October 10th, 2010 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “sunlight”

  1. The sunlight streamed in onto the bed. Each beam highlighted a feature on her perfect face. The eyelashes that were thick and full, making her look like the enchanted Sleeping Beauty. Her hair was sprawled across the pillow, haphazardly in a way that made her look much more real than she would have allowed in normal circumstances.

    By Jessica URL on 10.11.2010

  2. The stars are black and yet warmth of cold. The trees are bare and yet the leaves adorn their feet. The sunlight brightens these colors

    By ColumbiaPhoenix URL on 10.11.2010

  3. sunlight is the morning when the rays come down all pretty.
    in the day, it beats upon the shoulders and heads.

    By Lisa Buffington on 10.11.2010

  4. and as the first flower of earth spread its petals to the sun, the first luminous scent and color filled the earth. and I, were the first person to see the miracle of sunlight and life. one.

    By RYAN MARX on 10.11.2010

  5. “Don’t give me that,” I called out to no one in particular. “Don’t give me that shit. This is the first nice day in a while and I won’t have it.”
    Okay, maybe I wasn’t talking to “no one in particular.” I was talking to that one damn cloud. That one grey cloud in the whole blue sky.
    “Please just go away.”

    By wang on 10.11.2010

  6. As the sunlight strode brazenly through her dress, illuminating the hidden depths between her thighs, pulse quickened. The layers of shifting dress folds and swishing rhythm of her legs drove the the sunlight to leave one lingering light soaked leer, peering at her legs. I knew I would never see her again, in this city of stranger, yet I would see her again, swift as a shadow, sweeping silently through thoughs and stopping slowly, as stilled by time itself’s

    By DramaRook URL on 10.11.2010

  7. So bright. Almost yellow in the pictures. But it’s actually white. It has rays, but not the triangle ones the little kid draw in the corner of the page. If there no sunlight without darkness? Or is darkness the absence of light. Make sit too hot in the summer, but without it, we would freeze. Cast shadows, sometimes scary.

    By Misha on 10.11.2010

  8. the sunlight can be refreshing, relaxing, yet give you energy or even blind you in the eye if you stare at it to much. it can be the life of many or the death of some. plants loev sun except for my plant, it’s on it’s last days from having to much sunlight.

    By kristen on 10.11.2010

  9. What I wouldn’t give for one more look at the sunlight. I have been trapped in my own head for too long. Since my death, everything has been a dark gray. Always sunless.

    By Misha on 10.11.2010

  10. as I sit here, I long to feel this sunlight reach my heart. reach my heart so from there it can radiate through my entire body. the summer radiance is struggling to reach my memory.

    By Megan Bryant on 10.11.2010

  11. sunlight is bright
    it makes me super happy
    if sunlight weren’t right
    i think it’d be sappy

    By Matry on 10.11.2010

  12. sunlight makes me feel good.
    even when I can’t feel it.
    Outside in the painful cold
    At least there is a light

    By Peter T URL on 10.11.2010

  13. Ohhhhhhhhhhh
    it’s sooooooo beautiful.
    If i stand up before sundown.

    By Barbara25 URL on 10.11.2010

  14. sunlight hit me dead in the eye like it’s mad that I gave half the day to last night. My bad sight made me trip on my ass right into that patch of grass like “that’s life” all of a sudden, I realized something, the weather is amazing even the birds are bumpin.

    By Annie URL on 10.11.2010

  15. you know i can’t get you out of my head. you were, you are the ray of sunlight in my life; i just have to dim you for now. it makes me so mad, so mad that this couldn’t be allowed to grow. i don’t know what’s wrong with me, why don’t you want me? and so the sunlight falters into an amber skyline, but that’s the way it is best, better than a glowing sun. i’ve never had this feeling in the pit of my stomach before and i blame you for it. this burning ball of sunlight is making me feel sick. x

    By empireofthesun on 10.11.2010

  16. The sun shone brightly through the forest, making the raindrops on the trees glimmer like diamonds. She looked around at the beautiful scene, smiling.

    By Ashley on 10.11.2010

  17. rays so soft it melts my heart
    warmth creeping beneath my skin
    it creates love
    radiating the earth and my soul
    the source of life
    until the end of the earth and back
    illuminating all of God’s gifts

    By Hannah URL on 10.11.2010

  18. The afternoon sun cast shadows on the Parque, where guidebooks say you can find idyllic scenes of lovers and guitars, little children, and the elderly. They neglect to mention the dead dogs, men hissing and shouting at gringas, and beggars searching for wares, all illuminated by that relentless sunlight.

    By Katherine Kramer URL on 10.11.2010

  19. Its good for people to get a little bit of sunlight everyday. I hate being in the dark, especially when there is still sunlight out.

    By enzo URL on 10.11.2010

  20. is see the dust through the sunlight beams just as i see through your glamour and in between your seams.

    By claireg URL on 10.11.2010

  21. It is fun. You love it.
    You are getting sleepy…

    Dont get a sunburn, stupid.

    Robotics love sunlight

    By Cheeseman on 10.11.2010

  22. It is very bright sometimes. It gives me a sunburn when I am in it for too long. It makes me happy when I am having a bad day. It feels good on my skin. Plants use it for photosynthesis.

    By Andrew URL on 10.11.2010

  23. the sunlight poured down on her as little beads of sweat popped out of each pore. oh how she loved the summer, why did it have to leave so soon? she looked over at him with his shades on, his dark skin and goofy smile near her made her feel warmer than the sun ever could.

    By Delilah URL on 10.11.2010

  24. Bathes the very old sycamore that stands guard over the dry ditch outside my apartment. A barbed fence seperates us from one another.

    By Julia Smith on 10.11.2010

  25. it is warm, it comes in the summer, it releases happiness in everyone. it looks wonderful on snow. it feeds plants and people’s souls. you can reflect it from a mirror or a watch face. it will make your skin glow. it is the opposite of night. it comes from a big star in the sky :)

    By brooke on 10.11.2010

  26. Nothing can brighten a day like the sun, to have a conversation with it’s light in the morning, that is a whole new world that people have yet to experience.

    By Cassandraaaaa on 10.11.2010

  27. it is beautiful and bright
    and oh so light

    By amber on 10.11.2010

  28. Bright and yellow, the sun bursts through the small openings of the clouds. Brightening the day and making us smile, is what it’s there to do.

    By Shelby Walker on 10.11.2010

  29. bright light going through windows shadows from blinds blindness in eye from looking at the sun AAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! afterimage after close eyes from bright traffic at night night club lights dancing under the spotlight

    By Jennifer Chiang on 10.11.2010

  30. The only thing that keeps me positive. When it’s here, everything is so bright, a lot to look forward to. When it’s gone, My world is dim and so is my outlook. Give me windows or else I will be upset at everything.

    By Nasia [-_-] URL on 10.11.2010

  31. the sunlight doesnt make it inside past the overhang. the sunlight stops right before my feet.

    By a1000ships URL on 10.11.2010

  32. Give it to me. I need it. Everything seems dim without it. Part of who I am, where I come from. I love sunlight!

    By Nasia [-_-] URL on 10.11.2010

  33. I looked up at the beauty as it gleamed over me making my skin tender and warm. I felt peace and comfort under it’s vast beauty. The feeling of the sunlight kissing my bare shoulders and arms felt like being loved again.

    By Liz on 10.11.2010

  34. Sunlight makes me feel like everything is ok in the world. I love feeling it wash over me, and I try and pretend it can wash away all my problems. and then a cloud passes over the sun, and I’m in the dark again.

    By Miranda Kaiser URL on 10.11.2010

  35. The daylight brings a calm to me…the warmth of it’s gentle embrace….the burn that wakes me during the morning hours.

    By Xcentrik URL on 10.11.2010

  36. its what i see in you but know i will never have for myself, but i can’t help but want it anyway

    By Chloe on 10.11.2010

  37. The light
    washes over her face,
    dust twinkling in the sun,
    like magic, invisible
    in the shadows that cool her bed
    among the hot summer breeze,
    two cats curled up at her feet.

    She wonders
    what the sun will look like tomorrow.
    If it will wear read sneakers
    and jean shorts,
    with a shirt the color of clouds.
    She wonders
    if it will decide
    to finally explore the other side
    of the earth.
    Reaching around the globe
    and finally finding magic
    on the other side.

    By Scythe42 URL on 10.11.2010

  38. The rays of sunlight that peeked through the clouds the day I had that soccer game when I was 10. The field was ugly and I’m pretty sure we lost, but the heavenly rays are what stick with me.

    By Phalanges URL on 10.11.2010

  39. The sunlight poured through the faded glass window, giving the light a pale dying yellow glow instead of the normal shining brightness. Dan looked out of the window, feeling hopeless in this time-stopped space. There was no hope of exiting the house, especially when light failed to enter the twisted space properly.

    By silly URL on 10.11.2010

  40. True love, brilliant, glowing and pure. I loved it before i knew what love was, embracing, capturing my soul. Primal and yet evolved, older than I could ever comprehend.

    By Pharoh51 URL on 10.11.2010