April 18th, 2012 | 217 Entries

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217 Entries for “sunglasses”

  1. She always wore the dark sunglasses that wrapped around her eyes while driving down the road with the window down. I looked over at her once and saw her hair shooting out against the radiance of the window and in the reflection of the mirror I saw her looking back into her own reflection in her polarized lens, and I thought of all the different ways a person could stare back into themselves.

    By Stephen Turney on 04.18.2012

  2. This pair got to be rock my ego and it won’t look good unless i wear them. The chicks dig it as i rock it like a rockstar and walk with my head held high. Of course, pride comes first before the fall. And Chicks fall for my pride.

    By huxley URL on 04.19.2012

  3. Hah, the sunshine warm on my face
    Breeze through my hair
    I hold onto my hat as a gust of wind rushes past me
    I look up at the sky
    at the world
    Shielded from the true brightness
    I don my sunglasses

    By Jaimee URL on 04.19.2012

  4. “Ah, shit.” I mumbled as I stepped outside and the sunlight streamed directly into my eyes, I put on my aviators and walked down the street, wandering aimlessly, and in my own little world – for God only knows how long – until I heard a slow, soft, “Hey, gorgeous.” as I turned the corner. Not gonna lie, I jumped a little. I wheeled around and there she was. Leaning against the wall with her arms crossed over her chest, somehow managing to look badass and seductive.
    “What do you want?” I answered playfully. And she just rolled her eyes and giggled.

    By Jordan URL on 04.19.2012

  5. The training of darkness with darkness. Sunglassess in the Dark. Watch the world not by sight but by the means of taking things in by the value it gives off on its own.

    By Patrick URL on 04.19.2012

  6. My sunglasses are big and wide and so very me, they’re very “Andy”. And though I can’t see the world quite so clearly through them, they’re a wonderful filter for what I want the world to be, no so clear, but still as beautiful as it should be. And those are my sunglasses.

    By Andy Marie Day on 04.19.2012

  7. Tintin looked over his sleek wrap-around pilot shades at the baboon adversary. he was onto putting and four below par. It was a warm sunny day and the bees were buzzing sleepily, squirreling away jujubees in the banyan trees. A cooling breeze swept over the azure sea in the distance. life was good.

    By Antsandpants on 04.19.2012

  8. Caleb shakes his head and the sunglasses fall perfectly onto his nose. Marcy scoffs.

    Marcy: Caleb, you do realize we’re inside right.

    Caleb: Absolutely darling.

    By Avi URL on 04.19.2012

  9. He standing there with his designer beard and his designer clothes and his designer hair, smoking his designer cigar through gritted designer teeth. And in the reflection of his blacked-out designer shades I see the broken man bleeding on the floor, the sun glinting off the corner of the frame as I hold my guts in through the wound of his designer katana.

    By Barber URL on 04.19.2012

  10. “You don’t have to hide from me. I know who you were, who you are and who you want to be,” he said as he lifted the sunglasses off her face.

    By tericampos URL on 04.19.2012

  11. black sunglasses lying on the beach, abandoned. Someone forgot them lying there. But they do not mind that, they watch the sunshine and are happy to finally see the sun being born.

    By tasselhof on 04.19.2012

  12. Ryan packs up his shit because he’s going to travel for a little while. Nothing like Jon is but Chicago sounds nice…Jon always wanted him to go to Chicago more. So, he will. He’s digging through a drawer and he finds a pair of sunglasses tucked under a shirt that probably hasn’t been washed since Ryan got back from tour. They’re Jon’s and Ryan can see his own reflection in the mirrored surfaces. He can recall every time Jon wore them that last summer. Ryan can’t bear to ditch them so he slides them into his hair and continues packing.

    By Cassie URL on 04.19.2012

  13. I bought sunglasses yesterday but they made me sad because they remind me that I have a flat nose. They keep on falling on my non-existent bridge of a nose. What a total waste of money.

    By Patriz Biliran on 04.19.2012

  14. Yesterday, I bought sunglasses. Unfortunately, they made me sad for they remind me that I have a flat nose. The sunglasses keep on falling on my non-existent bridge of a nose. What a complete waste of money.

    By bon on 04.19.2012

  15. sunny day, keeps your eyes nice and shaded, don’t wear them in the cinema beacuse you will look silly! They come in different shapes and sizes. People look

    By Mr Mean on 04.19.2012

  16. In this sweltering heat, I yearn for sunglasses. Perhaps I could hide a little from the unbearable glare that shines off of everything. Maybe then I could adjust a little to the heat. Maybe then I could pretend I’m not six thousand miles away from you. But my wallet stays closed and my eyes squint closer together.

    By Alexandra on 04.19.2012

  17. I can squint all I want, but my cheapskate nature is what’s going to lead to my blindness. The heat of the Philippine sun bears down on me and makes my skin sticky. It’s only me, trying to rub off the humidity. I wish I could be with you instead, with your strong hands to shade my eyes.

    By Alexandra URL on 04.19.2012

  18. these tinted shades hide my eyes from the world. so they cant see what has caught my infatuation. they dont need to know. these tinted shades hide my eyes from strangers. so they wont see my eyes are closed shut, not wanting to say hello. these shades are not designer, for i dont need them to see that i’m hiding my visions behind a cloak that is meant to permeate envy and admiration. the only time i remove these shades, is when i see a rainbow, or when it rains. don’t ask why, you dont need to know.

    By sayla URL on 04.19.2012

  19. The best sunglasses are always from topshop. Some just look really bad on your face though, they are the wrong shape and make your nose look big, or your cheeks look fat. Ive always wanted ray bans but they are too expensive; need to find fake ones.

    By Char on 04.19.2012

  20. I wear my sunglasses to hide from the people I pass. I know they can still see me, I know I am still recognizable, but sometimes it’s more bearable knowing that I’m somewhat hidden, that half of my face is shut behind dark doors, unreadable, secret. I can keep that at least. And it gives me a kind of strength; the strength to walk through the open, dangerous world, where everything could cut me down, where I could use anything to cut myself down, and instead of seeing the hazards and the possibilities of humiliation and disgrace that result from my bearing, my being (in the universe of my too-containing mind), I can see the sun, the LIGHT. Sunglasses let me see that which I love; they’re a filter for me to see the beauty of exactly what they are meant to keep out.

    By shannon on 04.19.2012

  21. “What are these?” I asked, looking down at the shiny black objects in my hand. Nathaniel had just passed them to me, and they looked like Walker’s glasses, only the lenses were dark.

    “Sunglasses. The desert is going to be hot and bright. And you’re going to get sand in your eyes while we’re heading across it. So wear there,” he said, gripping my hands which were gripping the sunglasses.

    By river URL on 04.19.2012

  22. I wish I could wear sunglasses but, because of my eyesight, I have to wear regular glasses instead-_________-

    By Hannah URL on 04.19.2012

  23. Sigh. I do not like sunglasses. They do not look good on me, and I am jealous of others who can wear them well. I especially do not like the people that wear their sunglasses indoors, and even worse are those who push them up on top of their heads! It looks ridiculous! Especially on bogons.

    By Sally URL on 04.19.2012

  24. once there was a little man. he had a pair of sunglasses. he wore them all the time. then one day a huge storm came. the wind was blowing, the rain was pounding and the sunglasses then flew right off the mans face. Now, the man has other sunglasses, but these were his favorite ones. he couldnt live without them. he started to get distressed and deppresed. He couldnt sleep,eat, or even think strait.

    By Aj clementie on 04.19.2012

  25. He held the bottles up to his eyes as if they were sunglasses. They would be turning his world that deep glass-bottle green. He always lived in another place like that, unreal and badly tinted.

    By kate on 04.19.2012

  26. She lifted her sunglasses, and used it to push her hair back from her face. Fanning herself, she proceeded to turn towards the direction in which she heard her name being called. She squinted, and then heard it again.

    ‘Clarisse!’ Only this time, the voice was coming from directly behind her.

    By mazikeen URL on 04.19.2012

  27. At the end of the day, his skin stung, sweaty-moist yet tight around his overheated flesh like the husk of a tamale; an Ivan-tamale. His hands smelled of plastic and crayon shavings left all over the room after the children left, portraits raised high above their heads in supplication to their god-parents. The parents weren’t really gods, but the children didn’t know better and the parents were looking for attention; Ivan wouldn’t bother to correct this glazed behavior, heat was too much. He tucks a stray bit of blond hair behind one red ear and pushes his sunglasses up his nose. So what if Jenna said that wearing them indoors would make him colorblind.

    By N.J. URL on 04.19.2012

  28. Sunglasses- a practicality turned commodity in a hyper consumerist society. Brainwashed twenty year olds in bug eye sunglasses.

    By bim on 04.19.2012

  29. Sunglasses? Again? weird. or maybe oneword is glitching up. I certanly don’t know.

    By Dino Dragonrider URL on 04.19.2012

  30. sunglasses are good when you have photo phobia or when the sun shines bright. I have one and its ray bands, well they are fake, but still good to use.

    By Victoria Maliunag on 04.19.2012

  31. i looked over the lenses at the spectacle before me. Two cars – one Ford Ka and one Fiat 500 had crashed – ‘what was the likelihood of that?’ I thought. I pushed my sunglasses down onto my nose and cycled on.

    By E.P. Hantera on 04.19.2012

  32. She pushed her expensive sunglasses up to get a better view. He was gorgeous. His tanned, firm abs headed straight in her direction. He moved in a way that made her breath flutter. She stood still and watched.

    By Sheila URL on 04.19.2012

  33. I wear my sunglasses at night, I love my green sunglasses, they recently broke, after about 2 years of having them and wearing them non stop, i ended up falling asleep on them. i fixed them temporarily with pink duct tape but before that i only had medical tape to fix them, which in reality does not work.

    By trooper on 04.19.2012

  34. They are awesome. I want some Ray Bans because they are the coolest! I think they are best suited for sunny days as you look like a Chode if you wear them on a day thats not sunny!

    This website is a cool idea! – You stole it from me!

    By Dave on 04.19.2012

  35. Behind sunglasses she hides her cool stare- of her intense glare we’re unaware.

    By Marianne URL on 04.19.2012

  36. Shady the Dadie. That’s what they called him.

    By Ursamare URL on 04.19.2012

  37. The sunglasses glittered in the noon sun. It was the beginning of siesta and hardly anone was on the streets. He stood on the corner of La via Magdalena, his pale face incongruous in a city of such heat. The last time he had been here he had met Annamaria. He thought now of her black hair, her gold sandals and that look of sweet innocence that had drawn him to her.

    By Rosemary Quinn on 04.19.2012

  38. I like to wear sunglasses in the summer sun. Sunglasses are very necessary in the islands as they can be used as a source of shade and protect your eyes. Sunglasses are awesome and fun and stylish. I don’t have much to say about sunglasses. Their are all types from different types of labels. My favourite is chanel not that I have any but I wish I did.

    By Seiga on 04.19.2012

  39. they make you look better when you dont look so good. specially when you just arrived from a 12 hour flight. you can never have enough sanglasses i think. cant walk around at the beach with out them.

    By sara sasha URL on 04.19.2012

  40. I see his smiling eyes even through the dark tinted plastic see through pieces of his designer sunglasses.

    By seiga URL on 04.19.2012