July 10th, 2012 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “suggestion”

  1. Wow, what a word, to suggest means to have an idea that i think is important i put my Self on the line when i make a suggestions because the other person does not have to accept it … that means they are not accepting ME because I am at the root of my suggestions .

    By Michelle URL on 07.10.2012

  2. Sometimes they will bring enlightement, sometimes they will lead you into darkness.

    By Julia on 07.10.2012

  3. The act of inferring that someone should listen to you.

    By Roger McKay on 07.10.2012

  4. The thought continued to bump around in the back of my head. Like an annoying little brother to whom had been given one of those obnoxious foam fingers with #1 slapped on in cheap paint. I pushed it away, even shoved it down, but always it continued to surface.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 07.10.2012

  5. He made a suggestion to me that caused the hair on the back of my neck to stand at full attention. My body grew numb and my throat tightened up. I could not find the words to respond to him. Immediately he sensed my discomfort and I recovered.

    By leelee on 07.10.2012

  6. The thought came quickly, an itch, at first a distraction, but real as could be, it was there, tickling the back of my mind, a little tick, a tiny rattle, a suggestion, to start my life.

    By Terry Cope on 07.10.2012

  7. “Just keep in mind that I’m… open to the suggestion,” she said and looked at him with bedroom eyes.
    James fumbled a moment, trying to formulate a word before he cleared his throat and said, “Uh yeah. Yes, of course. I – I will keep… that in mind.”
    She patted his cheek before slipping out on stage.

    By Fluidfyre URL on 07.10.2012

  8. suggestion… it means a lot, I guess. It means that you’re considering something but you’re not sure if it’s a good idea. You want the opinion of the people around you. Or maybe it means that you’re really, really sure about it but you don’t want to force it on the people around you. You’ll present it as a suggestion and maybe they’ll take more kindly to it. Because you’re manipulative like that.

    By Madi on 07.10.2012

  9. suggestion is the power of the one who holds all the cards. she will “merely suggest” you get some air, and you find yourself in an obedient mood.

    By Erika "Kamrya" T. on 07.10.2012

  10. I suggest to eat less to be thiner, because I hate fat people. and nowadays I am really fat. I can not walk, because I am hurt.

    By diana URL on 07.10.2012

  11. Huh. When does a suggestion become a demand? Are they really just thinly veiled attempts at trying to guide others into the rigid structure we have set out for them? We wouldn’t say anything if we didn’t want them to actually do what we told them to. I think it’s just more of a way to order people around without actually seeming like a bad person.

    By Plothole on 07.10.2012

  12. I have a suggestion. It’s an awesome suggestion, it’s amazing. It will change the world. You’ll love it.
    And how do I know this?
    Well because my suggestion is for you to love everyone and give everyone a chance.

    By Amanda on 07.10.2012

  13. I suggest you give me a different word, one or how about you give two words a day? Of course, I could always just email suggestions to you, instead of posting it where no one is likely to read it. Anyway, who actually reads suggestions in a suggestion box? And when has a successful idea actually come from one?

    By Scott D on 07.10.2012

  14. what is suggestion

    By solie on 07.10.2012

  15. It wasn’t a suggestion ofcourse, it was an instruction. She knew how much I hated following orders; she wanted it to look as though I had an option but it reality there was none.

    By francie on 07.10.2012

  16. “I have a suggestion”
    “oh yeah, whats that?”
    “It’s a secret.”
    “Because I know you won’t like it.”
    “Because, it’s a suggestion.”
    “So, you don’t like suggestions.”

    By Amanda URL on 07.10.2012

  17. Little did he know just what had influenced his every decision since birth, his desire to perform, his supposedly ‘unique’ aesthetic taste… just about everything he thought he was consciously controlling.

    It was all down to the power of suggestion. He had been well-cornered, it seemed, and not by who he was expecting. (Who he was expecting probably didn’t actually exist.)

    By Endless Not URL on 07.10.2012

  18. There’s something about giving a suggestion. It’s a struggle to make a good one to a close friend. It’s easy to throw them out there for someone you hardly know. But when do people really think before they give them out? For themselves? The people they really love? Is there ever a time when people think about a suggestion with a possible solution?

    By Nat on 07.10.2012

  19. I like suggestions. They are helpful when I am lost with something. This for some reason reminds me of work and how they are so nice so they dont give me advice they give me “suggestions”. Nicer way to say things I guess…

    By aroosa nizami on 07.10.2012

  20. the power of suggestion is a very important power and it will make u cry and praise urself. i suggest u dont read this…

    By numbman URL on 07.10.2012

  21. A suggestion was made to me the other day to go back to my own country. The funny thing is, I’m already in it. And God didn’t SUGGEST I be born here, exist here because of my grandfathers’ hard work and determination. He decreed it. So, suggest away, fellow human, you wish is NOT my command.

    By Pi URL on 07.10.2012

  22. I knew his routine so it was easy really. Spending time with him in the same darkened space, breathing in the same air, watching the same film, we were in the same universe every Wednesday afternoon. I’d always sit several rows behind for the best undetected viewing. Not too far back. Maybe three rows back, four chairs to the left. But when he suddenly rose last week and started up the aisle, I know he glanced my way. His brow lifted slightly, his lip twitched. I think I saw the suggestion of a smile.

    By penny dreadful URL on 07.10.2012

  23. makes me think of someone offering advice… advice that I may or may not take… often times people get offened if you don’t take their suggestions… but sometimes they don’t. I mean, I appreciate suggestions because they also allow me to look at an issue or idea from a different perspective.

    By Sammie URL on 07.10.2012

  24. When given a suggestion, I feel an obligation to abide by it.

    By Andrea URL on 07.10.2012

  25. can i read what others wrote?
    so i really have to wait that pink thing to reach the right end..?

    By some alien on 07.10.2012

  26. He made a suggestion that totally appalled me. He said that I should go with the color blue. Everyone knew that I hated that color since it reminded me of my snotty brother. My brother wore blue because of the blue collar term and he worked his ass off and deserved anything he got. Really, he was a horrible person.

    By nadia URL on 07.10.2012

  27. “I suggest that You put that down!” I cried at my little brother. He was playing with my mothers favorite vase, and lord only knew what would happen if she caught him. HE whipped his head around and in one short moment, the vase slipped.

    By IVYL on 07.10.2012

  28. The power of suggestion has shaped more of our way of thinking than we care to admit.

    By Michael URL on 07.10.2012

  29. “It was only a suggestion,” he thought as she ran away about to completely destroy her reputation.

    “Yet it was a good suggestion! I’d really like to try it, see if it’s possible!” She drunkenly threw back at him, as if she had a special power when intoxicated to read his thoughts.

    He didn’t know what would happen, but he knew he’d be there for her afterwards either to pick up the pieces or to congratulate her.

    By Katy URL on 07.10.2012

  30. She didn’t ask for anyone’s suggestion but they fired away, aiming at a target that was merely there.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 07.10.2012

  31. “Can I make a suggestion? One that could impact your life forever? One that could stop hatred, and spread love. One that would fill people with happiness and bliss?” But she never spoke.

    By Karis URL on 07.10.2012

  32. A slight persuasion. Offering a tip to lead someone in a general direction. Suggestions imply manipulating, changing, directing a person in the path you want them to go. Do they heed?

    By CC URL on 07.10.2012

  33. The suggestion of rain hovered on the horizon while she sat on the porch, steaming in the evening air. A fan in her hand stirred the air around her, but since she had the energy only to move it meekly it wasn’t much relief. Heat held her down in her chair like a huge, god-proportioned hand. The sticky sweat of summer clung to her, despite her tank top and loose, airy skirt.

    By Mairead URL on 07.10.2012

  34. “The beach? Don’t really feel up to swimming with a bunch of idiots, Juno. Sorry.”

    “It wasn’t really a suggestion, Louis,” Juno said, narrowing her eyes at him. “It’s bigger than this hotel room, isn’t it? We won’t be able to run into each other as easily. Well, there aren’t separate rooms so I don’t know if that’s really true or not but…”

    “Swimming sounds like a fantastic idea, sister. We should go change,” Juno smiled lightly and took her brother’s hand that had uncurled from a fist.

    By Batman URL on 07.10.2012

  35. Hey. You know what? You should really go on Yup, and when you get there, you should write. Yup. You should really do that. At least that’s just my opinion…

    By E on 07.10.2012

  36. suggestion. another idea and perspective different from your own. meant to be helpful.

    By chiara on 07.10.2012

  37. suggestion something to anyone is great. it can change peoples lives and make them a better person. A true suggestion can change the world. Will you suggest someone today?
    Suggestion should be a part of life.

    By Parsa on 07.10.2012

  38. love don’t hate
    help others
    with sincerity
    be patient and listen
    before saying something

    By Fahad Ahmed on 07.10.2012

  39. i made a suggestion to him but he didn’t listen. maybe he felt i wasn’t worth his time.

    By chiara URL on 07.10.2012

  40. suggestion is a simple form of advice. it is nicer to suggest than to advice.. because you don’t interfere so much into person’s business

    By Radvile on 07.10.2012