February 4th, 2011 | 429 Entries

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429 Entries for “suicide”

  1. A lot of people consider suicide to be cowardly. I wouldn’t say its a brave act but its definitely not cowardly. Selfish maybe but not cowardly.

    By Brooks Smith on 02.05.2011

  2. a noose fit to hold a neck
    and buildings that reach into the sky, only for you to subvert the whole thing, attempting to fly with a desire to die
    pushing up daisies
    help me or save me
    or let me get on with it
    switch off the light.

    By Amy URL on 02.05.2011

  3. Suicide is the deliberate death of anything. A person can commit suicide against his own body, or a person can commit say, professional suicide by deliberately destroying his career.

    By pool URL on 02.05.2011

  4. The girl looked down at her filthy beggar-girl feet, trying to see a little flash of light wave at her in the darkness. Her eyes narrowed, announcing negative results, as the ground drew closer to her in a moment.
    A second – and she finally learnt how to break away and fly like a dove, to the skies of Heaven.

    By jennysweetie on 02.05.2011

  5. don’t do it, someone loves you, i’m sure
    it’s selfish to take you life
    don’t do it for your parents,
    don’t do it for your friends

    By linnea on 02.05.2011

  6. Suicide…wow, my mum would never forgive me

    By Jamie G on 02.05.2011

  7. What is it to be suicidal? Many people consider the deer that jump in front of cars to be suicidal. I would agree. It’s the same with moths that throw themselves into candles, or i guess the people that throw themselves from buildings and bridges. I’ve met way to many people that were suicidal. Had anyone ever asked: “Why?”; if not i wasn’t going to be the first. Has anyone ever asked a deer why they jump in front of cars or a moth why they go so close to that lamp. I guess any thing that goes out of its way to do something that will most certainly kill it would be suicidal. So does that mean that deer should be given an anti-depressant? Should that moth be put in a mental hospital? Maybe being suicidal is too subjective for anyone to pin-point. Maybe not. Maybe the only one who could label themselves as being suicidal is the deer jumping in front of that car or the moth becoming close to the light bulb or the person about to slit their wrists. Could anyone really say?

    By Brooks Smith on 02.05.2011

  8. Its funny that this word pops up in front of me. Its often contemplated by me and I often think about it, I had a friend in school who left us this way. By suicide. It’s hard to think or even imagine that someone would be that unhappy that they feel like there is really no way out, that there only chance of survival is to not survive at all. I think at times we all crave that. For that to be our ticket out of here. Thankfully most of us snap out of it and realize how ridiculous that is and sadly the other percent talk it up so much they try it out for themselves.

    By Kelsie Mariah Sullivan on 02.05.2011

  9. Sucide is the dreadfu thing tat people think will help them. It is a selfish to do to hurt the others around you because you cant handle the real world. People are forever scxared and humilated wen another commits the horid crime.

    By aLLISON on 02.05.2011

  10. I have thought about suicide many times. It’s a hallmark of bipolar disorder. I have been hospitalized for my suicidal thoughts and believe that suicide is not a coward’s way out but a real perceived need for some people. Please, if any of your friends says they want to commit suicide, get help. Most, if not all the time, suicidal thoughts indicate a real want to commit. Thank you.

    By dandyjams URL on 02.05.2011

  11. Suicide … who knows what’s on the other side? Maybe suffering in this lifetime has a point … but just taking matters into one’s own hands and assuming that suffering serves no purpose is rather presumptuous I believe.

    By jrwlpc URL on 02.05.2011

  12. terrible fate for the depressed people of the world, the sad hearts, and people who are always alone.

    By tianna on 02.05.2011

  13. Suicide is simply a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Trouble does not mean it’s the end. It just means that you have to work through. It means you can get stronger, to protect you’re loved ones, and to be confident enough in your own worth to not have to worry about suicide.

    By Faith URL on 02.05.2011

  14. i often think about suicide. for as long as i can remember. i always feel super intense at the time. i never say it without meaning.

    By iknowitstoday URL on 02.05.2011

  15. well when i saw the word suicide it reminded me of all the times i have thought about committing it. it is very sad and scary to think about it and i have known about two people that have gone through with the deed i have been so afraid to carry out…thank you friends and music for saving me.

    By spencer on 02.05.2011

  16. suicide is a very sinful crime.nowadays lots of peoples commit suicide. some to them are becacuse of very stupid reasons.

    By dhiman URL on 02.05.2011

  17. I am a teenage girl, which means I have inevitably contemplated suicide at several points in my life. A fair amount of times, the only thing that stopped me was that I knew nothing of how to kill myself. I knew I could slit my wrists, but I’m scared of blood, and whenever I felt so depressed that I could actually go through with it, I baked a cake instead. And it’s worked every time.

    By bakergirl on 02.05.2011

  18. I’ve never thought of committing suicide although I’ve often been its witness. Attempts, letters forgotten for me to find, drunken secrets slipped; sisters, friends, guests, and new born enemies, all failing to see how important they are.

    By CRM Konz URL on 02.05.2011

  19. It hurts. Pain searing through your body like a virus. How to do it? when to do it? it has to happen. All of the things over the past few months accumulate into this one moment. You cannot say no. it’s so damn captivating. If only you could go back. Back to when you were young and vulnerable. To warn yourself what is to come.

    By H on 02.05.2011

  20. Well when I think about suicide, it makes me sad. First, because it’s awful that someone would think of killing himself because there is not enough joy in his life. Second, I feel bad for enjoying myself while not thinking of these people are suffering in my midst.

    By Mary on 02.05.2011

  21. A selfish way out of misery

    By skalli on 02.05.2011

  22. Very selfish thing to do, leaving your loved ones behind to suffer from a broken heart. Stupid to do. Things do and will get better, No more chances once you have done it. Its all over with.

    By Rach on 02.05.2011

  23. death is a black hole with a noose running up the shadows where you can’t pull yourself out by the neck. is that all life was?

    By Lin on 02.05.2011

  24. It was the only way he could quell the thoughts inside his head. The overflowing madness that came with hating himself so thoroughly and completely was driving him insane. How he could explain it to her, he couldn’t fathom at the moment; but for now, he wanted this. He needed this. It was only a temporary fix, but it would have to do.

    (NOTE: based on a fictional, immortal character. Suicide is terrible.)

    By Courka URL on 02.05.2011

  25. Suicide the most selfish thing a human can do, it is also extremely brave, and a simple way of telling god: u cant fire me,I quit!

    By melissa on 02.05.2011

  26. All the colors in the world you can imagine and unimagine, The oily blues, the puckerful pinks, the hot red that stains the tongue. the green you only find in plastic. These make up my suicide. Suicide by color, by sweet, by seven eleven.

    By aimee.takaya URL on 02.05.2011

  27. nah i aint gonna this time. i think. i doubt it. really i couldn’t ponder this at a worse time. thanks for that. nasty bite, reality check. time is running out. again.

    By Jake on 02.05.2011

  28. When I think of suicide it breaks my heart. What could be so discouraging that you wouldn’t want to see what tomorrow brings? Is that because I am an optimist? I love life and have a difficult time imagining not wanting to be here. Especially, when you have all of life ahead of you.

    By Jteach on 02.05.2011

  29. Suicide. I actually feel speechless and haven’t a clue what to write about. In some ways, it’s entirely too cliche to write about. We all have our pains, some worst than others. But suicide? I can’t write about something so cliche and make you feel any different than you already feel about it.

    By kim a thomas URL on 02.05.2011

  30. suicide is a horrible thing happening to this world, People don’t understand how beautiful life is. how many things there are to enjoy, to ponder, to discover. It is simply sad to hear people take their lives away. Why? I ask myself. It makes

    By Paola Garcia on 02.05.2011

  31. Why did you do it ? Of all the things I could ask you, the one I keep coming back to is WHY?

    By Metta URL on 02.05.2011

  32. The suicide shook my body to the very core. I couldn’t understand what I was seeing, and what these people were saying to me. What do you mean that that life less shell in front kof me was my best friend in the whole world, the one person I could never imagine my life without? What do you mean that it wasn’t a freak accident? That he had done it to himself and on purpose?

    By Emily on 02.05.2011

  33. suicide is never a topic that anybody wants to think about, or experience the sadness of. I hate talking about it… I hate hearing about it, and I really hate having to symptathize, when all I want to do is shy away and pretend it doesn’t affect me. I hate that I have to barricade myself from it, but in the end… I’m okay with that. I’m okay with feeling helpless about…feeling helpless.

    By Cait on 02.05.2011

  34. Anyone who says suicide is a selfish decision is lying. They’ve never been there and don’t know the truth – no one gets there alone. It’s not a selfish decision, because so many people have invested into making sure this person feels worthless and willing to die. No one understands, no one feels the same way. Suicide is not something to be touched upon lightly – and anyone who says otherwise is a liar.

    By Jessie on 02.05.2011

  35. Stop. Don’t. Please. I have a family. I have friends. There’s so many things I still want to do. I’m only 23, I can’t die now. I promise you I’ll try harder if you let me go.

    I step away from the cliff edge, convinced. I’ll let myself live another day.

    For now.

    By fionars URL on 02.05.2011

  36. How absolutely dreadful to find yourself in a state of such utter hopelessness, such contempt and fear for yourself and your world, leaving behind what could have been had you not followed through with it. And really, how sad.

    By Mimmi on 02.05.2011

  37. hate it and dont want anyone to do it too. its a coward who does it. a social injustice as well

    By Ramesh on 02.05.2011

  38. When it’s all too much, and there’s nothing you can do. You have nothing to look forward to. You have everything to regret. You can’t stand it any more. You want to sleep again, because sleep is the only time you get any peace. You want to sleep forever. And you jump.

    By Mackenzie URL on 02.05.2011

  39. sucks balls dude. it’s sad for everyone. don’t do it please. thanks. don’t die. give in. don’t give in

    By kristal monett on 02.05.2011

  40. Suicide. A long term solution to a short term problem.

    By Mackenzie URL on 02.05.2011