October 10th, 2010 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “sunlight”

  1. it makes everything better, breaking through the darkness. the clouded alleyways, everything. nothing bad can happen when the whole world shines. nothing bad can ever hide and lurk, jumping out when least expected.

    By kaleigh on 10.10.2010

  2. Sunlight is warm. Yes it is but I hate to admit this, I really am a cold weather person. I really do want to move to Alaska. People think I am crazy. I am crazy. I love the snow, the dark, everything like that. I know I need the sunlight for serotonin and all that but you know, I really want to move to an iceberg. I want to have penguins for neighbors. That’s it people! Why is that so weird?

    By purpleink URL on 10.10.2010

  3. Dawn broke with a finality, telling me that yes, I am here. The bright colors are nothing like LA, filled with yellows and blues instead of fiery red, orange, the pink of pollution. Your sunlight is so different from mine, it echoes the beauty, the problems of the city, while mine simply bathes the town, opening it so you can see what it really is.

    By Kat Kramer on 10.10.2010

  4. A pool of yellow beams landed on the sheet and she watched them. Her whiskers twitched, her tail twitched, and her gaze flicked back and forth, moving with the sunlight. Out side the sun continued to warm the grass.

    By S on 10.10.2010

  5. The sunlight shone ribbons through her hair, and he drew her down upon the mossy hill. “Did you ever think this would happen?” he asked breathlessly, burying his face in her long, auburn hair. “No… and I think that’s why I like it!” she smiled back.

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 10.10.2010

  6. No sunlight for me today. Sitting in the library again. I feel like I am in a bomb shelter. It is quiet, which is nice, but it is almost like it is too quiet. I can’t handle it. I tend to take breaks and just lay on the nice carpeted floor. People probably think I am a weirdo. Oh well. Let them think what they want.

    By Teeps on 10.10.2010

  7. I never once appreciated sunlight. You take it for granted, and assume it’ll always be there. Keeping you warm, growing your food, helping you see…

    It’s day 32 and I miss the Sun.

    By Jacob URL on 10.10.2010

  8. The beams of yellow glistening light streamed in from the dusty windowpane, illuminating the surface of the counter where the paper lay. The paper that told my future. Whether I was accepted. And I had to be accepted. Or I would die.

    By Kendi URL on 10.10.2010

  9. We have had lots of sunlight today, I have had two lines of washing
    hanging out. All the washing has got dried.

    I have also been pruning bushes, hoeing the border, all because the sunlight encouraged me outdoors.

    By mauveone URL on 10.10.2010

  10. Get the flop off me, mothafloppa. You stand there like a beam o’ sunlight askin me what had was, and expect wisdom? Shaft on outta here you small princeless banjo.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 10.10.2010

  11. Sie hat mich verbrannt. Sie ist eine Energiesparlampe. Es war nicht heiß. Eher zu kühl. Und mein Gesicht ist jetzt rot. Als wäre ich den ganzen Tag Skifahren gewesen. Ich kann gar nicht Skifahren. Aber ich habe einen Sonnenbrand.

    By Eli URL on 10.10.2010

  12. Sunlight in the morning
    is not as good as
    moonlight in the night
    as I wake to go out
    and scream and shout
    there is no doubt
    that Im a child of the night
    you will find me under the moon”
    surfing the waves of the intangibles.

    By m.A.c URL on 10.10.2010

  13. The sunlight poured through the leaves, casting shadowy dapples across the grassy hill. A girl lay there, dreaming, watching the clouds float by.

    By Allison on 10.10.2010

  14. The sun shone down on her auburn hair, creating the natural highlights of a goddess. She turned, her hair blowing back in the breeze and smiled easily at him; his knees shook as he looked back at her.

    By Melissa on 10.10.2010

  15. The sunlight was blinding as I peered thru the fogged up windows from the sweat within our car. What had happened? Why did the rain stop so fast?

    By Chuck K. URL on 10.10.2010

  16. No one knows how close you can get to the sun without perishing. But we do know that its intense heat is not immediately fatal. Lightning strikes are much hotter than the sun’s surface, in fact.

    By Joseph Thorne URL on 10.10.2010

  17. The sunlight was warm and soft, reflecting in the windows of the Chemistry room where I spent my second period. It would prove to be the source of comfort for many weeks to come as I sat down and heard the teacher go through her many lectures, not understanding a word she meant.

    By Sabrina URL on 10.10.2010

  18. it was a bright beam in her eyes. she couldn’t see directly in front of herself. but she could smell the cedar forest. she could hear the caravan ahead of her.

    By valentina juliette URL on 10.10.2010

  19. It cascades like hope upon me. A shining feeling to be had and to hold, except it cannot be a solid thing. Why because it wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the creatures if it were to be given to you, an object of the gods?

    By Kit Kat on 10.10.2010

  20. in the morning i wake up, i can barely get out of bed. thought fill my compacted head, school, water polo, homework. All i want to do is lay in bed the only thing that gets me going in the sunlight shining through my window. All in one simple sight a new day begins.

    By Lauren on 10.10.2010

  21. The dawn comes with promise of a new beginning. The sunlight peeks between my curtains to greet me with it’s gentle and warm embrace…I smile to know that I’m blessed with another day, another chance at greatness.

    By Tracy Merced on 10.10.2010

  22. here’s some sunlight where it normally doesn’t shine:you are a used to have talent but from lack of trying you now have cry over spilled let other people control your life because you need any excuse to maintain being the failure that you are.why?because you are lazy and pray to a god to place the blame on someone other than say you love me but all you do is throw limp weak wristed poison daggars at curse me and you haven’t had any contact with me for had everything going for you.notice i said’re throwing all away on poo poo pity parties because you are a weak ass are a disgrace to your family:a family i love and always wished i was a part are a pathetic stalker,a peeping tom,you are low life scum.i tried to help but you like love your torture more than anything else you ever believed are a wolf in sheeps clothing and the main reason i distain religion.loving you is like cutting except it isn’t flesh but bits and pieces of my soul-cutting them away and feeding them to the swine.i’d wish for you to rot in hell but that is what you want,you worthless piece of ignorant piss poor excuse for a human being.i shit you out i am done with you:leave me alone forever

    By a hallow halloween story on 10.10.2010

  23. the sunlight shone harshly through the trees, burning her eyes….. she was running pushing her way through the undergrowth, what was pursue her no one knows; a mystery only she could answer.

    By Rachael on 10.10.2010

  24. Time stood still when the day broke
    on a clear, yet cloudy morning in October.
    We sat together, after a night of debauchery,
    and reveled in the mysteries of the world.
    My hand brushed yours,
    and it was perfect.

    By Siege URL on 10.10.2010

  25. I saw his face in the sunlight, and he bowed his head. I wandered down the beach toward him, but he continued to elude me.

    By BasedOnFiction URL on 10.10.2010

  26. Migh, your rays of sunlight perish through the darkest of caves, vanquishing the evil skeletons and zombies, leaving behind their arrows and feathers. Alas, your magic does not work on the most vile of creatures.

    But still, we thank you for your warmth and wisdom.

    By Alexander Filipowski URL on 10.10.2010

  27. The sunlight hit his face just so, and as she looked at him it took her breath away ~ and she knew then, that her life would never be the same.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 10.10.2010

  28. what is sunlight? golden rays I suppose. it warms souls and lights paths. It creeps through the window, across the room, and onto her face as she sleeps between satin sheets on a crisp, frosty, winter morning.

    By Yates Webb on 10.10.2010

  29. I soaked in the distorted sunlight. It put an awkward perspective on everything. Nothing seemed like its true self. The warmth felt good, even though it wasn’t.

    By Marissa URL on 10.10.2010

  30. golden light spilling through the trees landed at last in pools in the grass. falling leaves glittered against the bluest sky, and time held its breath for a season. the world fell asleep, and the sun shone on.

    By Tierney URL on 10.10.2010

  31. as the days grew longer and the nights shorter the sunlight turned into a blinding yellow. but he wears sunglasses from dusk till dawn

    By peter on 10.10.2010

  32. He stood in the patch of sunlight onstage, looking out at the vast crowd before him. The air shimmered above their heads as far as he could see. Was it the heat, or the excitement made visible? He liked it, he decided.
    A smile quirked on his lips as he strode up to the mike stand. “I want to see your hands in the air. I want to see you *move*. Now…” He grinned, feeling the frantic energy beginning to thrum in his chest, and for one moment, let it consume him. “ARE– YOU– *READY?*

    By JujYFru1T URL on 10.10.2010

  33. sunlight was ever-present during these months–along with the cold. we drew our thick black curtains every “night” to block it out.

    By julie URL on 10.10.2010

  34. The dappled sunlight streamed through the jungle branches, dazzling light falling on the forest floor. I laid amongst the needles and fell asleep to the sound of the macaws. When I awoke, it was no longer there.

    By Ellen URL on 10.10.2010

  35. he kissed me as the sunlight gently revealed our faces. he looked into my eyes and smiled.

    By Your Kidd Sister URL on 10.10.2010

  36. I love the sunlight. On my face during picnics, trips to the zoo, and in the mountains. It brings joy to our faces and brightens our lives. Sunshine is happiness to me.

    By Elsie URL on 10.10.2010

  37. I peered over my sunglasses at the annoying prey that ordered the pool staff around, treating them as though they were nothing. Just because they had wealth, they felt so superior. How little did they realize, no matter how fat their wallets, they were still just flesh and blood. Money did not change the taste of their blood from that of the poor. Smiling, I mused to myself. They felt so confident, so fearless, basking in the sunlight. They could become my lunch in less than a second if I chose, and yet they believed themselves superior to all. If they only knew, what could be. A chuckle escaped my lips, as I wondered if it was a rich man who created the myth that vampires hated sunlight. It wasn’t sunlight that burned my skin, it was the hatred of those who thought they were better than everyone else.

    By Cat URL on 10.10.2010

  38. the sunlight in my bedroom window was blinding me until I got up and closed the curtain. I fell asleep again for another five hours. I missed school. I also missed a test. Time well spent.

    By meg URL on 10.10.2010

  39. sunlight that burns through the trees in the morning. blazing like a hot fire. i squint through my eyes and all i see is red. i wonder if you’ll come again.

    By alayc on 10.10.2010

  40. oh! to be like a cat. their only goal is to find that little sliver of sunlight, and all is well. nothing is like that kind of satisfaction. the happiness in the simplest of things. like vonnegut said, “if this ain’t nice i don’t know what is.”

    By Peter Kendall on 10.10.2010