dont know what to suppose!!!

    By BFABB24 URL on 10.03.2011

  18. Suppose is a word which means that you aren’t sure about something. you might say ‘suppose’ if you are trying to not hurt peoples feelings if they suggested something but you actually have a better idea. Suppose is similar to ‘supposing’.

    By Kelly on 10.03.2011

  19. suppose there is a huge rabbit eating my house, what would you do to save me if i was stuck inside?

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog URL on 10.03.2011

  20. “I suppose you can go to her house.”,said her mom.

    By Together_We_Waffle URL on 10.03.2011

  21. I suppose you would say it hurt me in a way, in more of a way that you could explain. I suppose the world wasn’t ending, it was just beginning. I suppose years from now, I can look back on this and say it gave me the strength to go on, the strength to perceiver.

    By Kayla on 10.03.2011

  22. Suppose I just said suppose. Are you with me? Suppose the world was flat. Suppose I was purple. Suppose I’m ending this. Freaked out yet?

    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 10.03.2011

  23. i think that suppose means that u think that some one can do some thing.
    like the mom said i suppose that u can go to the movie to her daughter.

    By Binnie#9 on 10.03.2011

  24. I suppose I could just leave. Would that only bring on more suffering? Would he follow me? Would I ever get my life back? Could I find my one true lost love? Could it all be okay again? I am sadly certain no.

    By Lindsey URL on 10.03.2011

  25. It was only fate, he should suppose. In this room, there was no escaping. Not from the world, nor himself. Cruel it may be, but that’s the way it is. You can never hide.

    By Lukas on 10.03.2011

  26. I am supposed to read all the course liteature but I am too lazy, “I just want to lay in my bed uh uh uh uuh !”

    ft. Bruno Mars

    By Gagah on 10.03.2011

  27. “Do you suppose it’s possible to fly?” She asked, leaning dangerously far out on the limb.
    I tried hard to hold in my scold and thought about the question. I look at the ground 50 ft down and out at the perfect blue sky, The leaves rustled as the wind blew past.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 10.03.2011

  28. the mom said to the girl that she suppose that she can go to a movie

    By Binnie#9 URL on 10.03.2011

  29. Suppose I would say something stupid to the boy I like: What would I do? What would you do if you saw me babbling on about anything that popped into my head, not event trying to keep the actual conversation going. Would you try and stop me, or laugh and watch me as I made a fool of myself?

    By Alyssa Pontillo on 10.03.2011

  30. suppose i had a pink pellow and it ran away.
    what would i do?
    what would you do?
    would you chase it?
    if so would you chase mine for me?

    By pellows URL on 10.03.2011

  31. I suppose. I like this word. It sounds just like it should. The soft S, the interrupting P’s. It all fits perfectly. not much else to say, I like it though. Words are amazing. the next time you hear or read a word, i want you to think about what that word means and if it’s sounds match. It’s fun to see how they fit.

    By Olivia on 10.03.2011

  32. i don’t know what should i write about it . it’s dumb thing to saym but what the hell i’m writting anyway, what now, vcomeon guys it’s take fore ever to finish this. all of my lines are spelled wrong.

    By jalila on 10.03.2011

  33. i don’t suppose that you actually know what it feels like when you come around stomping with your huge boots and try to squish all of our mortals. yes, not all of us can be tall, handsome and athetic and have anyone we want at our feet but that still doesn’t mean that you should treat me as your servant. I deserve better than that.

    By Tamara on 10.03.2011

  34. thinking insecure question hypothesis maybe sometimes perhaps

    By theresa on 10.03.2011

  35. suppose the world really was gonna on 12-12-12…i have no idea what i want to do as the last thing…

    By abimonica URL on 10.03.2011

  36. Suppose. Suppose you’re supposed to do something.
    Suppose you don’t want to do it.
    Suppose the world will end if you don’t…
    What then??
    Suppose everything’s riding on you.
    Suppose it’s too much…
    What then??
    Suppose, suppose, it doesn’t have to be like that,
    just let it go…
    What then??

    By bleudaysies URL on 10.03.2011

  37. suppose you quit being afraid of the unknown and i let you love me and we actually live happily ever after…glorifying our Maker. we fit. we just do…i love you Ryan. ;)

    By lori on 10.03.2011

  38. I suppose I should write something here but I don’t wanna! Supposing I did write something the world mght turn yellow and strange. Supposing that did happen, what then?

    By rebecca on 10.03.2011

  39. “Suppose, just suppose, that nothing you see before you is real. Maybe it’s all a figment of your imagination, or something that you dreamed up in a fever. But what if you’re not real? Suppose you’re the fever dream, and nothing about you is real?”

    I shook my head and muttered, “You’re crazy.”

    By J.A. Cummings URL on 10.03.2011

  40. I suppose it was my fault, now that I think about it. I suppose I could have done better, tried harder, maybe cared a bit more. I really did love him, though. I suppose we both could have tried to fix our relationship; but at the same time, I think holding on to something that was falling apart was unhealthy. It was time to let go.

    By maureen URL on 10.03.2011